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The Link Up: Jess’s BEST Non-Stick Pan, Ryann’s Portable Exercise Machine, and A Bizzare Ice Cream Flavor We Don’t Know If We Should Try


Hey y’all and welcome to another Sunday Link Up! We’ve got lots of goodies in store for you including BUT NOT LIMITED TO Caitlin’s book about dogs, our favorite new frame, and LOTS of juicy juicy home tours. We hope you enjoy it all! Let’s jump right in 🙂

This home tour came straight to our emails via Domino a few weeks ago and we immediately said, ooh this would be a fun one for the link up. It tours you through the healthiest condo in Canada, yes it’s healthy. Because the design firm Evolved Living designed it by answering this question: “How can your home best support your health and well-being?” Now THAT is something you don’t see often. It’s super sustainable, got lots of chemical-free fabric and you won’t be disappointed by the secret sauna.

From Emily: Did you see all the awesome reveals Chris Loves Julia has been pumping out this month?? This bathroom reno is SO good and their little girl’s princess room is wildly awesome. Check them out 🙂

Also From Emily: Another reveal! Did you see the makeover Carmeon gave her tween son, Davin? It’s so fun, electric, and very timely for me since I just ask all of you what I need to about for future teen Charlie and Elliot’s spaces in the farmhouse.

From Jess: So a very, VERY exciting package arrived at my doorstep the other week and it was Material’s Coated Pan. Now I did get a set of stainless steel pots and pans for Christmas but I really haven’t perfected how to cook with them and not have e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g stick to the bottom badly. Y’all I’ve been pre seasoning. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?? So this little pan has made my whole life exponentially better. It cooks like a dream, nothing sticks (and apparently last 37x longer than ceramic whaaa?), and doesn’t have the harmful materials in that coating (which is why I asked for stainless steel for Christmas). Anyway, if you need a seriously great pan that can handle high heat, go get this one!

Also From Jess: Also From Jess: Did you all see that Framebridge just came out with an indigo blue wood frame?! I’m seriously in love and think it’s SUCH a cool what to add to great (but still neutral) color pop to your wall. The MOTO wheels are a turning my friends:)

From Caitlin: OH MY GOSH, Blown Away is back for season 2!!! I got hooked on this one after someone from the team recommended it to me last year, claiming that it had the perfect mix of innuendo and skill. This season is EVEN BETTER – imagine the camaraderie and feel good-ness of The Great British Baking Show combined with like, the heart-pounding drama of a harness-less tightrope walk. Pieces shatter ALL THE TIME (seemingly right before the completion of challenges, so there’s real tension), the contestants are all so lovely (even the arrogant ones are likable, somehow) and the finished products are UNREAL. My  favorite contestant was Andi – y’all GOTTA check out her shop here (I’m deceased over the platter set). Does anyone else wanna talk about the show????

Also from Caitlin: The Particulars of Peter. I’M CRYING. The best book about loving a dog. It’s a breeze to read – I was real into the preface and then totally sold by the first line of the first chapter: “What did I do before Peter? I’m trying to remember. I have to imagine there were things. I did computer, I guess. Typed. Sat alone. Shuffled around the apartment in stockinged feet. Made dinner and ate it while doing, what? Looking at the wall? And who did I feed a noodle to? No one?” (GAHHH. I’M CRYING AGAIN. You can preview the first few pages here but beware because you’re gonna be like “I NEED TO KEEP READING THIS STAT.”) You can buy via a local bookstore here or from a certain unnamed conglomerate with very fast shipping here.

From Ryann: A month or so ago I asked for your advice on whether or not I should buy an exercise bike. My worry was I would buy it and use it a few times and then get over it, leaving me with a huge piece of equipment in my already cramped apartment that has no storage. Well, I am happy to say I purchased this one and am extremely happy I did. I’ve been using it everyday and love how non threatening it is (I am not a very enthusiastic exerciser if you couldn’t tell). Every morning I bring it out into my living room and I will use it for 20-30 minutes and then throughout the day I’ll hop on it when I just want to get my body moving. It’s no Pelaton but it’s a steal for the price and perfect for my light weight workout needs.

From Albie: I’ve shopped Legendary Rootz one time before this — a glass mug that reads “you cannot your from an empty cup” — but when I saw an IG ad on my feed for one of their doormats, I couldn’t press “add to cart” fast enough! Aside from actually needing another doormat, it was the perfect excuse to support a Black business. When I got the mat — plus some new tops — in the mail I was super geeked. The quality, honestly, blew me away because really good quality doormats are actually hard to come by these days. The size, the backing, and the design… none disappointed! If I actually had somewhere to put em, I’d probably order more.

From Mallory: We drink sparkling water religiously in our household (like 12 a day) and because of that, we’ve made it a mission to find THE BEST flavor. We’ve tried La Croix (of course), Buble, Spindrift, heck we’ve even tried Kroger seltzer waters. This week we found THE ONE. Like I would marry it. It’s Aha’s peach honey sparkling water and it is THE MOST DELICIOUS beverage I have EVER consumed!!! Not joking, get your hands on one of these because they will change your life. K bye!

Also From Mallory: Would you try this everything but the bagel ice cream??? The website describes it as “cream cheese ice cream with everything bagel gravel.” YES GRAVEL. Idk about you but I yacked a little just thinking about it but a part of me also wants to try it. Thoughts??

So that’s all for this week! We hope you all have a fantastic rest of your weekend and a fabulous start to your week ahead! 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Design by Evolved Living | Photo by Ashley Capp | via Domino

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Stainless steel cooling tip: you gotta get the pan hot BEFORE you put the oil in, otherwise food will stick. So, hot pan, then put the oil in and let that heat up, then your food.

If you look it up, you can read about why it works. I forget, it’s some kind of chemistry/magic. But it always works for me!


I don’t do that. I deglaze after sizzling. Had these pots n pans for aeons. Hhhmmm…


I think that you’re talking about two different things. If you’re just frying/sauteeing you wouldn’t deglaze. Hot pan ->cold oil->hot oil is the way to go.


I have had a set of All Clad Cookware for 35 years and have never heard that before! Thank you!


Stainless pan, cooking meat (eg steak, chicken) put the meat in (controversial whether the pan should be hot already but I heat the pan first) and let it sit there, it will initially stick then as it further cooks it will release.

Pancakes, omelettes, scrambled eggs and fish, use a non stick pan and don’t go past medium heat. All non stick pans (including your new one I’m quite certain) eventually lose some of their coating, heating them to steak cooking levels will make this happen much faster.

I almost never use non stick for anything else but for eggs, every time.


Ah, there it is. I’m vegetarian, so the hot pan thing isn’t a thing for me.😊 The hot pan makes sense for searing meat.


Water flavor to try: Whole Foods 365 brand ginger. I drink them all, and this one is my absolute favorite!


This is fine and all but can someone please make sure Orlando is OK? His Instagram said he was trapped under many feet of snow.


I know! I keep checking IG to see whether he’s checked in and nothing.


Yessss! Please….🙄 We’re vested in Orlando!


I’m hoping somebody dug him out, but an update sure would be nice.


He’s at his aunt’s house. He just posted a series of Instagram stories on it.


Yes, I just watched. What a harrowing adventure. So glad he and his dog are warm and safe now.


Thank you!!

emily jane

Phew… thank you M!!!


He’s posted repeatedly on Instagram since then. He’s no longer at his house.

Dd tiz

Mallory, have you considered the CO2 canisters where you make your own fizzy water?

Agreed with the other commentors about heat your pan, then add oil and heat, then your food

Also, I had sesame ice cream at a fancy restaurant once and it was Amazing. I’m wonder if EBTB ice cream would be the same! Salty, sweet, nutty, and creamy…


K, you very gently suggested Mallory make her own. Nice work. 😊
I busted out and fizzed myself up about all that PLASTIC!


They’re aluminum, not plastic, which on the recycling spectrum is endless reusable.


Aluminium is a nightmare to mine; process (massively nasty chemicals); and unless it’s lined in ceramic, not good for our bodies. The actual making of aluminium is a chemical cocktail nightmare = environmental and ecological damage.💥

(Ceramic-lined aluminium is not recyclable).

Some things that aren’t single use still have an enormously negative effect in the process of creating them. That’s why it’s so important to look into what we choose – what’s it made from, how it’s made, and what happens to it when we’re done with it.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. I 10000% agree that using 12 cans a day is terrible for the environment and she should absolutely get a Soda Stream. I just wanted to correct your comment since in the U.S. most sparkling water comes in aluminum cans, not plastic.


Thanks, Marian.😊

Still, the processing to make aluminium is really toxic to the environment (even when done as best practice), so it’s a poor choice.

As a by-proxy-influencer, Mallory has just actively encouraged a zillion readers to purchase something that is really harmful to the environment. ☹


Definitely going to try this sparkling water recommendation, but also here to say that in the northeast it’s Polar water or bust, and their ginger peach flavor is a dream! The only thing that keeps me from drinking more of it is that it only comes in plastic bottles and we’re trying to eliminate single use plastic from our household. Also, we have successfully cooked pancakes and fish with our stainless steel pans for years, just preheat them, and like another person mentions here, your food will release when ready! Xo


No! Please do nog try try that sparkling water in anotherrrrrrrr plastic bottle!
Come on, people.
Can we please choose consciously instead of for the hot second on the tastebuds!?!?
There is NO PLANET B!!! 🌏


THAT HOUSE TOUR: “Dematerialization…the reduction of materials used in a product to limit overall environmental impact…” these people… love!!! They even used second hand furniture!!!! Yaaay!🤩 Whoo hoo!🥰 EMILY…. please note what they say in the house tour about ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES CAUSING INFLAMMATION. That’s what I was saying in the farmhouse comments (and the tech winter warmer products… I don’t think Brian wants brain inflammation from wearing a beanie to listen to podcasts?). It’s the same as thinking about when you purchase something (where’s it from, who made it, from what, and where does it go to ehen you’re done with it)… We need to think about what’s in the walls, on the roof, in the paint, etc… as well as how pretty things are and whether they function nicely. The Chris Loves Julia reveals have been gorgeous. That bathroom! They can’t keep up with EHD though… you guys are setting the bar oh, so high! The TWEEN ROOM is fun, but sooo many fabrics, lighting, materials in those furnishings that are baaaad for the environment!! Sorry (#notsorry!) I don’t approve. Might look nice, but it’s not really. Short-term thinking. 🌏 JESS… A little water while at the end of… Read more »


…I did like the framed dinosaurs. Cute idea to take favorite toys and frame.


Rusty! I loved the home tour as well and the philosophy of the design company (though, can you say economic disparities of health, much? lol). The idea of space and the feelings they inspire (or, unfortunately) trigger has been such a focus of mine lately (i went on about it below so I won’t bore you by repeating it) but I totally scrolled through the comments looking to see if you’d been picking up on that one too!


Re: economic disparities of health. 2500sq foot condo in downtown Toronto….easily 3-4 million dollars. …renting alone is like 1800$/mo for only 250square feet so yeah lol


And while I currently live in a proverbial leafy, affluent suburb, boy did I work my guts out and save like a squirrel to get here!
I’m in my little, original cottage, surrounded by gigantic mansions with no soul!

I also find myself unintentionally having issues with “ASPIRATIONAL” (versus inspirational), because it simply is not a real thing for 90% of people. It can be downright deflational and depressing.

I’m aware that some people, from fortunate backgroundsm especially precursored with the disclaimer of “priveleged”, cannot see what it might feel like to be in that position.
= Ignorant condescension!!! Boom! 💥


Ohhhhh yeaaaaaah!
That’s a key reason I love thrifting, repurposing and ipcycling, because everyone can do that.
I’m not into the perfect magazine pages house tours. Phoot!
(Like the recent LA one with the picture perfect life… um, it doesn’t exist and is a myth).
Real people. Real homes. Realistic stuff.


So excited for the new season of Blown Away!! Thanks for the [email protected]


You need to check out The Great Pottery Throw Down on HBO Max! Its like GBBO & Blown Away had a baby. But with better music & a male judge that cries almost every episode. It’s amazing!


No interest in the bagel ice cream. I’m not a fan of making things taste like other things that they are not…like popcorn flavored jellybeans. I guess it’s the attempt to make something normally sweet taste savory that is off-putting.

Roberta Davis

Jess, I feel your pain! I have 2 All Clad stainless steel saute pans in the cupboard and I suppose I won’t ever throw away, but I’ll never use them again, either, after the first time! And then we just bought some sauce pans from a restaurant supply that were stainless- had to return them because the finish got wrecked the first time I used them- just to warm up some soup!

Here’s something I am excited about and am re-reading. Forks Over Knives, and The China Study- both are books but Forks Over Knives also has a video and a website with lots of great recipes. I have been trying to make the switch to plant-based to improve my health (diabetes), and The China Study is SO compelling! Talks about how food makes us healthy or unhealthy, with lots of scientific studies to back it up. (also rereading Dr. Neal Barnard’s Reversing Diabetes book- very practical and helps me understand what is going on and what to do about it).


🤗 Roberta, plant-based is a game changer for Type 2 Diabetes. A friend of mine’s mum reversed it and doesn’t have to take medications. Her cholesterol is great now, too!
The important thing is to look at protein. Legumes, nuts, mushrooms, cheese.
Another consideration is food combination. For instance, a dish with legumes (high in protein) needs to be eaten with a carb (rice) to make the protein a “complete protein.”
Excited for you to discover new, positive choices and creativity in your cooking.

The science is in. We don’t actually need animal flesh to live a healthy life.

💥 Farming cows create more greenhouse gases and deforestation than any other thing! A cow needs @40 litres of water a day… eats food that it isn’t made to eat (corn, antibiotics), the list goes on.


All clad pans are the absolute best. I’ve used them in professional kitchens and I have pans at home that I’ve used for 15 years – and they still look perfect. They have to be heated thoroughly before adding oil and whatever you’re cooking. If you have a hot pan, add cold oil, and then heat the oil to the right temperature, you’ll be set. I even bake fritattas this way and they come right out. Give it a shot! Those pans last forever.


My all clad pans keep cutting me when I wash them. I realize this is unrelated but it’s driving me insane and unfortunately you get to bear the brunt of that because you mentioned them 😅😂


That’s super weird! I’ve never had that experience. Perhaps it would be worth reaching out to All-clad.


I gave up soda several years ago and have tried almost every kind of sparkling water out there. My favorite is Kroger’s sparkling water in Key Lime. It is very refreshing and has become my go-to.


Re: Chris Loves Julia. I can’t bring myself to click on these links. They are very talented for sure. But I’ve really struggled with them during the pandemic. No masks anywhere in sight. No acknowledgement of what’s happening in the world. I had to unfollow bc it was triggering too much resentment in me. It just really irks me to see people with such a huge platform not even make a small effort to model good behavior. Not even going into silence on social issues. I’m not trying to prod anyone else to unfollow them or “cancel” them. Just wondering how others are handling situations like these where you love a designer’s work but cannot abide their actions (or lack thereof). Am I being too harsh and judgmental?


I kinda feel this way too about them (and I’m still a follower). I don’t ever see them with anyone outside their own family, maybe that’s why there aren’t masks? I could be wrong on that though. Also, their content is SUPER heavy buy-buy-buy/spend-spend-spend – another struggle, and difficult to watch for many folks during the pandemic/recession. But yes, in general, I don’t quite understand the design bloggers who only stay in the design lane of life’s highway, especially when right now there are major bumps in the road! There’s so much going on, and while you don’t have to dive deep on every topic (KUDOS to EH on this one though, continually nailing it and striving for more), to not acknowledge or even give any space to some of this heavy stuff is mind-boggling. The idea of “just escaping” from the hard stuff (i.e., my blog is only about design) is a major contributor to how/why some of this stuff still exists – like racism. You’re either part of the solution, or part of the problem.


I’ve been feeling the exact same way. I’ve followed them for years for the diy, roll up your sleeves content and now it seems that it’s just a link farm to generate an income. And the house looks like a hotel without any personal touches. Which is fine, just not something that is very engaging. On top of that, perhaps they are living in a family bubble, but there is no acknowledgement of ANYTHING happening outside their walls. I live in the same region, so I assume that they’re trying not to offend people, but ignoring what is happening in the world doesn’t work either.


Genuine question… do they live in a mostly Republican area??
Their house is simply too big to be relatable for normal people!
Heads buried in the sand when it comes to social issues that inevitably affect EVERYONE ALL OVER THE WORLD.


Idaho is solidly bright red, so yes. I think that they may live in a purple pocket, but it’s still Idaho.




BUT they had a huge team if workers there thrpugh the pandemic, remodeling the outside of their house! WTF!?!


I personally think it’s fine for people to stay in their lane. I don’t need every person on social media to weigh in on what’s in the news. Not only that but if they do they have to be so excruciatingly careful or they’ll be hunted down and hounded. I think that this notion that people are obligated to speak on certain issues and say the exact right thing is part of the problem. If someone is a design blogger then let them be that; surely you can get your virtue signalling elsewhere.


I will add that the mask business is another matter. I quietly unfollowed an influencer who had a huge, maskless traditional family Thanksgiving with out-of-town guests because it galled me.


K, that’s walking your talk, Alice!👍


I don’t need influencers/bloggers trying to explain the issues of the day. But, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to refrain from posting on the day of the recent insurrection.


I’ll pass on the virtue signaling, and if you’re on the right side of these issues, there’s really no reason to “be careful”. I agree if you’re a “nobody” on social media with a couple thousand followers or less, I don’t need you to speak out ‘else I’ll cancel you. But if you’ve got over a half a million followers on IG and you just go about your biz without so much as acknowledging the Arbery, Floyd, and Taylor +++ killings , the pandemic/recession/masks save lives, or the Capitol insurrection?? That’s just some next-level selfishness and avarice.


IGNORANCE clearly creates contemot and we’re hearing it here. We’re noticing what influencers do and don’t do.
I wonder, are they paying attention? 👋


IGNORING enormous issues that are followed all over the world is si ply AVOIDANCE, not staying in their lane.
The last four years of US politics gas affected the entire world!


Frankly, I’m starting to unfollow anyone who can only talk about covid, masks, politics, social issues. Like I do t see enough of it everywhere! Its no wonder depression is on the rise. I welcome platform’s that allow us some relief and escape.


Isn’t escape another word for ignoring reality?
Just sayin’….


So we should avoid reading fiction or watching any tv shows or walking in nature to enjoy the clean air, and should instead spend every waking moment focused on political and social issues?


Wait, or maybe we shouldn’t even sleep. That’s valuable time that could be spent obsessing about “reality.”


Agree 100%. I’ve always felt uneasy about following them, from way back in their homophobic days, to getting a free new roof bc some guy knocked on their door and told them about a way to get their insurance to pay for it, to their tutorial on how to do a knock-off an independent artist’s work. The rooms in their McMansion are pretty, no doubt, but to me they feel derivative of other very popular designers; there’s nothing original or unique – heck, their kitchen was inspired by EHD’s Portland kitchen (so was mine but I don’t claim to be a designer). Mostly, I just don’t feel the need to support (via clicks) another rich white lady, her rich white husband, her rich white children, and her staff of rich white people (most of whom are her own family, so uh, not really spreading the wealth) who bring nothing new to the conversation and so blatantly turn a blind eye to social issues. I’m clearly in the minority though, bc she’s got a LOT of people under her spell, but I feel better that I’m no longer one of them. I just can’t get behind that level of selfishness and… Read more »


I’m kinda right there with you, Molly.
They do seem like they’re “nice” though.
Do you think that’s part if image management? Hhhmmm….🧐🤫🤑


Yes, you are being too harsh and judgmental.

The comments here are flooded with people like you sitting in judgment of everyone else for not being you and doing things how you would prefer and believing things you believe and behaving the way you think they should behave.


I noticed that with ClJ too!
I kinda click there if I’m done and just browsing.
They don’t post frequently enough and their sponsored posts are soooo scripted!!
They also don’t cater for INSPIRATIONAL and ratber ‘bleed money’ showing ASPIRATIONAL which few can truly aspire to.
However, they seem like genuinely nice people, nice family (I cried about their dog), so they’re genuine in their own way.
It just seems like a LOT of $ is consistently being splashed around.


This philosophy about designing your space for your well-being is so ridiculously on point for me right now…perhaps not in exactly the way they’re focusing with the chemicals released by the materials (although I do generally take those things into account, along with the ethics that goes into the manufacturing) but more to do with the psychology of the space….it’s actually something I’ve also been discussing with my therapist lately and incorporating into artistic expression as well as physical environment … but basically, to sum up, lately I’ve been feeling like my physical space is impacting overcoming trauma. I mean, for me there’s some obvious connections in owning furniture I had with my ex and feeling like my living room is the same place is very triggering. And, to add, having been homeless for a time after running away, space feels, and has felt, like such a significant component of healing for me. As I set about redoing it, I’m finding healing in the process of simply saying goodbye to things I thought mattered or that hold connections I don’t need anymore. I’m also thinking a lot about how space feels and the feelings I want from the space—as well… Read more »


I appreciate your comment. I came to similar conclusions while doing the KonMari method. Everything in your environment is triggering memories and stories in your subconscious, and it takes effort and energy to process all that even when you might not be aware of it. This is one reason sometimes people feel relief when staying in a hotel room, because the freight of all the stories and history is gone. I am working to remove all that stuff, which is hard sometimes because some things have to go that I wish I could keep. I have a desk I would love to keep but every time I see it a certain scene from the past plays out in my head and I want to see what life could be like without all that.


Oh, Alice, I hear you!
I’ve done soooo much work over the last couple of years on exavtly what you describe!
There are even family heirlooms of mine that have centred in awful, awful episodes. BUT, I want… need… to reclaim them, rather than have him trigger me via them.
Some pieces are wooden furniture. I’m gling to painstakingly orange oil detail them as you would with a vintage car. Ear buds may be required! Ha! Whatever it rakes, he and the memories will be vanquished and I’ll be with them in peace.

I’m sending you and Rachel so much healing light.
We can do this!!! ❤🥰💜


I’m so with you on this Alice…I was really disappointed about it for a while and there are still particular items I’m hesitant about but…then when I started to get rid of things…it was freeing. Like in some ways it hasn’t always been the smartest financially to get rid of some things but … holding onto things was such a punishment I was putting on myself. Keeping myself in that same cage I was in before. And getting rid of them is like releasing myself from that influence. That freedom is so worth it for me.
I totally get your point as well, Rusty, about reclaiming the items…and I think that’s absolutely another way to go with it—I’m glad you know what works for you! I tried that for a bit but at some point the fact that I was trying to reclaim things started to feel like it was still about him. And I didn’t want it to be about him…or even about the life I thought I was going to have (my coffee table).


Oh, yes, Rachel!!!
That’s what I feel like. The hot second the last of “his” posessions is taken away, I’m rearranging furniture!
Then I’m smudging the house and property (boundaries, out buildings, etc.).
Then I’m going to do a deep clean of every room, work my fingers to the bone if necessary.
Then … oooooh, baby! … I’m doing a revamp on a shoestring budget!
I got the house, but verrry little money (and I had to fight hard for that), so it’ll be uocycling, painting, rearranging, repurposing and maaaaybe, even swapping room functions!
I need to vanquish “his chair… his shaving mirror… the was he insisted on certain things being in certain places…”.
I. CAN’T. WAIT. !!!


Oh my godddddd the way he insisted on things being in certain places or done certain ways….I still struggle to spend money on things he would have rejected. Oiling is a good idea…I wonder if I could indigo dye my coffee table …


I legitimately fought for my coffee table and now I’m considering getting rid of it. At first I felt guilty and then I flipped it into more of an evil laugh situation (no, I’m not crazy, why do you ask? 😂😂)


And THAT, right there is the fall out from consistently being gaslighted.
Dye your coffee table!
Reclaim it,instead of giving it up.


Ooooh, yes! What a grrreat idea!


Thanks to Albie for the Legendary Rootz link – I just purchased a few gifts and cannot wait to receive them! SUCH great items!


Yes Blown Away is the best show!! We are also obsessed with Forged in Fire and I think a forge may be in my future…


I have a freezer full of Jeni’s Splendid ice creams (they are local to me and deliver for free if you buy four pints…) but I will not be trying their Everything Bagel ice cream, no matter how good their other ice creams are. I rarely dislike their flavors but that one does not appeal. At. All.


“you cannot your from an empty cup”? What?


I’m not into savory ice creams but Jeni’s makes THE BEST ice cream ever so might have to try this flavor.


If you don’t try the ice cream because you don’t like the description you might be missing out on the best thing you’ve ever had. If you don’t like it then you’re not permanently hurt but if its amazing you’ll be happy you did. All food should be tried at least once. It could be the peach honey of the ice cream world.

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