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A Whimsical Fall (Holiday + Year-Round TBH) Tablescape In Our Sunroom

A few weeks ago Anthropologie reached out about a social media partnership and in true “over-deliver” EHD fashion, I thought it was too pretty (IMHO) not to shoot it for the blog, too. If I’m being honest, I just love shooting this room so much because it’s so pretty. I’ll use any excuse to take the styling in a different direction because it really brings me a lot of joy. These kinds of contained, fast, and beautiful shoots (with flowers) are why I got into styling in the first place. If I could do this all day every day I would. I curated the look based on products I truly loved and wanted for myself, and the color palette is both fall and holiday. So today is really just a show and tell, and hopefully some inspiration for any dinner parties you have coming up for any season, honestly.

Blue Floral Platter | Blue and Floral Pitcher

It all started with the blue floral platter and pitcher (and plates that were on back order but I REALLY want them), because my inner English grandma LOVES this color and floral motif so much. If I had registered for fancy china when we got married, these would have been them.

Grecian Bust Pot | Orange Glass Vase | Wine Glass Vase

Then my next love has to go to the scallop placemats (that also come as napkins and in other colorways). They literally couldn’t be more perfect with my green chairs.

Placemat | Pink Plate | Pink Bowl | Napkin | Gold Flatware | Wine Glass

I ordered more napkin options from them but not all arrived in time and at first I was nervous about the color palette – the orange/red tone of the napkins, light mauve plates with the purple glasses, mossy green, bright blue, and amber – it just isn’t a palette I’ve played with before – but my goodness it turned out to be unexpectedly fun. It’s a lot going on, but somehow really works.

It’s all a very good reminder that I need to go outside my color comfort zone πŸ™‚ Purple and brick red aren’t usually my go-to’s and look at them shine! It makes me appreciate what an unexpected palette does for a vibe (it feels exciting, I guess?)

Candlestick Holders | Taper Candles

Also, the champagne brass (lighter and almost in between gold and silver) is such a pretty, warm, and less in-your-face metallic. Originally, I had ordered the candle holders in white (which I think I still prefer) but the flatware with these champagne brass candles was a lovely subtle warm tone. And the Grecian lady pot is now on my credenza and hangs out with me on my writing days.

I hope this brightens up your Tuesday like it did mine (it’s so rainy here so staring at these photos that we shot last week when it was so bright and sunny makes me really happy). Everything linked below. xx

Sunroom Resources:

Tile: Pratt + Larson
Windows and Doors: Sierra Pacific
Skylights: Velux
Lighting: Rejuvenation
Wall Paint Color: SW 7006 Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Dining Table: Elsie Green
Dining Chairs: Crate & Barrel
Credenza: Crump & Kwash

Tablescape Resources:

Blue Floral Platter
Blue and Floral Pitcher
Grecian Bust Pot
Orange Glass Vase
Wine Glass Vase
Pink Plate
Pink Bowl
Gold Flatware
Wine Glass
Candlestick Holders
Taper Candles

*Styled by Emily Henderson (me!)
**Photos by Kaitlin Green

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9 months ago

It sure did brighten my Tuesday πŸ™‚ thank you!

9 months ago

this is SO lovely!! I feel like it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a tablescape and I didn’t realize how much I missed them! Here’s one vote for more of this, especially leading into the holidays πŸ™‚

9 months ago

Love it! What a beautiful color palette.

Monique Wright Interior Design
9 months ago

I love Anthro so much!

I actually have that lady in my office. I feel like she elevates my supplies a bit. πŸ˜‰ (I actually wrote out β€œlady head” – but then realized that sounded, ummmm… πŸ˜‚)

9 months ago

This color palette is beautiful! I love the way the rust – mauve – purple play with each other and the green placemats and chairs with the blue floor are so grounding. It is lovely.

9 months ago

Oh my! It definitely brightened up my rainy day! It’s so satisfying when we are forced out of our comfort zone and land on something so delightful. Right? Such pretty things. You made my day. And Anthro will be happy to hear that I’m on my way. πŸ˜‰

9 months ago

Wow, just beautiful. More tablescapes, please! PS I’ve been leaning into a brick/rust color for about three years now, starting with cushions for our summer porch. It’s a GREAT neutral. I’m currently thinking about painting our kitchen that color! The kitchen configuration (glass, molding, cupboards, brick) means it would be more accent color than wall color.

9 months ago

This looks amazing!

9 months ago

This is beautiful and color combos are refreshing. I would love to see your regular day-to-day table setting with dinnerware, flatware, glasses, etc. We are desperately in need of a redo and I have no idea where to start. Very curious what you are doing in your fabulous new setting!
Thank you for all your wonderful inspirations!