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The Link Up: A Christmas Rom-Com That Emily AND Brian Enjoyed, Jess’ Super Cool Sneakers & A Sweater That’s 50% Off

Welcome to the final link up of 2021. This time between Christmas and the new year often feels like a time warp (what day is it again??) so we hope you find some peace and relaxation before the new year. In the meantime, please enjoy this week’s links from team EHD:

Today’s home tour via Architectural Digest is a Park City, UT winter oasis that we would personally love to hole up in until the new year. The ski-lodge meets western Americana vibes are immaculate but the real star is clearly the all wood kitchen that is made out of reclaimed white and red oak. We are smitten.

From Emily: The Non-cheesy Christmas Rom-Com that you likely missed but can watch over break, that Brian and I BOTH enjoyed. So here’s what happened – “Last Christmas” came out only in theaters in December 2019 and they didn’t release it streaming til AFTER Christmas in 2020 (which was weird). And while I LOVE starting Christmas early, I don’t like watching holiday movies in March – so we kinda forgot about it. So Brian brought it up a couple of nights ago, that we had missed it (we both really like Emilia Clark and I have a solid crush on Henry Golding) and while it wasn’t ‘Love Actually’ quality it was leagues above The Christmas Switch 3, if you know what I mean.

From Ryann: I loved this little article via Cup of Jo that posed the question “How would you describe yourself in 5 words?“. After reading all the comments it made me feel strangely seen and then I asked my fiancé to tell me his 5 words and it’s a really fun little exercise. I think it would be really interesting to do it once a month and then see how the 5 words change over the year. Right now my 5 words are earnest, hopeful, grieving, self-aware, anxious. What are yours??

From Jess: These might be the coolest shoes I own and they are so comfortable! When I saw my friend wearing them I immediately needed to know where from and how long ago she got them (crossing my fingers they were still available). Luckily they were and I’m pretty freaking into them. The photo on the site does not do them justice. The neon orange strip is my favorite part but basically, they just make me feel real stylish. O and they are true to size (at least for me at a 7)

From Mallory: I accidentally found the best sweater deal on the internet and added it to cart so fast…this $120 waffle knit is now $47 (add it to cart and you’ll get the 50% off). I’m SUPER into this color green right now, but they also have it in a cream and black if you’re more into neutrals. The reviews say it’s ‘extremely soft and good quality’ so I’m excited to see it and wear it!!

From Caitlin: Coming in hot with a story of hope – in 2016, a guy from Massachusetts bought a piece of art at a yard sale for 30 bucks. 5 years later, a bunch of art experts realized that it was a previously unknown original drawing by the Renaissance master Dürer (from 1503, can you believe???) and that it’s actually worth a paltry FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS. The whole story of how it was found and how the piece was verified is a fun, escapist read. (Let this be a lesson to us all that we should ALWAYS attend the estate sales of prestigious architects.)

That’s all from us. Have a happy happy new year and please stay safe. See you for the next link up in 2022! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Cristof Eigelberger | Photo by Douglas Friedman | via The Killers Frontman Brandon Flowers’ Home Is a Desertscape Retreat in the Snowy Slopes of Park City, Utah

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1 year ago

Is Last Christmas available on any of the streaming services or do I have to rent it? Excited to watch!

1 year ago

My husband and I saw “Last Christmas” in early 2021 and really liked it as well. The two leads were excellent, and London looked gorgeous. I even shed some tears at the end. It should become a “Christmas Classic”

1 year ago

The Cup of Jo article didn’t seem to link above, so here it is! I really enjoyed it!

1 year ago
Reply to  JenMS

Me too, it was eye-opening 🙂

1 year ago

The links to the shoes and sweater only take me to the home page, not the specific items.

1 year ago

-Listened to Kirthana Ramisetti’s Dava Shastri’s Last Day read by Soneela Nankani, the December 2021 Good Morning America Book Club pick.
-Dava Shastri’s Last Day was optioned to turn into a “Succession-style” type TV series.
-Started ……….. BOOK 100………..Maria Amparo Escandon’s L.A. Weather, the February 2019 Reese’s Book Club pick.
-Episode 8 “No Kindness for the Coward” of Season 4 of Yellowstone from Paramount.
-We finished Season 3 of Succession on HBO.
-Netflix Films: A California Christmas: City Lights (starring husband/wife Josh and Lauren Swickard and written by Lauren Swickard), The Holiday Calendar and Holiday in the Wild.
-Also a Netflix Film: The fabulous “first Nigerian” Christmas movie A Naija Christmas. Highly recommend! More info on filming here:
-Interesting graphic of different types of cognitive biases:
-Kate “McMansion Hell” Wagner’s article about the ubiquitous “farmhouse”:
-Feel good story about a kind UPS driver:
-Ina Fried of Axios shared this photo of a friends’ dog Kai who was in heaven after discovering this tree next to a tennis court:

1 year ago

The article about the Durer art can’t be accessed — you have to pay to read it on the Boston Globe.

1 year ago
Reply to  kim

kim, I was able to read without a subscription after closing a few advertising boxes.

Eve Birge
1 year ago

Hi Emily!!! I LOVED the movie too-I looked it up when you said you planned on watching it and I am so glad I did! I can’t sit through most Christmas movies as they are usually so cheesy, predictable and not that well acted. THIS one was none of those things! I loved the Wham references and the music! I had to rent it but y’all it’s worth it! It could def become a Christmas classic!!! Thanks so much for the rec Emily!!!!! Love you guys!
Also-if anyone hasn’t see and oldie but goodie-The Family Stone is one of my favs that I usually watch every year!

1 year ago

Thank you for the “Last Christmas” movie recommendation! It has helped with the post holiday blues.