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The Link Up: Em’s AWESOME New Chair, Ryann’s Way To Help Her Pup’s Anxiety, And The Rocks Glass We All Love Holding

Happy Easter and a slightly belated Passover to those who celebrate! We are also happy to report that the Henderson’s had an incredible vacation (which Emily plans to write all about) and have come back safe and sound. Now, it’s time to hit the ground running with lots of exciting shoots and new design content. So whether you’re having a fancy meal, a ham sandwich bar, or a peaceful meal for one today, we hope it’s wonderful. Until mealtime, let’s get to these links.

This week’s home tour is this incredible and perfectly colorful kitchen. Is there a better kitchen to look at for this Easter Sunday?? We didn’t think so:) The mix of classic cabinets, modern lights, and textured walls is heavenly to look at. We would all happily cook Easter brunch (or any meal) in this kitchen…duh:)

From Emily: This past week, I received a chair I bought from Soho Home and I LOVE IT! It’s so comfortable, incredibly soft, and is the most beautiful tone of blue. Yes, I am adding more blue to the living room:) It also adds the perfect amount of “edge” I was looking for to balance out the antiques. AH, I’m so happy I love it and feel so good about it. To see it in action I recorded some intastories and a reel.

It’s finally here! Max Humphrey’s book Lodge: An Indoorsy Tour of America’s National Parks is available to order. We know firsthand how much work goes into writing and producing a book, let alone a great one like Max’s. We are so happy for Max and can’t wait to get our copies!

From Albie: We’ve been slowly working on our outdoor spaces since the fall with a goal of it being an extension of our indoor hygge. While there’s quite a bit of work to do that hasn’t stopped us from making other upgrades we can use in the meantime. One such addition has been our smoker. When we bought #thehyggeranch, the previous owners left us one of their grills — the Weber Summit Gas Grill — and we absolutely love it! My husband, however, has always wanted a smoker… and the Recteq has not disappointed! We’ve made a few different meals using the smoker & the meats come out so deliciously flavorful & juicy! I’m no culinary expert so I don’t have the words to accurately describe how good everything is however I can now say I understand how there’s a difference between a grill & a smoker. Summers are about to be lit! 

From Ryann: I have tried many dog-calming products over the years but these are the only ones I have actually seen make a difference. I give my pup one once a day right before bed or when we are having guests over and he is noticeably calmer and less anxious. They are a serious game changer for dogs with anxiety!

From Jess: My sweet sweet cousin gave me this BEAUTIFUL oil cruet and I love how special it looks and the color it adds (amber) to my kitchen counter. It’s such a perfect gift! If you don’t know how passionate we are about pretty kitchen essentials this post may help:)

From Mallory: We did a team lunch this week and it was the 4th time I’ve sat down at a restaurant, ordered a drink, and this glass appeared. The first time we saw it, my boyfriend was like I LOVE THIS GLASS SO MUCH WE NEED IT, and because I have a gift where I can find pretty much anything on the internet, I located it (at first for $80 per glass) then found the same glass on Wayfair for $34 for 4. So yes, I purchased them immediately. The reason why they’re so good is that they have this little cute sun area that feels SO good to hold and put your thumb on. It’s kinda like thumb support for a glass if that makes sense, but it’s a fun one to hold. I’ve spotted it in the wild so many times now that I can confirm it’s a crowd favorite, so if you need new cocktail glasses hit these up.

From Caitlin: I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling (first back home to hang out with my mom Brenda, and then I dragged my boyfriend Dennis up to Lake Placid for the World Synchronized Skating Championships –  SO FUN; this was my favorite performance!!!) and while I’ve had a GREAT time with the people I love, I cannot wait to get back to LA so I can sleep in my own bed! You may recall that I have a litany of back problems – broke it in late 2020 and it’s been on the fritz ever since – and I’m not joking when I say that it’s genuinely hard to spend time away from this mattress now. It’s a total Goldilocks situation: not too soft, not too hard, just perfectly supportive. I’ve never slept better (I have the Apple Watch data to prove it; Dennis agrees that he sleeps like a rock on this mattress!) and it’s SIGNIFICANTLY eased my recurring back pain symptoms. I switched in January and I’ve felt a MAJOR difference in my body since (especially now that I’ve been away for a few weeks – I’m starting to have some back pain flare-ups that I believe are correlated to sleeping on mattresses that aren’t the right fit for my support needs). Emphatically recommend this one if you also struggle with chronic pain!!!

Also From Caitlin: I want to share a cause that’s near and dear to my heart – the team at Bandcamp is working to unionize! (You can read a bit more about the cause in this Rolling Stone write-up). I had a past life in the music industry – including living through a similarly disorienting acquisition (fun fact: I was an OG hire at Beats Music, which became the backend for today’s Apple Music!) – so seeing these folks band together for the betterment and benefit of everyone on the team (as well as all the artists who make a living on their platform!) is really inspiring. Please check out their site and give them a follow on IG. Go team 🙂

GOOD Sales:

Been eyeing any lighting or ceiling fans at Rejuvenation?? Well, they are offering free shipping this weekend! I’m sure it’s no surprise, but these pendants, this sconce, and this chandelier are some of Em’s favorites (since they are in her house:)).

J. Crew is really cutting us a sweet deal with 40% off almost everything, plus 50% off sale items through Monday 4/10 with code: SPRING. We love this rash guard (summer is coming!), this button-up (LOVE the cuffs), and this pretty spring dress.

Pottery Barn is having a great sale – up to 40% off furniture, lighting, outdoor & more this week! We love these linen curtains, placemats, and these frames.

H&M is giving up to 50% off! We are very into this shacket, this knit dress, and oddly these resistance bands.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credit: via deVOL kitchens


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27 thoughts on “The Link Up: Em’s AWESOME New Chair, Ryann’s Way To Help Her Pup’s Anxiety, And The Rocks Glass We All Love Holding

  1. Can someone help me to understand how to work Instagram? I clicked on Emily’s link about her chair but don’t see any video or even a photo showing the chair… I see a page with lots of things I could click on, but none of them are what I’m looking for.

      1. You just changed my life with that advice. I’ve been trying to figure out Instagram for a while now, and one thing I’ve always hated reading is, “Links in bio!” Like, what? I never knew that clicking a profile pic did anything. Thanks!

      2. Thank you Dana, I did not know that either!
        I had to grab my phone, go to IG, find Emily’s stories to watch it, and now I don’t have to because of your helpful tip!
        Thank you for asking the question MKP!

    1. I dislike links like this. Not on instagram. So I don’t get to see anything posted there because one has to log in to see it. Too bad.

        1. Thank you so much Kj for your ever helpful comments / links! Really appreciate it, not only today 🙂

  2. Regarding unions forming around the country, it’s something every small business owner should be keeping an eye on. I remember when I came across a previous employee handbook at my company (family owned, and I am now the owner), it must have been in the 1980s, and it specifically had a clause about not allowing employees to talk about unions during working hours. Why? Because unions are tough on owners, for big businessed and small businesses.

    I heard this article on NPR many months ago, and it rang a bell with me. This article specifically talks about small coffee shops/companies, whose employees have unionized or tried to unionize. Check out this one paragraph, from a shop that has six employees; the owner states:
    “Most irritating to him (the owner) is what he calls the red tape. The union contract dictates how much time he’s allowed to spend behind the bar in his own café. And when he wants to make changes that affect the staff, such as extending store hours, he’s supposed to negotiate it through the union, even after he’s gotten the go ahead from everyone on his team.”

    That is a CRAZY amount of power to lose as a small business owner!

    So yes, the big companies where the owners/stock holders make gagillions of dollars a year while they pay federal minimum wage, no benefits offered – YES, unions are great. But to the small businesses, where the owner carries so much on their back already, this is scary stuff.

    1. Hope I don’t have to read any more of your anti-union misinformation here. The US has made it nearly impossible to form a union. The rise and fall of unions is DIRECTLY correlated with worker pay and benefits (of which NONE would exist without unions). Corporations have an OUTSIZED amount of power in the US. The slightest gains made recently by workers and unions is NOTHING in comparison to the power that business owners and corporations have amassed. Decline in unions is also directly correlated to the massive wealth inequality that we have in the US. Workers are constantly getting screwed and being united is the ONLY way to make gains.

    2. For anyone who is reading: if your employer forbids you from talking about unions during work hours that is illegal though a federal law.

      US Federal labor laws protect employees’ right to discuss unions, salaries, and other matters while at work.

    3. If you can’t afford to negotiate a fair contract with your workers’ union then you can’t afford to run a business. And refusing to allow workers to discuss unionization on company time is 100 percent illegal. (I know whereof I speak: I was part of the drive to unionize one workplace and was a shop steward at another.)

    4. This is enlightening. I’m so sorry to hear small business owners can’t just treat employees as unreasonably as they wish.

  3. I used to really look forward to these link-ups but lately I feel like they’re being totally phoned in and there’s nothing I even want to click on… hope some of the good stuff comes back soon!! 🤞🤞

  4. Delighted to see a gorgeous DeVOL kitchen featured here!! So fresh yet timeless,.
    I’m in love with their TV show on Magnolia, “For the Love of Kitchens,” though I’ve only seen about 6 episodes and it’s not currently in rotation. They’ve filmed two seasons — I’m hoping more will air on US TV and that it gets picked up for a third…

  5. Thank you for the reminder for Max Humphrey’s book-I do a slow, thoughtful round-up of my holiday shopping throughout the year. Would have loved an alternate to Amazon link though, wasn’t there another site that you recced in the past, the Fill Up or something? Also, Four Corners CBD makes really great dog and human products that work incredibly well:

  6. Caitlin, I also struggle with back pain and chronic pain. I sleep on an adjustable bed, so when I travelled, I tried to mimic it with pillows. It rarely worked. I finally searched for foam pillow wedges. I ended up investing in a great set that gets packed in large luggage and goes with me when I travel. It’s much easier for road trips, because air travel means an extra baggage fee and I can’t just fly with a carry on. But you know what, it’s worth it, because I sleep on vacation now. I was at the point that I just wanted to stay home, so I’m so happy this solution worked. Here’s what I ended up with, but there are a lot of options at different price points out there.

  7. Albie – my Texan husband LOOOOOOVES his Recteq!!! So, y’all chose well and their customer service/support is second to none. Also, there’s an excellent Recteq owners group on Facebook that is quite the grilling/smoking community and has been really helpful with tips, tricks, recipes and answers to smoking questions.


    1. We now have two Recteqs! They are the best and so much better than those ones who start with a T. Bacon on the smoker is the best on those weekend mornings. Also, we just had a tri-tip and lobster tails for Easter, all smoked. Welcome to the club!!!

  8. Emily’s new chair is gorgeous…but it is another piece of furniture with legs. Her whole living room is all legs and it looks like the room wants to run away!

  9. Caitlin – do you sleep on your side or on your back (or front)? We REALLY need a new mattress but our foray with a Casper didn’t go well. I sleep on my side and if there isn’t enough give then I have hip pain. Would love to know how your mattress works with your sleep position.

    1. i’m side and stomach! the amount of give is perfect for me – honestly i was nervous when i first unpacked it because i’ve only ever slept on spring mattresses (and this one is a combo with memory foam) so it does really adapt to your body. slept 10 hours straight my first night and was like “OH, my body actually loves this!!!” which was super fun. tuft & needle does have some stores if you’re able to try it out in person, but they also have a great return program (i believe they can set up a donation if it isn’t a fit for you!) so it felt like it was worth a shot for me. just had my first two nights back in my own bed and it was a total dream – hope maybe it could also be a fit for you!!

      1. Thank you for the response! I am horrified to realize it but our spring mattress (now with a memory foam addition on top) is (whispering in shame) twenty years old. Yikes!

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