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Announcing: The Mercantile Event

I have a very fun announcement (especially for those of you who live in Nashville, Los Angeles, and Detroit). There is going to be an event called The Mercantile which celebrates companies that have built it into their business plan to give back socially. Think: Toms, Cheeky, Warby Parker, Soma, Yoobi, but on a much smaller scale. The event isn’t a charity, nor is it for profit necessarily – but it’s the idea that through commerce we can celebrate a good cause and help build a community. It’s half shopping experience and half party.

I wish I could take credit for the idea but it wasn’t mine. Steve Fortunato (of Room Forty and The Fig House) and Matt Ford (founder of Oaken Anchor event production company and friend of Steve’s) brought the idea to me because they wanted help with the curation/vetting of vendors and the design of the booths.


After Nashville, the event will be in Detroit (October 16th) and Los Angeles (December 4th) and I’m hoping it gains momentum so that by the time it’s in LA it’s a HUGE shopping market (perfect timing for the holidays) and becomes a hot ticket in town.

The band that has signed on to perform at all three of them is The Shadowboxers who are AWESOME. Justin Timberlake produces them and even shows up to sing at their concerts sometimes (in LA, anyway).

To help promote the B-corps involved and thank them for being the kind of business that cares about bettering society, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite pieces from each company. And if you are interested in being part of The Mercantile (and you are a B-corp) please email We are looking for a few more for Nashville and many more for Detroit and Los Angeles. The commitment is one day, where you bring lots of desirable product and there is no fee unlike other trade shows, instead a percentage of the sales goes to the house to cover costs.

Our hope is that these companies become more successful and that the causes that they give to benefit more and more. Our other hope is that more companies will become b-corps not just because giving back is the socially responsible thing to do, but because being a B-corp can actually help grow your business. Steve and Mat came up with the by-line, “Commerce, Cause, and Community.” And that really is it – it’s about having successful businesses while being able to give back. Win, win.

So here are the brands selling/being celebrated in Nashville:


Fashionkind sells women’s clothing and accessories,  but I’m REALLY into their home decor (of course), like their Handmade Brass Mask, Moroccan Embroidered Pouf, and Peace Basket. I just bought this dress over the weekend (which was not cheap, but again, you know it supports a good business).

Spencer Devine Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Spencer Devine:
Spencer Devine sells high-quality leather bags. I’m currently eyeing their WKNDR Bag in Navy and their Camel Backpack (pictured above).

Society B Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Society B:
Society B is like a fair trade department store. They sell clothing, accessories, home goods, everything. Some personal favorites are: Tatu Tray in Seafoam, Shegaw Scarf, and Mamuye Tote.


Equal Uprise:
Equal Uprise sells really cute accessories for your body and home. I’m loving their Loft Rug and the Traditional Fedora in Light Grey.

EPA Made Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

EPA Made:
Hello cutest kid-wear. They make great things for adults too, but I’m loving their kid stuff: Otterface Onsie, Whale T-Shirt, Baby Otter Pillow.

Nomad Collective Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Nomad Collective:
Art, home decor, and women’s wear – Nomad Collective is a great online source. Right now I’m loving their Joshua Tree Print, their Baule Textile, and their Fanny Penny Wall Hanging.

Raven and Lily Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Raven + Lily:
Eco-friendly clothing, accessories, home goods, you name it. I’m very into their Dyed Silk Pillow, Afghan Embroidered Pillow, and their Silk Cocoon Duster.

sseko Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Sseko makes bags and shoes (and has Sophia Bush as their spokeswoman!) My personal faves are: the Vintage Gold Loafers and the Drawstring Satchel but I love so many of their bags.

Tribe Alive Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Tribe Alive:
My new favorite shop for essential basics. I love their Brass Leather Wrap Bangle, Convertible Pocket Backpack, Dash Pillow Cover, and Tri Stripe Pillow Cover.

The Giving Keys Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

The Giving Keys:
The Giving Keys employs those transitioning out of homelessness by creating inspiring jewelry and apparel. I secretly really want their Best Friends Split Key Necklaces, except I’m one of those people who claim to have five best friends and that’s a lot of bling around my neck.

Jonas Paul Eyewear Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Jonas Paul Eyewear:
Kids eyewear for a cause. I mean, how cute are those right above? Also love these for boys.

Nisolo Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Some seriously high-quality shoes produced by makers who are extremely talented. Current favorites include: Ecuador Huarache Sandal in Bone and Oliver Oxford in Slate Grey,  oh, and these. Those are so perfect.

Project 615 Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Project 615:
Project 615 has tons of tee designs centering around their hometown Nashville, plus you can make custom gear too! I’m into their classic navy baseball cap and this Nashville Batman Onesie.

Thistle Farms Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Thistle Farms:
Thistle Farms supports women’s freedom through sales of home, bath, and body products. I’ve got my eye on their Woven Sisal Trivet and their cute stuffed monkeys.

Krochet Kids Mercantile Post Emily Henderson Design

Krochet Kids:
Krochet Kids sell bags, clothing, and accessories that provide jobs and support to communities in need. I love this super cute kid’s Owl Hat and their Bailey Dress for women.

Mercantile_Fair Trade_Artisan_Fashionable


Fashionable sells leather bags, accessories, jewelry, and housewares all constructed by women who give back to help and empower other women. I am loving their leather totes and simple jewelry.

Mercantile_Fair Trade_Artisan_Roma Boots

Roma Boots:

Roma Boots merges fashion with philanthropy to give poverty the “boot” through their rubber boot collection. Their mission is to bring impoverished children throughout the world hope, love, and lasting change through aid and education.

When they first brought the idea to me, I wanted to be involved so badly but my band-width to actually produce the event was ZERO this summer. So they have killed it pulling together the events and I’m so proud of them and excited to help be a part of the design and promotion of it. I’ll be at the one in LA, as I have a speaking engagement in Canada during the Nashville one, so please any Nashville Bloggers (or press or influencers) that want to go and give The Mercantile some social media love please email and let us know so we can get you in: Follow them on Facebook and Instagram: @themercantileevent.

We want to make this a huge event, with tons of people, sales, and fun. September 25th, 2pm – 8pm in Nashville at The Cannery. Purchase tickets here. And get even more info on The Mercantile Event here. 

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7 years ago

I LOVE THE SHADOWBOXERS so exited for this!

7 years ago

Why do you say “these ones” and “those ones”
is it something you’ve learned somewhere?
It totally doesn’t make sense, not to mention, it’s grammatically inaccurate and strange.
Why would you not promote, by example, via your vast forum, literacy and correct use of the English language?

7 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Hi Susan,

In your first sentence, you end without a question mark.
In your second sentence, you don’t capitalize your first word.
Your third sentence should be two sentences, rather than one with incorrect use of commas.

Or…we could all lighten up and enjoy some great content instead of criticizing, especially so early in the morning. Hope you have a great day!

7 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Shut up.

Martha Moore
7 years ago
Reply to  Susan

Plenty of people use that construction.

From the website

“Modern scholars, too, have used this construction. Here’s a recent example from Blooming English, a 2012 collection of observations by the British linguist Kate Burridge:
“These were just some of the nominees for the annual Doublespeak Awards—and these ones didn’t even win a prize.”
This modern example is from Emerging English Modals, a 2000 monograph on English auxiliaries by the linguist Manfred G. Krug: “Like previous maps, these ones too have to be taken with a good deal of caution.”
If you don’t trust the writing of linguists, here’s an example from The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature (Vol. 3, 2012), edited by David Hopkins and Charles Martindale:
“The effect produced by the epigrams in Rowe’s Lucan is indeed often one of dignity, but this can make them rather un-Lucanian. Take these ones, for instance, about the panic that grips Rome as Caesar approaches the city at the end of Book I.”

7 years ago
Reply to  Emily

Oh gosh!! One time, while student teaching in a third grade class, I used “these ones” and ” those ones” while being observed by my prof! He totally called me out on it in evaluations and I was completely clueless that it was improper! I faked like I knew what he was talking about, but I asked around afterward and found out it’s considered “hick-ish” who knew?! And language is my thing! (Except in blog comments bc on the Internets I don’t really care!). I’m from the Midwest though, so that’s my excuse. 😉

7 years ago

I just want to leave a comment so that Susan’s comment isn’t the final one showing.

I enjoy your blog!

7 years ago

Just want to give a shoutout to Jonas Paul Eyeware. My daughter, who is 4, has been wearing their glasses for the last 6 months and we get compliments every single day. We had a very hard time finding glasses that we’re cheesy or super cheap looking and JPE frames are so cute and modern and very affordable! For every pair of glasses they sell, they donate a portion to give sight to kids in need. I truly cannot recommend them enough.

7 years ago

The giving keys! The USA beach volleyball team (Kerri and April) were wearing these for good luck during their games! So cool.

7 years ago
Reply to  Barbara

That’s what it was! I was wondering why in the world she was wearing a key around her neck while jumping around. I thought it would be uncomfortable. That is so cool!

7 years ago

What a wonderful event!
Unfortunately, there is no possible way I could swing things to be at any of these events… so all I have to say is “speaking engagement in CANADA”???? Please tell us more! Canada is a big, BIG place and I need to know where!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Maggie

more info on Canadian speaking engagement puhleeease!!

7 years ago
Reply to  Maggie

Yes please!!!!! Would be very interested in attending if it’s in the Toronto area.

7 years ago
Reply to  Cayley

Oh, it’s in Vancouver (well now I feel creepy…):

7 years ago

The email to get in touch – – isn’t working. Would love to get in touch on this amazing event, so please let me know if there is another way to get in contact!

7 years ago

wish I was still living in LA :/

7 years ago

NISOLO SHOES – I have found my spirit shoe manufacturer. A whole website of all the shoes I can never find!!!!! Such perfect silhouettes, lovely leather textures, I’m currently nuts happy checking these out! Thank you!

7 years ago

Thanks for mentioning this. What a cool way to use your influence! My husband runs a social enterprise called and it is always amazing to see people who are using for profit business to do good for others.

7 years ago

I, too, love your blog which is a bright spot during my work week.

7 years ago

Love Krochet Kids intl.! Their beanies are my favorite for cold days.

7 years ago

Please come to the Detroit one! There is great vintage shopping to be had and you would love it!

7 years ago

What a neat list! I will use this as a reference for future purchases. I like these styles! For example, quality, unadorned leather bags, quality leather shoes. I will plan to buy something from here instead of from Madewell for my next bag.

I want to give a shoutout to Sseko Designs: their model not only helps the needy, but it “builds in” a system that helps those women get *out* of being in need. Their system requires their workers to use part of their pay for their own specific, job-creating education. I love their model!

7 years ago

I stumbled upon Society B recently and love that they give back! You get to choose the charity you want to support, and they donate 10% to it. I love doing good while shopping! This event will be fantastic!

7 years ago

Thanks for this post. I’ve been trying to put together a bookmark folder with some new and responsible shopping choices and you’ve done all the work for me.

Emily this post is awesome. Your idea of creatin post is phenomenal.
Thanks once again,

7 years ago

Your blog is really interesting and inspiration to many. I’ll be looking forward for more of your posts. Keep it up! Thanks for share..

7 years ago

This sounds like a great event! If you haven’t already watched the documentary True Cost (Netflix), I HIGHLY recommend it. It has motivated me to be even more mindful of what I purchase.

Stephanie Van Hoesen
7 years ago

So excited about this event! I seriously had to do a double take when I saw that the initial event was in Nashville. Just emailed about press coverage.

Bummed you won’t be there. But ecstatic about the collection you curated. Everything is top-notch. XO

7 years ago

This looks like a worthwhile event to be involved in, way to go! I appreciate you highlighting these brands on your blog for those of us who can’t attend a live event but want to support new ethical and sustainable brands.

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7 years ago

Would LOVE to see more posts about socially conscious businesses. I’m going to try to make the event in LA! Very excited, thanks for sharing 🙂

7 years ago

Thank you for your sharing, so useful information, great shoots.

7 years ago

I appreciate everything you have added to my knowledge base.. great post .

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