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The “Parisian Art Deco” Style: Lighting + A Roundup

Photo by Tessa Neustatdt

Happy Friday Folks, or as they say in Paris…. “bon vendredi!” – (did I try to hard on that one?!) . In case you missed it, a few weeks back we introduced you to the Parisian Art Deco style that has recently been gaining popularity and that we are very much into. It’s timeless meets modern in all the right ways and although we can’t claim that every French Pied-a-terre may have this style, we do love the influence and vibes that these rooms are giving us so we wanted to break it down further for you so that you can get the look if you are into it.

003 Restaurantno2
Photo Source

Today we are diving into the lighting category and boy does this style do it well. We’ve pulled together some of our favorites for you in the ceiling, floor, wall and table lamp category later in the post but to start, let’s break down what is happening up on the ceiling.

Hotel Henriette
Photo Source

If you haven’t already noticed, this style LOVES a round opaque globe – whether that be perfectly round, slightly oblong, or blown into an organic shape. A good portion of the lighting that we see in this style, especially on the ceiling does involve some form of it.

Photo Source

I mean… come on, that light above is so beautiful, and so well proportioned. I might need to find the perfect place for it in a new project. I digress. In the ceiling category you will also see a handful of options in what we are going to call the “orb and stick” type. This is definitely not the official name for this type of lighting, but for our intents and purposes it will suffice.

Photo Source

It consists of a long skinny metal arm that has large orb/globe spheres attached on the end of it. Think of it like a dumbdumb sucker but on your ceiling, and my does that ceiling look delicious.

Oretta Toronto 10
Photo Source

Here are a handful of our “Parisian Art Deco” inspired favorites at all different price points for the ceiling.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Lighting Ceiling Roundup

1. Glass Pebble Pendant | 2. Black & Brass Chandelier | 3. Sphere & Stem Pendant | 4. Long-arm Chandelier | 5. Haleigh Pendant | 6. Cypress Chandelier | 7. Bistro Chandelier | 8. Sommerard Chandelier | 9. Cedar & Moss Semi-flush Mount | 10. Aurora Surface | 11. Bell Black Flush Mount | 12. Bower Chandelier | 13. Prescott Semi-flush Mount | 14. Cedar & Moss Pendant | 15. Conical Branching Chandelier | 16. Dome Hammered Metal Pendant | 17. Georgette Clear Pendant | 18. Contrapesso Globe Pendant

Next up we have floor and table lamps. There are a few iconic motifs to note in this one. No matter the shape, form or type of lamp, this style loves a combination of polished and brushed metal as well as a combo of black and brass. Rather than a lot of adornment an excessive detail the style focuses on simple shapes in refined finishes and then echoes them in a different finish or scale.

009 Hotelhenrietta
Photo Source

You can see that exemplified in the above lamp where the base and top of the shade are in a brushed finish and then the metal shade has a polished finish.  You’ll also see the globe motif which we already discussed echoed in this one as well as some tailored shaded options. In general they are all in very simple shapes, one to two finishes, and are simple in detailing.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Lighting Table Roundup

1. Arched Table Lamp | 2. Edendale Task Lamp | 3. Mister Table Lamp | 4. Visor Task Lamp | 5. Marble Stack Table Lamp | 6. Sphere & Stem Table Lamp | 7. Copy Cat Table Lamp | 8. Ina Task Lamp | 9. Bell Table Lamp | 10. Nouveau Table Lamp | 11. Stacked Marble Lamp | 12. Clemente Table Lamp | 13. Stand Table Lamp | 14. Dylan Table Lamp | 15. Warner Table Lamp | 16. Black Desk Lamp | 17. Pepin Table Lamp | 18. Pepin Table Lamp

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Lighting Floor Roundup

1. Shany Floor Lamp | 2. Pearl Column Floor Lamp | 3. Eleana Floor Lamp | 4. Iron Hairpin Floor Lamp | 5. Menlo Floor Lamp | 6. Dauphine Floor Lamp | 7. Straight Tree Floor Lamp | 8. Black and Brass Floor Lamp | 9. Amato Tripod Floor Lamp | 10. Triangulate Floor Lamp | 11. Katia Floor Lamp | 12. Cypress Floor Lamp | 13. Globe Floor Lamp | 14. Gigi Floor Lamp | 15. Cylinder Floor Lamp

011 Hotelbienvenue
Photo Source

Last but not least we have wall sconces which echo a lot of what we have already discussed (large globes, black and brass colors, mix of finishes) but in this specific category you will also find some very simple shaded options. Whether that is a black shade on a black sconce like the picture below or a white shade with a black band like the one above, a simple drum shade is a very classic shape and one that will always work in this style.

Livingetc House Tours 5 The Chromologist
Photo Source

In addition to the fabric shaded options like in the examples above the metal shaded options are also very popular and work well in this style. If you need an example you can referance the gorgeous setup below. I’m not sure I would ever be able to keep my desk/vanity/whatever it is that clean, but I am very inspired by this shot and by that simple and elegant light.

Gf Mlab Quarzo Greige Amb1 Studio
Photo Source

Here are some of our favorite wall sconces.

Emily Henderson Parisian Art Deco Lighting Wall Roundup1

1. Contrapesso Sconce | 2. Marianne Swing Wall Lamp | 3. Pearl Sconce | 4. Simone Double Sconce | 5. Wildwood Sconce | 6. Adjustable Double Sconce | 7. Bautista Wall Sconce | 8. Brass Nook Wall Sconce | 9. Refined Rib Sconce | 10. Conifer Sconce | 11. Lorita Sconce | 12. Chelsea Double Sconce | 13. Plate Brass Wall Sconce | 14. Gumball Sconce | 15. Fernanda Sconce | 16. Moss Sconce | 17. Bower Sconce | 18. Myers Sconce

Do you guys have any favorites from the list or any that you have used in a different room that isn’t particularly “Parisian Art Deco”? Let us know below and we will see you Monday with a week full of exciting new announcements on the blog. TGIF and “a beintot mon ami” (tried too hard again on that one didn’t I?).

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6 years ago

Wow, thank you this was great!
No wonder Parisian styling is so popular, thanks for sharing the source photos. Those first 2 photos in particular are out of this world, (of course yours being one of them).
Besides custom, do any of you other design lovers know where I can get those brass wrapped edge bistro tables, in the second photo? or if custom who?, I am in NY.
Thanks in advance.

6 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Hi Melissa,

Thank you that table is great, I appreciate you taking the time to share, I am glad I asked.
Thanks again

Adam Doughty
6 years ago

Wow! Thanks for sharing wonderful post. I got good ideas from this blog.

Caroline @ The Hyphenated Home
6 years ago

I adore this style. I actually have a bunch of the lamps on this list– a sculptural light always speaks to me. You listed the other Bower lamps from West Elm, but I want to plug the floor lamp because I have it and I love it– such beautiful warm light and beautiful proportions.

6 years ago

Love the style, but would be scared to buy some of the lighting pieces shown. Actually, I’m looking for similar pieces but slightly more ‘timeless’ in nature and in a more appropriate size for the home I have. This is really hard though. I appreciate this round-up.
I actually thought that the West Elm chandelier (#15) would be ideal. It seems to have such great proportions. But in person it is simply too big. It also looks cheap, and not like real metal and brass. What’s up with all those companies making huge chandeliers but not offering scaled down options more proper for 8′ ceilings and 10’x12′ dining rooms. If they sell something big for 1 500, i might afford it at 500 if they created a smaller or scaled down version. On the other hand, smaller versions typically aren’t very refined or sophisticated, quality is also bad.

6 years ago
Reply to  Lane

I meant that chandeliers created for smaller rooms (typically not available in upscale stores) aren’t very refined or good quality.

Doris Leslie Blau
6 years ago

There is nothing more perfect than a Parisian chic!

6 years ago

Let’s not forget parisian art deco was big in the 80’s too and you’d be surprised the amount of this style you’ll find thrifting…!!

I purchased a bunch of globe lights from an 80’s reno and painted the metal a more modern gold, cleaned up the opaque globes and voila!

6 years ago

Off-topic, but I just bought the September Real Simple and loved the spread about your home! So much fun to see big page spreads instead of my small phone screen. Your home is beautiful! Such a perfect balance of cohesive design and real-life living. Way to go Emily!!

6 years ago

love the post! Omg looks so lovely!

I am french, and just for your French class today, here is the ‘mot du jour ‘ as : ‘bon vendredi! ”
et “A bientot mon ami!!

Mike Lolich
6 years ago

The sleeker and curvilinear styles of Art Deco are one of my Favorites! The blocky stuff I can do without.

6 years ago

Love all of these lights. I guess I am now a fan of art deco lighting.

6 years ago

Would you be able to tell me the source for the bed in the first photo?

6 years ago

I smiled when I read your French… you’re so cute ^^ (but it’s “à bientôt”… I know, accents are a pain, I can go on and on about my visit to the Social Security administration, as I have accents, a hyphen AND a space in my name). Also: “pied-à-terre”. Don’t bother correcting your article, just use it wisely to be French-ish in front of your friends (which means snobbish, superior, and, if you are going to try the Parisienne style, downright bitchy). (I can say that, I’m French and I live happily in sunny CA).

Well, that post was fantastic. This style is so unusual and out there, yet I really dig it. I’m looking for a place to use those UO black double sconces. By the way, any advice as to how to chose sconces for a very narrow and steep staircase ? I don’t want people to bump into them, but I need light in there. At which height should I hang them ? I’d appreciate some ideas.
6 years ago

Loved the simplicity and minimalist styles. Stunning choices!

6 years ago

Ceiling light #9 !!!! Floor lamp #2 !!! Tres chic.

Well, actually all of them are. But those two… I also thought ceiling lights # 2 and # 8 would be great for a high low post (you’ve probably already used them).

6 years ago

Hello. Could you tell me the source for the bedside table in the first photo? Thanks

6 years ago
Reply to  Shelly


6 years ago

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6 years ago

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6 years ago

6 years ago

So not my style (and sincerely hoping this style does not gain any more popularity), but to each his/her own.

6 years ago

Thanks for the post.

6 years ago

OMG can we talk about the velvet chairs in photos 2 & 4. Amazing.

duck soup
6 years ago

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Again, I recognize that this amazing content is free to me and so I shouldn’t be complaining. 🙂 It’s just something to consider.

6 years ago

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