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The Link Up: The $15 Dress Birdie Wore 4 Days In A Row, GREAT Candle Recs From Caitlin, & Another Show To Binge


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Hello friends and welcome back. How is everyone doing? We hope you are getting enough rest and staying safe. And before we get to today’s link up, we want to extend an enormous thank you to all the healthcare workers, first responders, grocery store workers, and everyone else who has been putting their lives at risk day after day. The world is indebted to your service. THANK YOU.

If you were looking for a home tour that is all things happy, colorful, eclectic, grannmillenial AND full of wicker, look no further. Today’s home tour is straight EYE CANDY and the pick me up that we all needed.

From Emily: “Birdie has worn this 4 days in a row (gross) and is OBSESSED with it. Brian bought it for Easter a while ago, but we pulled it out early for fun and so glad we did.”

From Ryann: “Have you guys watched Tiger King on Netflix yet??? OH BOY. My boyfriend and I started watching it and tore through 4 episodes in one night. There is so much to unpack but I NEED to find out what happened to Carole’s husband!!”

From Julie: “If you’re a Wes Anderson film lover like I am then you should follow this instagram that I came across the other day. It is filled with beautiful, picturesque photos of places that looked like they fell out of one of his iconic films.”

From Jess: “One of my favorite writers on the internet is Haley Nahman. She was recently ManRepeller’s Features Editor before she decided to part ways with MR (the week we all went into Quarantine) to go freelance. Anyway I’ve gushed about her before but on Friday she announced that she is starting a weekly newsletter called Maybe Baby. It was the piece of news that I didn’t know I needed until it happened. So please go and support her because she is truly great and her words always end up somehow being an escape into myself. The good kind:)”

From Caitlin: “This candle from Target isn’t an exact dupe for Anthropologie’s signature Capri Blue ‘Volcano’ scent, but it’s only 9.99 and definitely exists in the same sort of tropical, fruity family. I also burn Bali Sunrise in my bedroom and Coconut Sea Salt in my kitchen. I bought all 3 in late October and just finally finished (and re-purchased!) all 3 — have any of you tried any other scents in this line? (Or do you have any other cheap candle recs? I’m all ears!)”

From Sara: “My link for this week is actually just a playlist I made on Spotify. It’s filled with almost three hours of my current favorite upbeat music that I’ve blasting – perfect for when you need to take a dance break in order to keep morale high. But be warned, not all the songs are kid friendly (language). Hot tip – If you want to create a semi-DJ experience you can turn on your ‘crossfade’ in your settings which means that songs will fade into and out of each other rather than having a clean break between songs. You just go to your settings, and then click on ‘advance settings.’ I have my cross fade set to 5 seconds.”

From Veronica: “Tender Greens has four new grocery boxes for very affordable prices that you can get delivered right to your door (items vary depending on availability), but this is awesome! Might have to try it out. :)”

That’s all for now. Thank you, as always, for continuing to support the blog and sharing your time with us. It means the world. xx

Fin Mark


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Just discovered Tiger King also. It’s all my friends and I can talk about on our virtual happy hours as we all watch the episodes! So many social issues packed into the craziest show any of us have ever seen. You couldn’t make the story up if you tried!! Plus it makes for meme gold! Timing for its release couldn’t have been any better.

Man, I need to start this show today!


Just commenting to say “thank you.” Your daily posts put normalcy into my life that is anything but that.

Thank you so so much for saying this! That is our main goal<3


Your blog is giving me life these days! Thank you! ?

You are so welcome and thank you for saying that!!


That home tour is serious eye candy! I could never have that much stuff in my house, but it definitely appeals to my alter ego, who is all things floral and stripes, pink, lacy, vintage, and mass collections.

I 100% agree. When I first saw it my heart leaped but I need a “quieter” space to actually live in)


I told my husband I need just one room to do like this. But I also say that I want a room just for LEGO, too. So many specialized rooms to appeal to all the parts of our personality.


Caitlin: The dupe for the Capri Volcano candle is from that same line at Target and it’s called Island Moonlight! Trader Joe’s Mango candle (seasonal) is also a dupe for it!

OMG WHAT. I HAVE NEVER ORDERED SOMETHING SO FAST. This may have to be my link next week, haha — “here’s the ACTUAL dupe, thanks to Lacey”


Yes, Island Moonlight is amazing. I keep them stocked in my house so I can burn them all the time. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like Anthropologie, especially these days when we are spending most of our time at home? 🙂


Love these Sunday “chats”. Would love to see Ellie in that dress.

I know you could chalk this up partially to traditional maximalism coming back in style. But I’ve been seeing UK home design highlighted EVERYWHERE lately and I am totally here for it.


Emily – just wanted to say that since your new website launch, the ads are more local to me! As in, Australian and relevant.
So, instead of completely ignoring them, or zooming in to get them out of sight, I’ve clicked on a few for further info.
This is a biggie, coz I’m so not a consumer.


@ Sara, took your amazing Spotify playlist with 5 second cross fade adjustment on my 4 mile walk this morning. It was amazing and helped keep me moving and cheerful the entire way!! Please continue to add to it and thanks for sharing it with us. Your Get Dancing Playlist is now in my saved Library of go-tos. ?


Just ordered a bunch of candles from Target. I will quarantine in a fabulously scented home.


Can you recommend some of your favorite clean-burning candles? Cheap, nice smelling ones are great but so much of the time they are full of chemicals that create the pleasant smell. I used to have my go-to shops where I could buy these; but since it’s now closed I’m looking for an online alternative. Thanks!


Have you checked to see if any of your regular shops have started doing local shipping or curbside service? That’s what local storte in my town are doing and it’s between great. I’m hoping it will make the difference between them closing permanently and being able to bounce back from the quarantine.

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