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Americasmart picks and my new coffee table

I went to my first big furniture market a couple weeks ago.  Thats not true, I went to one when i was 22 in New York and was totally totally enamored and completely bummed that i couldn’t actually buy anything.  Well now, i have my resellers and this stuff is awesome, so here are my faves:

This piece was the one i was going to buy for myself except shipping it to LA was going to be $200 and the piece itself was $250 so i didn’t. Its a vintage English brass and tufted leather stool, otherwise known as ‘that piece that will take a room from cool to amazing, the piece that will undeniably set a room apart from other rooms’.  I wouldn’t sit on it so much, just look at it, spoon it, take photos of it.  But alas. 

Pretty coffee table – how glamorous indeed.  

Awesome English club chair in the most perfect worn leather.  I have the matching sofa to this that i got at a vintage store here in LA, but almost all of my clients want this right now.

Extremely great stools.  I’m getting over industrial REALLY REALLY fast, but when its combined with warm brown leather and its special, then i can still do it.

The ‘it’ sofa of the year.  I only wish it was vintage and it would be perfect.  And cognac leather instead of black, you know i don’t do black so well. 

I love these, but I hope they don’t start turning up EVERYWHERE.  Instead i bought 6 of these for a client:

They are for a dude, with pretty leather and stitching.  And the price (which will go nameless out of respect for other designers) was amazing.  

Pretty pretty vintage fans.  I’m sad i didn’t buy one of these, but maybe they’ll be at the NYIGF next week.  

Then i popped over to Scott’s flea market – a once a month affair in Atlanta.  It was great, but there are no steals happening here – they know what they have and what they should charge so by the time i factored in shipping and my markup, everything got to be very expensive for me and my clients.  But these captured my heart for a couple hours and i was EXTREMELY tempted:

They are 1950’s Italian rosewood campaign side tables and a matching coffee table. The wood is insanely beautiful – its a mosaic on top, all hand done and absolutely breathtaking. The scale is perfect, but the price was hard to swallow.  $1500 for the set – not a fortune and totally worth it to be honest.  But since we are saving for a house, i just couldn’t do it.  Shipping would be $300-400 and i’ve never spent so much money on anything before.  I thought about them for days and was seriously worried that i would regret it forever.  

The thing is, i don’t really want the set so much as just the coffee table (not pictured).  I wouldn’t put them all in the same room anyway and the vendor refused to break them up.  

Luckily i didn’t pull the trigger because last week i found my coffee table soul mate at a vintage store for $350. It was like in the fairy tale cartoons when the princess sees her prince and everything else goes blurry except him.  It’s love at first sight, they run to eachother and embrace and twirl and kiss.  It was just like that only the R rated version.  

I started freaking out that someone might beat me to it, even though no one else was in the store, so i panicked and walked briskly (without looking desperate) and stood next to it and then called for help to find the price (which wouldn’t matter, i was buying it no matter what…well as long as it was under $500 which i knew it would be) and then when he came over i acted cool and was all ‘hey papi, how much is this piece?’ and it was $400 and i offered $300 and he said $350 and i pulled the trigger.  It’s mine.  And i’m so happy.  

It has copper nails, beautiful hardware and its vintage but it in pretty great condition.  I need to move that other gold side trunk into another room, but first i need to have another room.  

That awesome rug is from Rugs USA and i love it.  And that animal in the background is my cat, General Meow, which is constantly looking like she is laying eggs – i swear her head gets smaller and her body gets bigger each day.  So we call her General Hen and she rolls her eyes at us.  Stupid humans.  

Who is all going to the NYIGF? i’ll be there next wednesday and thursday. Yes, my third trip this month, but what can you do.  

Off to boxing, that’s what you can do.  






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