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Do You Have An Unorganized Bathroom Situation? Here Are the Best Storage Solutions (And Products)

A few weeks ago I was searching for closet storage solutions and found something I wasn’t aware I needed. It’s such a simple product and there are likely thousands similar on the market right now–It’s truly nothing special. But when I saw it I was like, “Oh, this is exactly what I need to organize the bathroom cabinets”. It’s this stackable slide-out drawer and no, this post is #notsponsored. I am just passionate about these drawers because before them my bathroom cabinets were in complete disarray. I bought two of them plus this clear bin and the result is that I can actually find the things I am looking for. What a concept!

So now like a kid in a candy store, I just want more practical and efficient storage solutions. Since that fateful day, I’ve thought a lot about all the bathroom products that can make my life easier and more beautiful. So if you are in the market and whether you have a small bathroom or a large suite, I hope these product solutions will help you visualize a more organized future.

Over The Toilet Storage

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: our soft yet secretly sultry downstairs guest bed and bath

The wall space above my toilet is probably the part that I’ve spent the least amount of time thinking about. Perhaps this is why I’ve been underutilizing that precious real estate. In a small bathroom with abysmal storage, you must think vertically (she says to herself). This spot can alleviate so many storage woes. You can hang shelves for open storage, or get an over the toilet cabinet stand for some added closed storage. You can also hang towel bars or towel hooks. No matter what, if you are like me and need more storage, do not skip this step.

Here are some great options to start with:

1. Floating Lines Free Standing Storage | 2. Rattan Toilet Shelf | 3. Fern Wall Storage Cabinet | 4. Appling Over-The-Toilet Storage | 5. Mid-Century Bathroom Storage Cabinet | 6. Metal Over the Toilet Etagere | 7. 3-Tier Bamboo Bathroom Organizer | 8. Toilet Storage Tray | 9. Acacia Space Saver | 10. Modern Metal Shelf | 11. Vintage Wall Display Cabinet | 12.  Wooden Bathroom Cabinet

Because I lack storage in general, I love #5 and #12 for closed storage. #6 and #7 both offer ample open storage, or you can add baskets for a little bit of both. Of course, these types of shelving units are not a new idea so we always recommend shopping for vintage ones from Etsy (like this), Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, etc.

Under The Sink

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the riskiest bathroom i designed—with a “how i’m feeling now” update

You know how folding your clothes allows you to fit more clothes in a suitcase? Well, think of the under-the-sink cabinet as a suitcase and stackable containers or drawers as folded articles of clothing. When everything is simply placed under there, no matter how neatly, you just aren’t taking advantage of the space as well as you could be. Drawers or stackable containers will help you keep your products organized and in plain view.

These are ones I am personally eyeing:

1. Rectangular Wire Natural Wood Handles Basket | 2. Mini Two-Tier Organizer with Dividers Frost/Gray | 3. Sliding 2-Drawer Organizer | 4. Umbra Hide & Sink Under Sink Caddy | 5. Chrome 2-Tier Sliding Organizer | 6. Two Tiered Slide Out Organizer | 7. Style Station Pro | 8. Elfa Graphite Cabinet-Sized Pull-Out Drawer Solutions | 9. Wire Cleanser Rack

Two-tiered organizers are ideal for under-the-sink organization. They are great for storing cleaning products on the bottom and rags or sponges on top. On the other hand, if you have a lot of hair styling tools #4, #7 and #8 are all good options.

Cabinet Organizers

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: the upstairs guest bath that used to be a closet

In my rental bathroom, we have 3 very tall and very deep cabinets. As much as I complain about a lack of storage, these cabinets are actually too tall and deep to be used efficiently. It was always a mess until I got the aforementioned stackable drawers. When you have a lot of cabinet space, you want organizers so you can access everything and see everything at once. I love these options:

1. Elfa Narrow Cabinet Drawer Solution Platinum | 2. Wire Stackable Basket with Copper Handle | 3. 4 Drawer Stackable Countertop Organizer Clear | 4. Stackable Slide Out Drawer Organizer Medium | 5. All Purpose Open Front Storage Bin | 6. Divided Lazy Susan With Removable Bins | 7. 4pk Wire Baskets | 8. Small Stackable Slide Out Drawer | 9. Bathroom Plastic Spinning Turntable

I think the most underrated org solution is a lazy Susan and that is the next purchase on my list. They are ideal for skincare products and makeup that you use every day. Again, I have #4 and love it so much but could probably also use one like #3 too.

Stand Alone Drawers & Rolling Carts

design and home of allison pierce | styled by velinda hellen & erik staalberg | photo by sara ligorria-tramp

When you are really short on cabinet storage don’t be afraid to add stand alone drawers or a rolling cart. We’ve used this storage solution in many bathroom makeovers and not only is it smart, it looks pretty and unexpected too. I love the above drawer solution in this bathroom by Allison Pierce (Our gal Sara shot this home for Emily’s new book, which if you haven’t heard is available for pre order here!!!!). If my bathroom had the space, I’d be considering any one of these picks:

1. Piper 3-Drawer Storage Cabinet | 2. 3-Tier Narrow Utility Storage Cart | 3. Gold Wire Basket 3 Tier Antonia Rolling Cart | 4. NISSAFORS | 5. Natural Rattan Cane 3 Tier Farrah Storage Tower | 6. Levi Bathroom Cart | 7. Eldred Freestanding Storage | 8. Christie Corner Storage Shelf | 9. Slim Rolling Storage Cart | 10. 3-Tier Rolling Cart | 11. Free-Standing Bathroom Cabinet | 12. 3-Tier Square Rolling Household Storage Cart

If you are like me and have limited space, a lot of these are thin and sleek so you can squeeze them into small spaces. You can also opt for a corner shelf like #8 to save on floor space.

Vanity Trays

co-designed by keyanna bowen & emily henderson | photo by keyanna bowen | from: all the details of the primary suite at the real simple house

If there is one bathroom accessory team EHD stands by it’s the vanity tray. In fact, as long as space allows, I bet there is a tray in every bathroom EHD has ever done (but don’t fight me if I am wrong okay?). And although a tray isn’t the holy grail of bathroom organization, you would be surprised how much more organized your bathroom counter will feel when your items are arranged on a tray.

The go-to EHD formula is:
1. Start with a large tray as a base
2. Layer in a small dish or bowl
3. Add a cute vase for height
4. Use canisters for everyday products
5. Opt for candles in a sleek container or matches in a pretty cloche

And here are our picks:

1. Bistro Tile Vanity Tray | 2. Ceramic Vanity Tray | 3. Round Bathroom Tray | 4. Colette Lazy Susan Makeup Holder | 5. Nesting Trays (Set of 3) | 6. Marjan Towel Tray | 7. Hinged Vanity Organizer | 8. Edge Plate Ø18 | 9. Porcelain Bathroom Accessory Tray | 10. Vintage Brass Oval Mirror Vanity Tray | 11. Vanity Tank Tray | 12. Bathroom Plastic 9 Slot Mixed Cosmetic Organizer

I love any one of these tray options but I am especially drawn to #10. It’s special, unique, and vintage and that checks all my boxes.

Okay, my friends. That is all from me but I am curious, do you have an all-time favorite organization product? Inquiring minds want to know so drop them below. xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Portland Reveal: How the Bathroom I Was Most Nervous About Turned Out to Be My Favorite

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1 year ago

I personally love the clear stackable shoe boxes from the container store for under-sink storage. The drawers pull out easily, they are the perfect size, and close completely. Highly recommend!

1 year ago

Thanks for this roundup, Ryann. I *need* to address this in my kitchen and bathroom–looking forward to comments of what other people have found.

1 year ago

I was hoping there would be a section on kids bath toys! I can’t seem to keep them contained!

1 year ago
Reply to  Amy

When they’re not strewn about the place, I keep ours in a mesh bag hanging in the shower. I’d say it’s on a pretty hook or something, but it’s actually hanging from a bath toy that has a suction cup on it. Seems to be a practical solution for us since it lets them dry and isn’t really an extra step like putting them away away would be. It’s not beautiful but it’s corralled and hidden behind the shower curtain.

1 year ago

Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info with the how-to’s!!!! It is so appreciated!!!

1 year ago

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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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Roberta Davis
1 year ago

When we moved into a new house last year, I got huge en-suite bathroom, but no medicine cabinets. To store the things I use daily such as face creams, contact lens solution, deodorant, etc., I use a tray that I configured from a silver casserole holder my mother-in-law gave us. The casserole dish was long gone, so I had a mirrored tray made to sit in the base of it (at a local glass company). It has sides and handles and is beautiful and holds a lot of stuff. When I clean, I just have to move the tray with all the stuff on it into the bedroom and then easily put it back when done!

Other than that, I have been thinking about getting Shelf Genie products to put in my bathroom cabinets and also in the kitchen, to hold more stuff and make it more accessible.

1 year ago

Does anyone know a source for very shallow pull out drawers? Three of our closets have built in cubbies that are 16” wide x 11” deep (varying heights: 13”, 14” or 19” high). Currently using combo of Brightroom Punched Metal Shelves from Target and Alan & Roth Herringbone Fabric Bins in various from Lowes to divide up the cubbies, but drawers would be so much better. Links if anyone needs shallow storage too. The Target shelves: One size of the Lowes bins:

1 year ago

Thanks for this! Just ordered the stackable drawer, the clear bin and a couple of other Target cabinet organizers featured and am hoping some combo helps deal with the mess that it under my sink! Also, I grabbed one of the featured “under the door” draft dodgers featured in the recent “keep your house warm post” thinking it would turn out to be an unwieldy piece of junk and have been very pleasantly surprised. It fits – and stays put – under my door, doesn’t scratch my wood floor and actually works!

1 year ago

I love to try and thrift all that I can! Sometimes there are amazing alternatives to something new that works just as well or better!

1 year ago

I’m currently in the process of renovating my bathroom and honestly I think I’m most excited about the medicine cabinets. Maybe I just have a lot of products, but I don’t understand why there are not more beautiful options out there for recessed medicine cabinets and functional vanities.

1 year ago

This is such a helpful post and really well written. We are moving soon and I’ll need all the help with finding storage solutions that I can get! How about a laundry room storage post (or did I miss that?)
BTW love the stackable drawers.

1 year ago

I love these ideas! We used a former mud room organizer, turned it upside down, hung it on the bathroom wall and stained it to match the walls.

Bathroom storage
1 year ago

After reading about how germs fly in the air as the toilet gets flushed I keep the lid closed and keep a lot of things covered and put away. It just made me cringe. I do love some of these storage ideas. Something to keep in mind though.

Julie T
11 months ago

I LOVE that tall wood / glass / black cabinet in a photo above and would love to see more standalone cabinet options like that! I have the perfect spot in my new bathroom where I’m looking for something like it. I love the idea of a piece of furniture like this.

11 months ago

I was ready to rip out our vanity and replace it, when I heard about toe kick drawers. That small addition gave me enough extra storage in a teeny tiny bathroom that made all the difference.

11 months ago
Reply to  T.

Do you have a link? I’m so curious why people don’t make use of the “toe kick” for flat things like cookie sheets etc in the kitchen.

11 months ago
Reply to  anon

Usually the toe kick space is used to shim the casework and the front of the toe kick is either solid blocking or has solid blocking behind it. Something has to hold up the cabinet. Plus, very few floors are perfectly flat (hence the need to scribe along the floor) and for a drawer to have space to pull out you also need flat, uniform floor in front of the drawer, where people often have rugs or other things that would be in the way. It obviously can be done if you really want it but that’s why it’s not standard.

11 months ago

I tried clicking through to one of the round “trays” to see what diameter it was but it was sold already. 🙁 So I’ll have to ask here. When does something (especially round) become “too big” to be on a vanity counter?

I’m often tempted to get interesting plates to use as trays, like the ones I’d see at a sushi place for rectangular or square shapes. “Trays” seem way too expensive.

🥰 Rusty
11 months ago
Reply to  anon

I think the edges of the tray need to be fully on the surface and absolutely not overhanging or close to overhanging.

Jenny M
11 months ago

Where does everyone put their toothbrush rechargeable bases? They and their toothbrushes are not very pretty!

11 months ago
Reply to  Jenny M

I keep the charger stored in a drawer and only use it/see it when I charge the toothbrush every couple of weeks. Toothbrushes are in the open, we have a niche on the side wall near the vanity. In the open but not seen when looking into the bathroom through the open door. This was the best solution I could come up with and it isn’t bad at all.

11 months ago
Reply to  Jenny M

I keep the charger plugged in inside my bedroom.

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