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A Sunday post. What am I, crazy?

huh, look at the sunday blogpost won’t you? – weird.  You’re not supposed to blog on a sunday, its an unspoken blogging rule (aka, so few people reads blogs on the weekend so it is kindof wasted effort.)

I mean WHO in their right mind blogs on the weekend?

Risk takers.  that’s who.
i’m bringing sunday back (a la Justin and Sexy).

Know what other risks I took?  Oh, auditioning, interviewing and competing in a design competition reality show.  Thems a big risk.  But truth be told (beware, wisdom might be bestowed in this next sentence, i’m feeling sentimental right now) life does not get more interesting without taking risks.  You know how I know this?  Because 2 1/2 years ago when Brian and I decided to move to LA from New York and I was feeling sad/tortured/unconsolable, my friend Megan reminded me that if you let life stay the same (even if you think you are happy) your life with probably stay the same (not necessarily a bad thing).  But if you take risks, life is guaranteed to get more interesting.

For the first year in LA, i was like ‘yep this is more interesting, alright, if you consider crying-everyday-because-you-miss-your-friends-the city-and-career-so-much ‘interesting’, but lo and behold she was right.  And it’s not just ’cause of this show.  It’s because of two good old things I like to call ‘friends that feel like family’ and work.  Boom. that’s all it took, thank god.

Design Star starts tonight.  Woah.  Watch it with me please?  and remember that despite what everyone that has ever met me unanimously says about me, I, Emily Henderson, am not perfect.  i know, i know, you don’t believe it and I don’t blame you.  But you’ll see.  far from it.

Come back tomorrow for a review with some behind the scenes insight – or maybe not insight, maybe just some apologies.  I’m hoping that I don’t have to apologize to my now-friends/fellow designers, but who the eff knows what I said.   We’ll see in like 8 hours, won’t we.

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