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The Link Up: Em’s #1 Family TV Show, The $40 Pair Of Jeans Ryann Won’t Take Off, And The Colorful Table Lamp We All Want

The last Sunday in March is here which practically makes it summer. Or at least that’s how fast this all feels! So we think we should simply jump right into these links. We hope the weather is nice where you are:)

This week’s house tour comes from designer, Sean Anderson. His designs are neutral but full of soul, style, and of course lots of texture. This modern rustic home is layered but feels fresh. Go take a look at the whole home. It’s pretty spectacular.

From Emily: IS IT CAKE? is this new INCREDIBLE show about realistic-looking Cakes by cake artists. It’s insane. You have to guess which “shoe” or “purse” is made out of cake and the host goes around with a comically large knife to “test” them. Then the artists have to make their own and the judges (and us) literally can’t tell them apart. It checks all our boxes: funny, creative, inspiring, clean/positive, and gets the kids excited about baking (kinda like Nailed It did during lockdown – we binged that hard). It’s just awesome to be so impressed with people’s weird talents.

And in case you missed last week’s “From Emily”: First, there was Lego Masters. Then Blown Away. Then The Great Pottery Thrown Down, then Making It, then Magic For Humans BUT THE BEST ALL FAMILY-FRIENDLY CREATIVE COMPETITION SHOW HAS JUST BEEN INVENTED. And when I say “all family-friendly” I mean Brian AND I, Charlie AND Elliot. We all are obsessed with it. It’s called Making Fun and it’s HILARIOUS and so impressive. The premise is four macho builders have a wacky invention for whatever kid who gets selected (from the audience). The guys are legit hilarious (and they “hate” kids), they are crazy skilled/talented, and the producers are having the best time behind the scenes. It’s by far the best-produced reality competition show Brian and I have watched in this genre. We laugh hard and we just LOVE IT.

From Ryann: I would love to do an entire post on all the jeans I love right now but for now, I’ll share the one pair that is reigning over everything else in my closet. These jeans are so good. I used to be a denim snob, only ever wearing extremely rigid vintage Levi’s. But I am not a size 4 anymore!!! And jeans like that positively suck unless you are a size 4!! So I was forced to quench my denim thirst elsewhere. I have 3 pairs that I love but these are the ones I have been wearing for like 5 days in a row. I wear a size 14 because I wanted them to be a little oversized so they are very true to size (and curve friendly I might add!).

From Mallory: This lamp would be so cute in a kid’s room I’m IN LOVE

Exciting news! A YouTube first media brand called “Designer Home Tours” is on a device near you. What is this you may be asking yourself? Well, it’s an inside look at the work that goes into designing a home through interviews with the design professionals who did them. Basically all of the things we love. It’s also a nice addition to the YouTube space since most of the design content there is primarily DIY and celebrity home tours. Wanna see what you can except? Head here.

From Caitlin: This is not my style but I’m obsessed with this layout!!! So much good furniture in 260 sq ft.

Also From Caitlin: I bought a few of these white $5 t-shirts last year and y’all, lemme tell you, THEY ARE IT. I know people look for different things in white tees, so here’s the boxes they check for me: they have an awesome drape (I hate a clingy shirt), they’re lightweight and soft, the sleeves are a great length (miss me with those cap sleeve tees, please), and juuuust a little sheer (for me, sometimes “day to night” means switching from a nude bra to a leopard bra – it shows JUST a bit in the right light and it’s really fun and flirty!!!). If you prefer a structured or thicker t-shirt, I’d skip this one. But otherwise…I NEED MORE COLORS TO DROP, ASAP.

Also Also From Caitlin: Does anyone wanna Venmo me $245 for one of these Zodiac sweaters? Alternatively, if you purchase one, can I live vicariously through you?

From Jess: Add to Cart! I’ve gotten super into tailored wide-leg pants and these linen blend ones are PERFECT for spring and summer. “Resortwear Jess” might be the look all warm-weather long:)

Have a great rest of your Sunday and see you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Sean Anderson and Tom Adams | Photo by Haris Kenjar

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Roberta Davis
2 years ago

That house is a dream! Also like the studio! And the Serif tv!

2 years ago

We started watching “Making Fun” after you recommended it in another post. We all love it. I’m into the engineering, my husband loves all the tools, and my 7 and 10yo boys love the cast and the incredibly weird creations. Thank you!

2 years ago

As much as I love Is it Cake, the producers totally ripped off a legendary cake artist from Texas- Natalie Sideserf who originated many of the designs. She wasn’t involved in the tv process at all.

2 years ago

This is not family friendly but has anyone watched Bad Vegan? I’m halfway through and the story just keeps getting more and more wild. Im not sure where it’s headed but I’m into it!

2 years ago

I forgot about Old Navy. I used to find fabulous deals there all the time. I need to poke around their online store to see what I can’t live without

2 years ago

Ok, Em! If you loved Making It! and Is It Cake? then your next family show has to be Baking Impossible! Hosted by the Magic for Humans host, it combines the concepts of Baking and Engineering in a really fun and approachable way. We watched the whole season with our five-year-old this weekend.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kat

Yes! Was coming to say the same. My daughters and I got such a kick out of that one!

2 years ago

I would love to see y’all do a roundup of wedding guest outfits in the biggest wedding boom year! HALP