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The Link Up: Emily’s All-Time Favorite Toy Storage Item, Jess’ Solution To Never “Lose” Her House Key Again, And The Best News We’ve Heard ALL WEEK

Happy Sunday y’all! It’s the dead middle of summer and hopefully you aren’t melting like we are. However, some INCREDIBLY exciting news happening this past week… Key was named one of “50 AD-Approved Photographers for Your Next Interior Shoot“!!! Information we clearly knew but are SO excited that she is being recognized for her immense talent. GO KEY! With that wonderful news starting us off this fine Sunday, enjoy this week’s Link Up.

This week’s home tour (especially that living room) took minimalism and injected a big dose of unexpected quirk. That sofa is not something we would have imagined for this style of home but man is it so cool! Can you imagine it without it now? It’s still elegant but really takes the excitement of the room up about 10 notches. Check out the rest of this Majorcan dream here.

From Emily: LEGO MASTERS IS BACK which reminded me of one of our favorite toy storage solutions ever. It’s been a while since I properly expressed my gratitude for the inventor of this LEGO bag storage, situation. The top turns into the “blanket” that they play legos on then they simply drawstring it all back into its bin. Our kids are both avid LEGO players and since the third season of LEGO MASTERS has aired, their passion is even greater (we usually have to start the episode pretty early so that they can play for an hour afterward because they get so inspired). If you or anyone you know is constantly stepping on LEGO (note, NOT LEGOS – it’s NEVER plural, which we learned this season) then this is awesome. We have two of them and it makes our lives so much easier. Also, the LEGO documentary is EXCELLENT. It was a total family crowd-pleaser.

From Mallory: I went to NYC this week (traveling?? again??? It’s all very exciting) and I finally crossed Top of the Rock off my bucket list. Because I’m weird about how much I love Christmas, I was very excited about this ornament that I got in the gift shop (which is 50% off right now because duh, it’s JULY). So it’s originally supposed to be $20 but now it’s $9. Let me tell you why it’s a super special ornament though…it has an original light from the past Rockefeller Christmas trees!! So sweet. If you’ve ever been to New York or seen that tree, grab this special ornament (I’m all about special memories and cool things on trees). This is IT. Yup, I recommended an ornament in July. Sue me:)

From Albie: If there was ever a collection that screamed “gimme all your money!” It’s for sure this one! I love this fun color combination of this bolster because it’s super transitional. I could totally see this working for spring and summer decor, with the marigold ends, while the terracotta and cream stripes also make it a great option for the fall & winter months too! And who doesn’t love a great pillow! This shape is one that’s missing from my collection of throws so I had to add this beauty to my cart. 

Caitlin and Ryann have been a little wallpaper crazy as they’ve been designing their homes (duh wallpaper is amazing) and we thought you might have the wallpaper bug too:) If you do, one of our favorite wallpaper and floor tile companies, Chasing Paper, is having a 20% off sitewide sale next Wednesday and Thursday (7/21-7/22). Happy designing!

From Ryann: My new favorite Instagram account is @whereiwouldliketoread. Anytime I am feeling a little down or uninspired I go to their feed and take in every single image–all of which will transport you to an idyllic fairytale land where I imagine the only responsibilities are to read, eat croissants, and drink prosecco. It is almost as if the curator (@simotto whose account is just as gorgeous) peered into my soul and only chose photos that would move me. If you want to feel like it’s summer vacation all the time, give them a follow.

From Jess: The time has officially come… I need a new daily task notepad. Remember this one I recommended last year? I still love that one but I’ve finished it and I wanted to try something new/get one that would go with the style of my desk. I know that sounds ridiculous but this is a design site so you probably get it. Anyway, the new one I just purchased on Etsy not only has plenty of lines for all of my tasks (sometimes I will literally put “shower” just so I can cross something off… aka I need lots of lines) but it also has a little section to write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. At first, I thought that was a little corny and almost kept scrolling. But then I stopped myself and thought, “Jess, you should absolutely be writing down a few things you are grateful for each day. It’s bound to only add joy to your day and isn’t that a good thing??” It really is. Needless to say, I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Also From Jess: I was going to bore you with a long story about how I lost my single house key but instead, I’m just going to tell you how I will make sure it will NEVER happen again. First, I finally made a handful of spares at Home Depot and then for my morning walks got these super cute little matte wrist coil bracelets (I only use one but they came in a pack). Then with the other sets that I plan on giving to a couple of friends, I got really affordable but very chic brass keychains! I figured that I might as well make them look nice, right? So the next time I accidentally throw away my key, I am VERY prepared.

From Caitlin: Are we all crying over the Jason Sudeikis GQ profile? Just me? Also crying over this NY Times article about a family who searched for their kidnapped son for 24 years and then FOUND HIM. (My waterworks started at this line: “Mr. Guo also cleaned out his home, tossing out old belongings to commemorate a new beginning.”)

That’s it for this week. Enjoy the rest of what is hopefully a beautiful day and see you tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Paradowski Studio | Photo by Pion Studio | via Yellowtrace

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2 months ago

$32.13 (with overseas shipping included) for a 50 page notepad that could easily be replicated in a $2.49 Target notebook? I would rather save my aspirational feels for a burl credenza tbh.

1 month ago
Reply to  Alice

The notepad is $17 with overseas delivery to the west coast, where Jess lives. Some people would rather have a nice notepad with higher quality paper that didn’t come from the dollar section at Target – is that so very hard to understand? Personally I like the things I interact with daily (door handles/hardware, silverware, glasses, pens, paper) to be of high quality and enjoyable to use.

1 month ago
Reply to  Emma

Emma – it *is* so very hard to understand why you’d want to come off the way you do in this comment. If you’re going to be insufferable at least make the burn high quality and enjoyable. Pardon me, I’m off to fondle my hardware and kitchen implements before bed.

2 months ago

Congratulations, Keyanna Bowen! I’m looking forward to seeing lots more of your work.
This week’s link-up was especially enjoyable for me (or maybe I’m just in a good mood – if I had Jess’s planner notepad, I’d rate my day a “10” already).
Albie, thanks for the information about the Jungalow bolster being back in stock. So many things from that collection were sold out the first time I looked.

1 month ago
Reply to  Irene

Thank you!!

Roberta Davis
2 months ago

Congrats to Key! Well-earned.

1 month ago
Reply to  Roberta Davis

Thank you!!!

Ash W.
2 months ago

Just wanted to thank Caitlin for the thought-provoking articles and essays she periodically recommends in the Sunday roundups. I never regret clicking and reading! And it’s great to have an alternative to online window shopping, which generally leaves me bummed about my pocketbook. Keep sharing the good reads, Caitlin.

2 months ago

Congratulations Key!!!

1 month ago
Reply to  Christa

Thank you!!

Nancy Shaw
2 months ago

Congratulations Key! Your work is beautiful!

1 month ago
Reply to  Nancy Shaw

Thank you!!

1 month ago

::blushing:: Thank you so so much!!!

1 month ago

Just finished reading On Mystic Lake by Kristin Hannah. Netflix: Finished all of the funny Workin’ Moms and watched Lana Condor in the teen rom-coms To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before 1/2/3.

1 month ago

Um, I cannot get over how much that lego container looks like it is vomiting lego everywhere. Also, awkward but I used to say it too and then I got curious about it and looked into it but some say that “duh” evolved from imitating the sound a “mentally impaired” person makes. From urban dictionary, “The person using “duh” is thereby sarcastically indicating that he/she is not (mentally impaired) and the forgoing remark or question is obvious to him/her.” And I think that is kind of true, this is probably its origin story, even if we would be horrified to do so intentionally.

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