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Link Up: Emily’s $30 Thanksgiving-Ready Flowy Dress, A Practical $20 Gift For The Cook On Your List, & More Early Black Friday Sales

It’s that time of the week again and we’re here to deliver you all the goods (and some great pre-Black Friday sales that are AWESOME). Can you guys believe turkey day this coming week?? Hopefully, you have some great plans to spend it with your loved ones this year. Well, enough with the small talk, we’re ready when you are, so scroll on down and let’s get to linking.

This week’s home tour is a new reveal from one of our awesome contributors, Albie! She finished her One Room Challenge ‘flex lounge’ space that’s VERY hardworking and functional. So if you need some inspo for a multi-purpose room then head over here to check it out.

From Emily: You might remember last year I begged my more beauty/smell expert friends to find me a perfume that’s great and they both agreed that Kai smells good on literally everyone and nobody doesn’t not like it. The first time I put it on I snuggled up to watch a movie with Brian and kids and everyone, EVERYONE, was like ‘mama you smell goooooood’. It’s not overpowering, just a nice floral/gardenia scent that I LOVE. I bought the lotion and the rollerball and after 1 year of wearing it, it’s still going strong.

Also From Emily: A reader linked this dress as a good Thanksgiving outfit in the comments in last week’s Link Up & I wore it for our holiday Target shoot a few weeks back and can attest that it is GREAT. It’s a comfortable, cute corduroy material, has a great cut, and is awesomely relaxed (perfect for Thanksgiving). I love a balloon sleeve & high neck (with a ruffle) combo, so this totally fits the bill.

From Mallory: Readers, meet my favorite sweater, sweater, these are the EHD readers. It’s a Madewell button-down beauty that makes it so you don’t have to choose between a comfy cardigan or a pullover sweater. Very casually cute and a totally great everyday look, I am very into it. Plus, it’s originally $99 but now it’s on sale for $60 and then you can get it for $48 if you use code OHJOY. I know… so it’s half off! Enjoy this good quality sweater at a better quality price 🙂 Happy Sunday!

From Ryann: I am really into clothing rental services like Rent The Runway especially for big events like weddings. I don’t like buying clothes I’ll likely not wear again so renting is my go-to for formal occasions. My friend recently told me about Nuuly which is another rental service that is more geared for everyday clothing so I decided to try it. I love it and they have sooo many brands to choose from plus if you really love something you can purchase it for a discounted price. It’s $88 a month and you can rent up to 6 pieces! If you like to try before you buy or even just try out new trends I think you will love it as much as I do.

From Caitlin: I just learned that one of my childhood best friends (we were ice skating teammates in 2001!) is like, AN INCREDIBLE CROCHET-ER. She’s my age and the mom of five under the age of 8 so I have NO IDEA where she found the time to learn this skill but I have just been BLOWN AWAY by her Instagram. If you’re in the mood to support a small business, give her a look (she doesn’t know I’m writing this, but her Facebook did say that she had a “very quick” turnaround time, so let’s send some orders her way!!!). My favorites: the cutest festive bonnet I’ve ever seen,  this sweet little cardigan, this awesome bobble sweater (very Madewell for minis), and this full-on unicorn stuffy!!!

From Jess: Historically, Les Bunge refuses to give my brother and I ANY ideas for gift gifts that he might want. So when he called me and said he wanted this gift I was PUMPED. All he wants is the Ove Glove (I definitely got him something else, don’t worry). But let me tell you that the man wouldn’t shut up about how amazing they were (I guess he used them at an Airbnb or something). Arlyn also has raved about them so y’all, I think this is an affordable slam dunk gift for anyone on your list that likes to cook.

Also From Jess: The best news just came out! Tabitha Brown has her own kids show on YouTube called Tab Time. It’s meant for kids 3-5 (and their parents) and I can’t imagine a more wonderful person to be spreading love and creativity. The show doesn’t officially launch until Dec 1st but watch the trailer and subscribe now!


Annie Selke has been an EHD go-to for rugs for a long time. Probably the true EHD rug love is the Citra Grey rug. We have used it in countless projects because it works with basically every style and is just cool. So if you are in the market for a rug (or bedding or decor), They are having a big ole 20% off site wide sale with a special code so you guys have access even earlier!! Just use: GIVEJOY

Schoolhouse Electric: 10% off everything!!! Plus 15% off if you spend $50 or more. We love Schoolhouse (local Portland yay!) so grab a gift while their stuff is discounted!

Lulu and Georgia: 25% off your purchase with code THANKFUL! That’s an awesome deal – site wide, guys!! GO GO!

Minted: If you want to grab a holiday card/new years card, Minted is doing 15% off all holiday cards & 20% off if you use their recycled paper! Em just got her cards done from Minted (we’ll share them on stories VERY soon), but feel free to snag yours now!

Eclectic goods is having a sale wahoo! Use code EARLYSTART for some 15% off action!! Home decor items make great gifts for family members in our opinion so why not snag some while it’s on sale! Our picks are this marble chainthese vases, and these found bowls.

Material‘s third annual Kinder Kitchens Sale is running through November 30th. Kinder Kitchens is an opportunity to give back to organizations supporting Material’s community. For every discount you receive (up to 20% off sitewide), you’ll have the option to give a donation from your discount to Star Route Farm’s food access work. Star Route Farm, this year’s Kinder Kitchens partner, is an organic farm on a mission to confront the inequities in our current food system through crop donation and investment in an organic regional food movement. In partnership with food pantries, mutual aid groups and organizations throughout New York State working to end food insecurity within often overlooked communities, Star Route Farm directly donates the vast majority of their harvest to those in need. 100% of all donations from the Kinder Kitchens sale will benefit Star Route Farm’s Food Access work. Material is hoping to surpass their donation amount from this initiative last year, which was $20k. Jess has the panknives and board and loves them all so much.

Industry West: An EHD favorite that is giving 20% Off Black Friday Sale sitewide plus an additional 10% off trade favorites! Truly their stuff is awesome so go check em out.

Macy’s is starting Black Friday early, so check out their deals here. Our picks would be this air fryer for $60 (originally $135) and this $8 turkey roasting rack (originally $30)…the turkey one is very timely.

Nordstrom has some Black Friday deals going on now through the actual day. Our picks are: The Always Pan set ($45 off!!), APL shoes (Mallory gave these to her mom last year and she loves them…plus they’re RARELY on sale), or this cute smeg toaster that’s 25% off. Two new things were added: these Food52 silicone lids we’ve always loved and Caitlin’s over the sink drying rack!

That’s all for this week! Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving – we are grateful for all of YOU! See ya next time 🙂

Opening Image Credit: Design by Albie Buabeng | Photography by Ellie Lillstrom | via Albie Knows

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2 years ago

Kai smells good on literally everyone and nobody doesn’t not like it.” – This means that nobody likes it.

2 years ago
Reply to  B

I did not like this scent and it smelled horrible on me, so no…it doesn’t smell good on everyone nor does everyone not like it. 😉

2 years ago

Every post this week has been about products to buy. Where is the farmhouse content or anything?

2 years ago
Reply to  An

I mean, this is the Link Up…

But generally, yes, gift guides are not as enjoyable to read as anything design-related.

Daily content is hard!

2 years ago

BOOKS Read Karin Tanabe’s A Woman of Intelligence. Adaptation of her book The Gilded Years (but titled A White Lie) starring Zendaya in the works. Read Mary Kay Andrews’ fun and fast The Santa Suit. Listened to Chandler Baker’s The Husbands read by Allyson Ryan, the August 2021 Good Morning America Book Club pick. How far will mothers go to get helpful husbands? Listened to Carolyn Fyffe’s An American Duchess read by Stina Nielsen. Standard G-rated romance with a side of mystery and a twist of Western. My 100 book goal for this year looking doubtful: currently at 89 with “book time” on a collision course with the holidays. WATCHED Episode 3 of Season 4 of “Yellowstone” from Paramount. Most of Season 10 of “Shameless” on Showtime (on Netflix too). UCLA/USC football game at the LA Coliseum (in LA this week visiting our daughter at school, go Bruins!). Amazing timeline of events held at “The Greatest Stadium in the World”  OTHER Interesting list of top social media accounts by platform: Small collages by Portland artist Hilary Pfeifer under $50: and Nordstrom holiday experiences (breakfasts or Santa video calls, letters and greetings): Cute paint by number… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

Thank you for posting “Books”, “Watched”, and “Other” every Sunday. I’ve been enjoying it.
Good luck reaching your goal of 100 books read in 2021!

2 years ago
Reply to  Kj

thanks for the link to the Hilary Pfeifer website. I purchased a collage.