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Back to Work

Alright folks, back to work. The SFAS crew has had the last month off from shooting and its like jumping in cold water.  It feels good and refreshing, but definitely a little bit of a shock.  We start episode 6 today and i’m pretty excited about it.  But frankly i get excited about every episode.  i think that i get too emotionally involved with the clients and with the overall design.  I’m normally a very self-crticial person, obsessively so.  I used to make Brian play this game with me where i make him tell me my faults, desperate for something new to work on – little mini-goals.  He’s unsure how this is a ‘game’ and is never wants to ‘play’ and basically i end up telling him what i think my current faults are, he agrees, and then off to work on them, strangely excited.  

Anyway, follow me on twitter cause i’m going to be twit pic-ing all the time.  Let’s do this. 

For now, here’s a picture of the Starke Family (my maiden name) performing when we were kids.  THey called us the von-trapps.  Wait, nope, but we fancied ourselves the von-traps.



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