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Ask the Audience: Master Bed In Front of Window

I am slowly, yet frantically, designing the house. It needs to be complete by the beginning of May for a big ol’ feature, and while that seems far away – in order to make sure that it’s actually well designed and not just a bunch of furniture living together, I need to make some serious decisions very quickly. Today we are talking about the bed in our bedroom.  Most of what is already in the room came from the other house and is staying – the leather nightstands are perfect, I love those lamps, that rug is a dream (I secretly want the look of an antique tabriz in here, but that rug is just too amazing to step onto in the morning to give up) and the bedding is great, but might be switched out/added to. The wall color is Ammonite by Farrow and Ball and it’s just amazing – so warm, neutral and soft. We’ve got a great start and it’s a totally pleasant room to be in as-is. We have temporary $5 blackout curtains over our headboard windows (see below) for now, but the other ones are blank. I’m not sure why we have any curtains in there because those children wake us up before the sun is up anyway, but some day, SOME DAY we’ll be psyched that we have black out shades because they’ll be sleeping in til’ 8:30am (fingers crossed).

In the picture below you can see that the bed is just below the sill, and that there is actually 12″ of sill back there.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_3

We have three major things to add – window treatments (we ordered custom shades via Calico Corners out of a super pretty Swedish gray washed linen, lined in blackout), the dresser (we are having this one painted caldwell green) and today’s biggest quandary – THE BED.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_1

Now there are only three ways to orient the room/bed but this one makes the room feel the biggest and allows for the largest dresser (opposite the bed). You don’t wake up to the view, but we have a serious storage situation in this house so this is the best layout to maximize the storage without making the room feel crowded and tiny. Instead of that dresser we are getting this one that is 6′ long and not quite as deep but has way more storage.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_6

We’ll be selling that beautiful dresser when we get our new one, so email if you are interested in purchasing it. It will be $800, it’s antique English pine, in perfect condition and it’s very, very special – just not the right shape for the room.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_7

Right now Brian is working in here as his office space has flooded and is a total mud pit (thanks to our new Pacific Northwest climate in LA – so much rain!!!).

So the new dresser will span all the way across (yay!!) but be lower. I’ve been obsessed with this company for a few months now so I’m psyched to get this dresser (in a custom dark matte greeny-blue).

Back to the quandary at hand: Putting a bed in front of a window is tricky. We don’t want to block too much of the light, but we do want something to lean against. I’ve done it twice.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_Styled Photos_1

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_Styled Photos_2

It can work, as you can see.

So we mocked up some options for me/you:

Option A: a curved headboard in a patterned fabric. I fell in love with this fabric although I’m unsure that it will work on something curved because it is technically a stripe – albeit a shaky one. And i’m terrified because it might be like $200 a yard (I’m hoping wholesale is much cheaper).


We all loved the idea of the curve because it breaks up all the lines and doesn’t feel quite as obtrusive in front of a window. It’s softer and quieter. But once it was rendered I was less convinced.

We also did it in a navy blue so you could see how it changes if it’s a solid, darker color:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_ Master Bedroom_Headboard_Low_Profile_Curved_Blue

It does feel much better but that could be because the navy blue throw on the bed kinda overpowered the patterned fabric, whereas the navy headboard kept it feeling more balanced. So if we take off that throw, will it feel more balanced?

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboard_Low_Profile_Curve_White Blanket

It does help. Sure, the bed looks boring, but it works better. We would custom make it to make sure that the proportions are exactly what we want since there wasn’t really anything on the market, but here are some good ready made options:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Low Profile_Headboards_Curved_Roundup

1. Ames Bed | 2. Georgio Upholstered Platform Bed | 3. Brookings Upholstered Bed | 4. Gem Cut Bed

Now, maybe the curve is just weird and we should stick to something more classic. Part of me REALLY wants something tufted, but a low tufted bed seems weird. So a good option is doing a simple low straight headboard in that fabric:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboard_Low_Profile_Rectangle Striped Headboard_Gray Blanket

I like it. It doesn’t feel quite right but I think that is because the scale of the fabric is off and it’s a rendering. I worry that that lightness of the fabric should feel more substantial, so we tweaked it to be a solid:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboard_Low_Profile_Square_Gray Upholstered Headboard

It’s good, right? But maybe boring? Is that too much bed in front of the window? It’s only about 6″ high off the window sill. So hard! There are a decent amount of low upholstered headboards out there (we particularly like #4):

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Low Profile_Headboards_Low Rectangular_Roundup

1. Cobble Hill Sonoma Bed | 2. Wyatt Bed | 3. Welles Upholstered Platform Bed | 4. Broderick Shelter Bed | 5. Mod Upholstered Platform Bed | 6. New Standard Bed

But wait, meanwhile I’ve fallen in love with all things windsor (I’m not alone apparently) and am extremely tempted by this:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_Spindle with Bolster Stripped Fabric and White Blanket

It definitely holds the wall better and lets more light through/feels airier. I could do a big bolster of the fabric I love across the front of the bed and still get that pretty pattern in there. Now the only bummer with this is that this bed is $5k (handmade in LA, worth every penny, but it is many, many pennies). Rejuvenation just came out with one that I love and is less than 1/2 the price.

So the next option is more affordable but still such a beautiful wood windsor bed:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_ Master Bedroom_Headboard_Low_Profile_Windsor with Bolster Striped Fabric and White Blanket

OOOOOOOHHHHH, I like that. I love the first one, too, but the price difference is huge. here are some others that we were thinking about:

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Low Profile_Headboards_Windsor_Roundup

1. Jarvis Bed with Leather Pad | 2. Edeline Mid-Century Modern Slatted Bed | 3. Perkins Spindle Bed | 4. Companions Bed | 5. Windsor Bed | 6. Culla Spindle Bed

There of course are some iron options but if we were going to lose the comfort of an upholstered headboard then we would both opt for wood over metal.

Emily Henderson_Ask the Audience_Master Bedroom_Headboards_Option Grid

So help, folks. I’m leaning towards windsor, but I LOVE an upholstered headboard. I feel like I know what you guys will say, but please weigh in. And remember, the bedding is still totally up in the air and will change to be amazing, but this is way more about the headboard. Or if you have any other suggestions that I haven’t thought of already let me know below in the comments when you weigh in on which setup you like the best.


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783 thoughts on “Ask the Audience: Master Bed In Front of Window

    1. It is simply wonderful in that room. Squared off curve, visible wood grain, modernized classic design, and lets the light peak through. That is my dream bed frame. My cal king bed is in front of a tall offset window in my small bungalow bedroom. (We have a sturdy plywood platform bed frame with a low curved rectangular headboard, built by my husband, which has been a very functional and minimally visible solution for us.)

    2. I love an upholstered headboard too, but as soon as I saw the Windsor in front of the window, I said, ahhh…now that feels good.

    3. Same. It looks so perfect. The color and shape are right and it looks fabulous with the nightstands. You can always use a pillow for comfort if you need to!

    4. Option 6 for the win! For me, it’s the only one that doesn’t look awkward/forced, it just “belongs”.

      (In terms of looks, the option I prefer is no headboard at all, but I get that lifestyle > looks)

    5. Totally agree – #6 all the way! I don’t mind the white bedding but I would love to see something super moody in there.

    6. Agreed-number 6 for sure! The depth of the darker wood is beautiful against all the neutral colors and the open slats make the headboard feel more intentional against the window. Then again, maybe I just think that because my bedroom employs a similar design 🙂 We have a metal headboard and with throw pillows, I’ve never had a complaint about softness!

      1. Another vote for the Rejuvenation one. The color is spot on and it just looks perfect. I also think it will play off the dresser fabulously.

  1. Ohhhhhhh 6 is far and away my favorite look. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually love that fabric in a bolster even more than I do in a fully upholstered headboard. And I’m surprised, but I prefer the look of a solid upholstered headboard in this room (if you just can’t give up the softness). Round or rectangle, you will make it work for sure. Your room and your new home and everything you do is just beautiful!

  2. The Windsor options are SO beautiful and feel so right with the house. You’d be losing the upholstered headboard comfort, but I think the look is worth it. And that bolster is lovely! A few pillows propped behind you is almost the same, comfort-wise, right??

  3. So Number 6…not so keen on the curved, just a little disproportionate.

    The windsor adds an edge and warmth.

    Loving the updates…

  4. I like all of your options (I’d push for Windsor to see how you style it but know if I were choosing for myself I’d want that upholstery! The window placement/how to layout a room because of them triggered another issue I personally am struggling with (and therefore assume others do to too), what to do with radiators at every turn! Perhaps an entry on how to deal with them/layout rooms that work with them? My added personal issue is they are under all of our windows and are wider than our windows so how to add drapery to avoid the radiators but not show the sides of the windows has been something I keep muddling around in my brain! To hang them where they should (on the sides of the windows, just covering the edges of where drywall meets frame), they would then have to drape either with a tieback or fall on the radiator and clumsily fall to the floor. Both sound gross and/or tacky and aren’t modern and streamline like my heart desires. Also, I’m so not a fan of the short drape cutting a room in half. Idk, I guess I just needed somewhere to vent about my lack of vents. Thanks for putting a fabulous blog out into the world!

    1. I would love to hear about that as well (same problem). And would the radiators burn the drapes when they are closed? I am always so worried.

    2. David from the blog Manhattan Nest has spent many entries on radiator issues which you might check out, His solution seems to have mainly been to shuffle them around within the house to fit better, and buy new antique ones to fit the spots where nothing existing would work. Have you considered roman shades instead of curtains?

      1. Oh, I have followed David for years and love him! While he makes his radiator moves look easy, I ‘m not so keen on hacking everything apart to change it for some drapes (we are talking at least 1 window in every room, if not two having this same condition repeated over and over). I currently have some nice shades in place to actually control the light and privacy so I’m really only needing something ornamental to fall at the sides of the window. But it’s like 4 inches (maybe 6″?) of where the inside edge of the drape would fall (to avoid the radiator) to where the edge of the window stops(starts?). I’m thinking it would look really dumb to have drapes, drywall, window frame then window (hope that makes sense). I’m thinking the only real answer to sort of get what I want is to have short (gasp) sheers bridge the gap. All this said, I thought I’d see if the brilliant Henderson team had some tried and true ideas or could tackle this issue in a broader sense?

        1. Though I, too, love Daniel from Manhattan Nest, I’d like to say that you need to be careful when relocating radiators for the sake of decorating, because they are placed and sized for even heating reasons. My husband is a mechanical engineer, and even today he puts fin tubes (a kind of modern radiator) in commercial buildings under windows. The outside walls, especially at windows, are where you experience heat loss in a building, and in the winter, in certain climates, windows can fog up if the area is too cold.

    3. Oh I would love something on this too! Currently furnishing a house with baseboard heaters under every window. Moving them is an option, but it’s expensive, and I’ve heard heaters under the windows can actually heat a house better. But then what to do with curtains? Halp.

      1. I second the request for decorating around radiators. I’ve got very long ones spanning underneath the majority of my windows or in between two windows. Some have very attractive covers. Some do not. Our windows also come down fairly low, which makes furniture placement very tricky.

      2. I struggled for a few years with this dilemma. According to our electrician heaters under the window do heat better. Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m not an electrician. I had long drapes made that fell under the baseboards. Due to my husband’s dramatics I bought these clear plastic vent covers that push the air out and force it up. They are inexpensive and customizable. In addition I put the drapes on ring clips so I can direct them to the edges of the window further allowing for heat. The things we go through for design. Hope this helps. P

    4. We had this problem in our last home and, after countless hours of research, determined that there is NO drape that will look right. We had custom radiator covers made by Fichman Furniture (highly recommmend) for several rooms. That made the situation prettier but I was still bummed that we were unable to do anything other than roman shades.

    5. We have this problem too, but we are renting so no solution for us. I grew up with radiators and my parents shortened theirs without actually moving them. One disclaimer – our house had NO heating problems whatsoever – it got really hot, so if that is a problem I would no shorten. We had sections removed by a profesional (all those metal sections are threded together, so you can remove a few). You can then cover them so they look and work like a small table under the window and put the drapes on either side. We actually didnt cover ours, but should have because it looks nice and everyone would sit on our kitchen radiaor and then all of a sudden you sit down one day and it would burn your butt.

  5. What a beautiful space! After looking at all the options, I keep scrolling back to your real life example photos. The iron headboard would look amazing in that space in aged brass. The wood seems too modern to me. I also like the shape of the gray upholstered headboard rather than the curved for an upholstered look. Whatever you choose, it’s going to be beautiful! What nice light you have in that space!

  6. The less expensive, second, Windsor. First one reminds me too much of a baby crib. Lets in light, you can still lean against it and fits with the rest home. ??

  7. CB2 & Rejuvenation windsor beds are perfect! Personally I don’t feel the curve with the angle on the ceiling. What a bedroom! Congrats on the new house.

  8. I like 6, hands down. The scale is perfect and having the light come through is amazing. The curved options feel too 80s to me (for the style of your house).

    1. yes, i couldn’t put my finger on it but the curved headboards are so 80’s! #6 is my choice, by far!

  9. Option 6 all the way. I actually prefer this one to the more expensive wood and it gives you the glimpse of the windowsill beyond unlike the upholstered ones.

  10. I’d go for Option 5, Emily. It lets the light through and makes the bedroom look lighter and brighter. I prefer it to 6 because the lighter color gets less in the way of the window visually. It flows with the room, whereas the darker one sort of looks like an obstruction. Large windows with so much natural light are such a blessing… that will be one amazing room once it’s done!

  11. Definitely option 6, it still gives you something there, but keeps it feeling open to the window. And it plays off the nightstands so well!

  12. I myself like the navy curved headboard….or maybe that last wooden one…hmmm. Nope, navy for the win!

  13. Windsor, but not the light one that wraps around the sides. Looks like a bench made into a headboard IMHO. You didn’t mention what this room looks like from the outside. Are those windows a prominent part of your view from the backyard or street? That would be another reason I would opt for the Windsor but honestly, I have a long-standing love affair with all things Windsor.

  14. We didn’t put our bed up against the window because that wall is cold. But then again, we live in Connecticut,…

  15. I always love love love an upholstered headboard…. BUT… I got ‘a say, that darker Windsor, #6 is the WINNER!
    I’m purchasing a new headboard soon so I have loved the recent BR posts….

  16. I like the shape of the Target headboard for 799 because it is similar to the shape of the ceiling. I would do a custom one in that shape, but shorter. Upholster it in the Moncorvo and add a darker throw to the bottom of the bed or some throw pillows to tie in the color.

  17. I’ve got to say that option 6 pulls the whole look together for me and works really well with those side tables. May I ask which software you use to mock up those images?

  18. I like #3. It might be the “safe” choice, but it also is the one that makes me want to crawl in the bed the most.
    Can you still open the windows?

  19. I prefer #3 and I think you should use that striped fabric on a pillow for sure. I think the other beds look more complicated and compete with the beauty of the window.

  20. Option 3 or option 6. Something about the curved ones remind me of cheap motels. Option 6 suits your house.

  21. I like option 3 and 6. I think the taller windsor in option 5 takes away from the end tables a bit. I also love the cb2 windsor bed option and rejuvenation windsor.

    The rounded fabric headboard feels 80s to me. I also like the serena & Lily and bludot under fabric headboards.

    As far as it in front of the window, I think it looks good and since you have another window in the room, you will get plenty of light.
    Cant wait to see it all come together!!

  22. Option 6, but switch it out of the CB2 version. I’m lusting over that one myself right now, but I can’t seem to pull the trigger on $1300 (without the leather).

  23. Number 6! I also like number 3 for the upholstered, definitely not the rounded ones, which feel too…slopey with the angled ceiling corners.

  24. I love #3 and #6.

    #6 is a little more attractive, but I think #3 would be more functional while still being very pretty. (Functional wins in my house 99% of the time).

  25. If you must go with this orientation, I would go with #6. But if it were me, I would go with a bed lower to the the floor and also choose different nightstands that work with a lower profile bed. I think that this would be less of an issue if the bed was in front of the other window. It’s the depth of that particular widow sill that makes it so special and would be nice to use instead of loose.

    1. I agree that a lower profile bed would accent the historic details of the window more. However, I haven’t seen any traditional style beds in lower profile. Given that problem, I’d go with one of the spindle beds to allow as much of the window to show as possible.

  26. SIX!!!!
    Six all the way. That headboard SPECIFICALLY. It’s echoes the curves of the night stands just right and hits all the other notes in tune. It is substantial enough for your eye to stop there and it lets the light through. I love it.

  27. I like #3, 5, and 6! Not the most helpful, but those are my favorites 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more progress photos!

      1. Generally its really really hard to find antique king beds – but i like that suggestion. To me I think it will feel heavy in the room, and I think our room is too small to have a foot board, but I love that bed, for sure!

    1. I love this option! The Windsor is pretty but it looks awfully busy to me. The other issue is you will need a lot of pillows because Windors are not all that comfortable and that will totally defeat the point of getting the Windsor in the first place (i.e., letting the light in). I do agree with most here that the Rejuvenation bed is actually prettier than the more expensive option.

  28. Option 5 is by far the most interesting (although $$$$). I know you mentioned you ruled out an iron bed, but I don’t think it would be any less comfortable than the wood options. An iron bed is traditional and it would bring the right amount of contrast to the room, visually tying in the lamps and curtain rod. Most of the proposed bed options get pretty washed out in the composition. Although 5 looks pretty darn cool!

  29. Option 6 is my favorite! Our bed is in front of a window and it is a similar Windsor style. I think it is best because it still allows the window’s light to filter through!

  30. I definitely like the Windsor-style beds. If we hadn’t just bought a bed last year, I would totally be looking at the CB2 or Rejuvenation ones.

  31. I think I like options #1 and 3 best–the rectangular upholstered headboards. Option 6 looks interesting too, but I’m not sure it looks that much better, if at all, to be sacrificing the comfort of an upholstered headboard. Least favorite by far is the curved dark blue one.

    1. Also, I like the wrap-around aspect of the two wood options. If you’re doing custom and can add that feature to #1 and 3, that may be even better.

  32. The windsor, absolutely (or some other version of ‘see-thru’ like an iron bed)– when going in front of a window, you gotta find a way to let in its light and not block it. I think the solid head boards chop up the window too much. But that just my 2 cents….

  33. I think curved is best since it looks like a smaller profile and gives the impression that you’re blocking less of the window than anything with a rectangular profile. Also, I think that fabric looked better as a long pillow at the head of the bed than as a headboard. If you go Windsor, then something with rounded edges and a shorter profile I think would work better. There’s something about the really rectangular shape in front of those windows that isn’t sitting right with me.

  34. Gosh I never comment but I do love your posts and wanted to share an idea. Check out this bed by furniture designer Charles Shackleton:
    Its open and airy like the windsor BUT the headboard is slightly CURVED (like a sleigh bed) and the slats are FLAT so its actually much more comfortable to lean against. I have it so I know 🙂 The catch is its very expensive but CS actually made the plans for this bed available (I can send you the link details) so you could actually have someone build this bed for you and customize it (maybe nix the foot board) and pick the kind of wood. I know all of this because my 82 year old mother is a wood worker and made me one! (That’s a cool whole other topic for discussion!)

    1. Oooooo, great idea! Yay for Mom! Flat slats would be much more comfortable. And total custom, handmade for Emily would be terrific.

  35. I love option 6, #5 is beautiful as well, but feels busier to me in front of the window mullions. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  36. I like 6 because it echoes the shape and color of the night stands, but if you spend a fair amount of time in bed, perhaps you can do a padded headboard that has a shape and color that echoes the nightstands as well.

  37. Option three. I love Windsor chairs-Windsor headboards… maybe I would like it for a twin bed. Okay just my opinion but that is what you are looking for : )

  38. I vote squared off upholstered headboard, its classic and will be actually comfortable to lean against with your little ones. You get so much light in that room I wouldn’t be worried over blocking 6 inches, personally. The stripe is lovely and I vote for some sort of texture or light pattern over a solid. The Windsor is beautiful but Speaking from experience, a wooden headboard is still hard 🙂

  39. Option 6! the wood tone is beautiful. Maybe its just the rendering, but option 5 looks like a crib side to me.

  40. Option #6 keeps everything airy and light while allowing for some modern traditional vibes…

    Why is it so hard to decorate for yourself? I come up with secret pinterest boards to decorate friend’s houses or (future) beach houses (crazy? yes, but what else are you going to do while breastfeeding every 2-3 hours), but my own requires hours of research and deliberations.

  41. love the number 6. I don’t get that fabric covered headboards LOL feels like you will never ever change the color of the linens of your bed because the headboard is covered in a color that does not match to anything. I have a wooden bed with headboard and it is wonderful.

  42. If it was my dream bedroom, 4! The Windsor feels so busy against window panes, and the curved feels weak somehow? 4 is beautiful and calm and strong. Love it!

  43. I hate the look of beds against windows as I always think of drafts and stiff shoulders!

    Honestly, I would put the bed where your pine dresser is and find low under window storage instead.

    In terms of options I like 5 best as it is the most unusual (the rest are pretty generic) and yet is still allows light through.

    1. I think if she put the bed right at the door like that, the flow would feel really awkward. I had a room like that, were one of the only options was to put the bed right by the door, and I found that it made the room feel tiny even though there was a big space on the opposite side. When I moved the bed to the other end, the room felt fine. Even though it was a little harder to access the closet, it was worth it.

  44. I have to say my votes are in for 2, 3, and 6! If you go curved, I love the navy. I really feel like it balances everything out. However, I’d say my real battle is between 3 and 6. I love how light and airy 3 feels. I definitely don’t think there is too much headboard in front of the window. I feel like the light fabric would keep the space bright. Also, I love the mix of textures at work in this option.

    3 is stunning (and I also prefer it to the first, more expensive one). I definitely appreciate how the wood tone compliment the leather side tables and I’m enamored with the light it lets through. However, there is something that feels oddly heavy about this option (maybe different lamps would help?). So, there’s my two cents!

  45. Option 6 is beautiful, I’d say that one. It frames the space while still allowing light to come in, and it’s also neutral enough that when you change your bedding over time, it can go with anything. Tufted headboards are always going to a desired option, but I think the Windsor might just work better in this particular space.

  46. Opt 4 or 6.

    If you make a custom upholstered headboard I like the low rounded one, seems more special. Perhaps you can have the sides wrap around like the squared off one you like. I think that schumacher fabric is wonderful but even if you go with the upholstered headboard I would keep it as a long bolster. Cover the headboard in a solid but maybe something different than navy. I’d say leather but you already have the leather nightstands.

    Option 6 is really great though. And easy.

  47. Having the Roman shades instead of the temporary curtains will change the look completely. A new rendering with those in place would help make an informed decision on the headboard. Will the shades be mounted inside or outside?

  48. I like option #6. I also think you should consider the cb2 headboard (Jarvis) without the leather insert. If ultimately you feel like you need an upholstered version, then I prefer option #3.

  49. Gotta go Windsor. I agree that the price of the Future Perfect bed frame is astronomical, but the shape (with that flare!) helps change the geometry of the vignette, and the blonde wood produces just the right amount of contrast with the nightstands and window treatments.

    Sure the Rejuvenation one is pretty, but #5 seems like the clear winner to me. Whatever you choose, I’m sure that the finished product will be stunning though. Looking forward to seeing it!

    1. Also, I think you should go with a Tabriz. Something that ties the green dresser to the bed vignette. It would look absolutely beautiful. I know you love that shaggy white rug, and I’m sure it feels amazing, but maybe it’s time to part ways with it? Or put it in Elliot’s room again? Or maybe in your flooded guest bedroom once you fix the flooding issues? I dunno, but Tabriz it up girl, go with your gut!

  50. I love how #6 looks in your room. And, after the votes are in, tell us; what did you think we would pick?

  51. most definitely the windsor bed! i vote that you show as much of those beautiful windows and let in as much of that great light as possible! to me, the windsor makes a world of a difference over the upholstered headboards (although they are pretty). if you really want to go with an upholstered headboard, i’d go with the rounded one in the striped fabric (and adjust the bedding accordingly). also…i love the light fixture in your room!

  52. I like either Option 2 or 6, however, I think this being your master (and not an infrequently used guest bedroom), you really should go with comfort over style on this one, so that may leave out Option 6.

  53. Always go with what you love to sleep in for your master bedroom! The Windsor is very cool looking, but if you know you want something to lean against, you might soon regret it. I think all of your options look great though!

  54. Is it possible to do a lower bed and have a custom upholstered low headboard that just meets the window sill? I saw that photo of you sitting up in that window ledge and honestly that’s where I would want to be all the time.

  55. I like option 6 the best. And yay to Caldwell Green on the dresser — that’s my exterior trim color and we love it!

  56. Option #4 really speaks to me and the round headboard is special without being too loud. It makes my eye happy more than the others, plus a round headboard balances out all the squareness. But that windsor headboard….tempting. Still too square for me though. Keeping that awesome stripe pattern on the pillow allows for a easier refresh later, plus you can steal it for other shoots 😉 Overall, so excited for how this will turn out!! (I think I’m in love with those curtains.)

  57. Number 6 is fantastic and new. We have been looking at fabric head boards for years. Having the headboard darker or with a dark thread seems key. Visually heavier stripes , less frequently , has visual weight without being busy in a half hazard attempt to add texture. A slight curve in the design seems much less awkward, and breaks up that big geometric window. Gently putting the bed in front of the window seems a little passive and halfhearted. Overall the room is light, airy and peaceful. I find number 6 grounding and confident.

    As far as comfort, how often do you sit up in bed? I don’t think people really do this until all of the kids have moved out. Everyone is just trying to get to bed so they can lay down. Fabric headboards look better with wood / wood colored nightstands. There are many more affordable wood nightstands on the market. We have a wood bedframe; you have already conquered my search for the perfect nightstand. When small kids get in bed with you in the morning , you are still horizontal as long as possible. Most bedtime stories are read in the children’s room ( they can use the soft headboards).
    Best of luck

  58. Options 3 (white rectangle), 4 (semi-circle stripe) and 6 (cheaper wood) are my faves, with 4 being my very favorite. I think it’ll look pretty and visually unique/interesting. It allows more light in than a rectangle but I think is more comfortable and prettier to look at than wood. Plus I think the wood slats may clash with the lines of the window frame!

  59. You can’t go wrong with the low headboard. What about adding interior shutters rather than curtains? Interior shutters will give you stronger architectural details, block light better at night (and in the morning) and fold out of the way during the day. If you wanted to get a little crazy you could make the room facing side of the shutters double as a huge head board with a contrast color, upholstery or a hand painted design.

  60. Rejuvenation’s #6! It somehow combines modern and traditional beautifully, and at half the price…you can’t go wrong. I like the lower profile better than the $$$ one anyhow!

  61. #6, the Rejuvenation one. SO hard. The round headboard looks like it’s straight out of 1987 (and not in a good way), and the square backs are too large for the windows and space. The more expensive slatted one is too angular, where the Rejuvenation one has a lovely slope to the back that mimics the curve of the curtain rod and the roundness of the lamps and bedside table. It looks lovely and I like it with a long bolster.

    The only thing that sucks about having your bed in front of a window like that… dead bugs and cleaning behind there. yuck.

  62. Option #6 no brainer! Funny that everyone seems to agree. I like 6 much more than 5. I don’t like the angel on 5, I don’t like the light finish color on 5 against the darker leather night stands. 6 let’s light through, the color is right, and it doesn’t have that bizarre angle that will no doubt get in the way of access to your nightstands, and likely cause a few stubbed toes and knocked heads. Just sayin’.

  63. Despite the price tag, my favorite is option 5 (I had no idea I would be into windsor headboards but evidently I really am) , but option 3 is definitely a close second!

  64. Option 6, I like the fact that it lets in some light but also provides some contrasting color. Great post, I thanks for sharing this!

  65. Option 6 is my favorite in terms of stand-alone look and finish. My second favorite is Option 1.

  66. Option number 6. Hands down. All the others I thought, ok they’re nice, but when I scrolled to number 6, it really popped out to me. That. Is. It. It’s beautiful! And not boring at all, but calming and textural and just so perfect for a master bedroom. Oh my gosh, I want it for my master bedroom….can I copy you? 😉 but for real. Do number 6!

  67. Option 6. I prefer this windsor over the more expensive one. As a side note, I really, really love when you use rattan in a room, so the windsor seems close to that.

  68. The Jarvis bed is my favorite..I would buy it if I could afford it.
    I wonder if you considered kitty corner…I know major design mistake. However, maybe it would be a challenge to modernize it and make it look like a new idea again. You could do full drapes that way and a full out grand headboard. Maybe a cool vintage shell chandelier hanging in the corner. Just a thought.

  69. Speaking from experience (We had a very similar situation in our last house!) I would definitely go with number six. Still lets in the light, but has some padding for practicality and to get the pattern. I don’t really like the curve as you wouldn’t be able to sit against is comfortably (if you do that sort of thing 🙂

  70. 100% the Rejuvenation windsor bed. I didn’t like the curved/upholstered options in that space. They aren’t as pretty as your beautiful windows and blocking them looks odd. The Rejuvenation bed gives you the curve you wanted, lets the light through, matches the nightstands perfectly, and just looks really good. It’s by far the best choice, in my opinion.

  71. #6 but I actually think the curved looks great, Why not a curved Windsor? Love the darker wood. Cb2 or Rejuv.

  72. Option 6. The wood tone is gorgeous next to the leather nightstands. I also like it much more than the expensive windsor (although I still consider a $2,900 bed very expensive).

  73. I like the Windsor one because it keeps the smaller space as open as possible, not cutting it off like the Rejuvenation one. And it’s simple, classic, and would go with lots of different bedding options! 🙂

  74. Anything but #6 (in the CB2 version) would be a mistake in my book. It’s gorgeous, unique and really fits the aesthetic of the room. I love that it doesn’t block the light and marries your MCM style with

  75. #6 by a long shot! The curve mimics the nightstands. It is light and airy yet substantial. Not liking the color or shape of 5 at all. The stripes look much better as a pillow.

  76. #2 for sure! It blocks the window the least, so it looks the most natural. The square ones look like you’re blocking the window. The windsor is fine, but they look kinda top-heavy.

  77. 6 – I love the rejuvenation one. Second choice would be 3 but I agree it’s a little bland, but very pretty and comfy

  78. I like Options 1 and 6. I’m not loving the curved headboard in a solid because it takes me back to the 90’s…curved lacquered bedroom furniture. or a Fisher Price little people bed from the 70’s

    That said, I like the cheaper windsor option better than the flared $$$ one. The flare just makes it seem somehow that it’s encroaching on the space for the nightstands and there’s just not enough space for everything to fit.

    Option 3 looks safe. Too safe, because you are an amazing designer who CAN do pattern and scale well. 🙂

    So yeah…1 and 6

  79. this isn’t even a fair contest. #6 for SURE! I actually like the Rejuvenation one way better than the $5K bed. Maybe its the color of the wood or the overall simplicity.

  80. I love option 1! Doesn’t block the window and looks soft and nice. I think the wooden headboards would be really uncomfortable to lean up against, if that’s what you want to do. I’d be afraid of breaking it, too, unless it’s really well made – and for that price, it better be! But I do prefer the look of that nice fabric you picked out.

  81. #6 is definitely the best, but if you must have upholstered, go with the straight lines. It looks more clean. Can’t wait to see what you pick!!

  82. I think Option 6 works best because the space between the wood allows light to come through and doesn’t have the same blocking effect as the others with regard to the window. I also think the wood color ties in really nicely with the nightstands and makes the whole look much more cohesive than the upholstered options (which is strange since they are so neutral, but somehow this seems true).

  83. Option 6 for the win! It doesn’t awkwardly block the window or light, while still providing something to prop up against and it just looks like the best fit and blend for the house and space!

  84. Three is my favorite. Six (I like I much better than option five!) follows as a close second. Good luck!

  85. Would you consider a turned wood style, like a Jenny Lind bed? I think some beautiful aged (stripped?) wood in a traditional shape like that would compliment your house so well. You’d have lots of negative space in the headboard to let in light, and the wood as a softer alternative to wrought iron. There’s tons of beautiful inspo online.

  86. I agree the less expensive Windsor is WAY better than the pricy one. The fabric is way better as a bolster than headboard.

  87. Option 2 or option 6! Although I think option 2 just appeals to me because of how the blue ties in with the bedding, which you said might be changing. Option 6 works with any kind of bedding. Plus you can have more options with swapping out a big upholstered cushion back there to get the comfort without being locked down more with an upholstered headboard.

  88. I love option 3 with that knife edge; it looks so soft and delicate in the sunlight and you could still do the bolster pillow to bring in some insterest. I also like option 6 but I think you would need more vintage feeling nightstands/lighting.

  89. I would put the bed where the dresser is now and build a low built-in with drawers under the window. Bonus is it could double as a window seat and you could pull in your fabric via seat cushions there. I really dislike bed-in-front-of-window unless it really is the only option (i.e. windows on every wall).

  90. 3 or 6! Windsor doesn’t seem to be flooded all over Pinterest and home blogs, so the bonus is that it’s a little more unique! Love it!!

  91. The Target Ames bed mimics the shape of the ceiling angles, have you photoshopped this one into place in the navy? If you want it custom, re-upholster, of slipcover so you can switch it up as you wish.

  92. I’m going to echo most everyone else and say option 6 as well. The solid headboards block too much of the window and I like the wood tone and shape better in the Rejuvenation one than the expensive locally made one.

  93. I love option #6 as well – it’s beautiful, classic, and still provides and airy feel to the room. Upholstered headboards are great, but I think it makes the bedroom look a bit cramped.

    1. #6 by far! IMHO, the upholstered headboards emphasize the petite square footage of the room. Will you still use the side draperies with the roman shades? If not, we need to see additional mockups since that would completely change the look of the room.

      I love #6 just as it is and the window coverings shown are part of what makes it work. Whatever you choose, it will be stunning and I can’t wait to see the final result.

  94. Option 6 for me! I’m not a big fan of the curved headboard and LOVE how the frame allows for additional light to come through. Big fan of surrounding with curtains too (makes it feel very balanced!)

  95. I just wonder if you get sick of looking at your dresser instead of out the window and decide to move the bed, which bed would you want? I can’t imagine always wanting to keep the bed in that position. I like 3 just for the comfort factor, and classic look. I hate a hard headboard, no matter if it has a cushion in front of it or not, but comfort is alwasy paramount to me in bed.

  96. Living in and old house with our bed in front of the window (out of necessity) – – I would recommend getting an upholstered headboard. While you don’t live in a cold climate, we do, and recently changed our headboard. I am missing having a “shield” from the cold wall. Aesthetics are important but you also don’t want to deal with being freezing at night even with insulated window treatments. Also we live in the city so it’s a secondary issue but you get a lot more noise with the bed against the window so a larger headboard (vs wood slats) helps with that as well.

  97. I LOVE an upholstered bed as well – #3! – but oh my goodness, #6 looks like perfection in here.

  98. Option 6 100%. I mean, 5, too but that price…is what a semester of my college tuition cost. The wooden frame speaks to the architecture of the room more so than the others do, I think. I’d choose one of the upholstered headboards if you had a patterned duvet or sheets to spice things up. But if you’re looking to keep the plain bedding, then I say use the wooden frame. It’s lovely!


  99. They’re all wrong because they’re against the window! Ha! I’m sorry but I would have to rearrange the room so the bed wasn’t against the window. Looks bad. The design doesn’t work. There’s too much going on in that window area. Could the new longer unit sit under the window and the bed go where the pine unit currently is? Maybe not, I don’t know dimensions but I’d get your team onboard and start moving furniture around and playing with the space.

  100. I think you’re too stuck inside the box right now. That windowsill is deep enough to sit in right? So why not make that part of the design of the room with a low, potentially platform bed? Or even better yet, do something custom and built in that incorporates the window sill in to the design. The company that did your office cabinets might be great for this. Like what if the wood spanned the whole wall and then came down to a platform on the floor? Or you know, something like that. I would just take this opportunity to do something completely unique and not just thrown together with mail order items. And definitely roman shades vs curtains. Those curtains are all cutting off that gorgeous window too much.

  101. There’s a lot of love here for option 6, and put me down for that one too. It’s a lovely bed. the Future Perfect bed is nice, but I wnder whether the wrap-around ends are too much for the space where you want to put the bed? It’s quite narrow, and I would think that you’d want to avoid anything projecting forward into the space that might divide it further. I also wonder with that sort of feature, don’t the wings get in the way when you’re reaching for something from the nightstand?

    I’m also going to parrot a lot of other people and say that the Windsor options let in more light than the headboard, and keep the space feeling open. I also reckon that you have so many pillows on the bed that there will be plenty to prop up behind you and stay comfy without the upholstered headboard.

  102. Haven’t been able to read all 150+ comments so I apologize if this has been mentioned

    Option 6 reminds me of 70’s maple/pine bedroom sets as the night stands in the pictures match so closely in colour to the headboard ?

  103. I say option #3 or #6, and like other comments, I like the less expensive #6 over #5. I think the bolster in the Schumacher fabric would work with 3 or 6 also.

  104. I personally love options #3 and #5. I feel like the dark wood of the Rejuventation bed doesn’t work as well as the light wood of the pricier option in the space. I like the french seams of #3 in your space. The bolster would be a win under both options!

  105. I’m a big fan of #6. There’s still enough of the window peeking through and the color of the wood looks great with the side tables. #3 is pretty and looks comfortable, but I think it blocks too much of the window.

  106. The Windsor! It’s the only headboard that feels “English farmhouse” to me! The others (while pretty) seem way more at home in your last place.

  107. I love option #6 – the wood plays very well with the leather nightstands and it seems less like the bed is blocking the window compared to the upholstered options.

  108. I like option 3 — going as low-profile as possible. Low, simple, sleek, contemporary and keep the focus on the window and luxurious bedding.

  109. I’m no help. Too much feng shui influence and too much love of light. I would just orient the room the other way, put the long low dresser against the window wall (at the same height as the sill); get a tall tufted headboard; and, assume that Brian’s office work will leave soon.

    Clearly you’re capable of doing something that is beautiful though, as your inspiration photos show.

  110. I like option 6 best. Options 1 and 3 look like you’re walling off the window (though you explained that these headboards actually only covered a small part of the window–still, from the photo I get *the impression* that the window is being blocked too much). Option 4 is beginning to look art deco (lamps + nightstands + striped semicircle) and I’m not sure if that’s what you’re going for. Option #2 is my second favorite, but the sun will fade that dark fabric very quickly. And option #5…um, expensive, but to me it looks like a play pen. And it also looks very spindly and uncomfortable.
    That dresser is soooo gorgeous. I wish I had $800 and a place to put it!

  111. How about a different option all together? Why not a headboard that mimics the line of the ceiling? Like the Target bed in the first set of options. I think that’s why I’m drawn to the Rejuvenation Windsor. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll find something perfect!

  112. Option 3!

    Thank you for doing this! My master bedroom has the same issue, and I’ve gone with placing the bed in front of the window because it makes the tiny room feel the largest. Now I know I’m not ridiculous ?

  113. Tangentially related, but do you have a hard time keeping that rug clean? I’ve loved it hard since I saw it in your nursery, but I also have 2 toddlers and am not confident it would remain white for very long.

  114. Option #3 for the softness, coziness it gives the room (don’t care for the curve). While I love the wood, it does not give the same vibe.

  115. according to feng shui, you shouldn`t put beds under windows because all your chi (energy) drains out. Neither should you sleep on a bed where you have paintings or shelving above. It creates restlesness due `cause somehow in a symbolic way your mind understands there is “heaviness” and someting risky just above your head…to consider.. 😉

  116. I like option #6 the best. What about adding a tufted cushion tied to the Windsor headboard. Could then be removable. It adds texture and comfort.

  117. #6 is lovely. #2 if you go for upholstery, but in a lighter neutral color so it doesn’t take away from your lovely windows. The striped upholstery is too busy against the window muntins (both for the panes and between each window).

    What about an antique-ish brass bed? We have our great grandmothers and I would think something like that would be in your wheelhouse for this house. I know you can’t find a large bed in an actual antique, but is something similar out there?

  118. I have a bed in front of a window too, because it was the only wall we could fit a king size bed on. I like Option 6 and Option 3. Everything else feels like too many shapes and patterns competing with each other on one wall, which doesn’t really seem like your style. The companions bed is cool but option 5 creates a contrast of too many elements: shape (the angled sides), finish, and just the natural contrast of placing it in front of the window. I also don’t like the horizontal line that the top piece of the Companions bed creates on that elevation, especially in relation to the lamps, and it’s kind of encroaching on the nightstands. I agree that the patterned headboard doesn’t quite fit. I like how the curves and finish in option 6 play well with the curves in the nightstands, and the shape seems to emphasize the vertical spindles rather than the horizontal element of the Companions Bed, so the bed feels more connected to the windows. I like the simple, relaxed look of Option 3, but I can see how you might want to play a little more with your bedding if you went that route. The freshness of those deep casement windows seems to demand a kind of relaxed, effortless look, and options 3/5 both feel effortlessly fresh and classic. I’m excited to how this room comes together!

  119. Windsor bedframe, the one from Rejuvenation — absolutely no contest. The one that is double the price is actually kinda ugly, TBH.

    The short, curved headboard looks stunted and weird with a king bed. Maybe it could work on twin beds, but not something as wide as a king.

    I know it’s not your style, but the only other style that I think would be lovely is a classic, English, white iron bed frame. Nothing too ornate or “curly-cue,” of course, but there are some amazing and affordable vintage ones out there that would absolutely go with the style of your home.

    1. I haven’t read all the comments, so perhaps someone has already suggested this…what about #6, but painted white. It feels like you have two competing focal points with the headboard and the windows. It feels a bit cluttered. I actually think the windows should be the focus rather than the headboard (they are beautiful). You can still have the headboard for comfort. Then you can bring in contrast with the bolster pillows and bedding. Love, love your house!!!

  120. 6 is the only option really.

    I LOVE your blog and style and am an avid follower I LOVED your decor in your old home and really enjoyed watching the reno of your new home and thought it had great potential but I am really struggling to see the “vision” for the styling. I am really not enjoying it. To me it looks a mash up of faux English heritage, with middle eastern rugs and Scandi furniture, the chosen peices just seem so uncomplimentry. Maybe I am strugglingly to relate because I am British. Who knows. I am really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  121. 6. Or the Hedge House windsor. I’m feeling a strong preference for keeping as much of the light from the window moving through the space as possible, so the lower the better.

  122. Option 3 or option 6! I wouldn’t want anything dark in front of the window, so that’s why I would vote for the lightest upholstered headboard…but maybe curved? Because that was super flattering too. But then the wood option is really pretty and maybe goes with the style of the house more. I’m excited to see what you choose!

  123. I prefer the headboard simply because the result on spatial geometry with the dimension of window inner frames is bolder and neater
    I like the idea of wood headboard but find its connection with the side tables too obvious and breaking down the whole calming depth of the room
    Is the curtain rail staying?
    It seems to control the room and narrow the whole space. If keeping curtain rail and not having width enhancing blinds could the rail be of a deeper warmer colour a mustard or just wood to marry the bedside tables?
    I do really prefer a fabric headboard but again would prefer a fabric which would complement and contrast with window geometry and style.
    How about a mesh head board, could be very simple grid system like a meat safe or the more classical form. How about adding some stripes to that mesh with paint in muted tones of warm and calm greys whites and mustard yellows?
    Only ideas
    Curious to read what you think of them
    Good luck with it all
    Will be fabulous by May ?

  124. Windsor! Or iron. I just love the way the light comes through and I think the additional couple of inches of height will be more comfortable. The fabric Options all feel heavy, but the wood or iron somehow feels lighter :). Can’t wait to see it all done up!

  125. Solid upholstered FOR SURE. I like the curved blue option. The pattern and the wood options look WAY too busy. I know you will accessorize, add art, etc. And the slats are just too much on the eye. Love these posts!

  126. Can you share the local LA source for custom Windsor furniture? I’m trying to source a custom length bench for my kitchen and am totally crushing on Windsor!

  127. I absolutely love Option 6! You get max light and doesn’t feel so clunky against the wall. Not to mention stylistically it fits your charming house

  128. I love the windsor headboards but all I can imagine is how uncomfortable it’ll be to prop up against it and put your head back…I vote for #3

  129. #3 over #6 because:

    If you are using those nightstands, would #6 be too much wood close together? #3 with a more muted pattern could be a win and leave you more wiggle room when choosing linens.

  130. I’d much rather have a bed in front of a window than a dresser.

    Our bed is in front of the window, and I love it. It looks so perfectly framed when you look at it from the hallway. We have a notched upholstered headboard. I like that the notches break up all the square angles of the windows, but the headboard still has a mostly modern, angular shape. Too many curves and arches feel too feminine to me.

  131. Option 6 for sure! It is beautiful and lets the light in. I prefer it to the more expensive windsor bed. With the right bedding and pillows it will still give you the comfort/ coziness of an upholstered bed. But if you must go for an upholstered option, I’d say option 3.

    Can’t wait to see the bedroom when it is all done!

  132. I really like the Rejuvenation Windsor in option 6 and I am liking option 3! It seems like it ties well with the couches you were looking at and that great cuddle chair in Elliott’s room. So jealous of that 12″ windowsill though- the perfect window for plants!

    Here’s another thought – You and Brian could both get twin beds and butt them up against the walls – the headboard window solution is solved! Or better yet, bunk beds! hehehe I die. Looking forward to seeing what you decide! 🙂

  133. Of all the options 1-6, #6 is the best hands down. But the whole time I was thinking, isn’t there one that’s a bit LOWER? It’s just, that window is really pretty, and you don’t want the bed to look haphazardly placed.

    And ALAS! I saw the Hedge House one. I wonder if they could do a walnut stain?

    The Hedge House one is PERFECT. PLEASE GET THAT ONE!

  134. Well if money were no object I’d say go for the custom Windsor. But I really love the other one too.

    I am so happy to see how you are handling decorating an old house. I live in a 20’s bungalow and the bedrooms are microscopic compared to yours. (My room fits a bed and one nightstand and that is IT.)

  135. #6 for sure!! Or the CB2 version–I might like that even more. And then do a cushion like the Penny bed in your “furniture you’re coveting for the new house” post. Good luck, can’t wait to see what you do!

  136. #6!!!!! I would have used more exclamation marks, but I thought more might be obnoxious. But the feeling of more exclamation marks is definitely there. I love that rejuvenation bed so much. I’m currently trying to convince my partner that it’s not too expensive. It’s just SO GOOD.

  137. I love Option #4 because it softens the room a little more than the windsor and adds another, softer line. I’m assuming that the long dresser on the other side of the room will have more squared edges (like most dressers do) so the curve of the bed will help balance it.

  138. Option 6 for sure. It’s interesting and the scale and style pair perfectly with those nightstands. It doesn’t block the window like the upholstered options, so the room feels more spacious. The silhouette is in harmony with the angular curved ceiling. Love it!!

  139. The leather and wood bed from cb2 is perfect. The leather will echo your leather nightstands. Definitely do the Jarvis Bed with leather pad from cb2!

  140. No, to all woods. (looks like a crib) sorry

    Yes, to a darker navy fabric. (will match the master bathroom)

  141. Honestly, if it were me, I wouldn’t do a headboard. I would let the windows speak as a focal point. I would just pile up some supportive pillows.

  142. Personally not a fan of the windsor ones at all, because I find the contrast between them and the black curtain rod to be quite stark. By far favorite is the patterned curved!!! It’s such a unique shape, really does offset the other hard lines in the room, and allows plenty of light without “looking” like it’s blocking the window. Depending on what bedding you decide, I like the patterned or else just some other light color. The navy was too dark and again contrasted with the rods.

    Can’t wait to see what you do!

  143. I actually like the expensive bed the least. If that’s the look you like, the Rejuvenation bed is much prettier.

  144. I love the look of #6!! However, there is something so comfy about an upholstered headboard, and #4 looks great too!

  145. option 6! i don’t like the angles of the sides on the pricier Windsor with everything else going on! 6 was the one, to me, that is very pleasing to look at in the pic!

  146. Could you make a rendering of your favorite windsor but in black? Please please please? It seems more modern and might work better with the nightstands/lamps. I actually think the wood next to the leather looks a little off, because they’re not exactly the same tone, but not exactly different either.

  147. Option 6 is a beautiful, but i think it will limit your future bedding options, and artwork options. The lines of the window and the lines of the headboard are already busy together, so adding more visually is overstimulating (same goes for the curved headboard). The window itself, and its hardware, is architecturally interesting, so to detract from that seems wrong.

    I vote No. 3.

  148. The Rejuvenation Windsor 100%.

    My top three are:
    1. #6
    2. #2
    3. #3

    I like the stripe fabric, but think it works so much better as a bolster.

  149. #4 looks super cozy but I do love #6!! You can always get some really nice bolster pillows and etc, like you said, to make it more comfortable to lean-up against

  150. I like the rejuvenation one better than the $$$ one. I also like the Article “Culla Spindle”. It has a bit more curve than the rejuvenation one, and is even cheaper!

    I like that stripe fabric, but I don’t think it’s weighty enough to use for a permanent upholstered piece. Much better to use it as a bolster on the bed.

  151. Options 3 or 6. I don’t think that 3 is boring at all. It’s a nice cozy backdrop for whatever bed linens you choose. I personally go for the cozy enclosed feel of a substantial headboard.

  152. Of the options givein #6 – wooden Windsor. But something seems off about it maybe it’s that the curved corners are too matchy matchy to the side tables? So perhaps the Hedge House bedframe would be better or different side tables.

    What other layouts are you considering? Can you show those?

  153. The curves on the Rejuvenation headboard are beautiful with the curves on the nightstands. I prefer this one over any other windsor options. However, my preference is for an upholstered headboard for comfort and coziness. Option #3 is my favorite. Use the bolster in that amazing fabric with this one as well.

  154. Option 6. Without a doubt, 100,000 %.

    The upholstered headboards block too much of the window, and the patterned options look wayyy too busy directly against the lines of the window. If I HAD to choose the next best, then I would choose a curved solid like option 2… but option 6 is just soooo much better! I even like option 6 better than option 5 because the wood tone appears to balance/ match that of the side tables better than option 5.

  155. Love the Rejuvenation bed! I’m not going to lie, a curved fabric headboard seems very blah and 80s and outdated to me. I think it’s just too many curves when combined with your curved nightstands. The Rejuvenation bed frame is great right out of the box! No custom. Just an order and a quick check off your to do list.

  156. I know everybody’s loving on #6, but I actually prefer the softness of #4. Also, I have an even worse predicament! We have a small master bedroom and the only option for our bed is to put it in front of the window as well. HOWEVER, our window is small-ish and OFF-CENTER! Ack! I need serious help figuring out how to make it all work and look balanced. Any suggestions?

  157. Definitely NO on the upholstered. It blocks the light, AND will fade like crazy in the sun.
    I’d do one of the curved wood ones, you can always have pillows for comfort? You could even have a U-shaped pillow that hangs over the railing when you’re reading in bed?

  158. 6 or 3

    I am loving you doing a styling of a bed in a narrow room in front of a window. That is the situation we have, and I’ve struggling with making the side tables work for awhile now.

  159. For this layout situation, I would not do an upholstered bed. The headboard is too low for it to be practical anyway, and the visual effect won’t be worth it at this frame height. Go with one of the wood options!
    You’ll be pushing up pillows to lean against when you want to lounge either way, but when the pillows are down the unobtrusive view to the windows and the airy aspect of this giant piece of furniture in your small bedroom will be SO WORTH IT!
    …Then invest in really amazing lounging pillows (say 28X28 inches) to use as cushy headboard for those lounging times. (They can be stuffed in bedside pillow bins when not in use.)

  160. Oh no question for me… #6 clearly is the best option!!!! Use pillows for comfort when reading in bed. Love the versatility of adding pillows with different fabrics as your taste changes! Good luck – love all you do Emily. Dara

  161. Number 6 for sure. Are those the curtains you are going with? I would like to see something cozy and patterned on the bed, bringing in the grey from the curtains and the green from the dresser.

  162. I like option 3 the best. Seems purposeful, less busy, not competing with anything else. As if you wanted this bed in front of this window more than anything else. Like an upholstered window seat. The Windsor frames, lovely as they are, seem to lack a balance with the room and the tables and the window frames and the curtain rod and so on. One large solid piece (upholstered in a lovely soft but slightly different way) just looks better. It also enhances the position of the bed in that it doesn’t cut off the bed but extends it up into the window … just fewer pieces “cut up” in the room.

  163. Option 3 is my favorite and 6 my second favorite and I think the navy blue is too dark and would be a mistake!

  164. I like Option 4–I like the curve, but am not that wild about the fabric pattern (Better in a pillow) or option 6. Both options seem to work better with the window than any others. I like the bed in 6 way better than 5, which seems too big to me. I also Love the headboard in 3, but its too big. Could you do a solid curved one that also had a trim? The curve is graceful and pretty, I think.

  165. I have a low tufted headboard, and it feels very right. I wouldn’t rule it out. Mine may work because it’s a little more midcentury than you’re going for this time around though.

    I wish I could link to it but it appears Room & Board no longer sells that particular one.

  166. Hello Emily!

    I read your blog every day and I truly enjoy every post 🙂
    On 6th of February, you posted the Penny bed, that has a headboard that totally does the job you want. It is short, made of wood and fabric and is absolutely sophisticated. Don’t you think about it?
    Warm greetings from sunny Greece,

  167. I like Option 4–I like the curve, but am not that wild about the fabric pattern (Better in a pillow) or option 6. Both options seem to work better with the window than any others, but 6 is a little busy. I also Love the headboard in 3, but its too big to me –covering so much window. Could you do a solid curved one that also had a trim? The curve is graceful and pretty, I think.

  168. My preference (in order) is 6, 1, 3, 4, 5, 2. I don’t think the spensive wood Windsor bed fits the space. The rejuvenation bed is much warmer and doesn’t compete with the window. For comfort the upholstered headboard is going to be much more comfy, though. To me the dark color on the headboard makes the space feel more full and smaller. I’m excited to see what you choose!

  169. I may be in the minority but I prefer option 3 either in the color shown or maybe a navy. Both Windsors remind me of baby cribs and seem like pillows would get wedged in between slat. Just my 2 cents. I’m sure whatever you pick will be impeccable:)

  170. The Rejuvination windsor headboard – 100% It looks SO SO SO much better in the rendering compared to the rest. Agree, fabric headboards are great, but I couldn’t get past the rectangle blocking your GORGEOUS windows, and the curve felt a little “off”, like you said.

    Seriously, your windows are soooo pretty, let them shine, go with the windsor! Of course, whatever you do, it’s going to look GOOD.

  171. I like Option 3 — I think it’s far and away the best choice. The other headboards look insubstantial, and I really like the scale of Option 3. To me, it also has more presence than all the others.

  172. I JUST ordered the rejuvenation one for my bed in front of a window. I am now feeling so much better about my purchase. Half the time when I order items, they look totally different in person than they did in my head. Your mock up confirmed how good it will look. So, my vote is obviously the rejuvenation or custom bed

  173. Option 6!!! Loveee the Windsor! I prefer it over the pricey one. But I get that upholstered is more comfortable, so if you go that route, I like Option 1. I prefer the straight across shape over the curve. Can’t wait to see what you decide!!!

  174. While I really love the look of 6 I think I’d opt for an upholstered headboard of some kind. None of these seem quite right but I feel like maybe you haven’t found the right pattern fabric yet. I think you’d miss the coziness of not having fabric, especially in front of a window. Seems cold and unsettling honestly.

  175. I love, love, love option 6, even more than the pricier one. Should you decide on upholstered, I would go with option 2. Don’t mind what colour but I prefer the solid fabric which is less distracting than a pattern in such a small space.

    Can’t wait to see what you will do.

  176. I LOVE the wood options for cb2 and rejuvenation! Paired with a bolster, either would be fantastic, airy and different.

  177. If it were me, I would choose #3. I think the lines of the windsor compete with the details of that gorgeous window. #6 would be beautiful against a big empty wall. Also, I have an iron bed that looks lovely, but the pillows get stuck in the cracks and then it’s not comfortable. There are many places in my home where I have chosen pretty over comfort, but a bed is not a good place to do that.

    I know you felt #3 was boring, but, because of the window situation, I don’t think the headboard SHOULD be interesting, it should just be pretty and function well. You will do an amazing job adding interest through styling, art, and bedding.

  178. Options 4 & 6 are lovely. I have been totally in love the Windsor style lately, too. There’s just something about it! Have fun picking 🙂

  179. I sorta love the Windsor look. The Jarvis from CB2 offers the leather pad so it’s a bit of the best of both worlds.

  180. IMO #6 definitely. It is linear but soft, love the stain color, doesn’t detract from the beautiful window. And I like the fabric much better as a bolster pillow than a headboard. I don’t care for the curved upholstered headboard. As long as you think it will be comfortable , I would go for #6. good luck!

  181. My favorite one is the last option. The color of the wood goes really well with the sidetables and the shape also goes will with them and the window. The fabic ones didn’t like then and the other headboard are very bulky.

  182. I have a dark brown padded headboard I purchased from Craig’s List. I love how comfortable it is to lean against to read in bed. But I do not always want to do dark brown in my bedroom. I discovered I can easily change the look of the headboard by simply purchasing a piece of heavy fabric in different colors or patterns and I simply wrap the headboard with it and pin it in the back. People always think I have reupholstered the headboard, and never realize it is simply pinned on which makes it easy to change out to suit my moods.

  183. This is one of those things where you have to fully understand how you use it and what will make the most, best of that use.

    Our bed is against a wall so fighting with the linear window / allowing light is not an issue for us, but when we designed our bedroom our children were younger than yours and we all already loved lots of family snuggling. They’re now 12 + 10 and we still are a family of cuddlers. I have never regretted our upholstered headboard — so comfy, so encouraging of sitting up in bed — plus some of our cats (well, one in particular) is bananas for walking along the top of it. Win win.

    So when *I*, as the cuddly mother with cuddly kiddos (+ cats), solid fabrics would bore me to death in a New York minute plus are less forgiving …, look at your room I lean toward the curved upholstered choice in your Schumacher textile with a stong welt Even retail i don’t think the fabric is that expensive as you won’t need heaps of it.

    Whatever you choose, have many sweet dreams and happy snuggles in there.

  184. The ‘future perfect’ bed is my dream bed, but as you yourself mentioned, it costs a lot of pretty pennies! So…if I couldn’t have my dream bed, my 2nd choice would be option 6, followed by option 3. Can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  185. What about no curtains (at least until sleeping until 830a is a thing!) and instead, install lucite shelves in front of the window and adding plants? Although I do like options #3 and #5 for their airy feel against the darker elements! Love your designs always!

    1. Also, that was intended to say “no curtains and no headboard”. Which I totally understand goes against the theme of the post. But again, I know I’ll really enjoy whatever you choose and post!

  186. It’s so great you have this dilemma too! Our master bedroom had a great wall for placing the bed, or so I thought. My husband and I placed the bed at this wall and slept that way for a while. The problem was, the bed seemed to make the whole room seem smaller. Plus, it felt like it blocked the entrance into the room…even though there was plenty of space to go around. One day I just abruptly decided, to move the bed in front of the window. The bed fit perfectly centered and it greatly improved the flow of the room. Plus, to my surprise, the room felt brighter, even with the headboard blocking the lower part of the window!! I say, pick the headboard you are in love with!! as long as the placement and flow feels good and works in the room….you will be happy!

  187. Number 3! I’m actually surprised myself, but everything else just looks like it’s competing to me. Blocking 6 inches of the window with an opaque headboard doesn’t bother me since you’ve got another set of windows on the adjacent wall.

  188. It looks like I’m in the minority, but I like the squared off upholstered headboard (especially the patterned one!). My second choice is option #6. I agree with others that #5 windsor looks like a crib, and seems cheap/Ikea-ish.

  189. I also am partial to the Windsor option. It gives definition the the head of the bead, but does not compromise your sight of the windows. Good luck with your final decision – I am sure you will make it look fabulous!

  190. I’m loving the Windsor too! I kind of can’t see anything but that bed in there and I’m partial to the less expensive one anyway! I think once you pull it all together with new bedding, it will be amazing! And, if you decide to change your bedding in a few years, you won’t have to worry about coordinating it with whatever fabric headboard you may have picked. We have an odd shaped master with a window on one side and it’s my biggest design challenge.

  191. Option 2 presents a more definate colour palate. I love the way the blue, pink and grey cushions compliment each other.

  192. I love the Rejuvenation option! It adds interest and light. You can use pillows to prop yourself up comfortably. Of course, all options are beautiful!

  193. Leave the blue throw….use the blue upholstered headboard ( it is striking), put the white pillows in front and use the squiggly pillow in front of that ( to pick up the curtain color. It leaves a good amount of window showing and the shape of the headboard softens all the square lines.

  194. Without a doubt, Option 6. It lets in light and strikes the balance between your style + a more traditional English aesthetic that you’ve been talking about the whole time with this new house. No question about it.

    If you really feel drawn to upholstered, then Option 3. It is simple, but doesn’t look wrong, like some of the other options do, in my opinion. Not everything has to make a statement.

  195. I am in love with #2 & #6! I really like both options in their in way but would probably end up going with #6 because it just looks & feels like perfection!! Very curious to see your final decision! xx

  196. Hi Emily, I love option 6. Having the rungs in the headboard doesn’t seem to close in the space like options 1-4. I think the finish on the wood in option 6 suits your bedside tables more than the wood in option 5. Having said all of that, the headboard in option four and your bedside tables could have an Art Deco look. Oh, what fun!

  197. If you must do this, I would go with #5 or #6, but I hate, hate, hate beds in front of windows (just all kinds of wrong, in my book!). (Clearly I’m outnumbered, though!)

  198. Option #6 is great but I also think that option #3 could be really interesting with edging or contrast trim to keep it clean and light but add visual interest, (if you want upholstery!). Good luck!

  199. I really love the rejuvenation Windsor. It has a bit more of a modern touch that I just happen to like better. By the way, how do you have a fabric headboard with cats? Mine would have it shredded in no time.

    Anyway, I’m sure if you end up going the Windsor look, the pillows and bedding will be so fabulous that you won’t miss the fabric headboard–or at least your audience won’t.

  200. I like either option 2 or 6. Option 2 breaks up all of the angles. Option 6 is just a pretty headboard and lets in more light. It fits with the boxiness of that part of the room.

  201. I love: option 4 but with your stipe pattern bolster (I feel it keeps the eyes on the stunning leather nightstands and beautiful linen texture drapes) OR option 5- if your going to go Windsor, go big or go home!

  202. Option 6 all the way, although the Hedge House headboard might be even better because it will let even more light from the windows show through.

  203. I think the windsor (although I love the bed) competes with the windows. I hate to say it, but option 2 (or 4 if you must have the fabric) are my favorite…the curves just feel so nice and make the windows still the star….thank you for letting us play ‘designer’ with you 🙂

  204. You could do away with the headboard and cover the Windows in wood shutters made to look like a headboard…..they would open fully when you wanted light. They could hide behind the side curtains when open.

    Love your work and your blog!

  205. The one thing you haven’t tried is concave– there is a timber one (top right) in the last set of images … low in the middle, higher at the sides?

  206. Please, please, please go for the windsor from Rejuvenation! The medium wood tone works way better with the night stands than the lighter wood from Future perfect, and the shape is perfect! You just have to choose a wood windsor shape over upholstering. When you want the comfort of upholstering, just put three pillows behind your back!

  207. I personally like the Windsor but if you like upholstered do that!!!! #decisionmakingishard Or have big pillow made of your fabric so you can put pillow(s) up when you want an upholstered look and take it down when you want a Windsor look. Best of both worlds. Good luck in your decision making. Oh and I like the all white bedding. 😉

  208. OK so 6 is my favorite, but I like #3 too. I think the reason why I like it is because the cropping of it makes it look like it has a flange edge. Which I think really softens the look of the headboard. making it visually SUPER comfortable, and it doesn’t give it such a hard squared edge that might look weird by the window.

    Am I the only one that noticed that?

  209. I’m voting for option 6, no doubt! I LOVE how the curves mimic the curve on the corners of the nightstands, as well as the curve of the sphere in the base of the lamps. My only suggestion would be that maybe another shade/species of wood would work better, so that you get more contrast in color from the nightstands (I LOVE the color in Option 5).

    I have a master bedroom with an almost identical layout, except our bed sits up higher in the window. I JUST switched out the headboard from an upholstered curved one to an antique brass beauty to let more light in, and it’s a huge difference. It definitely opens up the room, makes it feel less crowded, and we get more light and advantage of the view. I just prop my pillow up behind me vertically when I sit up in bed, and it’s enough to cushion both my back and head, so comfort hasn’t been a problem. If I need more lumbar support, I just toss a throw pillow back there.

    That’s my two cents, but I know you’re going to make the best decision for everyone in your family 🙂

  210. I feel you decide to made a custom headboard I think it would be beautiful to mimic the lines of your ceiling.

  211. I you decide to make a custom headboard I think it would be beautiful to mimic the lines of your ceiling.

  212. I personally think there is only one option which is the your Option #6. It lets the light in and doesn’t distract from that fabulous window. It also feels better and more cohesive with the nightstands.

  213. My husband is from California and when I put the bed in front of the window he freaked out. He said what if we have an earthquake, we live in NH, so really it’s not an issue. Anyhow, I ended up getting a tall upholstered headboard. It’s really nice for sitting in bed reading with the kiddos. I fear that a low headboard will not be as comfortable for you and the family. Also, I do think my husband had a good point if you live in CA. Having said that I like option 3 and 6 the best. The thing I most like about option 6 is the brass looking color in the photo. I think it gives the room a little punch. Option 3 looks very restful which having 3 kids I Iove. I love the one you are leaning towards best as well #4 under that section. What about a taller headboard with a little punch of brass. Since you asked for other ideas.

    1. low headboard can be very comfortable. You can always use the window sill as a shelf for books or laptop. Who has time to spend in bed when they have a family, anyway? Most of the time they have to wake up early to take care of kids or drop them off at daycare.

  214. Wood-slatted headboards are not comfortable to lean against, even with sufficient pillows. They will NOT feel solid enough to lounge back on.

    I loved the look of #6 — like practically everyone else on this thread — but don’t think that it will function well for you. Classic “function vs form” dilemma.

  215. I love 2 & 6. 6 is more interesting, but I do love the curve of 2. Maybe a different patter on the curved option? The stripped fabric is pretty wonderful, but not sure how it would work on the curve. I think an interesting throw would also help 2 feel more interesting. I am sure whatever you pic will be beautiful. I love you work and you have been such an inspiration!

  216. Totally bring home that Georgio from West Elm! Just enough curve to soften it up, but not as much of a moonrise as Option 2. I hate to see things blocking beautiful windows, and I think this gives you as much support as you want without being so obtrusive.

  217. I prefer option 6… I like the open slats so you don’t obstruct any light but the “winged” headboard in option 5 appears aggressive.

  218. The lower bed options look out of proportion to the lamps – I think that you need a bed where the headboard is at least as high as the lamp shades.

  219. Option 6, the rounded corners of the wood frame give you a similar break as the curved headboards but also plays well with the nightstands plus you can see more of the beautiful window.

  220. Option #3. The pillows are going to block some of the light in any case. The windsors are pretty don’t say ‘come snuggle in’.

  221. Couldnt find my original comment on that fabric but checked what I paid and it was 109 CAD so like 70 US? Such a good price 🙂

  222. The windsor style. All upholstered options look off in front of a window. Too heavy, I think. Brass or white iron bed would look awesome as well.

  223. I like the rejuvenation one the best – let’s in light and you could always add one of those cool pillow things that could attach to the back if you wanted to change things up. I think you maybe posted that recently?

  224. Oh my, number 6 is gorgeous!!! Of the upholstered headboards, I like number 4 best. The bolster pillow with that one would be lovely. But honestly number 6!!

  225. Option #3 — with an acrylic rod for the white billowy curtains — and soft white Roman-style blinds (lined for blackout purposes!) …..

  226. I’d do very low white linen headboard and emphasize the window, which could be a visual headboard for the bed. Headboard 6 is not that bad but would be prettier in white because it would emphasize the window. As it it takes away from the window. I don’t like the nightstands too much. They seem slightly too tall for the bed. The chest/wardrobe is not terrible, just the opposite, it has a nice color. In addition I’d add plants in nice colorful vintage ceramic pots and modern art.
    It seems you’re going for a very traditional bedroom. I’m saddened. It reminds me of my granma’s bedroom and not in a good way. I miss modern (not midcentury design, but current modern) design in houses. That’s an ultimate challenge. It works perfect though in very old parisian apartments, but for some reason, whatever you put in american houses it is at risk of looking very traditional very quickly. How to create modern style in old homes without making it look traditional in any way?

  227. I love the character and details of the windows, and honestly, my favorite photo was the one with no headboard. So pretty!!

  228. Option 3 just seems easy on the eyes. I’m not a huge fan of your headboard being THE focal point when you walk into the room but rather the entire bed, windows, etc….Both options 1 & 3 seem the most cohesive and subtle but with a clean design. Plus, room for changing things up a bit later.

    Please stay away from the wood bed frames. Meh.

  229. Emily,

    I wanted to comment on the post about the accent walls, but comments were already closed. What are your thoughts on murals for a bedroom wall, etc? Anthropologie has some really cool ones and while I’m not a fan of the accent wall, a mural doesn’t usually go much further than one wall in a room. I’m considering one for my bedroom. Example below. Thoughts?

  230. I agree, the layout of this room really needs the bed in front of the window. We had to do that too, and while I actually like it aesthetically, I also live here where window shattering earthquakes are a thing. It would probably be a crime to change those beautiful windows to safety glass, so at least maybe get some thick curtains and always close them at night? What can I say, I am a worrier…

  231. I love the Windsor best! Both are great-so go with the cheapest, esp. since you love it. I LOVE that the Windsor style lets in as much light as possible!

  232. I love the lighter Windsor 5 – I think 6 is pretty but for me it’s too dark & detracts from the windows. The Hedge House bed could work if price is an option.

  233. Option 6 goes perfectly with those night stands. With a lot of pillows it will be even comfortable 🙂

  234. I like options 2 and 3 best with your nightstands and lamps. Option 6 is really pretty too, but I think you need to get new nightstands. It’s definitely tricky!

  235. Hands down Rejuvenation option (#6). You already did a custom fabric headboard, I would take it as an opportunity to try something new.

  236. Option 6 looks the best. BUT having little kiddos it is tough to stray from a comfy (and safe) upholstered option. The curved in a pattern looks nice…maybe a semi-permanent option that you switch out once the kids are older. Just a practical thought 🙂 I am faced with the same issue with my bed/window. either way, we all know yours will look great!

  237. Option 6 is the winner for me.. the bedside tables make more sense with this wooden bed frame.. not a fan of the curve but maybe that’s just because it reminds me of my bed in our caravan that was all wobbly! 😉

  238. Number 6. I get the reason for the drapes, but I think they hide the architecture of the room. Of course they have been ordered but I think one of the window adhesives for privacy would have been nice. When it is pulled together I’m sure I’ll love it!

  239. I like option 5, because it is lower and blocks less of the window.

    I guess the bigger question is — Will all these headboards get in the way when you close the curtains?

    It’s less fun, but I’d probably get one of those double pillows (they may be called body pillows) and prop it against the ledge in the event you want to read in bed, etc.

  240. Option 3 looks best to me. Nice and clean and peaceful. Invites rest. There’s so much light from the window already. It doesn’t matter that the headboard is opaque, really.

  241. ALL of the options look HORRENDOUS!!!
    Less is more!!!
    Don’t overthink & do yourself a favor,…leave it the way it is with pillows only as in the Top/Main photo 🙂

  242. I LOVE LOVE LOVE #6. The curved upholstered one felt off but this has just enough curve yet brings in the light. And honestly, the Rejuvenation one looks a bit wonky to me. In fact, now I’m coveting bed number 6 🙂

  243. Option 6 is the one I like best out of your six options.

    The curve headboards shown don’t look good to my eye, and wouldn’t provide a lot of sit-up-in-bed support unless you were in the middle. So, not great if both people want to read at once.

    The straight across ones are too boring – seems like the corners need clipping off.

  244. So for some reason I was picturing that you would have a metal four-poster bed in here…dunno why. Maybe just because I’d love to have one. 🙂 Of these options I definitely like 6, or I also like the wooden one from Hedge House.

  245. Don’t know if someone already mentioned this. I tried reading comments but ran out of time) but I also love the rejuvenation bed with potentially a amber interiors shoppe-esque upholstered bit that attaches separately. Not to work her out of a sale but I think you could do a smaller upholstered bit so that you retained as much light and airiness as possible…

  246. #6!!!!! Wood Windsor without a doubt and I like it better than the light #5 one. In front of the windows it’s just lovely!

  247. Option #3, for sure. The windsor options are cool but the vertical lines compete with the lines of the window muntins. The windows are too pretty and special to have to compete! Keep it simple and do the windsor in a chair.

  248. Super love #5 or #6. I feel like the open slats of either Windsor style makes the bed placement in front of the windows seem much more intentional. While I actually do like some of the upholstered options, they would kind of feel like “we’re stuck with this layout and just throwing a solid head board in anyways, too bad we don’t have a solid wall to put it on”. I’ve been asking myself lately, if I were a client what would I tell myself, for some reason that has been tricking me into a pretty quick gut response.

    In regards to the softness of an upholstered head board, yes it is obviously softer, but even with upholstered I still always have a couple pillows behind me so I don’t even notice whether it is upholstery or wood.

  249. In my 1920’s home, the only option for bed placement was also in front of a window inside an arched niched. I had my upholsterer custom make a rather low headboard that mimics the shape of the niche. I would keep the fabric soft and quiet. Sorry, but I really do not like the wood options. I think a dark metal that matches the window hardware would work best, if you go that route.

  250. The windsor style bed options are lovely! But you live in earthquake country: putting your bed by the window is a no-no.

  251. I actually caught a glimpse of that bed in the new Rejuvenation catalog when I got it in the mail. It kept me from immediately recycling it because I thought it was so gorgeous and wanted to gaze upon it longer. I am anti-upholstery when it comes to headboards–they collect too much dust and are impossible to clean. Also not the best with kids (you haven’t reached the stomach bug years yet. Trust!).

  252. I think option 1 looks the best. The fabric pattern does add interest. The space looks very cramped. This orientation does make the most sense functionally though. Have you considered a queen sized bed?

  253. of those, it has to be #6! But I must admit I’m waiting for you to pull a “jk we stained the beams” moment and wow us all 😉

  254. I think option 6 is prettiest but option 2 looks best in the room. Those windows are beautiful!

  255. Number 6 has my vote for sure, it’s light and airy, yet blends beautifully with your other furniture pieces.

  256. Curved is my vote. It softens up all the right-angles from the windows, curtains, and nightstands.

  257. The CB2 windsor is kind of best of both worlds, isn’t it? Windsor, but still with some leather upholstery to keep it cozy. That’d probably be my first choice, with the Option 6 Rejuvenation windsor a close second. If you do go fabric, then Option 3 is my favorite.

    I’m sure whatever you land on will look lovely in the end. 🙂

  258. I’m late to this party, but I’m on the “6” bandwagon as well! It is proportionate to the room, and it doesn’t feel overpowered by the bed like the curved headboards do. I like that it lets in light still too. #5 just seems off and I agree with another commenter who said it reminded her of a crib.

  259. Rejuvenation one. Make sure you try with curtains closed, as this is how you’ll mostly live with it. We have our bed in the same position and used a custom Artisan Room and Board bed. It looks great. We also did the curtains much bigger/higher like you did and in linen. Best solution!

  260. option 3 and option 6!!!! The final wood option is airy and has that yummy warm wood which compliments the leather side tables beautifully!

  261. I’m going to dissent from the majority and go with option 3 simply because you like something to lean against. Option 6 does not look comfy to lean against. You are getting super awesome light from the other bank of windows so I wouldn’t feel too bad about blocking a little. I like the look of the windsor but I feel like the lines fight with the window panes and maybe match the nightstands too closely? Depending on your bedding the color might need tweaking. I love the bed in front of the window! We did this in our last house and I loved taking a nap with the windows open and hearing the wind in the trees. Heavenly…

  262. I’d say option 4 or 6 (I actually like this Rejuvenation one a lot better than the pricier one!)

  263. I, personally, love the bed in front of a window, not blocking it, but I love the early morning light and the bright light of a room. My choice (as a frugal designer) would be option #6 Rejuvenation. Can’t wait to see how the masterpiece turns out! The house is so inviting and there’s something to appreciate in each and every corner already!

  264. I was just looked for a Windsor style headboard after I saw Thos. Moser Foreside Bed. Check it out. It is beautiful. But 6k.. I love the Rejuvenation one and it’s definitely (closer to) budget friendly. If you went in that direction and found yourself craving an upholstered headboard, you could always do something similar to Amber Interior’s Penny Bed and add a cushion.

  265. I haven’t read any of the other comments yet but I say, definitely the CB2 or Rejuvenation Windsor beds. I think a Windsor will add more visual interest and also not block the window too much.

  266. Option 6 definitely! I didn’t like any of the upholstered head boards, they didn’t look right.

  267. The ‘future perfect’ windsor looks like you have half a baby crib wrapped around your bed, at least in the rendering. Really odd.

    The rejuvenation one is great, though. I also like the curved upholstered headboard — for leaning on and reading in bed, upholstered can’t be beat.

  268. Go Windsor! I like the less expensive option and I LOVE that Schumacher fabric. I would use it with the beautiful navy coverlet tho. I think the stripe and an indigo or navy coverlet would be amazing.

  269. I read through the whole post and all the options thinking, “Why isn’t she doing something like–” and then you hit the nail exactly on the head with options 5 and 6. I love 6 the most!

  270. Do nothing or something really low. We currently have the same situation at our house with the casement windows opening in (towards the bed). Living in west Pasadena, there is nothing better than sleeping under the open windows at night. If feels like you are camping or on a sleeping porch. We just use extra pillows to prop against when reading in bed. I don’t have the $$$ for custom – low wood would be my recommendation.

  271. I love number 6 and number 2. The Windsor is great, but I don’t think I have ever seen a low oval headboard before…plus navy is my favorite color.

  272. The cb2 Windsor headboard! It’s beautiful and looks like it has an upholstered panel in it – better for comfort and you could even change what it’s upholstered with if you wanted. I’d love to let as much light in the room as possible if it were me.

  273. Our king bed is similar to ‘option 6 – windsor” – in front of a big front window. We have 2″ blinds on the windows so if we want privacy, they can close. We also have semi-sheer linen curtains which we keep closed. Still, you can see the headboard from outside – more so when the bedroom lights are on. You’ll see whatever headboard you choose, but the upholstered one will just be a silhouette. I won’t do an upholstered headboard because husband would lean on it to read at night and, well, you can’t launder it weekly as you would pillow cases.

  274. As basic as #3 is, and beautiful as #6 is….3 just works better in the space IMO. Maybe a statement headboard is not what you need in that room. It’s a pretty, light-filled room already with the windows and nightstands and lamps. You could still use that stripe bolster in #3. But really simple looks lovely too.

    1. Um. This might be THE perfect bed? The lines echo the vertical + horizontal lines of the window, it almost makes like a plaid-looking pattern (which I feel like Emily would definitely appreciate, the brass finials have an old-world traditional feel (same goes for the headboard shape and detailing), but the bamboo construction feels beachy and Californian. And it lets the light in! So dreamy.

    2. Yep, this could actually be cool. Otherwise, I vote for moving the bed to the other end of the room. That is the nicest window you’re covering up, plus there’s nothing better than lying in bed and looking out the window 🙂 No it’s not the best layout, but your old room had the door by the side table. I’m not a fan of beds under windows. And these are all slightly dull, especially compared to your old bed!
      Failing all that, you’re going to have to singlehandedly bring futons back into style.

    3. Yeah, that bed is cool…I can see it.

      Also agree it’s a shame if that window has to be blocked 🙁

  275. Don’t be mad. I kind of hate all of the upholstered options. The last option was my fav for sure and seems much more you… I can see it all styled out and it makes me super excited to see how this room evolves! ?

  276. My vote would be option #2. I see your blue headboard that you did for the Curbly bedroom EVER SINGLE TIME I scroll on Pinterest and it’s not even pinned directly from your blog. Brit + CO, Studio McGee, Popsugar Home, and others had stories on it so blue headboards must be the new thing. I know you had one in the house before last, so you might be considering branching out, but I feel like it’s a classic formula for success (especially with white bedding that would make it pop.) Number 6 is my next favorite, but I feel like the railings would cause it to be airer in a bad way. I could just imagine having a head cold, taking a hot shower, laying down in bed but feeling like I need a sweatshirt with a hood because I’m next to a window and my hair is wet. If anyone would make a curved headboard against a window look good it would be you 🙂

  277. option 4 by far.

    i love the curved headboard idea. even if you don’t do the striped fabric, i think it pairs well with the leather night stands.

  278. I also love the way option #6 plays with the nightstands, and I think it’s good that it’s not the same color as the curtain rod and window hardware.

    I also have a bed in front of the window. We recently switched to an upholstered bed so that my husband can lean against it when having an acid reflux attack rather than being forced to go and sleep on the couch. Our window seems to be higher up than yours. For yours, I think that the rectangular headboards block the window too much.

    Personally, I think the Windsor bed would be fine for leaning against. We have Windsor dining chairs, and they’re fine. The brass beds would not be as good, IMO, because the bars are so far apart. I think you should just assess how much you sit up in bed, and how comfortable you feel sitting up for that amount of time in a Windsor chair with a cushion.

  279. Personally, I’d switch the bed to the other wall and get the tufted headboard and put the dresser under the window.

  280. i’m in love with this leather and iron bed. it would look amazing in your english-style home. so proper!

    oh how i’d love to have this myself, but it’s too much $$$.

    i also love the cb2 version of #6 and i think #3 has a lot of potential, too!! can’t wait to see what you choose!!!

  281. I’ve been waiting for this post for what feels like forever. Our master suite works best with the bed in front of the window and I’ve been waffling for a year on what to do about a headboard. I love options 3, 5, and 6. For my own home, I’m feeling inspired by #3. I actually bought the nightstands from Sylvia’s master bedroom makeover (yay Target for being budget friendly enough for a first-time homeowner) and I think they would work best with an upholstered headboard! I was worried it would be too solid in front of a window, but you now have me thinking about the low rectangular.

  282. Option 4 and Option 6 – I like the Rejuvenation one MUCH more than the pricey Windsor one (and not because of price!)

  283. First choice 6
    Second choice 2
    I think 4 and 5 are too light or they would be contenders. The straight padded ones block the window too much. Like when the window is lower than the counter.

  284. Upholstered headboard #2 please, because the rounded side curves make it kind of feel less obtrusive, + yet, the dark blue has presence. The curves also contrast nicely with all the straight lines of the window + treatments. Wood bed #3 is a stunner + would go with anything. 😉

  285. Option 3!!!! The serina and lily one is so cozy and comfy looking. Then bring the golden tones into the pillows. And I love a bed in front of a window!

  286. Option 6, definately. The rest were just eh. then I came to the last one and said, “There she goes!” Way to take a liability (blocking the window) and make it an asset with that lovely toned wood grain windsor! I didn’t even know they made windsor style headboards, so that makes it super modern and fun. It is kid friendly for family bed time (which it seems you all do) because you don’t have to worry about sticky pancake syrup hands on your headboard. Way to go Emily!

  287. Definitely the Rejuvenation Windsor. It echoes the curve of the curtain rod and remains airy too. I would add a darker throw – perhaps that picks up the color of the lamps.

  288. I worry about the wood fading in front of a window. That happened to my childhood bed which is an antique 4 post bed. The post closest to the window faded compared to the rest of the bed. Upholstery will fade too. That being said, #6 is my favorite.

  289. That Rejuvenation bed is AMAZING and totally makes the room. Our bed is also in front of a window and the open, slatted look is the way to go. Lots of pillows provide plenty of comfort.

  290. 3 or 6, I think 6 would be better in white or pale gray, it feels a little matchy with the end tables 🙂

  291. I love #6. Without question. And I don’t even really like the Windsor look normally. The tone of the wood really adds some warmth & dimension. Could the cb2 Windsor bed give you the look of Windsor with the cush of an upholstered feeling headboard?

  292. Option 3 and 6 are the best. Not my opinion, fact. 😉 I might worry about a light colored headboard, though, but it looks beautiful. #6 is more beautiful than #5 to me, but Windsor might be too busy with the window??

  293. Does the Rejuvenation headboard come in a lighter finish? The one pictured seems a bit matchy-matchy with your night stands. No chance the long, low dresser could go under those beautiful windows? I am also in the Pacific Northwest and if you grow trumpet vines along the top of that window, you will occasionally wake to hummingbirds feeding…just sayin’.

  294. Option 6 (the darker, modified Windsor) all the way! The upholstered boards block too much light and look too modern for the house.

  295. Even though like the Windsor in general, not so much in front of the window though because too many competing lines with the window frames – not restful

  296. So tricky! I love option 6, second choice option 4.
    In your Affordable headboards post,
    #5 and #20 could work too

  297. 6!!! the Rejuv is poifect- love those subtle curves and wood tone! A million times better than the upholstered beds, I think part of it is the scale is perfect- the more expensive one reminded me of the edge of a crib in the rendering. Though looking at the actual photo of it (the future perfect)- I think it would be taller then the rendering, much higher than your pillows – this might look architectually good but might be awkward with the windows.

  298. I wouldn’t wish an uncomfortable headboard on my worst enemy. Number six is beautiful but number three will still be lovely and be the most snuggly!

  299. Option 6! It ties in the night stands and seems more cohesive. And the airiness in front of the window is a plus.
    If upholstered has to happen then 3. And then your long striped pillow to go with. I like the lighter fabric since it’s such a large space (that is already rather busy). I feel like the upholstered headboards in the other fabrics just add another color or pattern into the mix with no cohesion.

    The round pink pillow is totally throwing off the pictures for me! I’m not sure why. And while I like the bed in option 6, the one from option 5 seems…crib like to me. I’m sure it’s lovely in person but I like how the color of option 6 ties into the nightstands.

    I’ve had to do a bed in front of a window my last two rooms. Not a favorite but it was so much better than the other orientations. You do what you must!

    And last, I have to know, how do you vacuum that rug?!?! Just run the extension tube over it section by section? It seems too high for the carpet setting. So kudos to whoever cleans it!

  300. If you are putting a bed in front of windows you need a solid headboard. While I am not a total disciple of Feng Shui, this rule is definitely true. You will not sleep well with that window showing through the headboard. It makes one feel unsafe and therefore not conducive for optimal slumber. The half moon headboard looks like a frown to me. I vote for option 3.

  301. Given the crowd who is probably crawling in with you every night, go for wood….it will only take one bout of projectile vomiting to ruin anything upholstered!

  302. I love your ideas. You and your team are amazing! I would do the serena and lily upholstered bed #4. I love the way it is boxed in. Kinda simulates the security of an actual wall over head and not a window. Can you get it in a Navy? And I would do the big bolster with the fabric you love to get all your wants in there. I feel like that bed is a win. The windsor is beautiful but I wonder if it feels too visually busy with all the lines next to the window and the view all fighting for attention. Thats my two cents. Add that to the other 599 comments so far.

  303. Opt. 6 and I like that tone of wood – I feel it could go well w any bedding you choose to get (and change) over the years.

  304. Option three gets my vote and I would be inclined to bring the heights of the headboard just a little bit more. To just at the height of the latches on the window. If you have other windows in the room I wouldn’t be too concerned with blocking light and I think it will feel just right a tiny but higher using option 3. Colour and texture can be added then with the bedding.. Can’t wait to see the big reveal in May!

  305. Option 6 – the curved shape of the bedhead echos the shape of the night stands and lets more light through, it is perfect,

  306. Our bed is also in front of a large window. When we changed out our upholstered rectangular headboard for a lower profile wooden chippendale style headboard, it opened up the whole room, even with going from a queen sized bed to a king! Something about allowing that light to filter through almost makes the bed part of the view instead of obstructing it. So all that being said, my vote is for Option 6! But anything you choose will be fabulous, as always!

  307. I think option 6 is really pretty to look at, when you see the light streaming through. However, for sleeping, I think option 3 would be the best. The light is so pretty, but if you don’t sleep with your shades down every night, you may not want light streaming through your headboard at the crack of dawn. And for amorous activities, the extra privacy from a solid headboard like option 3 would be useful!

  308. I like the idea of a curve to follow the lines of the side tables… and prefer the softness of upholstery.

  309. Option 6- the wood adds warmth and structure without being obtrusive to the window. I like the vertical lines from the spindling to add visual interest but not too much 🙂

  310. Option super one: #6
    My second prettier option: #3

    Both are classic, simple, but very very pretty.

    Good idea upholstering a big cushion in that fabric you love too!

  311. I think a valance on the window might help to balance the bed below. It could also help frame the bed and make the placement seem more deliberate.

  312. I love your wall color! Option 3 or 6 would be my choice.
    But, what happened to the amazing upholstered bed from your previous home?
    I love that bed!!

  313. Option 3 gets my vote. Something solid to comfortably lean on, but low and light so it feels tailored and crisp. I also like the idea of it being a light, neutral, fresh backdrop for your linens.

    The solid colored curved is reading very 80’s for some reason (in a bad way, not a fun way). And the windsor ones look like crib rails, so isnt screaming “adult”.

    I do love a bed in front of a window though. It looks very pretty and balanced. And it is glorious to lay in a sun drenched bed!

  314. Actually the cb2 is perfect. Tall enough to be interesting, but still allow the light from the windows to shine through.

    1. Ugh, Emily, I don’t know. I think it may have to be the Companions bed. It’s perfect. But in a darker finish.

  315. Some variation of #6 (lovely) or #3. 3 is intriguing because I think it brings in California casual that you mentioned trying to incorporate for your family. 6 is beautiful and it’s actually nice to be a able to flip over and peak outside first thing in the morning. It’s a toss up for me. Lazy mornings with sunlight filtering through (6) or late nights giggling comfortably with your munchkins (3 or some other upholstered option like that #4 Serena and lily)

    And thank you again for providing an outlet to give opinions! I don’t know what it is about these ask the audience posts- but they are so satisfying. A testimony to your team that can professionally receive, filter and consider so many varied opinions.

  316. I love option 4 and option 6. Maybe a lightly patterned throw would nicely balance the headboard without feeling boring in option 4? I am planning a front of window bed in my next bedroom (currently the kitchen ;). The only problem as I live in France is that our windows are opening in front (am I amking myself clear?). i therefore cannot put the bed right against the wall and window and am wondering what to do with the nightstands situation (maybe something like Brady did in his own bedroom?). Ha! I totally should send this to you guys as a a design dilemna! 🙂

  317. #6 or CB 2 one. My bed is in front of a window and I recently replaced the solid board with an open spindle one. I made the change because I was bored with the old headboard, but was surprised how much lighter and cleaner it made the room feel.

  318. Obviously everyone loves #6, but I have to say that I don’t think it’s the kind of bed that you can sit in and read. I have a bed with slats and no matter how many pillows I use it’s still not as comfortable as an upholstered headboard.

  319. I think that after looking at all of the options, you are basically dealing with a choice (perhaps subconscious) of ether highlighting the curves or the lines in the room. I like option 6 the best because the wraparound edges mimic all of the curves at play in the room. The rods have a curve at the end, the side tables have curved edges and the lamp bases are curved/circular as well. My only hesitation is that the wood is a bit match-y in tone with the side tables but with different bedding that could be addressed. Option 3 is my second choice because the squared lines of the headboard draw my attention to the architectural detailing of the windows and the shape (including the line of the strong throw) off sets the curves in the room, creating a balancing effect. Obviously 6 lets in more light, but if you read in bed, 3 would be MUCH more cozy!

  320. I must be so boring… #3 looks best to me…. but I have a thing for all white comfy cozy bedrooms with pops of color.

    Whatever you pick I know will be great, Em!

  321. If you must have upholstered then I would go with 2, hands down out of all the upholstered choices.

    3 would be my second pick, but like you said, it is just so boring.

    But man I love the windsor wood ones! So much! 5 AND 6 are both so good, so for me it would come down to a question of budget.

    I do prefer the more expensive one because I don’t love the finish of the rejuvenation one with your beautiful leather bedside tables. The expensive one also just feels lighter and I think I would look better in the whole room.

  322. Option 6! Lets in the light, Ties in the night stands (which I love), proportion is great and most importantly you can prop yourself up against it to read. The bolster is wonderful in that fabric.

  323. Option 6!!! I was with you the whole time, actually loving all of your suggestions, and then when I got to the Rejuvenation one, it took my breath away! Maybe because the tone more suites the leather nightstands? I love #6!!

  324. Of your listed options, #6 is the no-brainer winner in my opinion. 🙂 It feels essential to let light through since it’s in front of a window. That said, please reconsider using an IRON frame! It would be no less comfortable than wood, and the dark color would ground the bed and contrast with the wood-colored side tables. Plus, it’s a more traditional choice, which suits your lovely new house (and balances your many other mid-century design choices).

  325. This is probably a dumb suggestion, but is there such a thing as a retractable headboard? Then you would get the function of a headboard when you wanted it up, but it wouldn’t block those lovely windows when the bed is made and you’re photographing it. I guess I vote for the Windsor, but my vote is half-hearted since the window will still be blocked. I prefer metal frames, but I get the appeal of wood.

  326. I like option 2 the best because I think it would be more comfortable than the wood slats, but I also like option 6 because it lets more light in the room.

  327. I like the options that allow you to see the window through the slats a bit. I think in the room that you had done before with the wainscoting, the combination of wainscoting and the more open headboard made the setup flow really well with the window. Maybe because it draws the eye up? Or maybe I am imagining it, whatever you pick will be great.

  328. ok. I have to bring this up because we are fellow Californians and this is bound to be brought up in la-la land….the feng shui aspect of the bed under the window. For this reason I would not go with the windsor because you are needing to create a protective wall (figuratively, obviously) with a headboard and curtains to deal with the energy coming and going by your head while you sleep -I know this sounds super crazy. I’m only a half believer in this stuff but the vulnerability factor while you are sleeping does seem to have some psychological logic to it.

    1. absolutely! i commented just that…it is not a matter of belief but symbolic and unconscious ways in which our mind works

  329. I think price and design wise Article Culla Spindle Bed looks a simpler option. So i will go for Option# 6. But hey i am no designer, so don’t take my word too seriously 😀

  330. I’m with the #6 fans, definitely! If lowering the bed were an option (maybe replacing the frame with a low platform, for instance) you could create round or wedge-shaped bolster to span the width of the bed in lieu of a headboard, and cover it in your lovely fabric, ikat or kilim wool. But you can’t go wrong with option #6.

  331. Why not try a curved headboard but make the curve the other direction (lower in the center of the headboard)? It might make it difficult to upholster but it would let the light in and break up the lines – which was your first instinct.

    Otherwise, I say go for option 3 or the Rejuvenation bed – it’s more substantial and looks more cozy than the other Windsor. I’m a clumsy person so I look at the other Windsor and see the many ways I’d hit my head on those corners while making the bed.

  332. hmmm…definitely a hard one – I feel ya! 🙂 I don’t know any of the proper terms, but how would you feel about a half circle shape but in the windsor style aka basically Sara’s bed but maybe in a lighter wood and with a bit more of an old world feel? aka wooden, light, airy and kinda organic? Me thinks that’d look pretty neat 🙂

  333. i love option 6, even better than the more expensive one (option 5). It gives you some support to lean against but lets the light in.

  334. Make the bed lower to the ground so that the headboard is below the window. You can then use window sil for candles, plants, books etc. it might make the bed seem sort of granny height but the headboard obscuring your nicely paned windows looks displeasing

  335. I like Option 6. The color looks close to the night stands, and I like that the window is not blocked off.

    Option 5 would be good in a larger room, but the room is too narrow for a statement headboard.

  336. love the Windsor headboard in the darker wood. The first one reminded me of a crib or playpen with the side rails. I normally don’t like a bed in front of a window at all, but the wooden one looks great, actually.

  337. If you are keen on keeping the nightstands, which in my opinion are to high for your bed (I think they should end at the same height as your mattress), than option 6 all the way! No doubts!
    Height and colour of the headboard harmonize with the nightstands.

    To add confort (padding) and your favourite textile, why don’t you add a cushion like this (, instead of a bolster in the front?


  338. I really like #6, the spindle bed from Article. When I saw that option, my first impression was how cohesive the bed looked with the nightstands. To be honest, it’s a lot of bed for the room. The wood spindles sort of extend the frame so that visually, it looks like the night stands are connected which looks more balanced in the room. I know lots of people love king sized beds (and we used to have one) but they can overwhelm an average size room. Also, I think the upholstered headboard options almost make the bed seem larger, probably because it’s adding more fabric. Could be that I’m just not crazy about upholstered beds or for that matter, grass cloth! I remember how grass cloth looks when it starts to wear and gets frayed and dingy. I do see some value to upholstered beds but not sure how they hold up. I love good wood and it sure lasts and is so versatile.

  339. I’m sure the final result of your bedroom will be beautiful and collected! I simply love everything you do! For me option 6 works best and allows completely freedom for changes in bedding (because it is always good some variation!). And perhaps that item 4 (serena & lily) of rectangular headboards could bring more of a cozy feel to the room! Any way, can’t wait to see the final result!

  340. I’m really crushing on option 5:

    love the lightness of wood – might be nice to introduce another wood tone in there aside from your bedside tables; love how it doesn’t stop the natural from continuing to filter in when your drapes are open. Lovely!

  341. I was expecting different options – on bed placement. I would definitely not have a headboard in front of the window (I think it looks ridiculous – sorry darling Emily who normally does no wrong) … and would move the bed.

    But I think everyone else loved it, so clearly I’m do-lally!

  342. This is a tough one. I love #4 for the contrast of the fabric and the shape of the headboard with the nightstands. But I think I love #6 headboard the most for the look and openness in front of the widow, but I think it’s a bit too woody with the nightstands.

    Look forward to seeing what you choose!


  343. Hmmm. Tough one. I personally like the feel of a solid headboard rather than slats. But now that I think about it, I always have a fat euro sham behind me when I’m sitting up reading in bed. Number 6 is the most visually appealing to me. I also like option 2, but I think the shape gets lost behind the pillows. Maybe a little taller? What do you think of going with a more subtle curve, like in the Georgio Upholstered Headboard? Definitely pick a solid color if opting for a fabric headboard. And avoid a color that blends with the curtains too much. A contrast will work better.

    1. PS: if you’re ever interested in decorating an original condition, northwest contemporary in Seattle, I’m SO ready for your help! I’m afraid to touch any of the original details, but it’s just so much wood!

  344. Option 6! It softly mimics the soft curves of the side tables…harmonious without being too perfectly matched.

  345. Option 2; breaks up all the vertical/horizontal lines BUT it also looks a little out of place. Dilemma. Otherwise, #6; the darker color slat headboard pops out from the windows.

  346. No. 2 in the Curved set. No. 4 in the Low Rectangular. No. 3 in the Windsor. Definitely think that the curves open the space up a bit and nicely mirror the shape of the night stands.

  347. I like 2, 3 or 6 best. Also, would love to know about the golden drapes in your older room setup example. Thanks!

  348. Oh option 6 all the way! I sort of like it with no headboard as I love the windowsill but if I had to choose it’s definitely option 6! The wood is so lovely and compliments the the bedside tables nicely! Love the renderings. Very helpful to see everything!

  349. I like the round curved headboard of #4 the best. But I think you need a strong contrast throw at the foot of the bed, even a shade or two darker than the throw in #1. I think that would be the most visually appealing.

  350. How about the CB2 Drommen, either in the standard cream or the new leather option? Upholstered headboard and low-slung. It’s what we’ve got under our Master windows and it doesn’t block a thing.

  351. I love option 3, with the bolster pillow in the fabric you love. You can’t beat the comfort of an upholstered headboard.
    To me, the spokes of the windsor style headboards look too busy with the panes of your windows. Well, thats my two cents.

  352. whatever option you chose, I would suggest pulling bed towards the center of the room by a foot or 2 so you can open and close the window easily

  353. Hi Emily,

    Quick Question: I read above that you’re selling your dresser because it is not the right shape for your bedroom. I didn’t know such a thing existed. Can you do a post about finding the right dresser, or even just expand a little more on the matter? What should we be looking for in dressers?

    Love your blog! I follow every post. Thank you for sharing beautiful pictures that brighten my life.

  354. My 2 cents: we have a bludot that is about 8 years old and it’s great because it’s super comfy to lean against (reading in bed is comfy), and its low, so it probably wouldn’t block much light from the window. Mine is currently in front of a window and is well below the sill. There are times I curse it for being so low (I’m in my 50s and making the bed can sometimes be tough on my back), but most days/nights I love it. The upholstery is also removable/replaceable, giving me design flexibility. It replaced a British colonial four poster that was about 6 ft off the ground, so the pendulum really swung from one extreme to the other, but I’m happy with our choice.

  355. I like option 6 the best. It´s so pretty. Option 5 looks like a baby-crib was used to make the bed 😉 and all the other options block too much light.

  356. A headboard with the curtains in such a small space looks very busy. Are you sure you want your head under windows in California? Not to jinx you with earthquake talk but since I just did … I would skip the headboard. Or, use the drapes to cover the walk-in closet and use a pull down shade if you really want a headboard. It just looks too chaotic to be restful.

  357. Option #3, make pillows/shams from the stripe fabric and maybe replace blue blanket at end. Can’t wait to see the dresser.

  358. I love the rejuvenation one! So good. But if you opt for upholstered, then I like the solid rectangular. Love this breakdown!

  359. Love the look of the Windsor, but warning: I had a wood headboard in front of a window and the back/edges of the headboard were destroyed by the sun. If there is a way to treat the wood, or you wouldn’t mind refinishing it often, then I say go for it! Otherwise, metal or upholstered all the way.

  360. i love that you ask us 🙂 i think option 1 and 6 are fabulous–maybe leaning a little more toward 6.
    You’re an amazing designer Emily and I LOVE, love, LOVE, all of your work–it’s incredibly inspiring!!

  361. I like the rejuvenation headboard in the last option the best. It works beautifully with the nightstands in shape and color, the other Windsor fights it. I think upholstered in front of that beautiful window is giving up too much light, and place for plants, maybe a la Justina Blakeney?

  362. OPTION 6 hands down, never felt more sure of any ‘which option / ask the audience poll’ – had to comment. I think the stripes are beautiful and fun, but you will end up regretting them because they will be difficult to style with other bedding and will always be secretly competing with the windows, while the lines of the Windsor feel like the perfect compliment.

  363. Option 2 looks like a frown, definitely go for a pattern if you choose that shape.
    Option 4 looks like a crib Ikea-hacked onto your nice bed. Definitely choose carefully if you go Windsor (1, 3,and 4 all look crib-y in that round up)

  364. This is a tough one, I don’t really love any of them. The windsor is nice to let light in, but is it too busy with the windows? And are you really willing to sacrifice comfort? I think an upholstered headboard could definitely work, I just think different shapes need to be explored. The rounded doesn’t feel right in this space and the rectangular one feels too boxy. A custom scale, shape, and fabric is what I think will work best.

    1. After a little more thought (I have been thinking about this way too much considering this is not my home, ha … I love design and can’t help it!) … I think a low profile, simple, linen headboard like this one: (you have it linked above) … would look the best. Your eyes would be drawn to the beautiful window details and textures throughout the room vs. the headboard. I think I might be the only one not jumping on the #6 bandwagon, ha!

  365. Option 3. I have an iron windsor in a small bedroom and I hate it because a) it is not comfortable to sit up no matter how many pillows you use (they push through the rails) and b) I have nowhere but precious floor space to stash these many pillows when we are sleeping. It’s much easier and more comfy to have an upholstered headboard. I gave mine up in the name of saving space and making the room look bigger. HUGE mistake! Just don’t do a windsor in your master, especially if you still like to hang with the family in bed on lazy mornings. How about in the guest room? Good luck!

  366. I’m torn between #2 and #6! The comfort of an upholstered headboard is hard to surpass, and the gentle curve is just lovely. But that windsor in the pretty wood is also so, so good.

  367. Love your picks but please be safe! I am also Los Angeles based, and California-raised, and we were always warned about beds under windows in case of a seriously bad quake. I totally get your space restraints; there are options with your glass choice or drapery choice to be safe, or to pull blanket/pillow over your head during a quake. Could be I’m paranoid, just thought the subject should be raised (unless I missed it!)

  368. I scrolled all the way through, looked at all the pictures and then the windsor bed came along. I said “ooh!” outloud! Absolutely love it. Option 6 is my pick!!

  369. 6 or 5, i’m just not feeling the upholstered ones! just add some extra pillows 😉

  370. 6 is my favorite visually but I don’t think would be comfortable without tons of pillows which would take away from the clean line look and hide all the beautiful slats. Number 2 is my next favorite option and would be super comfortable for lounging as well. Enjoy! How fun to be able to design and furnish such a beautiful space!

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