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There is a new bedding company in town in case you haven’t heard! Parachute is a home essentials brand based in Venice Beach. They’re all about simple, beautiful designs constructed out of luxurious and high quality materials. Parachute is a direct-to-consumer business. By partnering directly with the best manufacturers in Europe, they’re able to offer superior products at a lower cost.


It’s not crazy colorful or patterned pieces that can amp up a bedroom – it’s soft textures and sophisticated design that matter. So we partnered with Parachute on this post to showcase some of their products throughout my house, layering in with things I already owned to demonstrate you how you can incorporate them into your own home, too. Sans the newborn. Unless you have a baby, in which case I recommend laying your newborn on your new bedding, post bath, too!


For our bedroom I played with their Essential Quilt, which is a modern update to the classic box quilt design. It’s visually appealing, but it’s not until you feel it that you understand how amazing it is. Brian and I have different feelings about linen on the bed: I looove the look and feel of linen but Brian thinks it’s kinda scratchy and prefers a cotton percale type fabric. Fortunately, this quilt combines the two! It’s made with washed linen on the front and percale on the reverse, coupling the lightweight, subtly textured qualities of linen with the soft, lived-in feel of percale. PLUS it reflects the light in such a pretty way, making it super photogenic (which is something Brian really cares about).


I was going to just style all the white together but figured I’d cozy it up with a few pillows I already owned (Rebecca Atwood on left and Target on right). For most people it’s this time of the year called “winter” (although it feels nothing like that currently here in LA with these current temperatures). The point is, you can mix it with anything, because white is the happiest neutral that freshens up any bed.

And then I found this prop that I had been meaning to style with, and she’s perfect for highlighting any bedding.



Buy some bedding and put your baby on it. That’s the secret to my blog now. It was kinda an accident (obviously Parachute didn’t ask me to put my baby on their product), but as I was bathing her in the master bathroom, we were shooting in the bedroom. So afterward I plopped her down on the bed and Jess couldn’t stop herself from photographing her! I was physically, and mentally incapable of not showing you.

If you don’t have a newborn, you can also opt for a cat. It’s a whole family blog post, apparently. . .


In the living room, we played with the same Essential Quilt but in the most perfect indigo shade I’ve ever seen. This is the linen side facing upward.


Not everyone has a sofa that’s so easy to cover with a throw in a modern looking way, but I love how this quilt instantly transforms my sofa into something dark and cozy for the winter months. My motto is “if you can’t feel winter with the weather then force it with the decor.” While I love the cream Sunbrella fabric that we reupholstered the sofa with (kid friendly, easy to wash, etc), this is WAY softer y’all. It’s a queen size bed quilt, but sometimes throws can be so small on a large sofa, especially when trying to cuddle with your family of four.  Although the whole cuddling thing doesn’t exactly happen as Charlie is passed the age of forced cuddling, but it’s still my fantasy. 


Now to the pillows in this collection. Here’s a tip for y’all. Remember how I love the extra long bed pillow for the bed? Well, if a sham doesn’t have a flange and has a back envelope type enclosure then you can use it on other places than your bed – a bench, your sectional, etc. It’s basically as big as a 24″x24″ pillow but its rectangular instead and nothing is wrong with that.

I’d like to point something very important out – the Parachute pillows are genius. On their standard and king size pillows (and shams, shown here), they have back envelope closures – not open sides. This is a revelation and has stylists around the country smiling. None of that messy fabric hanging off the side of the pillow! For years we have had to obsessively style those open sides so they don’t look messy. . . and yet they still do. It’s insane that it took a company so long to invent this. Genius.

Anyway, that large indigo blue pillow is part of the Essential Quilt collection and like its parents, it’s great. Don’t just use it on the bed. It really depends on your sofa, but if you have a big cozy sofa (think large-scale and casual), then this could absolutely work on there, too. Look how pretty it is on my bench, after all.



Also despite how fake those flowers look, you must know that they are real. And despite how cute that mug is, you must know that it’s the most annoying mug in the world to drink out of as you have to have a TINY finger to fit in that tiny brass hole in order to drink from it.


Alright now for a sneak peek downstairs. I have yet to reveal much of it as I’m pitching it for press that won’t let me, but here is a TINY peek into the new guest room with some pretty Parachute bedding on it.


That duvet cover, the Heathered Stripe, is great for those of you who want something that feels more textured and looks warmer than a simple white duvet cover. Somehow it feels more ‘dude’ to me, which is perfect since this space is way more dude.


We added that indigo and navy cashmere throw because, well, why not? Which is a great gift, by the way. No one has ever rejected a cashmere throw in the history of gift giving.


The duvet is also a great one if you want a low maintenance wrinkle solution. It’s so textured and full of stitching that it makes wrinkles look chic!


So there you have it. Simple, luxurious bedding at a more reasonable pricepoint than most high end bedding. It’s still a splurge, don’t get me wrong. But if you are ready to invest, if you love premium quality home goods designed in a really simple way, and if crawling into an extremely soft bed gives you an inordinate amount of happiness, then Parachute Home is your boo.

Here are a few of my favorites – although as you can tell from what I previously said, everything they have is really a win win.


1. Essential Quilt and Shams | 2. Venice Percale Sheet Set | 3. Heather Stripe Duvet Cover | 4. Lavender Candle | 5. Linen Shams and Duvet Cover | 6. Cashmere Striped Throw

***photography by Jess Isaac, in partnership with Parachute

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8 years ago

I feel like I could just look amt pictures of your home all day. It’s so beautiful! And I love how you decorated your couch with the quilt. It’s such an easy thing that makes a great impact!


8 years ago

Is that pink/dark red/orangey pillow on your bed from Target still available? Love it!

8 years ago
Reply to  Allison

I have the same question! Love that pillow….

8 years ago
Reply to  Heidi

Found the pillow! Unfortunately it’s out of stock online and in every store around me.

8 years ago
Reply to  Allison

Bummer! But nice job finding it!

8 years ago

Same question on the pillow! Love that! Love them both, actually. Your home is stunning. I adore every single thing about it. And your bedroom look is exactly what I’m going for right now as I re-do. I even have a navy, velvet headboard on order. I really like Parachute linens. I purchased a set of the navy sateen sheets earlier this year and they are beautiful to look at and so comfortable to sleep on. My new favorites. Two things about them of note. If I had it to do over, I would have ordered two flat sheets instead of the fitted. I have a deep mattress, but for some reason, the fitted sheet was a bit loose and got sloppier as I slept on it. I like hospital corners and a tight fit. Fantastic that you can buy the pieces individually! The other thing is I felt that while the hand is incredibly soft, it also attracted way more dog and cat hair (like a darn magnet) and that it was hard to remove. It took much more work than a simple pass with a lint roller. Not a problem if you don’t have pets, or allow them… Read more »

8 years ago
Reply to  Debbie

Found the pillow! Unfortunately it’s out of stock online and in every store around me.

8 years ago
Reply to  Allison

Darn! Thanks for checking! I think there are other sources for iilim-type pillows if you are looking for something similar.

8 years ago

Beautiful as always! Where are the striped sheets from in your guest bedroom photos?

8 years ago
Reply to  Kate

I second that question.

8 years ago
Reply to  Abby

Yes! Wondering about the striped sheets! Where are they from?

(I already bought the Heathered Stripe duvet cover and LOVE it.)

8 years ago

The Parachute company sounds like the perfect match for someone looking for soft texture with sophisticated design. The Venice Percale Sheet Set remind me of clouds that I can sink softly into bed.

8 years ago

em – i love you but your blog/site hasn’t been working properly for months and it’s driving me crazy! luckily i get your emails but don’t want to miss out on anything EH! also, do you plan on posting new stuff to the flea soon?

8 years ago
Reply to  lola

Same here! I thought it was just me- the site wasnt showing any new posts since September on my laptop but it would work on Safari on my phone. I eventually deleted all my cookies and deleted all my browser history and that did the trick. Sorta inconvenient but worth it for me to be able to see the blogs beautiful images on my computer again! Hopefully this helps!

8 years ago
Reply to  Danielle

it did! thank so much, danielle! that’s so odd…this is the only site i’ve ever had to do that for.

8 years ago

If you like it then you better put a baby on it…


Sorry, couldn’t help myself 🙂

8 years ago

Loooooove the look of these products! Too bad they are out of the king-sized heathered stripe duvet cover or else I’d snatch it up. Also, I’m loving that sneak peek of the guest room! Can’t wait to see it revealed in all of its glory.

8 years ago

Ugh I love that gray bedding! I might have to pop that on my list for santa!

8 years ago

Your cat has a strangely cute face.

8 years ago

Hello Emily,

Can I be the weird person that asks where your check sweater is from? I love it!

Thank you!

8 years ago
Reply to  Tiff

And can I be the weird person asking where your jeans are from???!! Love them!

8 years ago

This post feel so cozy today! I love looking at the pictures of your home and your cute children!

8 years ago

I wud love to see more bedding combos with links to buy (including long accent). I want to redo my bed and a frustrated with my trial and error.
I was all set to go with the images of your master bedroom but alas the Kilim pillow can not be found.
I love the bedding you did for cup of Jo’s master especially but I don’t know what to substitute for the dwell bedding.
Thanks for making all of our homes better by sharing your knowledge and talent.

8 years ago

Love it all…just trying to figure out where their essential quilts are made. They only give details for milling. Will need to contact them! They should include this in their description-?..

8 years ago

Hi! Where is that little gold vase with the peonies from? So simple and great!

8 years ago

We are reaching the tipping point on sponsored content.

8 years ago
Reply to  amey


Amie M
8 years ago

Emily, I would love suggestions from you for fabrics that don’t collect or pearl cat hair. We’ve tried 4 different duvet covers, all varying in price points and thread counts, and the best so far to avoid the cat hair left behind was the cheap IKEA cover. I’d love to have luxury in my bed, but don’t know where to start!

8 years ago
Reply to  Amie M

Sadly, this is a major issue for me with this bedding, so I was disappointed. It was WORK to get the pet hair off and I just don’t want to work that hard every morning to make the bed and have it look good and be clean. Covering it, or keeping pets off is just not going to happen at my house.

I got some sateen sheets at Costco years ago, and while they’re not the same quality, nor as beautiful, the pet hair is easy to lint-roller off.

8 years ago

Hi Emily!
What time should I come over for dinner?

8 years ago

Beautiful–both the baby and the quilts! XO

8 years ago

I’ve been wanting a Parachute bedding for a while now! The heather “dude” option looks so cozy.