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The Link Up: Em’s Go-To “Active Jacket” Shop, Mallory’s Most Comfortable Shorts, And The Perfect (And Affordable) Gift For the DIYer In Your Life

Happy Sunday and long weekend! Any fun plans? We hope so! We also want to wish Emily another happy birthday (it was on the 1st)! We appreciate her endlessly and hope it was wonderful as she is. Full disclosure we wrote this post before our break which is why we don’t have the celebration details yet:) Don’t worry though, we are back in action this coming Tuesday. So for now, enjoy these links and if you are looking for a sale be sure to check out our Labor Day Sale post.

design by josephine fossey | photo by mr. tripper | via sightunseen

This week’s house tour is actually a home you can stay at if you have the do-re-mi to spend. The phrase “I want to go to there” from an episode of 30 Rock immediately comes to mind. This high-end vacation rental has “a dedicated concierge, swimming pool, open-air cinema, outdoor theater, a gym, a boules court, a children’s playhouse, and the ability to hire a chef on-demand.” Oh, and it sleeps up to 16. So not only is it visually stunning being built into the side of limestone cliffs, your every desire can be met with a snap of a finger. I think most of us will have to resort to looking at it from afar but wow is it dreamy. We highly recommend seeing the rest of the beautiful photos here🙂

From Emily: I’ve always loved Lululemon jackets. Not a big purple person typically but I have an old purple one I’ve been wearing a bunch (you may have seen it in stories). It’s not available anymore but this one is similar. I’ve never not been happy with a jacket from them.

From Caitlin: A few months back, I got an IG ad for a woman who makes these unbelievable hand-blown glasses on Etsy and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since. Like…look at these little fruits! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Or this holiday version, with little reindeers and penguins and snowmen! Or these little animal figurines!!! They’re so freakin’ cute, right?

From Jess: Today I give you a guaranteed put you in a good mood Spotify playlist…Grandma’s Home (the coolest Grandma if you ask me). It’s got everything from L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac to Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. There are just an infinite amount of incredible songs. Currently, You Send Me by Aretha Franklin is playing as I type! Thank you to my friend Emily for this perfect rec:)

Also From Jess: I saw this video on TikTok from @graceful_design_diy about a flexible drill bit extender and now know what I am buying for myself, my dad, and my brother for Christmas. So smart, seemingly easy to use, and very affordable. How did I not know this existed?!

From Mallory: These are the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worn. SOOO soft, I love wearing them to bed or lounging around but I love that they’re also designed for working out if you wanna wear them for that. I have the black heather color and am really into them, but that light blue is also so so pretty!

Also From Mallory: Anyone have recs for electronic wipes?? I’m ready for some squeaky clean screens – tv, computer, etc…are these any good?? What do you guys use?? Would love to hear your electronic cleaning hacks in the comments please and thank you!!! 🙂

From Ryann: Two weeks ago, Caitlin shared her favorite wedding heels and this week I am sharing mine! I alwaysss struggle with wearing heels at weddings because your gal loves to get down on the dance floor. If you ever see me at a wedding, by the end of the night you’ll find me on the dance floor, with shoes fully off. Trust me, I don’t want to be this way. Cut to earlier this month, I had another wedding to attend (wedding season baby) and needed a new pair of heels to match my dress. I ended up getting these which are truly perfect. They aren’t crazy expensive but the heel is sturdy as hell (so important) and they are simple yet sexy and go with everything. And guess what? I wore them to the wedding and didn’t take them off once. I’ll accept my award now thank you very much!!

Thank you for a great week and see y’all Tuesday!

Opening Image Credit: Design by Josephine Fossey | Photo by Mr. Tripper | via Sightunseen

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🥰 Rusty
2 months ago

Didn’t know a drill bit extender even existed!!!
Just sent it to my brother!👍
Thanx, Jess.😊

2 months ago

Reusable screen cleaner. I’ve used something like this and it’s great! (Mine is no longer made) 2021 New TouchScreen Cleaner 3 in 1 Fingerprint-proof Mist Screen Cleaner Easy-to-Use Reusable,Removes Smudges Screen Cleaner,Sterilization Disinfection Cleansing for Cell Phone&Laptop-LONEA

2 months ago

Mallory – I haven’t used the Weiman wipes but I use that brand to clean my smooth-top electric stove (liquid formula).

🥰 Rusty
2 months ago
Reply to  Elise

That’s better, because there are no wipes to add to the landfill.

2 months ago

Caitlin, as a kid, I used to collect blown glass animals that’d I’d buy at my local county fair. I donated them long ago, but every time I see animals like that, the nostalgia sets in. The glasses are a unique spin on them for adults to collect.

2 months ago

Whoosh Screen Shine. It is what the Apple stores use apparently to keep the phones in their stores clean. I like it, keeps the fingerprints at bay for a while.

2 months ago

For cleaning screens, you do NOT need single-use anything. Just a soft cloth as lint-free as possible, spray vinegar or other mild cleaner onto the cloth (never the screen), and wipe gently. Works great, no waste.

🥰 Rusty
2 months ago
Reply to  lor

Yaaaaay!!!! 😁🌏

2 months ago
Reply to  lor

love this!! yes this is just what I needed 🙂

2 months ago

In checking out the glasses on Etsy, it looks like the animal figures inside are handmade, not the glasses. A couple of the reviews mentioned the animals coming unglued. It seems like a fairly simple DIY to purchase tiny glass figures and use non-toxic glue to attach inside a glass. They are really cute!

2 months ago

Jess,that Spotify list was just perfect for all I needed to get done this afternoon – thanks!!

2 months ago

Plain old rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth or even a paper towel will quickly clean and disinfect your computer screen, keyboard and mouse, your phone, your eyeglasses and lots of other screen and glass items. My favorite glass cleaner is a mix of water, rubbing alcohol and sudsing ammonia in a squirt bottle, and it also works great with a toothbrush for your diamond ring and other jewelry.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ellen

Terrible advice. Apple specifically says NO PAPER TOWELS: Use only a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, or similar items.

2 months ago

Yess I love seeing my fellow Vermonter linked here!! If you’re not already, everyone please go follow Grace, her Insta is great. (Time for a guest post from Grace with some DIY projects??)

2 months ago

Thank you for the link to Grandma’s Home!! What great music!

2 months ago

Re: cleaning wipes, I actually swear by a little alcohol spray bottle and one of those microfiber cloth specifically meant for phones and cameras. It lasts way longer than wipes and you only have to refill the bottle/clean the cloth once in a while 🙂

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