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A Fast & Fun Nursery Makeover with Orlando + Get The Look

Hey Folks, it’s Orlando today and I’ve definitely got babies on the mind. Don’t worry, I’m not planning on having any, but my sister is due in October and I’m writing this from my parents’ house, where we’re frantically preparing for her baby shower while we also do like 400 makeover projects around the house (I’m gutting their kitchen and doing light refreshes in their guest bedroom, living room, dining room, and sitting room). Also, my friend Erika just had a baby two weeks ago and lots of other people in my life seem to be waggling their babies all over my social media feeds. So basically everything in my life is a baby right now. I’m actually not even sure if the keyboard I’m typing on is a keyboard or a human baby (it’s so squishy and cute and it keeps giggling). This is why I was so pleased when the first makeover in a series I’m working on with Parachute just so happened to be a nursery makeover. I learned all sorts of tips ‘n’ tricks for turning your boring ol’ nursery into the baby house of your dreams. And I’m gonna share all of them with you today!

Parchute Nursery 17

First things first, we gotta meet the family. The maw and paw to be are Foujan and Jeremy. Foujan manages branding at Parachute and Jeremy does music placement for film and TV (I think… It’s possible I just made that job description up because I have the intelligence of a human infant). They recently purchased a cute little house in LA and have slowly been settling in. Their nursery, however, was basically a blank canvas and they were a little overwhelmed trying to figure out how they were going to create a cute and cozy space for their baby.

Foujan and Jeremy didn’t want me to go super gender-specific with my nursery design, so I didn’t know the gender of the baby while I was designing the room. I actually just assumed they were waiting until the birth to find out and that they, too had no idea what they were gonna have. Cut to the day we shot the video for this (check it out! It’s at the bottom of this post) and I found out they’d known the whole time and just kept me in the dark to make the challenge even more fun. I’m not gonna tell you the gender of the baby BECAUSE I LOVE MYSTERY.

Parachute Nursery 5

Aqua is one of my favorite go-to’s for a gender neutral color that feels well suited for any baby (or adult really). It’s warm and has some femininity to it, but it’s also blue, so it connotes boys. How weird is it that there are certain colors that make us think of boys and other colors that make us think of girls? I feel like in a hundred years, when everyone is just basically heads on skateboards with computer-phones attached, the concept of color being linked to gender is going to seem completely ridiculous.

Before Picture Parachute 1

Foujan’s house had been completely remodeled before I showed up, so everything was fresh and bright. But it definitely needed an infusion of color. I proposed painting the whole room aqua, but that freaked out the homeowners because they have color-phobia. I actually totally understand this. I like to bring in color with art and accessories. But a nursery is an important opportunity to add color and a bit of playfulness, so I wasn’t about to let this opportunity for design play to slip through my buttery lil fingers.

Parachute Nursery 13

One of my very favorite additions to the room was all the wall decals from Blik. The guitar dude that sits on the door frame is so cute it makes me wanna scream and claw at my eyeballs. I also loved these because I didn’t feel bad putting them all over the nursery. If Foujan and Jeremy had hated them, they could have just ripped them off the second I left (maybe they did, who knows?). Zero commitment, 100% satisfaction. I installed them myself with the help of a handyman and the bang for your buck is kinda unbeatable (door guy was $60, wall panels were $150).

Parachute Nursery 14

Nursery Before Parachute 2

The beautiful floor to ceiling window makes sure this is one of the brightest rooms in the house, but the scalding sun wasn’t the best place to put a baby down for a nap so we added some beautiful linen drapes from Barn & Willow. I love the softness it adds to the space and I’m sure Future Mom and Future Dad will love the ABSOLUTE DARKNESS it will provide for Future Baby to sleep in. Because Future Baby is gonna be the best baby and s/he’s gonna sleep a lot and NEVER, ever cry. You got that Future Baby? I’M WATCHING YOU.

Paracute Nursery 7

While I added color on the walls, art, and wall decals, all the foundational elements of the room are neutral. Including the cute rocking chair from Nursery Works. The art is from Minted and helps with the calm, relaxing atmosphere I was trying to create in the space. Because no one wants a non-calm, non-relaxed baby, RIGHT?

Parachute Nursery 12

It goes without saying, since this makeover was created in collaboration with (and for the purposes of shooting my web series with) Parachute that the cute neutral bedding all came from that company. They just came out with a line of really beautiful baby bedding and [SHOCKER] it’s totally glamorous and luxurious and amazing like their regular bedding. Kinda makes me want to go back to being a baby so I can be swaddled in it.

Parachute Before 4

Parachute Nursery 15

The playful furniture from babyletto helped me amp up the quirk factor without causing Foujan and Jeremy to have massive heart attacks on site. I love this cute “M” bookcase and the simple, modern dresser/changing table. I accessorized the few surfaces in the room with baby books and smalls from HD Buttercup.

Parachute Nursery 10

Parachute Nursery 16

My favorite accessory in the room is Foujan and her beautiful baby belly. She and Jeremy were so fun to work with and are going to have the nicest baby because they are both amazing. At the end of the project I hugged them, and in that moment I realized that I resented their unborn baby because I myself wished I were that baby. STUPID BABY STEALING THE PARENTS I WISH WERE MINE.

Parachute Nursery 3

This makeover was pretty much the easiest, funnest, most rewarding makeover ever. All I had to do was pick everything then put some stickers on the wall and it made the space totally awesome and amazing. You’re welcome, unborn baby!

But wait! There’s more! You can see the whole process of the makeover in this cute video. BUT WAIT THERE’S EVEN MORE MORE! The video is directed by my homie Brian of Propeller, who also happens to have a wife named Emily. WHO LITERALLY RUNS THIS BLOG! That came full circle, huh?

So, there you have it! A fun makeover that I finished in less than a month. It helped that I had fun brand partners on board to help get everything executed quickly (including the lovely people at Parachute) but let this be a lesson to all of us. If you just realized you’re about to have a baby in a few weeks, you can do it! Just make sure you’re looking at in-stock options for all your furnishings, make decisions really fast (Emily and I have gotten VERY good at this over time) and hire the right people to paint and install everything (or get really good at doing it yourself). Sometimes having a few constraints (i.e. using only in-stock furniture) can make a design project way easier. It can be a bit overwhelming when you have literally the whole world of design and decor to choose from, so having a bit of an edited selection can lead to a much quicker/more painless makeover. So go ahead, HAVE THAT BABY IN TWO WEEKS even though you haven’t started designing the nursery or even thought about it really. YOU CAN DO IT!

Resources: Wall Paint | Wall Decal | Door Decal | Rug | Crib | Crib Sheet | Baby Sham | Baby Quilt | Baby Blanket | Baby Swaddle | Lidded Basket | Curtains | Rocker | Side Table | Mobile | Black Candle | Blue Shape Wall Art | Changing Dresser | Bookshelf | Yellow Vase | White Candle | Ocean Water Print | Beach Print

But wait there’s more! Get more details, over at Hommemaker!

***Photography by Nicole Lamotte courtesy of Parachute





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52 thoughts on “A Fast & Fun Nursery Makeover with Orlando + Get The Look

  1. OMG Orlando’s writing voice is a delight! I’m pretty new here and this is exactly what I needed. Thank you for such a fun and adorable post… off to buy those wall decals for my adult self.

  2. Is it weird that I wish they made that crib in an adult-size, two-tone spindle bed? This is so ridiculously cute.

  3. This is THE CUTEST. Why doesn’t Orlando have his own TV show? Get started on that, please, HGTV! I will watch the hell out of it, I promise.

    1. Oh my goodness yes, ditto Diane! Thank you Emily for sharing this with us!

  4. The best–Room AND designer!!! If I could change one thing, I’d take dude off door until baby is older. (Just to have a more “restful” room.)

  5. I love this gender neutral nursery. My niece is expecting, so getting rather baby crazy myself! And Orlando, somehow that great wall decal is perhaps your best personal backdrop ever. And rather solar eclipse-y too!

  6. But what gender is the baby?!? will we ever know?!? Also three fav things: that wall!! That rocking chair!! and that adorable rug!! Loving the gender neutral thing without using yellow too much. yuck.

  7. This room is so fun! Love the walls and that bookshelf! I pretty much want this as my own 32 year old adult bedroom.

  8. I always enjoy reading Orlando’s posts (hilarious!) I love how the room turned out. The colours are great and not too overwhelming and the door guy is awesome

    I do however really wish the video wasn’t so tiny with no way to expand it 🙁 Those windows are killer and just perfect for the ones I want to replace so I would have loved to get a good screen capture of them for future reference. Plus it would have been nice to view the whole makeover at a larger scale

    1. or the ability to rewind a bit if I missed something instead of having to watch the whole thing over to get to the spot I missed

  9. I love that this is gender neutral ! When Emily posted her last nursery I was disappointed the homeowner decided to go all feminine in design. I feel like people have their whole lives to be gendered and conform (or not!) to conventional sex norms. So let’s let babies and kids live outside of that as long as possible!

    This room rocks and I definitely see it as eclipse inspired whether intentional or not!

    1. Why would you be disappointed that someone went a certain direction for their own design? Feminine is beautiful just as masculine is beautiful and so is gender neutral. To each their own.

  10. Yesterday’s post and now today’s? Wahoo! I feel like this is fresher stuff than I’ve seens on the internets in oh so long.

  11. Love this room makeover! Just the right amount of color and calmness. Where is the floor lamp from?

  12. Gah this is so good!! My husband and I are trying for baby #2. I have been at a loss for what to do if we have another boy since I already created my favorite boy’s theme nursery. Even if we have a girl the feature wall is in line with the direction I was already going in. Great use of color and shapes!

  13. OMG I normally don’t have much of a potty mouth but I F*&%ing LOVE this room! It is so beautiful and airy and completely appropriate. The decor will grow with that baby for years to come. Lucky Baby! Lucky Parents! Lucky Orlando! I think that you, Orlando, will be just fine despite your rocky start to 2017. You are F*&%ing amazing!!!!!

  14. That mobile looks like electric sun creatives. Is that where it’s from? I saw you linked to a similar one, but she is an artist I follow and her work is so stunning. Worth noting!

  15. I’m obsessed with how Orlando writes. I was laughing the whole post! Love you Orlando! Him & Brady are my pretend besties via this site 🙂

  16. Orlando, your posts always have great content and charm but you blew me away with your adorableness in that video! You even kinda stole the show from that amazing nursery.

  17. Orlando is the best. Thank you Emily for supporting such a wonderful fellow designer!

  18. This room is amazing!!! Love these easy, fun, furniture and decor based makeovers that aren’t crazy expensive!

  19. Orlando is so fun! I like the part about him wanting to be swaddled! Too funny!! Oh, and I think he is great at his craft, too!!

  20. Cute! (The room AND Orlando!)

    Do the decals behind the crib have a white background behind them? Meaning: if I put them on a non-white wall, I’d be seeing the white paper behind the shapes? They’re so cute and I considered it for my office, but it won’t work if they’re not transparent backgrounds.

  21. Dude, you totally ruined the surprise in the video! Man, I live your take on mid century patterns!!

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