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Awesome responses, oh and my new favorite art source

Well, i am so tickled pink.  No literally i have very pink skin.  But I’m also really happy that you all are looking forward to the show and have high hopes.  Thank you soooo much for all your comments and nice words.  seriously.  

So, mixing patterns, floorplans, the why’s, diy’s and overall concept are what you all are looking for.  Man i wish it was a 4 hour show, you 31 people would watch it and you would get so much out of it.  Alas it is 22 minutes.  Here is what has to be seen in those precious minutes:  meeting the owner/s, getting a tour of the space, doing the style diagnostic, shopping segment, styling tips, first reveal (showing the client the first layer, with Ian’s it was the ‘fdr chic’), another shopping segment, more styling tips and 2nd reveal (where i combined the styles), say goodbye to client.  I mean, its a ton in 22 minutes.  So i’ll do the best i can to give you guys as much info as possible.  But don’t forget to come here afterwards, where you will be bombarded with pictures and information.  

That being said i want to share an awesome resource that i’m hopefully using a lot on the show.  

It’s an online artwork company called 20×200  Now hopefully you all knew about this, or wait, that makes me an unknowing ass, but you know what i mean.  Anyway, i’m new to them and totally excited.  They have limited edition artwork that is pretty great and totally affordable, most likely ‘clearable’ since they are in direct contact with the artist, and since its limited you don’t have to worry about stupid Jane down the street having it.  Not that jane would, she is still rockin Ansel Adams.  Here’s a snippet of what i’m loving:

144 empty parking lots by Jenny O’dell:

yep, they are parking lots.  It’s awesome. 

Houndstooth pattern in Parking lot, Disney World, Florida by Alex Maclean

This one i’m kinda obsessed with, at first glance i loved it, but when i realized it was 70’s cars, i freaked.  So graphic, yet kinda abstract.  parking lots are hot right now, apparently.  

And the colors! forget about it.  Somebody from the show is getting this for sure, it could go into a number of upcoming houses, so if you futures are reading let me know if you are into it.  Oh and the Hendersons are probably getting one too.  I have so much vintage art, weird portraits, drawings etc, what i need is more graphic modern stuff to balance it out.  
Kite Hill by Paul Octavious.  I want a massive version of this on a wall – nothing murally, but i think its one that if its big enough you can get pretty lost in it.  It’s happy, and weird.  I love how it looks like they are disappearing.  
Auditorium by James Rajotte.  Maybe its the blue.  Maybe its that insanely symetrical composition and perfect angle, or maybe its the beautiful pattern that the chairs create.  And clearly it evokes something, (which i won’t bore you/annoy you with my interpretation of this photo), but i love it.  its completely sold out, even the $2000 30×40 versions of it.   Its one of those that could make some people sad, but it makes me totally happy.  


Anyway, they have hundreds of artists, and start at $20.  yep.  cheap enough for the masses, but since they are limited, can’t literally be for the masses.  www.20× tell ’em i sent you, it makes me look all important. in fact any time you are any where, even 7-11, tell them that Emily Henderson recommended that you go there.  

Ooh, yes, here’s what we should do: hunt down any random teller or worker restocking the shelves at Target, and tell them that you heard about Target from a blog by emily henderson.  And when they act like they have no idea what you are talking about or don’t care, you don’t stop. no. you scream it.  make sure everyone around here’s the name.  

Seriously, what if that was a guerilla (not gorilla, previous, yet not surprising, mistake) marketing campaign?  Somebody’s probably done it. All joking aside, the resources that you legitimately hear about from here, let them know so we know its working out for everybody.  

and then go to the shell station and tell the gas attendant.  



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