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7 Kitchen Trends That Have Real Staying Power (Because They’re That Good)

As Em said in her design word prediction post yesterday, “trends” are coming and going faster than most of us can complete a mood board we’re happy with. So when it comes to kitchens, a room that is one of the hardest and most expensive to change, we have to be EXTRA careful not to hop on a trend unless it truly speaks to our design soul. That should always be the rule when we are designing but it’s easy to get excited by new ideas right?! Also painting a wall isn’t the same as changing out tile:) So knowing that we always try to sift through the trends to showcase the ones that are both undeniably “happening” AND have a long shelf life. This year we are of course still seeing beautifully saturated colorful kitchens with whimsical details carried over from 2023 but I found that a lot of the trends we’re seeing are evelated throwbacks. Wanna see??

Midcentury Modern Backsplash Tiles (Retro In The Best Way)

design by meet west studio | photo by rett peek

I feel VERY strongly about the muted-toned midcentury modern backsplash tiles. Think texture, color variation from tile to tile, and primarily laid in a vertical orientation. Take this beautiful kitchen by Meet West Studio. Those linear greenish-brown tiles are the perfect contrast to those stunningly grained wood cabinets (something we’ll talk about later:)). And yet the tiles still have a handmade feel that brings in texture and movement. Plus brown continues to reign supreme in 2024.

design by heidi lachapelle interiors | photo by erin little

What a beautiful way to add some color to a kitchen! This midcentury blue/green color is neutral enough if you don’t want to go too bold but has the perfect amount of personality. What I love about this design in particular that Heidi Lachapelle Interiors created is that since the tile is in a nook it feels so intentional and you don’t miss it from the other walls in the space. I also want to say that I think this style of vertical MCM tile would look great in a new build and add a lot of soul which can be challenging. Just some food for thought:)

design by shapeless studio | photo by hagan hinshaw

But of course, not all MCM tile needs to be long and vertical. Take this incredible kitchen by Shapeless Studio where they took a zellige style square tile in classic warm MCM brown tones. The depth and personality it adds to an otherwise clean, modern design is so awesome. I think this also works so beautifully because of the tiled shelves and the fact that the tiles are also contained inside each nook. It keeps your eye relaxed and honestly just looks sick.

design by a1000xbetter | photo by michael p. h. clifford

Is it a trend piece without a feature from a 1000 x better?? Nope! So while this brown tile has a little less texture with less color variation, the stacked horizontal orientation and chocolaty brown make it a perfect fit for this trend. As I said, brown isn’t going anywhere and this kitchen does feel like the love child of MCM and 2024. The tonal design is pretty sexy if you ask me.

Light Green Cabinets (We’re Talkin Mints And Sages)

I don’t know about you but mint green and light sage cabinetry have been everywhere I look. Let us not forget this kitchen that I have not been able to get out of my head since I first saw it. Didn’t know I was such a secret mint fan?? Maybe you will be too…

design by hive home | photo by amy bartlam

I dare you to not smile when you look at this kitchen by Hive Home. Now mint can be a tricky color because it can easily go youthful or shabby chic (not that there’s anything wrong with that). But in this kitchen, the cabinets are simple yet have just the right amount of detail (hello, cutouts!), and not having any uppers above the sink wall really makes the room feel sophisticated and open. I also can’t not talk about the floors. My heart be still! I think the large-scale yet neutral pattern of the wood floors paired with the colorful cabinets is a perfect balance and doesn’t put too much visual focus on either element. SO pretty.

As shown above, it’s a wildly versatile color that can work in a bunch of different styles. I love the colorful pairing that Barlow and Barlow chose. It’s vibrant but not overwhelming and the stone beautifully picks up the greens and the pinks. Then the kitchen that Studio Gemma designed is far more on the soft, neutral side. See VERSATILE! I love how the concrete floors pick up on the light gray undertone of the green so beautifully. Then to add some depth she chose darker woods that are just perfect (and we’ll be talking about in a minute:)).

design by heidi caillier | photo by haris kenjar

So while this beautiful kitchen by Heidi Caillier isn’t exactly “mint” and is more sage, I still consider it in the same family. My, it’s stunning. These lighter green cabinets are a welcomed alternative to white or cream as they still feel soft but not completely neutral. Oh, and they’re also a little reprieve from the heavier dark green that’s been on top for the last 5+ years.

Special Accent Shelves (It’s All In The Details)

design by studio gemma | styled by montana valich | photo by jacqui turk

Now, I’m not calling this trend “easy to do” but out of all of them today I do think it’s the most accessible if you aren’t looking to do a full kitchen remodel (but can incorporate if you are!). While last year we predicted A LOT of whimsy (and there sure was:)), this year I’m predicting more small special moments…like floating accent shelves (aka not cabinetry replacements, just a fun addition).

Take these one above. They add such a nice, unexpected moment and makes this kitchen feel unique. Not only do they contrast the mint cabinetry but the rounded stacked look is simply cool. So if you are working with a designer that has access to a fabricator this could be something to consider if you like it! But if you don’t have easy access to a fabricator, then plenty of readymade options are purchasable online. Etsy is a great resource for custom-sized pieces.

design by nina farmer interiors | photo by jared kuzia

This trend doesn’t have to be super modern. Take this design by one of my favorites Nina Farmer. The shelves are simple but are a bit more unique than your standard floating accent shelf. The sky is the limit when it comes to style, material, and even color options for this trend. If you love it, go for it and make it your own.

Inset Wall Display Cases – Show Off Your Goods

design by ursino interiors | styled by brittany albert | photo by nicole franzen

When I first saw this photo I fell deeeeeply in love with those tall inset display cabinets and immediately bookmarked it for my future home. What a beautiful way to show off your beautiful glassware that doesn’t take up too much real estate. It’s just so chic and for those of you doing gut renovations and have the space, I think it’s sooooo good.

design and photo by peony + honey

But if you want to make your display cabinet a bit more functional, see what Erika from Peony + Honey DIY’d in her kitchen. She took her existing pantry and customized it into this beautiful seethrough pantry. Who doesn’t love a bifold door??

design and photo by devol kitchens

Or you could add in an integrated display cabinet like this arched one in deVOL Kitchens showroom. It’s a way to add more storage for the pretty things you want to display without them taking up your main kitchen cabinet space. So again, if you have the space I think it’s a pretty good and beautiful idea. I’ll be very happy to see more of these special accents this year.

High Contrast Wood Grain Cabinets – The More Movement The Better

design by studio day | photo by taylor hall o’brien

Are wood cabinets a new idea? Ha, no. However, I have been noticing more and more that not only is wood cabinetry maybe taking the spotlight from painted cabinets but it’s wood cabinetry that has a high contrast wood grain pattern. Now, I’m not talking about the old-school mountain homes or log cabin kitchens. Look at that incredible kitchen by Studio Day above. It’s warm, playful, sophisticated, and in a small way nostalgic. While the circle cutout detail in the upper cabinets is such a fresh, cool detail, the grain of the wood is almost giving “elevated honey oak of the 80s/90s”. I truly love it so so much. Also, notice the use of silver instead of gold in the hardware;)

design by shapeless studio | photo by hagan hinshaw

This kitchen by Shapeless Studio is an perfect example of cabinetry that was panelled to enhance the grain variation.

design by heather cleveland design | photo by steven j magner

Now using large wood panels with lots of visible grain feels very 2024. That means this large wall piece that Heather Cleveland Design had installed is stunning and very on trend…but also timeless. I think it’s also fair to say that darker woods are becoming more and more popular. I say this as someone who was obsessed with white oak for a long time and now can’t get enough of walnut. No one is safe from powerful trend tides:)

design by house of rolison | styled by pride of place | photo by gavin cater

Here is another example but in yet another style. House of Rolison really nailed the “refined reclaimed wood” look. There is so much movement in the grain that it nearly acts like an art piece!

“Commercial Quaint” – The Rise Of Steel/Chrome Accents

This isn’t the first time I’ve called this trend. Back in 2022, I deemed that “metal kitchens” were on the rise. And while I wasn’t wrong (ha), it did take a bit more time to get into our homes. And in our homes it is! Take Ajai who coined her kitchen’s style as “Commercial Quaint”. She still wanted to keep to her soothing, cozy neutrals but instead of going for brass, she went silver, being inspired by commercial kitchens. So if you look at her beautiful kitchen (that she was able to remodel for UNDER $6,500!) her appliances, light and plumbing fixtures, and accessories are all silver. I think this trend will be one of the biggest this year.

design and photo by celia solf

Now, in Europe, this trend has been going on for a minute but as proven by Celia Solf’s effortlessly cool Italian kitchen that she designed with Very Simple Kitchen, it’s not slowing down. When mixed with wood and vintage accessories I really adore this style.

Flushmount Party ( Buh Bye Cans)

design by alexander &co. | photo by anson smart

I have a feeling this one is still percolating because the multi-flush mount look is coming to replace canned lighting. Did you see Orlando’s progress photo of his kitchen?? And this version above by Alexander &Co. is stunning! Regardless of flush mounts or cans, just make sure you have enough light in your kitchen. Excited to see where this one is headed.

Honorable Mention – “Cluttered”/Lived-In Kitchens

Ok, this one has been more of something I’m seeing on TikTok so no photos here but it’s no surprise that maximalism is headed into the kitchen. But it’s more about small decor and kitchen tools rather than color and pattern. I’d say it’s more haphazard which is honestly kinda fun! Interested to see if this will get some editorial attention or not:)

Well, there you have it! Another annual kitchen trend report is in the books. Any thoughts? Any additions you feel really strongly about?? But of course, these are just fun to talk about and get inspired by because if you love your kitchen then it’s perfect as is. Next week, Arlyn is going to be tackling bathroom trends so stay tuned!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Design by Studio Day | Photo by Taylor Hall O’Brien

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🥰 Rusty
3 months ago

I’m on the party bus for all of this, spesh the greens, with the exception of the lights – cans and flushmount just don’t do it for me.

2 months ago
Reply to  🥰 Rusty

I love a lot these but a lot of the green cabinet pix have clashing undertones in the cabinets counters and tiles which feels jarring.

2 months ago

This a big win for the wood cabinet crew, lol. Thank you, Arlyn, for talking so many of us off a painting ledge!

2 months ago
Reply to  Kate

Lol. I’ve been holding off and biding my time….our day will come!

2 months ago

I look forward to this every year. Jess, your choices are always so thoughtful and inspiring and accompanied by outstanding examples of incredible design. You have quite the eye. Thank you!

Saiful Islam
2 months ago

Loving these timeless trends! Here are my thoughts:Agree! This list hits the nail on the head with trends prioritizing functionality and beauty. I especially love the following: Warmth and texture: Stepping away from sterile white to embrace wood, pops of color, and tactile materials like terrazzo is a welcome shift. It creates kitchens that feel inviting and personal. Smart touches, not just smart appliances: While I’m all for a good smart fridge, incorporating thoughtful storage solutions, clever built-ins, and ergonomic layouts is even smarter. They make everyday cooking a breeze. Open shelving done right: Ditch the clutter and showcase your favorite dishes – but remember, closed cabinets are still essential for hiding away less aesthetically pleasing items. Induction cooktops: Saving energy, heating lightning fast, and staying cool to the touch? Sign me up! I’d also add that sustainability is a trend with major staying power. Opting for recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and locally sourced goods feels good and looks good. Overall, this is a fantastic list of trends that will keep kitchens stylish and functional for years to come. What are your favorites? Are there any trends you think should be on the list? Let’s keep the conversation going! P.S. I’m also curious about the author’s take on trends that didn’t cut. Were there any fads… Read more »

2 months ago

I don’t know if I can get down with the honey wood grain – too many 90s throwback shudders. And I’m surprised that sage/mint is still having a moment – the 3rd one really was so beautiful, and the one with checkered floors. But the inset cabinets – I wanted to pin all of them! Esp that arched cabinet with that tiny floral like pendant coming down – chef’s kiss!

2 months ago

I was especially happy to see the opinion on the semi-flush mount replacing canned lighting. So much more interesting and beautiful.

2 months ago

I dunno. Multi-flush mount often reads busy, busy, busy … like stalactites hanging from a cave ceiling.

2 months ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge

I’ve been looking for the right 3 flush mounts for my kitchen reno… it’s a challenge! But the j boxes are waiting so I’ll pick something eventually.

Helen Anne Wilson RID
2 months ago
Reply to  Dawn

During renovation, I installed porcelain sockets with 300 w. replacement ,dimmable, warm LED’s so we could see during construction. Then I realized they are the world’s most functional lighting. For something a little ritzier, I recommend Rejuvenation Hardware. Lucifer has tiny, techy modern lighting.

Surface or flush mount rules. You can CHANGE it as lamps evolve.

Cici Haus
2 months ago

I predict more interesting kitchen cabinet colors. YellowBrickHome’s terracotta kitchen, WitandDelight’s mauve cabinets, a lot of yellow cabinets from Misfit Home, etc. I just did mine in a deep purple-brown and I love them!

Also, I LOVE the “flushmount party” trend in a hallway or other straight line, but I HATE it all over a ceiling – makes it look like pimples.

Erin Roth
2 months ago

Slightly off topic, but much like the super helpful styling posts and videos for book shelves and console tables I’d really appreciate one for these inset glass cabinets. I have some in the kitchen and dining room and struggle to style them because they are so dark (and I don’t think I want to light them on the inside) and lower items are invisible. Thanks for considering!

Erin Roth
2 months ago
Reply to  Jess Bunge


2 months ago

The cooktop-in-a-niche thing is super trendy too, but risky. It looks great if the niche is BIG (3′ of counter on each side of the cooktop big). But in a lot of the photos I see lately there’s only like 10″ of counter space on each side, how does anyone cook in there? The Shapeless Studio one above is the craziest I’ve seen yet, the cookbooks on the left side are going to catch on fire!

2 months ago
Reply to  KGS

OMG this drives me insane! I keep seeing that too and I don’t know WHY (if you cook a lot) you would choose to have zippo counter space on each side of the stove?! It’s so impractical!!

2 months ago
Reply to  KGS

Oh truuuuuue good eye! They essentially just recreated my most dreaded rental kitchen layout where the range is just totally floating out on it’s own with zero counter around it. Except they spent many thousands of dollars for it haha.

Monique Wright Interior Design
2 months ago

Definitely saving some of these for my “Design Inspo” board. A great roundup! Really digging the unique shelves.

2 months ago

The chrome kitchens will never not make me think of the Velociraptor breath scene in Jurassic Park

2 months ago

Commercial quaint is such a great name haha, I’m also feeling like some 50’s almost diner vibes could be a thing, nostalgic and fun and low pressure

2 months ago

I love mid century modern, however, this isn’t going to work in every style of house out there. Decide what YOU like, colors and decor that YOU enjoy spending time in. Remember, at the end of the day, you are the one coming home to and spending time in these rooms!

2 months ago

Oh, no photos of cluttered/lived-in kitchens? There are so many gorgeous examples out there, especially British ones. So much character and warmth compared with the sterility of some of the others.

2 months ago

Love the mint green kitchens but find it’s the hardest paint color to find in the right tone that doesn’t look like it should be in a kid’s room. Could you pls do a round up of mint green and other colors that are hard to get right?

2 months ago
Reply to  Taylor

Old post with favorite pastel paint colors (including a section on greens):

2 months ago

I’ve liked minty greens for kitchens for a long time and I’m glad to see it coming back into fashion. The way these greens are paired with other colors (pinks and reds) and neutrals/wood tones makes it modern and not kitschy.

2 months ago

Dark tile above stove is pretty

2 months ago

Dark tiles above stove may be pretty to some, but to those of us in the NE with lots of wintry cold grey days, we need a color that will brighten our moods, don,t we?

emily jane
2 months ago

Love these types of posts Jess (Arlyn’s Mulberry post too!). I spend my morning coffee ping-ponging around the virtual design world meeting new designers as well as visiting old favorites. Thanks for the inspiration and an especially savory first cup of coffee.

2 months ago

You have some really good points about what’s really important in kitchen design without dismissing key ‘off’ trend ideas that are really on trend actually. Impressive examples of what actually always looks great no matter the era.