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The Hallow-Link Up: Emily’s New Favorite Kitchen Mat, Ryann’s VERY Pretty Faux Branches, And Our Halloween Costumes From Years Past (Yup, Photos Included)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOLKS! We hope you’re ready to get spooky & are ready for all the tricks and treats coming your way today (or if you’re recovering from a shindig yesterday – we’re here for you). It is a school night after all. Guys, we LOVE Halloween over here so we wanted to give you something a little special…some EHD team Halloween costumes!! You’ll have to wait until the end of the post (unless you scroll and cheat now) but we thought it would be fun to show our favorite costumes from years past to get everyone in the spooky spirit. What are you (or did you) dress up as this year?? We’d love to know your costumes in the comments! NOW LET’S MONSTER MASH PARTY PEEPS:

This week’s home tour HAD to be Vanessa Hudgens’s Los Feliz estate that came out on Architectural Digest this week. This totally romantic Parisian home is chock full of gorgeousness, but we’re specifically in awe about that sexy black bathroom (we definitely would not mind taking a bath in that tub). And while we chat a lot about interiors, this exterior is totally the star. Check out the space and let us know your thoughts xx

From Emily: My friend Max has filled a hole – these cult-favorite House of Noa kitchen mats have a few new patterns that he’s designed and they are AWESOME. They are cushy, wipeable, super kid/pet friendly, made in America, and extremely comfortable underfoot. And they come in a ton of sizes. He dropped one off yesterday and I was very impressed. I got the Cabin Stripe pattern, but others are really classic and cute, too.

From Albie: Nearly 3 years ago my mom told me she’d be sending me a lotion & body wash set from Bath & Body Works. I didn’t think anything of it even though she swore up & down that I’d absolutely love em. Shame on me for ever doubting my mom because 3 years later, I am positively still obsessed with the lotion & body wash — the “stress relief” eucalyptus scent of their aromatherapy collection. The entire collection includes other scents (i.e. for sleep & energy) and the assortment has definitely grown in the past couple of years, but I am still a eucalyptus girl through and through. The packaging is so pretty aka countertop ready (it’s the little things) and I find that they last a super long time, which really speaks to the quality. Now that I’m sharing it with y’all, I should probably go ahead a snag a few so I’m fully stocked before things sell out… especially with the holiday season around the bend.

From Ryann: Reporting live from my MOTO photshoot: Emily bowser brought this faux berry plant by Studio McGee to style with and I am obsessed. Both Mallory and I thought it was real FOR REAL. It’s so good and looks really natural and photographs super well. 10/10!!

From Mallory: I’ve had an apple watch that I wear every day for quite some time now and I LOVE IT. BUT I forget to charge it all the time because I only have 2 plugs by my nightstand…one for my lamp and one for my phone. Plus my AirPods are just constantly dead because there’s no way I remember to plug in those too into a separate outlet. I recently saw my sister had this charging station, and I was like huh that’s pretty smart (and it’s portable). I ordered the same one in black (she has rose gold which is also cute) and it was the best $30 I have ever spent. Life. is. good.

Also From Mallory: My favorite heels are 50% off! I bought them in pink last year and wore them all spring/summer. Now that it’s offseason it’s time to snag them I guess 🙂

Also Also From Mal: This deodorant is $5 off right now and while it may be pricey for deodorant…this stuff WORKS and smells AMAZING. My mom turned me onto the stuff and it’s the only thing that’s ever worked for my smelly pits (might’ve been TMI but ya know. Women’s deodorant that works is hard to find am I wrong???)

From Caitlin: VERY big fan of the back and general fit of this mockneck sweater dress. It feels very Shiv Roy (you know, if Shiv Roy was on a budget and could only spend $70 on a dress) and it almooooost makes me wish I worked in a business casual office and/or lived somewhere where it’s not 80 in the middle of winter. ALMOST.

Also From Caitlin: This is a long read, but it feels like a good one for anyone who’s currently parenting a teen girl. This part is what really got me: “Case in point: Kendall Jenner recently adapted the persona of a tastemaker, someone in possession of “high consecration” or “high status” tastes. Posing alongside trendy experimental fiction and poetry books selected by her agent Ashleah Gonzales, Jenner traffics in male attention, gratuitously decorates her home with artifacts she’s brought back from Art Basel and plays old songs on Zaza World, her very own Apple Radio show. What a difference from five years ago, in her Vogue 73 Questions, when the model cited “Marley and Me” and “The Notebook” as films she likes and Tupac as her ‘spirit animal.’ But can we blame her, when it’s no longer enough to be pretty and rich? Now, there’s pressure to be interesting, too…” I’m SO GLAD I didn’t have to grow up worrying this much about how I’m presenting myself or how I’m perceived by others. WOOF.

Speaking of teens… From Jess: Anyone who has ever needed to buy a bra remembers the first one. It’s both exciting, intimidating, and pretty awkward. But guess who has come to solve that problem? Two women who have been there and decided to start a company called Apricotton. So now if you or you have a tween or teen who is in need of a bra, this awesome company makes “the first bra” shopping experience WAY more comfortable and they have designed bras specifically for a young teen’s body type. It actually gets cooler. These bras will actually “grow” as they grow. So no need to buy a new bra as soon as they continue to develop. I just think this is just an incredible service that I wish was around when I was needing my first bra. Also, their blog has SO MANY really awesome posts for tweens and teens that I also wish I had access to back then. All in all, I’m a huge fan so go check them out!

Also From Jess: So there was a little shoot at my house is past week (not my living room yet) and Bowser brought over this incredible large tray/platter that is also on clearance right now! It looked so beautiful in the shots and I honestly think it would work with any style for say a coffee table, credenza/dresser, food/drinks, basically anywhere. It’s both special but neutral. If you need one go check it out!

Okay now onto some fun costumes:


emily and fam as unicorns and dinosaurs (the kids picked it…clearly)

The EHD Team





all of my historic photos are buried on the east coast, so here i am dressed as the sleepytime tea bear (tragically, not steve zissou) last night. happy halloween, friends!!!

Opening Image Credit: Photography by Jenna Peffley | Design by Jake Arnold | via Architectural Digest

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2 years ago

BOOKS Finished reading “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Poor Ernie. Goddamn Don. Gullible Mick. Clever Rex. Brilliant Harry. Disappointing Max. Agreeable Robert. Loved! Finished listening to “What Happens in London” by Julia Quinn (read by Rosalyn Landor). Loved! Accidentally listened to “They Both Die at the End” by Adam Silvera. Accidentally because it is a Young Adult book, and I’m not sure how it ended up on my reading list. Listened to “A Beginner’s Guide to Rakes” by Suzanne Enoch (read by Anne Flosnik). Just an OK voice and story.  My “Year of Books: 100 Books in 2021” stats: 80 down, 20 to go. In the past, I’ve read maybe 5-10 books a year. SHOWS Watched Season 7 of “Shameless” on Showtime (on Netflix too). The opening montage in Episode 1 of Frank and his kids is underwater art. I won’t link it (probably NSFW) but you can find it on YouTube. Watched Season 3 of “What We Do in the Shadows” on Hulu. Love those vampires! OTHER Leave it to LEGO and a couple thousand kids to create “Building Instructions for a Better World”. Could ten steps really fix our planet? Can’t stop… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

KJ, I think the best part of The Link Up is often your contributions!
I appreciate your efforts.🙂

Roberta Davis
2 years ago

LOVE the costumes!!!!!!! That one of Birdie! Also lots of nice recommendations today. Thanks!

2 years ago

No need to pay $20 for deodorant! There are easy recipes to make your own. Here’s one a friend shared with me that I’ve been making and loving for the past year 🙂 (I’ve only had to make it twice because it lasts forever)

2 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Excellent, thanx🙂

2 years ago

Um!! Mallory where are your amazing Lucille Ball red stiletto heels with the bows/ties from?! I am obsessed!!!!!

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing such a nice content
LOVE the costumes!!!!!!! That one of Birdie! Also lots of nice recommendations today. Thanks!

2 years ago

Vanessa Hudgen’s house is AMAZING! Perfectly cozy and stylish at the same time. And I’m getting that charging station for my two boys for Christmas. They are SO hard to buy for and this is perfect. Thanks for the tip!

2 years ago

Ha! LOVE all of your costumes – the kids! Theee best! Also, Mal look great as a redhead!

Karolin Beyer
2 years ago