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The Link Up: The Only Show ALL The Hendersons Love, Mallory’s Innovative At Home Work Out Routine, & A Cool New Netflix Feature


Hello friends and welcome back. We know this week brought about a lot of uncertainty and anxiety, so we hope you are staying safe and finding ways to foster joy. That said, THANK YOU for continuing to support the blog. We couldn’t be more grateful for this community and you guys are the reason we continue to do do what we do. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now, if you are interested, here’s what EHD has been enjoying this week:

First up, today’s home tour (via Remodelista) is what rustic townhouse dreams are made of. The warm tones and textiles are just what our eyeballs needed this week.

Finding a show that two adults, a 6 and 4 year can all happily watch is challenging. But when we found LEGO Masters is was the perfect show for all of us. It’s funny, so imaginative and all legos. I highly recommend it.

These sweatpants are Brian’s favorite. He says they are super comfortable, don’t cut in at the waist, are perfect for all-day wearing and I (Emily) think he looks very cute in them.

From Mallory: As you know gyms are closed, so I’ve been trying more at-home workouts. The problem is I don’t have any at home workout gear because WHERE would I store it in my studio apartment??? So my boyfriend and I are using hairdryers as ankle weights and wine bottles as dumbbells over here. Please enjoy my instagram highlight titled “QUARANTINED” if you want to see what I mean.

From Ryann: Well guys, I did it. I found my ideal WFH slipper. They are so comfortable and breathable and I LOVE the waffle knit fabric. I will be living in these for the foreseeable future.

From Caitlin: I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on my phone this week. It’s free and there’s something SO RELAXING about crossing tasks off, building furniture, and designing your own space. I also play it with the sound on which is really saying something (like, I can’t remember the last time I took my phone off mute). Does anyone have a Nintendo Switch Lite? I’m considering ordering one (it’s 100 bucks cheaper than the regular, and it comes in colors!) so I can play New Horizons in full.

From Veronica: Netflix has a party feature for those on quarantine who would still love to connect with friends and family. You can watch with everyone online and playback is synchronized. And it is super easy to install!

Speaking of Netflix, from Julie: If you are looking to binge-watch something a bit more lighthearted these days check out 100 Humans on Netflix. One of the co-hosts on the show is Alie Ward who also has an amazing podcast called Ologies which I highly recommend (and Emily knows her personally and vouches that she is RAD).

From Jess: Taking care of my skin has been one way for me to feel a sense of normalcy and a tiny bit of luxury (of which I am so grateful for). This lotion is a true miracle worker and makes my skin feel so good. At only $13 it’s an absolute go to that I do not take for granted. Also, this article tells you all the different ways it can be used. I will be trying ALL of them. 

From Sara: This is the webpage I’m going to be scouring this weekend to help me make the most of what I’ve got in my fridge and pantry.

Speaking of Sara, did you see her INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL and COZY home we revealed this week?? If not, here is her living/dining room and here is her tv room (all designed by Velinda Hellen).

That is all for today so now we’d love to hear from you. What has helped you regain some normalcy this week? Do you have any tips for staying at home? Let us know and stay safe xx

Fin Mark

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FYI Netflix Party isn’t a Netflix feature, it’s a Chrome extension created by a random guy who seems to work at Airbnb. It appears to be a typical just-for-fun project and the code is available to view on GitHub, so it’s probably not something secretly tracking you, but it’s definitely not an official Netflix thing. (Which also means that if it breaks because Chrome made a change or something, it probably won’t ever get fixed.)

His programmer-oriented post describing it:

hey Jessica, thanks for the info. I used it on Friday night and it was super fun being able to live chat all of my friends while enjoying a movie “together” although I would have loved to be able to watch a movie all in one room together. I realize that it is a Chrome extension, and that it may not be around forever, but it worked so well for me, and I am super grateful to be able to connect with my friends during this time. stay safe out there xx


What’s working for me? Blogs like this. Going for walks in the sunshine. Picking one or two chores a day to complete; sorted and organized my craft closet, sharpened all my knives, emptied and sorted the mysterious cupboard over the fridge and made it useful.

Thank you so much!! And that sounds like such a great and manageable plan. I think I’ll start that tomorrow xx


Just love these Sunday morning posts. It’s like opening a sweet little box of chocolates.

Roberta Davis

I have been grateful for warm, sunny weather in Seattle this past week. Now it will start raining and continue for the foreseeable future! Also grateful for my yoga studio’s audio practice guide- a new one each week they are closed. Grateful to still have some fresh food and wondering when I will feel the need to venture back to the store. Reading your blog every day has helped keep things normal! Especially with two wonderful makeovers to devour! Thanks for keeping things as normal as possible!

Roberta thank you so, so much for your sweet words. I am glad we have been able to give you some sunshine during this time and that you are choosing to see the bright side in all of this. xx


What I’m doing so far that’s keeping me sane: Pulling mountains of weeds in our large garden; Reading cooking blogs (Smitten Kitchen is a favorite) and drooling over the recipes; organizing my dog’s treat shelf in a closet (now we know just how many tennis balls we have and since my husband is not playing tennis right now, once they’re gone they’re gone); playing with our black lab who’s still a puppy despite being almost 3; decluttering the horizontal surfaces in our bedroom, which makes me breathe again, and then being motivated to change out the sheets and duvet cover that I bought when Emily redid her master bedroom in blues (I think it was her old house). Most of all, reading great blogs like this one. I read EDH daily for your design, inspiration, family, and sense of humor. Thank you for keeping on brightening my days xoxo

Thanks so much for reading Sheila xx We organized our garage and pantry yesterday and it felt AMAZING.


Grateful for food in the pantry, sunshine and blogs that create magical content in the midst of chaos. Thank you for keeping us in eye candy!

thanks, Jen, for sharing what you are grateful for! xx


Thank you for working extra hard ahead of time and offering support on a Sunday; didn’t expect that. One of the things that’s keeping me going is watching excellent movies and series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. If you aren’t aware, you can sign up for about 80 different channels for one month at a time (or more) on Amazon Prime. Cost ranges anywhere from $4.99 to $14.99 a month. Channels like HBO, Acorn, BritBox, PBS Masterpiece (these 3 for period pieces and excellent British mysteries), A & E, all sorts of documentaries, Cinemax, Gaiam (yoga!) Showtime, IMDb, etc, etc. are available. Even “The Surf” network for surfing shows! Lots of kiddie subchannels under HBO, PBS, etc. Look or search for “Channels” on Prime Video. Manage your channels by keeping an eye on them under “Settings.” (Both of these are on third bar down on Amazon.) Be aware some channels will automatically shut off after a month, others will continue to roll month to month and you will be automatically charged. Payment is automatic through Amazon, so super easy. Turning them off (again, under “Settings”) is also through Amazon and super easy. I was already watching great stuff on all… Read more »

Not that anyone asked but I definitely DID end up scooping that Switch Lite and Animal Crossing and I’m definitely happy with my choices 🙂 why is it so relaxing to clean up an imaginary island and so annoying to clean up my own actual house?


I love Mallory’s workout story on Instagram. I also saw her post about doing push-ups, recently, and she rocked! She could also make weights with bags of rice (or beans, or canned goods) in shopping bags.

My days have been brightened with working on long lost craft projects, too much Instagram (so many home decorating projects I want to do), walks with my husband (who is working from home), and documenting our days and sharing collages with friends and family. And yoga. I was doing it on my own, and my longtime teacher just figured out how to set up Zoom to have class. While I know there are a ton of resources online for yoga, I love my teacher and classmates. I’m thankful for the technology that keeps us connected (most of it anyway).


have you watched harry and the hendersons – it would be very fitting and also appropriate for you all


Very glad that I stocked up on canvases before this started. I have painted a toilet paper roll still life that was a big hit with my Facebook friends! I have a few more ideas to try over the coming days too. Just hoping I don’t run out of paint!


Can you post or link a pic of the still life? Sounds amazing.

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