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All The Design Content Creator Projects We Are Following Closely… Because They Are VERY Exciting To Watch

Is there anything more exciting than living vicariously through someone else’s design project?? It’s all the fun with none of the stress (unless you are HIGHLY invested and the person you are watching through your phone is going through a reno hardship). So we thought it would be fun to let you in on which projects, from some of our favorite design content creators, that we are keeping a very close eye on. I mean at our core we are design lovers, so it’s incredibly fun and inspiring to see what is up on the design/reno project scene. Now, this probably isn’t everyone (and doesn’t include our incredible contributors or alum) but these are the creators that popped up in our little ole brains first. Also, if you don’t follow ALL of these super-talented people I highly highly recommend you do. Your feed and eyes will thank you.

Now let’s start with an EHD all-time favorite…

Justina Blakeney’s New House

from: jungalow by the mountain

When I first saw that Justina bought a new home my heart jumped out of my chest. She is such an inspiring designer to me because A. She’s insanely talented and B. Our styles are pretty different thus expanding my brain. Very important if you ask me. So with every new house photo she posts, I (and the whole team) just soak it all up. If you haven’t seen or had a chance to check out her beautiful new home here is a post she wrote on it.

from: jungalow by the mountain

It’s so beautiful and going to be even more so as she continues to chip away. But one space she renovated immediately (as would I) was the pool. Following it on social was so fun and seemed like it took a second (clearly it didn’t). But it felt like all of a sudden she was swimming in it with truly the most joyous smile. We are SO happy for her and her family.

Here she is and here is the post about it!

from: jungalow by the mountain pool renovation

Very Jungalicious and we want in:) Can’t wait for more and follow Justina on her blog here and her Instagram here.

Wit and Delight’s House

If you don’t know about Kate Arends’ home then you are in for a TREAT! It’s a wildly colorful, fun home that has a ton of very special classic elements that are to die for. Truly a designer’s playground and we love watching every second of it. And more recent exciting news! They are very close to finishing construction on their kitchen renovation!

from: we’re a month away from being back in our kitchen! here’s a remodel update

We always love a kitchen renovation story as per our 1 million posts on the subject. We can’t wait to see it in all of this glory.

Here are some more photos of her home so you can clearly see why we are so excited and riveted…

from: 5 rooms in our house that look like film sets

Those shutters! They came with the home but we are so happy she kept them but spruced up the rest. Emily wrote a whole post about interior shutters so we are very down.

from: 5 rooms in our house that look like film sets

And this is the cutest library we’ve ever seen. The blue built-ins, the quiet but super fun wallpaper, the boucle (?) sofa! O and hello cabana striped folding screen. We are big fans of those too🙂 All of it is just joyful. Actually, that’s exactly how I would describe this home, joyful.

Follow Kate here on her blog and here on her Instagram.

Chris Loves Julia


From one beautiful home in Idaho to another in North Carolina that is going to be better and healthier for the Chris Loves Julia family! I mean after seeing the work they did on their last home I think it would be impossible to not be excited to see what they do next.

To be honest, after hearing about their moving horror story, we are beyond impressed how they have kept moving forward design-wise. Look at those beautiful new, lighter floors!

And for their guest house, Julia took matters into her own hands and painted those floors white on her own and they look great. We all can’t wait to see how this home unfolds and all the beautiful things they are going to do to it. To follow along head to their blog here and their Instagram here.

The Grit And Polish Main Bathroom

Emily (and the whole team) have been pouring over The Grit and Polish’s (Cathy and Garrett) home reno process. Fun fact! Their backyard was featured in our first #ShowEmYourDIY Backyard post. And while their backyard is beautiful, it was really only a taster of their extreme talent. They are DIYers which if you read my balcony post you know I GREATLY admire DIYers. Especially ones that actually do high-quality work. Next on their project list is their bathroom. Here’s a sneak peek…

Ah, we are EXCITED to see it all completed as I’m sure they are too. Because if it’s anything like the rest of their home it’s going to be stunning and very in line with a particular EHD farmhouse:) To follow along in their reno journey head here to their blog and here to their Instagram.

Shavonda Gardner’s Kitchen

Who isn’t excited about Shavonda’s new kitchen?!?! It was pretty before but now it has that beautiful punch of color, glorious wallpaper, and the copper pot collection one could only dream of. It’s been so thrilling to follow along and we can’t wait till we get the official reveal.


Also if you haven’t seen Shavonda’s new sofa above is a teaser. Ugh, it’s beautiful and was co-designed with the one and only Rose Beltran of Clad Home! The best part is that you can have it too if your heart so desires…which it likely will because baby it’s a beaut (and sustainably made and super fairly priced!). So aside from all of that excited Shavonda is also putting in a pool. Another incredibly exciting project to follow along with both here on her blog and here on her Instagram.

Joy’s House

Ok so technically Joy is on the other side of her HUGE reno journey but we are still getting the full deets on some of the spaces we haven’t fully indulged into yet like the guest bedroom post above or the guest house entry below. It’s all SO GOOD and fun and beautiful.

Plus, there really is so much to dig into and this house took so many years to be fully realized that we love continuing to take it in. This is one for the books. To make sure you are fully in the know head here to Joy’s blog and here to her Instagram.

Daniel Kanter’s Home

I was turned onto Daniel by Emily and am so happy she did. His work is soulful, eclectic, but more on the minimal side which I love. When he first bought his 1865 Greek Revival home it had been divided into two apartments so he’s been restoring it to a single-family home slowly but beautifully and surely. Look at these before and afters!!

He’s self-taught and completely nailing it so follow along here on his blog and here on his Instagram.

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s New Build

render from: sss new build!

I know! A true SSS original is upon us and we can’t wait to see what Sarah does. What we love about Sarah is that she creates such fun, elevated, and super unique spaces. So to get to see a home that is coming 100% from her design brain is SO AWESOME.

For example this bathroom! It’s on the trend-heavy side while still being totally unique so that it won’t be outdated. It will be cool forever. I mean that sconce?? Stop it.

from: our guest bathroom

And this door kills me. SO GOOD. Plus I’m a real sucker for a checkered pattern.. still:)

Follow Sarah here on her blog and here on her Instagram so you don’t miss any of the likely out-of-this-world stunning details.

Valeria Joacob’s Kitchen

I really just love Valeria. Her designs are warm and layered (and DIY’d) and her content is super creative and fun. A total win! So when she announced that her kitchen was next up on the project list I was thrilled. I can only imagine how daunting and excited it must be to DIY a kitchen but as proven by the next two spaces I’m going to show you, no one over here is worried for them:)

See what I mean?! So inviting, approachable, and beautiful. I really love the floors and the wooden beam but it’s all great.

And here’s a family room that she designed for a friend and I don’t know about you but I would happily lounge in that cozy yet calm space.

You can catch all of Valeria on her blog here and her Instagram here.

Hilton Carter’s House


When I say “OOOOO Baby” I’m not just talking about Hilton and wife, Fiona’s, new nursery (which I talked about in this post too). Watching them build and design their dream home has just been amazing. So many special details and cool ideas. Here’s a little taste…

They decided that they wanted to change their floorplan a bit and switched the location of the kitchen and dining room (hence why the “befores” look incorrectly placed:)) And I know you can’t tell from this photo (go to his Instagram) but those “dots” on the wall are beautiful ceramic (?) wall art pieces. I have been toying with doing some 3-D wall art in my living room and this makes me absolutely want to go for it. O and did you notice the curved entry??? I’m telling you, it’s all awesome.

This brings me to their kitchen – modern, warm, and that hood! Basically, this home renovation is a total thrill ride to watch so if you aren’t following Hilton WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!

Banyan Bridge’s New Home

The whole team is a fan of Rachael Jackson. The murals are incredible and her designs are fun and bold, with a lot of warmth. You might remember her basement kitchen from our ORC post. How cool and awesome was it??? Here’s another little sampling…


See what I mean by fun?? This brings me to the project we are VERY excited about which is her new home (before photos below). It’s vintage, PATTERENED, and we can wait to see what she has in store for it.

To also follow along, head here for her blog and here for her Instagram.

These creators truly give us so much inspiration and we hope you also give them the love they deserve by also following along. And like I said at the beginning of the post, these aren’t the only designers/creators we are excited about but these were some of the ones that are super top of mind. Hope you are inspired too! But also drop any design content creators that have awesome projects going on! We wanna know about them all. Happy Monday.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design and Photo by Cathy and Garrett of The Grit and Polish

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1 year ago

Such a well-curated list of content creator projects! My IG feed is going to be more beautiful and inspiring thanks to you!!

1 year ago

I have to recommend Sara Le as a follow. She and her husband and two kids are constantly doing amazing DIY projects with so much creativity and high style. They really deserve a mention. Here is a link to their DIY fluted wood kitchen, all made by them: Don’t be fooled by the ‘befores’ that look like most of people’s ‘afters’. Keep scrolling until you get to the fluted cabinets. And here’s her instagram:

1 year ago

This post was a fun way to start the week! Some of these designers were old friends and a few were new to me. Thanks Jess for putting together such an interesting post.

1 year ago

Saw Emily’s Instagram about the couch breaking and not knowing how to fix it. Stack some hardcover large books on the floor to support the missing legs and call it good for now. You have bigger fish to fry as you settle in. Good luck!

1 year ago

If anyone else is moving, here’s a government site with basic info before you hire anyone:

1 year ago

The second photo under Daniel Kanter is not of his home, it is another home he is fixing up. And it’s “delved into,” not “indulged into.” But nice post overall.

Roberta Davis
1 year ago

Lots of great inspiration!

1 year ago

That’s Daniel Kanter’s Bluestone Cottage kitchen makeover, not his home. But beautiful nonetheless and I’m so happy to see him on your list. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his writing style, authenticity and, of course, amazing work.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Daniel Kanter is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve been following his work since he was an undergrad in a UES rental, and it is always SUCH a pleasure to read his playful, thoughtful, eloquent writing.

Amy F.
1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

I think Daniel Kanter might be a genius. His entryway reveal almost brought me to tears.

1 year ago
Reply to  Amy F.

Not just you– I actually teared up! He put such an incredible amount of tedius backbreaking work into it and the payoff was so worth it. It’s weird to say I’m super proud of him when I don’t really know him, but I am!

1 year ago
Reply to  Jennifer

Another vote for Daniel. I have been following him since he was in Manhattan and just love him and his style of writing (and his IG stories) so much.

1 year ago

I really like the balance of difference in your curated group of designers (a nice mix of styles and something for everyone), Jess, and I love a good, simple DIY too!
This was fun. Thank you. 😊

1 year ago

This is a great list, and a super lovely concept for a post.

1 year ago

UGH i quit IG and am MISSING design people 🙁
following some blogs to make up for it <3

Such a fun round up and most of these are projects I have been following along with too!!

1 year ago

Oh my god you guys need to be following @CassMakesHome – her recent bathroom reno was my own personal reality television show. I was HOOKED. Definitely check her out.

1 year ago

It’s quite inspiring and beautiful to watch the projects. Really glad that i have seen a wonderful content.

1 year ago

Thank you for this! So exciting to have more to dig into 🙂

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