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9 Springy Front Door & Porch Combos That’ll Shake Away Those Winter Cobwebs

photography by sara tramp for ehd | from: the portland mudroom & pantry reveal

We’ve reached that time of year finally where it’s okay to talk about the outdoors! Yay us! Yes, some of you might still be calf-deep in snow, and for you, we’re so, so very sorry (they said, soaking up the rays of Southern California). But things will turn around in no time, we know it. To pre-celebrate, we’re here today to talk about front door and porch appeal because the zeitgeist is telling us that people are ready to start thinking about sprucing up the front of their homes (even if all you have is a door). The last time you probably paid any attention to this area was around the holidays—heck, there still might be remnants of your wreath lingering between your pavers…the pine needle ghosts of Christmas past—but let’s shake off the winter cobwebs and usher in that vernal spirit.

We know that not everyone has the same amount of space to work with. You might have just a little patch and a door (maybe even inside a hallway of your apartment complex), or maybe you have a small patio where you can fit a chair (that will inevitably just be a landing place for your Amazon packages) and a potted plant, either way, we put together nine combos—these span three styles across three sizes of front door real estate—that we hope inspire you to do a little spring zhush.

Let’s take a look.

Front Door Style

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas
image source | design by arent & pyke

Living in an apartment rarely inspires you to put any effort into your front door situation, but we promise there’s something you can do to put your personal touch on the compact area to set your space apart from the same door happening right next door (because we all aren’t graced with insanely beautiful and character-ridden checkerboard marble stoops like the front porch above). A fun or graphic doormat, a small table (SO useful to perch grocery bags or packages if your hands are full) and a planter or two would be just enough to make you smile when you slink home after an interminable day at the office.

You can go the colorful eclectic route and bring in a spring-y wreath, lanterns and glam brass plant stands or keep it streamlined and modern with a tight black-and-white theme with plenty of matte black. Pick your own front door adventure!

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Sunset Wreath | 2. Lantern | 3. Textured Planter | 4. Plant Stand | 5. Woven Planter Basket | 6. Rug

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Wreath | 2. Doormat | 3. Small Fluted Planter | 4. Urn Planter | 5. Lantern 

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Accent Table | 2. Lantern | 3. Stripe Jute Mat | 4. Artificial Palm | 5. Ceramic Planter with Stand

Small Porch Style

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas
image source

Moving up in front porch square footage means you have some more room to up the style ante, whether that means bringing in planter boxes, umbrella stands, lighting, or house numbers (and a colored door never hurts). We love the natural texture on the chair in the colorful eclectic board below (and all the happy pottery which would brighten up any concrete corner), but also that pill-shaped sconce and brass hanging planter from the modern design makes our hearts pitter patter.

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Accent Table | 2. Wicker Lounge Chair | 3. House Numbers | 4. Sconce | 5. Mat | 6. Square Staccato Pillow | 7. Bell Chime | 8. Textured Wood Planter | 9. Terracotta Planter | 10. Dash Planter

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Side Table | 2. Chair | 3. House Numbers | 4. Lantern Sconce | 5. Doormat | 6. Throw Pillow | 7. Basket Planter | 8. Urn Planter | 9. Small Textured Planter

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Accent Table | 2. Metal Chair | 3. House Numbers | 4. Outdoor Sconce | 5. Jute Doormat | 6. Diamond Pillow | 7. Brass Ring Planter | 8. Stripe Basket Planter | 9. Sphere Planter | 10. Footed Planter

Large Porch Style

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas
image source | design by camille styles

We see so many large front porches heavy on the rocking chairs and Adirondack seats (which we love), but we wanted to shake things up and give some new ideas for how to use the space in the front of your home should you have space to create conversation areas or a little outdoor living room. The black spindle bench in the traditional board still leans modern because it’s so skinny, and pairing it with a rattan stool, smooth white and gray planters, and cool matte door hardware keeps things feeling updated while rooted in classic style. The teak chairs from the modern design add lots of visual interest with their simple yet interesting silhouettes, a side table invites lingering with drinks or morning coffee, and the mix of finishes on the pots feels contemporary but just varied enough. And finally, in colorful eclectic, all those pillows and textiles make this read more “casual living room” than front porch (and who doesn’t want to add another “room” to their home?).

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Sconce | 2. Cast Iron Numeral | 3. Wicker Armless Chair | 4. Door Hardware | 5. Blue Embroidered Pillow | 6. Copper Pillow | 7. Geometric Pillow | 8. Stripe Lumbar | 9. Ceramic Planter | 10. Pattern Planter | 11. Glaze Planter | 12. Diamond Mat | 13. Wood Bench

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Wall Lantern | 2. Door Hardware | 3. House Numbers | 4. Rattan Stool | 5. Metal Bench | 6. Jute Border Rug | 7. Floral Pillow | 8. Linen Pillow | 9. Stripe Lumbar | 10. Urn Planter  | 11. Radius Planter

Emily Henderson Front Porch Ideas

1. Light Fixture | 2. House Numbers | 3. Chaise Outdoor Chair | 4. Metal Folding Side Table | 5. Door Knob & Lock Set | 6. Color Block Pillow | 7. Braided Mat | 8. Ceramic Planter with Stand | 9. Column Planter | 10. Brass Planter with Stand

Are you itching to refresh your front door situation? What other rooms or spaces around your home do you want us to tackle, combo or budget room style? Ask and you shall receive. Happy Wednesday, all.

For more exterior refresh ideas, head to our ROOMS page, and when you’re ready to do some shopping, we’ve got you covered in the outdoor section of our SHOP pages


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30 thoughts on “9 Springy Front Door & Porch Combos That’ll Shake Away Those Winter Cobwebs

  1. Link to #2 wicker lounge chair (halfway thru post) did not work for me. Sent me to West Elm, not the chair. 🙁

  2. Yay! Thank you for this! So many great ideas here for different styles! There were lots of things that I found from different styles that I would definitely get. And, i’m so happy that now I’ve found out about Shades of Light. I’ve been looking for a good porch sconce that was more modern and this is a good source, so THANKS!

  3. Oh, one thing. for the “Colorful Eclectic Small Porch” roundup, that sconce is not an outdoor sconce, so I don’t think that is a good choice. I got so excited when i saw it, but then went I went to that link, I saw that it’s not an outdoor one. BUT, that site does have lots of cool outdoor sconces, so just look around. I did, and I found some really cool ones!

  4. I live over a garage in an in-law style suite. I have a decent size landing (the stairs to get up are private & outside) but my front door is a glass sliding door. How do I work with that?

  5. Good inspiration here. I find putting together our deck each spring to be a creative outlet. I guess because this outside “room” feels more temporary than the inside ones, I am more adventurous in “styling” the deck. I pick bolder colors and funkier decor and brighter plants and flowers — things I wouldn’t put in my house where I like things a bit more serene. It’s just great fun. And then when I start to tire of it all — much like Christmas decorations — I get to put it all away and take a break from the bold. Win-win.

    My color scheme is the colors of a peacock-themed Indian wedding — iridescent blues, greens, mellow yellows, and purple-y fuschias. And the neutral color of the deck tones it all down. It cheers me up just typing it. Anyway, thanks for the daily inspiration.

  6. What a great post! To expand on this could you also make a colorful front door colors post??

  7. Any idea where the swing in the large porch is from, you show a wicker chair in the roundup? Fun post…thanks!

  8. Fun! Thank you. I hope you are planning a patio post too! I love the outdoor blog posts!

  9. This article is so helpful, I am going to spruce up my porch because of this! I LOVE LOVE that black Metal Bench from Rejuvenation, but I can’t spend $1,000 on a bench…I have been on the hunt for something I really like, but cannot find a simple design. Could you possibly link to a cheaper option?

    1. has something similar – “Living Accents Winston Bench – Black” though the back of it is a little more square than the rejuvenation one

      happy shopping!!

  10. LOVE this post! I wish I had a porch. All I have is an alcove the size of the door, so my only accents are a doormat, light, and perhaps something on the door. This still gives me something to think about 🙂

    1. A door is still cause for a little decor! Don’t let your space stop you from creating something that makes you happy.

  11. I would suggest not putting anything other than a doormat outside your apartment door. Even if it’s allowed (it usually isn’t) it could cause a problem for you and your neighbors safely evacuating in a fire. Put the cute table just inside the door instead!

    1. I believe that shot was from Rejuvenation, so likely it was once sold there, but I don’t see it on their site anymore unfortunately.

  12. I love the house number options! I’ve been looking for house numbers that also have letters in the same font. Lots of new builds in my city have multiple houses on one lot with the added letters on our address. Any ideas? Please help!

  13. Perfect timing. One question though: do cute windchimes exist? I love the idea and the sound, but I’ve yet to come across one that actually inspired me to own it.

  14. Hello. Love all the looks!! I have a quick question. In the Colorful Eclectic Front Porch Style…..would you put the rattan planter on the yellow plant stand???

  15. Where is the pink pillow from under the eclectic small porch? Link doesn’t seem to be working. Thanks!

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