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The Link Up: Emily’s Most Loved And Healthy App, Jess’ Renewed Love For A 90s Hair Tool, And Possibly The Coolest Mop Of All Time

Happy Sunday and welcome to this week’s Link Up! We hope you had a great week. How are you all liking the farmhouse content?! This week Emily talked about her bedroom and pantry updates in case you missed them. Don’t worry we have more farmhouse fun coming up but before then let’s get into these links:)

This week’s house tour is an awesome rental of two colorful and bold artists via The Design Files. We love the contrast of the rustic, more organic permanent features with all of the colorful, trend-forward decor. There is just so much to feast your eyes on and is another example that just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours.

From Emily: I just want to shout out Apptiv – The workout app that I’ve now been using for 4 years and continue to sing its praises. Y’all this app is so good because it’s all levels, all durations, all different types of music (or your own), and all styles of workout with excellent teachers that are SO FUN. I’m on a big workout kick-up here (I do it on a dock and then jump in and start the day feeling GLORIOUS). I’ve had tons of friends/guests come to visit and many of them aren’t into a huge workout on their weekend away, which I get. So somedays I’ll do a 45-minute hard HIIT or strength training (Akeem is my guy), other times 24-minute yoga (with Jade or Jenny), or really challenging but simple Pilates. It’s audio but there are photos or videos of the move on the app if you are confused (they generally explain it VERY well). Sometimes I’ll just do a 17-minute yoga that totally resets me in the middle of the day. They even have walking, running, spinning, and meditation (that I haven’t tried yet but should). The reason I’m linking it up again is all my friends/family who I’ve forced on my morning ritual have asked about it because they love it. I think it’s the sheer variety and ease that keeps me coming back (and I’ve tried so many workout apps or programs).

From Jess: While I was getting a drink with my friend last week, she casually mentioned that she and her two friends started a woven bag company, All Hand Woven. NBD! I got to see their lilac zig-zag crossbody pouch in person and it’s so cute. It’s the perfect small cool person bag and would be an awesome gift for well, anyone but absolutely the younger people in your life. Here’s a little more about them: “We are a group of 3 friends working in the home industry, who were inspired by our global travels together and work with artisans and hand-crafters. Our first few items are modern & colorful phone pouches all handwoven using sustainable raffia in Madagascar by our women-owned factory. We are also proudly a women, Asian, and Black-owned brand ourselves!” As a fun add on here is a great discount code: AHW25 for $25 off.

Also From Jess: We still are going to do a post about The Meridian Experience (just waiting on photos) but I have a fun story and hair hack I want to share with you from it. It was on the last day of the conference and I asked a woman who I had yet to meet about her STUNNING ponytail. I am unfortunately someone who does very little with her hair but am never not intrigued by cool styles! Anyway, Ellie was incredibly sweet and gave me the rundown on how she achieved this hairstyle. The real twist was that she uses a TopsyTail! Yes, you read that right. The other gals and I begged her to do an online hair tutorial. To my absolute surprise and delight, she made it and posted it last week! So if you have long hair and want a really pretty style option here you go🙂 Thanks again, Ellie!!

From Mallory: I needed a new mop desperately (my $5 CVS one from 3 years ago just wasn’t cutting it anymore). So when I stumbled upon this I HAD to try it out for myself. It’s a 10-in-1 which is hilariously functional but basically can steam clean anything from your clothes to your bed to your shower doors to your floor. I’m obsessed.

From Caitlin: AH. I’m going to recommend my new favorite thing (with the caveat that you should absolutely try to find a used version before purchasing a new one): last month I bought this $11 shirt folding board and it is EXTRAORDINARY. I’ve literally never been so excited to do laundry in my life – there’s something SO relaxing and exciting about getting a uniform fold size EVERY TIME. It’s exponentially increased the amount of storage in my dresser when combined with my drawer dividers (I swear by these in particular – just slide them in, adjust as needed, and you’re done). It’s so fun to use that I like, actually WANT to haul my stuff down the street to the laundromat even when it’s a million degrees outside. I’m including a photo of my current “ice skating tops” drawer (very specific, but it’s definitely the bulkiest/most packed part of my dresser!) which is by NO means Kondo-perfect but IS waaaaaay more functional than it’s ever been in the past. I LOVE IT A LOT. (Also, if anyone in your family struggles with hand dexterity, this may be an awesome tool to keep them feeling independent!!)

From Ryann: I often forget how much I love a body scrub until one weasels its way back into my life. And by “weasel” I, of course, mean when one catches my eye online so I purchased it impulsively. So as I was browsing online and saw an influencer recommend this one, I felt trapped and forced to buy it. It came in the mail yesterday so I finally tried it and OH BOY is my skin softer and more glowy than ever. My skin is dry and I often forget to apply moisturizer on my arms and legs so because this scrub has lychee and almond oil, my skin is also getting the hydration it desperately needs. Oh, and it doesn’t have a strong scent which I prefer, and instead has a very subtle fresh scent.

That about does it for today. Have a great rest of your Sunday and see y’all tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Jordy van den Nieuwendijk and Kate Isobel Scott | Styled by Annie Portelli | Photo by Caitlin Mills | via The Design Files

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Rachel S
4 months ago

Haha I’m also obsessed with the clothes folder! It’s the only way I can fold vertically! Also the clothes when folded fit perfectly (vertically) in the IKEA Skubb boxes.

4 months ago

Thank you for posting interesting content every day of the week. It doesn’t always apply to me but it’s always an interesting read. I don’t know if readers realize how much work you put into posting daily. EHD is my morning ritual and it sets the tone for my day, so thank you..

🥰 Rusty
4 months ago

Now that’s an alive, lived-in, creative home tour!! Yaaaasssss!!!😁
Books n a fireplace…aaah!!

Annie K.
4 months ago

I’d love to plug the workout website/app for pregnant and postpartum and parental bodies I’ve used for two years- Mommastrong! It’s $12/mo and has a fresh fifteen minute workout every day. It’s lodged firmly in the Health at Every Size movement, and literally cured my body after two kids and a bunch of atrophied muscles. I just haven’t been desirous of doing long home workouts, so these 15 minute dailies really work for me. I also got attached to the very charismatic founder and sidekick duo, Courtney and Jya. They debunk so much nonsense that diet culture has infused into exercise, and I love it.

4 months ago
Reply to  Annie K.

Also a devoted mommastronger here. 4 years and going strong. Courtney is so positive and charming. Love the vibe and fresh daily content esp the hacks when my body feels crunchy and tight.

4 months ago

Any good book recommendations? These are the last 10 I have read this summer:

  1. The Dictionary of Lost Words (Williams, Pip)
  2. Book Lovers (Henry, Emily)
  3. Honey & Spice (Bolu, Babalola)
  4. Confess (Hoover, Colleen)
  5. You Have a Match (Lord, Emma)
  6. Lessons in Chemistry (Garmus, Bonnie)
  7. This Time Tomorrow (Straub, Emma)
  8. The House in the Cerulean Sea (Klune, TJ)
  9. From Scratch A Memoir of Love, Siciliy and Finding Home (Locke, Tembi)
  10. Modern Lovers (Straub, Emma)
🥰 Rusty
4 months ago
Reply to  Kj

Kj….you are a gem!!

4 months ago

I am loving that exposed brick wall/fireplace! My dream home project is to do an exposed brick wall in my house with Savannah gray brick from Cherokee Brick Co. (for reference, I really want to take styling inspiration from this blog with my own little library too!

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