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The Link Up: One Of Em’s Favorite DIYer’s Kitchen Reveal, Ryann’s Great Drugstore Serum, And An Article About The Importance Of Having Fun :)

Hello friends and welcome back. We wanted to start this week’s Link Up by first acknowledging the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria. Our hearts are with every person who has been affected by this tragedy. If you are looking for resources on how to help, we have linked some at the end of this post. Now if you are interested, here are this week’s links:

This week’s home tour is a “treehouse” that is like something from a fairytale so of course it is located on an 800-acre property in Herefordshire, England. Click the link to see the charming English country-inspired abode surrounded by idyllic wilderness.

From Emily: I’m constantly in awe of DIY content creators. Y’all it is SO MUCH WORK. I particularly love watching Drew from Lone Fox Home who recently redid his new kitchen by himself and revealed it in a 30-minute youtube video that is so entertaining. A big shout out to Drew (and all you DIY content creators) for all your talent and hard work.

From Caitlin: I LOVED this piece from NPR on how fun is correlated with happiness. I’m going to quote one of the experts here, because he sums it up better than I ever could: “Happiness is a state of mind. But fun is something you can do. It doesn’t require education, money, or power. All it requires is intentionality. If happiness is a mirage, fun is your backyard oasis.” The article goes on to explore some interesting paradoxes (the more you conscientiously seek happiness, the more disappointed you become) and offers up some great life advice (e.g. you don’t have to be happy to have fun, which is obvious but is often forgotten – like, who’s seeking out a theme park or comedy club when they’re depressed?). In any case, it sparked something in my brain and I hope that maybe it’ll resonate with you, too:)

Also From Caitlin: Two weekends ago I drove out to Temecula with two of my best friends (fun!) and brought home a surprise souvenir: a nail in my tire (not fun!). This portable air compressor absolutely saved the day, though – when I opened my garage after returning home and discovered a severely deflated back tire, I just had to plug this into my car’s center console, set my desired pressure, attach it to my tire, and let it do its thing. (It automatically turns off after your desired pressure has been reached.) My tire went from 6 PSI (!!!) to 35 PSI in a matter of minutes and I was able to drive myself a mile down the road to get things patched professionally. Y’all, THIS SAVED SO MUCH TIME. I wouldn’t have been able to make it to a gas station safely and getting AAA here would have taken a few hours – but instead, I was back in business SO QUICKLY. It felt like a life hack. This thing is only $32, it’s easy to stash in the trunk, and you’ll never have to fumble for quarters or feel uncomfortable while you’re standing and pumping air into your tires in front of a captive audience of fellow gas station patrons again. Is this my new go-to practical gift? (Spoiler: yes:))

From Mallory: I’m in need of good black flare jeans (since we don’t wear skinny jeans anymore) and these really caught my eye. I’ve added them to cart but then I thought, I could crowdsource!! Does anyone have a pair of black flare jeans that they love?? HMU with the link :slightly_smiling_face:

GOOD Sales This Week:
Article: Dates: Through Presidents Day Offer: 30% off select furniture and decor.
Lightology: Dates: 2/8 – 2/28 Offer: Up to 20% off select brands
Arhaus: Dates: 2/16-2/20 Offer: Up to 60% off select items 

From Ryann: I am on a mission to prove that affordable drugstore skincare is just as effective as their expensive high-end counterparts. To that end, I am currently trying out some basic skincare products I got from Rite Aid and so far have been LOVING them. One particular gem that I will be purchasing again is this Aveeno Triple Oat Serum. It is designed to help restore your skin barrier and after using it for a week I have noticed my skin feels so soft and hydrated. I’ll report back with more recs but so far this is a top favorite of mine!

Also from Ryann: By now many of you have probably heard of the show The Last Of Us and listen, I know zombie shows are not for everyone but hear me out. The show itself is very good, but episode 3 in particular is one of the best-stand alone episodes of any show maybe ever. It’s so full of emotion, it’s touching, and oh so human. Even if you have no interest in the show, I think it’s worth it to skip episodes 1 and 2 and just watch episode 3. You will not regret it.

From Jess: I cannot recommend the new Apple TV+ show Shrinking enough. First off, Harrison Ford is in it. HARRISON FREAKING FORD. Second, it’s about a therapist, Jason Segal, who is dealing with the death of his wife while trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter and treating his patients. The humor is dry and perfect, the acting is superb, and on a personal note it’s filmed in Pasadena/South Pasadena so it’s very fun for me to recognize most of the background:) Bill Lawrence created the show and has been responsible for other shows like Scrubs and Ted Lasso. And while I love those shows too, Shrinking might already be my #1. If you don’t have Apple TV+ I’m pretty sure you get to watch the first episode free if you want to at least get a taste. But it really only continues to get better with each episode. Enjoy:)

Also From Jess: I was checking out what was new at Target and these three things REALLY caught my eye:
1. This cute and expensivelooking drink table.
2. Need a “mini mudroom”? LOOK at this!
3. These wildly cute and chic leather round bins. 10/10

Again, we are extremely saddened by the tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria so if you are able to help, you can donate here to provide emergency services to the families affected, and for a limited time, monthly donations will be doubled. Save the Children is also accepting donations here which will help provide children with food, shelter, and warm clothing.

Thank you, as always, for being here. See you tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Rob Diaz Design & Anastasia Ratia, Builder: Diaz + Alexander Studio | Styled by Sarah Brady of The Platform Experiment | Photo by Virtually Here Studios | From: Is This The New “California Casual”? Step Inside This Modern Double A Frame Home That Is Contemporary AND Dripping With Soul

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1 year ago

Very much interested in a follow up post of your skin care finds!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jen

Same! One of you tipped us off to Revlon True Match tinted serum / foundation and it’s become my go-to. Thanks EHD team!

1 year ago
Reply to  KD


1 year ago
Reply to  Jen

Ryann, if you want to get into drugstore brands, I recommend the Budget Dermatologist on Youtube. She’s got a great video on improving your skin barrier, and the products she recommends so far are really helping mine out.

1 year ago

Old Navy has a ton of high waisted and flared jeans, cords and velvet pants and they are on sale. I ordered a whole bunch to try to update my jeans situation but after years of Covid sweatpants I need softness and the only ones I kept are the velvet flares that ended up costing under 20 bucks. Interesting also that both Madewell and Old Navy are brands created by Mickey Drexler…

1 year ago

That episode on The Last of Us was so sweet. In a time when everything was so horrible these 2 found something so special. I don’t want to give spoilers but I loved how they showed them 3 years in the future. I could not stop thinking about that episode after I watched it!!

1 year ago

SHRINKING IS SO GOOD!! It’s exactly what I want every single tv show to be: full of heart, funny, some drama, great acting and production, specific

1 year ago
Reply to  Julia

Yes! I’ve only seen the pilot but next time we have Apple I will want to continue.
The last scene made me full-on sob and thinking about Jason Segel’s relationship with his daughter helped me make sense of a specific wound I have with my Dad. Really powerful.
Also, Brian’s therapy post from a few years ago was one of the factors that made me start therapy June 2020 – one of the best decisions I ever made.
I come to EHD for the design content but clearly I stay for the heart-stuff lol! You all are the best. ❤️

1 year ago

I endorse the madewell flares! I always feel the a hot 70s babe in mine, super flattering. I have them in 2 colors and they’re the only thing I wear with crop tops because they cover my navel and hold everything in.

Semiha Feyzioglu
1 year ago

Hello Emily, I’m Semiha from Turkey. To help thousand of survivors who have lost their families and loved ones, and their homes is only possible with support of others. So grateful for your support and those who make donations and share their good wishes for my country. For the first time since the earthquake happened, I am doing sth else other than the earthquake, I am reading your blog. I know that the environment i feel safe and happy will help me to heal in the process. Thanks again.

1 year ago

A friend of mine was working in Turkey when/where the earthquakes happened. Thankfully she’s okay. She works at the UN Int’l Office for Migration and this organization was the first one to get 20 trucks of relief supplies into the effected areas. Donate their work here: Thank you!

1 year ago

Yes caitlin! to that NPR post on happiness. And a follow up is a long podcast on HiddenBrain about the science of seeking/labeling happiness and then being disappointed and not really happy. So yes to scheduling fun!
Jess! Yes to Shrinking sooo good! Jessica Williams and all the supporting cast.

1 year ago

Dear John has some great flares. I got the Fiona super wide leg flares in black recently and wear them constantly. Shout out to local Portland store, Twill, on Hawthorne, that is an awesome, locally owned boutique with a ton of special and interesting pieces. The owner recommended the flares to me and I LOVE them.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

I accidentally discovered SWISSE, ROSE HIP FACIAL MOISTURIZER.
#game.changer!!! 💥

In 7 weeks it’s almost vanished two sun damage dark spots on my cheek! 👀 and some smile crinkles are visibly reduced! Wot’s with this? It’s fabulous!!!!
Most moisturizers are too heavy for my skin and this stuff soaks right in and doesn’t run off in humidity.

In Australia it’s @$8 a big tube…ptob cheaper in the US.

Gotta share the amazing good stuff.💗

1 year ago

I ADORE Harrison Ford! I will check out Shrinking.

1 year ago

Invested in the affordable skincare journey! I am in my 30’s and want to take care of my skin – mostly anti-aging focused without spending a fortune. Also, the world of serums, retinol, hylauronic acids, and toners is so confusing. Keep us updated please!

1 year ago

Faux leather bins.