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The Link Up: The Mountain House’s New Comfy Sectional, The Haircare Brand That’s Changed Caitlin’s Hair, And The Easiest Way To Apply Fake Eyelashes

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s the last Sunday in July, the Hendersons are back in Portland (and moving into the farmhouse in TWO WEEKS!), and the rest of us gals are trying to enjoy as much of summer as possible…without melting. Anything good happening with you? We hope so:) Let us know in the comments. It’s important to talk about the happy things too. Shall we get into some links first?

This week’s home tour is a wonderful, airy home FULL of interior windows (our favorite:)). This was definitely a tricky layout to figure out for them but the design team came up with a beautiful plan and fun yet soothing color palette. Fun fact. The lead designer got the idea of the color palette from an outfit her husband was wearing one day. Inspiration really can come from anywhere;) Go check it out here!

goodbye frustrating vintage beauty
oscar and buttercup approved

From Emily: It’s a very long sad, humiliating story, but we had to put down our vintage sectional this week. The back cushions would fall off every time someone tried to, you know LEAN ON IT unless they were in the corner. I spent hours every other month trying to carpet tape it back together, which would work temporarily. During this trip, having so many guests every weekend, unable to sit on our GD sofa, I became so frustrated and embarrassed and finally decided to do something about it. Brian begged me not to overthink it. He said, “we just need to order something relatively affordable, long-lasting, EXTREMELY comfortable, still cool looking, with a good vibe that wasn’t a 10-month lead time.” I trust Article in comfort and proportions (I’ve had their Burrand for 8 years and LOVE IT) so I looked online, picked the BETA, and literally 2 weeks later she arrived and it’s SO VERY VERY GOOD. I’M SO HAPPY I COULD SCREAM. A huge sense of relief flooded me knowing that I would never have to apologize again for my dumb expensive vintage sectional that no one could sit on (it needs to be in a corner or against a wall and it would be fine, FYI, and yes I’m selling it). Our living room was usable again!!! It came the night before we left so I haven’t properly shot it yet for you, but trust me that it is SO comfortable. The cushions are soft, but not too bouncy, the fabric is so soft and reflects the light beautifully, it’s deep but not crazy deep. I couldn’t be happier. And a big shout out to Article’s delivery and customer service (they were so professional, friendly, set it all up, and took all the boxes away). This sectional is new so there weren’t any reviews yet so if you are in the market trust me this one is EXTREMELY comfortable and cool. Perfect for a media/TV room, too. Again, full gushing blog post coming at you (but maybe not til spring when I can get back down there).

First Dabito, then Tali Roth, and now Eny Lee Parker!? Mitzi is KILLING it with their lighting collaborations. If you don’t know Eny Lee Parker, I promise you know her work. Her collection is stunning and this lamp really might be our favorite:) Go check it all out!

From Ryann: I haven’t gone to the dark side yet aka I haven’t started getting eyelash extensions (due to $$$ although I really want to). BUT I, of course, yearn for long eyelashes. So whenever I have a semi-formal event to attend I always attempt to put on my own fake eyelashes. It almost always goes south because eyelash glue is SCARY, messy, and really hard to put on. However, my cousin just introduced me to this clear eyelash glue pen and it’s so easy to use and works really well. I used it before a night out and the lashes stayed on all night plus the glue wasn’t sticky or hard to take off the next day. It’s so good that I am no longer afraid of putting on my own fake eyelashes!

From Mallory: I have a thing for sundresses with dainty yellow flowers on them (yea, it’s specific) and J-Crew has two EXCELLENT ones right now. This dress would absolutely CRUSH on a vacation (and if I were going on one soon I would certainly buy it) but for a more everyday dress, I’m HIGHLY considering popping this one in my cart.

From Caitlin: I FOUND A HAIRCARE BRAND AND I’VE TRIED A BUNCH OF STUFF AND I LOVE IT ALL AND YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT IT. My hairstylist Lizzie (she’s the best, highly recommended if you’re in LA!) mentioned this copper color treatment to me a few months ago at my last haircut – my hair can get a little blond in the sun, which isn’t necessarily my preference – and y’all, IT RULES. They have a ton of color options available – a purple treatment for platinum hair, a light caramel, a bunch of reds, and even a chestnut brown! – and if you’re trying to save money on salon color services (or if you’re just trying to make your hair look LESS like a dishrag and MORE like your friend just spent 3 hours covering up all your blond, in my case), this is an AWESOME option. Throw this on for 3 minutes and BAM. NEW GAL. (Also obsessed with their dry shampoo, which adds a ton of volume that actually stays all day, and these tiny shine drops, which make my hair look SO shiny without being greasy or piece-y.) I’ve never really been a big haircare person, but this is my new go-to brand. It’s really, really, really good stuff. 10000000/10!!!

From Jess: I have been cooking up a storm and needed some more storage containers. Look, I still love my glass ones but unfortunately, a good amount of them have chipped too much around the edges to safely use (FYI I probably need to store them better). So I decided I would go back to plastic. I have a couple of plastic ones that I’ve had for YEARS so I actually think they are less wasteful for someone who is kinda clumsy. Naturally, I want them to be pretty (but affordable) so when I saw the CLJxRubbermaid collab it was an easy design decision for me. I have a Rubbermaid container that I love so I trust the quality and I really LOVE the sky blue top color. They are going to look very cute in my fridge, not chip, and help me on my “liking to cook” journey.

Also: I’ve been on a romantic/rom-com kick lately and my two ABSOLUTE favorites have been Persuasion and Heartstopper (I know I’m late on this one). My friend (who is a massive Jane Austen fan) did NOT feel the same way about Persuasion. But I’ve never read the book so I was clenching my chest nearly the whole time and didn’t know the parts that had to be cut out. Heartstopper was also chest-clenching! It’s the sweetest and best series I’ve seen in a minute and one I wish I could watch it again for the first time. But there’s going to be a season two:) ENJOY!

Thanks for joining us again and have a wonderful rest of your weekend. See y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Elina Mussakulova | Photo by Sergey Krasyuk | via Domino

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🥰 Rusty
1 year ago

Aaaah…..the bluey-grey-greens in the house tour…mmmmm. 💗 Niiiice!! 😊
I reallylike the internal windows. I’ve always liked that vibe of connected, but separated at the same time.
I get why they mirrored the structural column, hard to know what to do with that, but given the airy lightness I probably would’ve painted it, coz the broken images from the mirror tiles is a bit odd on the energy side.

LOVVVVE the new Mountain House sectional!!!
The texture is wonderful. Almost corduroy and looks snuggly.
Clearly the pups love it too (they’re looking very clean BTW😏).

🐾Question🐾: Where did you land on choosing how to transport them between Portland and LA ? ? ? 🤔
I’ve wondered and after the post where we all gave rec’s we never heard.

Leigh H
1 year ago

Just came to say thanks a million for the recommendation for the clothes folding device thing from last week’s Sunday post! OMG it has been the highlight of my week and there is finally hope that my husband will actually fold his clothes and not just shove them in his drawers! So much joy from this little thing. Thank you! And now to try to nail fake eyelashes! Love these posts. Have a great week.

1 year ago
Reply to  Leigh H

You can also get magnetic fake eyelashes. It comes with liquid eye liner and the lashes magnetize on to that. My niece uses it and likes them a lot. May be worth a try!

1 year ago
Reply to  Leigh H

I purchased the folding device as well, and folding laundry has never brought me so much joy!

1 year ago

If you want your hair to shine like rinse get a big container fill w water and a glug of vinegar. Presto! Do nit get in your eyes.
The house of the day was magical.

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Karen

Even rinsing with cool water at the end of washing makes hair shine!

1 year ago

I think your vintage sectional is the Trio Modular Sofa:

“ The modular furniture system, the original version of which was created in 1972 by designers at Team Form AG in Switzerland, blends seamlessly with its simple forms into any environment. In fact, ‘seamless’ is meant metaphorically, because the double outer seam lends Trio an unmistakable character and at the same time demonstrates its high-quality and intricate workmanship.”

1 year ago

I’m so sad to see your vintage sectional go. I loved it so much and have been searching for one like that. For me it would be against a wall so I wouldn’t have the issue that you had. I get it though. I still am going to be sad all day just thinking about it!

🥰 Rusty
1 year ago
Reply to  Daiva

She’s selling it!!! Now’s your chance! 🤩

1 year ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

I live in Ontario, Canada though. Wish I could.

1 year ago

Love the new sectional! why did you go with navy/how is it going with light shedding pets??! I’m leaning towards replacing my light grey sofa with navy but am worried I’ll be cleaning it constantly!

1 year ago
Reply to  Allie

My dark green velvet sofa shows EVERYTHING, especially from my (dark-haired, non-shedding) dog—I use a lint roller on it every day, it’s a huge pain. A friend has a navy blue velvet sofa from Article (the Sven) that also shows every little piece of lint, hair, dust, etc., and is very difficult to keep clean. Perhaps a (non-velvet) performance fabric like Sunbrella would hold up better. (And hopefully Emily’s is light enough that it doesn’t have this problem!)

1 year ago
Reply to  Juanita

We have a Prussian blue sofa and two white doggies
the fabric is Krypton which is related to Sunbrella
the white hairs don’t stick and the fabric wipes clean even with chocolate

1 year ago
Reply to  Allie

I have the clad home sofa with a green velvet and my cats hair does NOT stick to it! I can’t believe it! I have a white super fluffy cat and an orange semi fluff. When I vacuum I do get the couch so I am sure that helps, but in general it’s fur free!

1 year ago

Jess, I hate to see you use plastic containers for food. Glass is so much better/healthier for you. Just keep the lids on while storing and they won’t chip. Pyrex brand is great, you can get individual pieces or a group of different sizes.
Emily – love the new sofa. It looks so comfy and cozy.

1 year ago
Reply to  Elise

When Jess said that it might be less wasteful to use plastic then glass because she’s clumsy, I realized that she’s not fully aware of why most people who use glass food containers make that choice. . .or maybe she’s aware but had a forgetful moment. It’s important to try to reduce single use plastics for waste reasons. . .so, things like buying water in plastic water bottles, etc. But reusable plastic food storage containers that go in the dishwasher are not necessarily wasteful, that’s not the issue with them. Like Elise said above, the reason to stay away from plastic food containers is because the plastic components start leaching into the food stored in them, over time. Especially if you microwave your leftovers in them, but even if you don’t do that, the heat from putting them in the dishwasher, and just simply age, makes the plastic break down and leach chemicals into your food. Sorry to be all explainy, but I think it’s important to understand the reasons behind choices that are popular.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ksal

Thanks, Ksal, for going into detail why glass is better than plastic for food storage.

1 year ago

So awesome to see Emily ordering from Article, makes me feel like I’m doing something right in life! We ordered our leather Article sofa about a month ago and it arrived LITERALLY 48 hours later. Faster than Amazon prime. I couldn’t believe it. My extremely, extremely particular husband thinks it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought and I totally agree – it’s sooo pretty and comfortable.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hilary

Do you mind sharing which one you got? Considering leather from Article, but so nervous to purchase without sitting in it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jessie

I’ve had the Nirvana Dakota sectional for about two years. I can’t say I would purchase again. The leather is really pretty, but, there are some major drawbacks. The cushions get very “lived in” and misshapen after a short period. They have no bounce at all; it’s like sitting on a “pallet” or futon. This particular sectional is probably a little different than most of the Article pieces since the cushions are filled with down wrapped around a foam core. I don’t think I’d choose down again – it gets too flat and hard over time. The entire thing is so low to the ground it’s a pain to get in and out of; the back is low and doesn’t support your neck or head (it’s hard to find stylish pieces that aren’t too low! Frustrating!). The leather has held up pretty well, though it’s kind of mottled so it hides stains. Next couch I buy will have a higher back for comfort, even if it’s not as “cool,” and will be tried out in person!

1 year ago

That Article sectional looks like the couch I’ve been yearning for! Comfy yet cool! But the Atlas Blue looks more like Navy in the site pic while Emily’s looks more like a light Indigo. Is it just the lighting? Is it actually Navy?

1 year ago

I loved Persuasion. Who said a modern update has to have current sets and clothing? I think it was a novel way to get a younger generation to really visualize and understand life at that time. And Dakota Johnson was great.

1 year ago

Count me among the Austin fans who ran screaming from the new Persuasion. I tried watching it as a good old fashioned costume drama after it became obvious that Anne Elliott was nothing like the books, but I got so much secondhand embarrassment over the whole dinner scene that I had to nope right out of there.

That being said, I went looking to see whether anyone had made a good Persuasion movie, and it turns out that there’s a note-perfect 1995 movie with Ciaran Hinds! If you’re an Austin fan and haven’t seen it, run, don’t walk!

The recent remake of Emma with Anya Taylor-Joy is also awesome– so well cast and lots of fun.

1 year ago

Heartstopper is my new Twilight. OBSESSED. I’ve watched the whole season at least four times, read the books three times, been down the Youtube rabbit hole of interviews. It’s so so so so good. Sweet, romantic, magical, electric. It just makes me so happy.

1 year ago

Chipped glass storage containers were mentioned above-. That is so easy to fix. Also works well on anything glass particularly old crystal glasses which I like to thrift. Use an emery board and sand them out. Old school metal emery boards work best for this.

1 year ago

I LOVED Heartstopper. I read a review in The Guardian that said it’s “like a hug in TV form” and I could not agree more. I have recommended it to everyone and also really wish I could watch it again for the first time.

1 year ago

Ryann, keep staying away from eyelash extensions! Overtime they take such a toll on your natural eyelashes and they will become very, very thin. I have never used them, but a lot of people like the magnetic false lashes.