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The Link Up: The One Newsletter Emily Pays For, Jess and Caitlin’s Summer “Special Event” Fashion Picks, And A Podcast That Will Brighten Your Day

Collectively, we all know what kind of week it’s been. It was another completely devasting one here in the US. We hope that you held your babies and your loved ones close and even in a small way, helped in the fight for sensible gun control laws. Again, Everytown is an organization we strongly stand behind if you are searching for resources. We also know how important breaks from the sadness are. We know we’ve needed them. So here we are with some links to maybe make your day a little brighter.

With this week’s home tour we are going to stay on the subject of weddings (did you read about Sara’s BEAUTIFUL wedding post yesterday?!). This week, Jess was in charge of the link up and while she was searching for a great house tour, she stumbled upon this wonderful Palm Springs boutique hotel that was originally built in the early 1900s. You should go read the article on Yellowtrace to find out how much history its got. Anyway, as Jess was scrolling through she realized that this is where her cousin is getting married this year! Needless to say, she’s PUMPED and even more excited about this wedding. Casa Cody’s incredible restoration is really something to see.

From Emily: There are few, if not just one, newsletters that I pay for and look forward to each week. Haley Nahman’s Maybe Baby is it. She has her finger on the cultural pulse in a way that I wish I did and often writes about the exact issue I’m thinking about, stringing together my thoughts but in a more clever and yet digestible way.  Having removed myself from an urban life, I find that her recommendations on articles and media keep me feeling fed and balanced and dare I say “in the know”. I had coffee with her in New York a couple of weeks ago (hey, social media can be a great connector sometimes) and can report that she is as fresh, smart, and normal in person as she is in her newsletter. I’ve been following her writing since the early-ish ManRepeller days. So if you are looking for what I think is a balanced perspective on the world, written in an inviting yet subversive tone, subscribe to her newsletter (and if you like it consider supporting by paying the $5). Also as I write this I’d like to NOT recommend press on long nails that you use super glue to attach. Brian had to help me button my pants (poor choice to go with a button fly at the book signing) and it’s taken me 10 minutes to write this paragraph due to extensive finger mistakes. They can’t fall off fast enough!

From Jess: I know I’m a little late to the game but if you haven’t watched Jerrod Carmichael’s new special on HBOMax, Rothaniel, please watch it immediately. I knew he had a special out after seeing him host SNL, but it wasn’t until I listened to him on Armchair Expert that I finally sat down to watch. I can’t remember the last time I was so moved. It’s my favorite thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s so vulnerable, so intimate, so funny, so heartbreaking yet really hopeful.

Also From Jess: For the sake of staying on theme, we’ve talked about wedding ceremonies (Ryann’s future and Sara’s recent) and guest dress options but I need shoe help! I’m 99% sure this is the dress (in red) I’m buying for a wedding in Massachusetts I’m going to in July but want to find the perfect shoe. Simple and effortlessly cool is the look I want:) I LOVE these but they are sold out in the color I want currently (they have them in stock in blue if you need blue heels). These are in line with what the dress model is wearing so maybe? These are cute and like nothing I’ve worn before but I’m worried the heel is too skinny for the grass. OR I could go bold and were these silver beauties. Note I want an ankle strap for easier walking and dancing:) What do y’all think? Also open to suggestions.

From Jess: One of my favorite jewelry brands did a beautiful collaboration with Claude Home! There are 3 beautiful organic vessels that are perfect for your everyday pieces (or pieces you like to display:))

From Ryann: This week I’ve been trying to consume a healthy dose of uplifting/light media and entertainment for obvious reasons. My main go-to when I am feeling down/hopeless/depressed is the podcast Seek Treatment with comedians Pat Regan and Catherine Cohen. Listening to them is like hanging out with your hilarious friends gab about what’s going on in their lives. It really cheers me up anytime I need it and this week I’ve definitely needed it about 100 x over.

From Mallory: So while Em is clearly NOT a fan (they definitely require patience and getting used to), Ryann once told me that she used press on nails and loved them (Ryann, Caitlin, and Jess are all team long nails, here’s proof). So when I came across these on sale I knew I had to give them a shot and I was SO pleasantly surprised! I wore them to date night the other night and they were so easy to put on and looked pretty legit. Not sure how long they will last since you literally just stick them on (I’ve been wearing them for one whole day and so far so good, also I cut mine down a bit so they’re not super long) but I think they’re awesome if you have an event or special occasion and don’t want to spend the time or money getting your nails done…I have a few more events coming up that I’m planning on getting them for!! 10/10!

Remember when we featured Hopie Stockman’s home tour (co-founder of EHD favorite, Block Shop) from Cup of Jo? You may also remember some pretty beautiful wallpaper on some of her walls, right? Well, that one and more are now available to buy! Their designs are so special so even if your home is already covered in wallpaper you should at least go look.

From Caitlin: This week I’ll be attending a baby shower in the midst of a 90-degree heatwave (#blessed) so I was on the hunt for a lightweight, breezy, pretty family-friendly dress and I FOUND ANOTHER ONE! I wasn’t expecting much from the photo, but this midi dress IS SO GOOD IN PERSON. It hit all my criteria: short sleeves that hide my bigger tattoos, super comfortable, under $120, bra-friendly, doesn’t show too much boob (again, the photos were misleading -the cut is nowhere near that low on my F cups!), pockets, cinched waist, and it’s just fun to wear in general. RESOUNDING RECOMMENDATION.

Also from Caitlin: I’ve recommended it on the blog before, but earlier this year I plowed through a book called Gunfight: My Battle Against the Industry That Radicalized America. I hate to recommend it again under such different circumstances, but if this author can end his 30-year career as a firearms executive (like, he was the “Shooting Industry Person of The Year” at one point) after realizing things had gone too far…well, maybe there’s still hope that Americans can come to terms with supporting more common-sense legislation, you know?

Have a good rest of your weekend.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Electric Bowery | Photo by Lance Gerber | via Yellowtrace

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1 month ago

Jess, the silver.

1 month ago
Reply to  Holly

Yeah lower heels and seemingly a better pitched angle for a long day and dancing etc

1 month ago
Reply to  Holly

I second the silver. The same shoes come in a nude with a textured heel that also look great.

1 month ago
Reply to  Holly

Love the sold out ones you linked but way too high for me. I’d wimp out and pick these lower ones

1 month ago

Everytown has a TRIPLE match going through 5/31.l Please consider donating. I just did.

1 month ago
Reply to  Hadilly

I did as well. That is such a great offer. Thanks for calling people’s attention to it!

1 month ago
Reply to  Hadilly

I came back to the blog after my morning read to share this same info!

1 month ago

If anyone’s looking for a bit of positive TV watching, “We Feed People,” Ron Howard documentary about José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen is available to stream on Disney+ and is excellent. As a long-time donor, I may be biased but I highly recommend it!

1 month ago

After reading the article on Casa Cody and going to their website, I am soooooo envious of Jess getting to go to a wedding there!!!! Jess, I hope you are also staying there. What a cool place. Their aesthetic speaks to me big time.

🥰 Rusty
1 month ago

Hhhmmm….I wonder how long the fake nails take to break down in landfill??

Just sayin’ … a few days on the fingers, hundreds of years in landfill.
Every choice we each make for the sake of vanity has a long, long impact.

“…nail glue and press-on nails are too small to be re-cycled (any products smaller than 5cm/2 inches technically cannot be recycled. Please dispose the glue and the used nails into household bin.”🌏

1 month ago

wonderful ideas and thank you for providing quality stuff with us.

1 month ago

thankyou for told wonderful info about kids dress and loved it

1 month ago

I have learned a lot from you! Thank you so much for having provided such valuable information. Keep up the good work.

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