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Announcing…The 2018 Feel-Good Flash Makeover!

From: Sylvia’s Surprise Makeover: The Living Room

We’ve had a lot of announcements on the blog lately, from the new Rooms and Shop sections to our big 2018 Gift Guide landing page, but today, we have an announcement that makes us feel good. Ever since 2016, when we did Sylvia’s surprise makeover, we’ve been itching to recreate that same feeling, that happiness that you get deep down when you know you’ve helped someone; maybe even changed their lives for the better. So in the spirit of spreading all that warm and fuzzy holiday cheer and paying it forward, we’re announcing our first ever FEEL-GOOD FLASH MAKEOVER.

If you’re making your way over to this post from Instagram, you already have most of the key details (and probably are just looking for the email address to submit), but here’s the gist if you’re just joining us:

Do you know someone who’s had a rough year or time recently who is incredibly deserving of a home refresh to bring a little light into their life right now? We want to hear from you! From today until Monday, November 26, nominate one person or a family in the LA area who really needs their spirits lifted (or even someone who could really just use a room refresh they can’t afford) by sending us a photo of the nominee(s) as well as a picture of a room in their home that needs some love and a little bit about them/why you think they’d be the perfect pick for the makeover to We aren’t painting or bringing in new major pieces of furniture; it’s more pillows/bedding/lamps/decor…all the pretty pieces that make a tired room feel totally fresh and happy (because who doesn’t need a little freshness and happiness in their life right now?).

If you skipped over that last paragraph and just want some bullet points, here you go:

  1. Nominate one person or family in the LA area who really needs their spirits lifted/a room makeover they can’t afford. Ideally an EHD reader but not required.
  2. Send a photo of the nominee(s) and a photo of a room in their home that they’d love made over (for life, not necessarily holiday related…but we might add some of that, too).
  3. Tell us their story!
  4. Send all info & photos to
  5. Deadline: Nov. 26th. We will announce a winner on Nov. 27th so you have ONE WEEK (makeover to take place in early December)

We can’t wait to hear all about the nominees and start spreading that cheer, so go ahead…start nominating.

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4 years ago

This is so nice! Ive mentioned this before but Sylvia’s room inspired our master in our new addition! It’s almost done and I LOVE IT. <3. thx for what you do!

4 years ago

love this idea!!

4 years ago

I just watched the video from Sylvia’s makeover and someone must be chopping a whole bag of onions in my office. Beautiful story, family and design. Amazing.

4 years ago


4 years ago

Sylvia’s makeover is my most favorite ever! Look forward to this.

4 years ago

This is a fantastic idea. Nominations would be the ideal way to do this, but I would nominate anyone from Paradise. They had a horrible time. At least one family deserves this. Any chance this could turn into a bigger enterprise where we can all contribute and make them feel better?

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