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58 Kid Friendly Sectionals

In my never ending search for things that are both kid friendly and comfortable, I bring you a roundup of hopefully just that – per your request. Sectionals used to be banned from living rooms, relegated to the TV or family room but no longer. You can spread all of your body parts over many a section, while watching that boob tube and cuddling with those kiddos or pets in style these days.


So we did a ton of research on sectionals that are stain resistant AND attractive. A few notes – we haven’t personally sat on these nor tested them by spilling a blackberry/wine/coffee smoothie on them. So before you click ‘buy’ go sit on these bad boys and make sure that comfort-wise they are for you.

The first roundup is where the sofa fabric is already treated in stain repellant. There are many ways that this can be done, some organic, some well I’m assuming less organic. You always have an option of buying ANY fabric and hiring a company to come to your house to stain treat everything (including rugs) and there are many companies that are non-toxic, at least in LA that can do so.

But if you want some that are pre-treated and just need a bit of soap and water to wipe off, here you go:


1. Neutral Upholstered 2 Piece Sectional Sofa | 2. Campbell Custom Sectional | 3. Maxwell Modular Upholstered Sectional | 4. Westin Sectional | 5. Barton L Sectional | 6. Sydney Sectional | 7. Bryant L Sectional | 8. Maxwell Sectional | 9. Genesis 2 Piece Sectional | 10. Cloud Modular L-Shaped Sectional 11. Living Reversible Sectional | 12. Anton Sectional | 13. Reid Sectional Chaise | 14. Miller Sectional

Now, there are other fabrics that are naturally easy to wipe up – these tend to be 1 million percent synthetic but no longer is our only option ultra-suede (you know the fabric that leaves a perfect imprint of your bum as you get up – forever memorializing that shape). Most poly velvets are really easy to wipe up (like our new sofa in the family room) and if it’s called ‘performance velvet’ you should feel confidant that your kids can eat pizza and popcorn while watching Frozen (true story – Sunday night) without feeling too much worry.


1. Feelgood Sectional | 2. Slub Velvet Glenlee Left Sectional | 3. Desmond Sectional | 4. LRG Sectional | 5. Andes 3 Piece Chaise Sectional | 6. Jasper Corner Sofa | 7. Velvet Cardiff Sectional | 8. Crosby 4 Piece Sectional | 9. Harmony 2 Piece Chaise Sectional | 10. Velvet Mina Left Sectional | 11. Kensington Upholstered Chaise Sectional | 12. Stowe Sectional | 13. Lounge II 3 Piece Sectional Sofa | 14. Modern Charcoal Grey Armless Corner Sectional

Lastly for those of you who want even more control over ensuring that you can remove, wash or even get your sofa laundered, a slip cover is a great option, too. It’s a particular look but one that I really like as it is softer, more traditional and you can even have white linen if you are comfortable with some serious stain fighting bleach (or whatever the new hipster equivalent of bleach is).


1. Comfort Square Arm Slipcovered Sectional | 2. Basketweave Linen Tassa Sectional | 3. Belgian Track Arm Slipcovered Sectional | 4. Loft Modern Slipcovered Corner Sectional | 5. Olivia Sectional | 6. Kearney Sectional | 7. Warner Sectional | 8. Vallentuna Sectional | 9. Carlisle Slipcovered Sectional | 10. Bouch Shelter Sectional | 11. York Sectional | 12. Kivik Sectional | 13. Rockport Sectional Sofa | 14. Pavo Slipcovered Sectional | 15. Graham Sectional | 16. Belgian Classic Slope Arm Sectional

As you are shopping for stain resistant fabrics ‘microfiber’ will pop up over and over. Some of this is questionable and looks as if they are just renaming ultra-suede because its reputation has grown and its popularity has diminished. But some of it is seriously great and super stain-resistant. You’ll want to see this fabric in person before you order just to make sure, but these looked like great options to us.


1. Shae Sectional | 2. Cooper 3 Seater Sofa | 3. Kerry Down Blend Sectional | 4. Egan Sofa | 5. Shelter Sectional | 6. Decker Sectional | 7. Roller Corner Sectional | 8. Pollack Sectional | 9. Marco Sectional | 10. Uno 2 piece Sectional | 11. Draper Sectional | 12. Cade Sectional | 13. District Sectional | 14. Topanga Sectional

Hopefully one of these can help you find security and peace while your kids are smashing bananas into the crevices of your sofa 🙂

Happy Tuesday, folks. Cheers to a shorter week!!!


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95 thoughts on “58 Kid Friendly Sectionals

  1. I’m not in the market for a sectional right now, but the tip about hiring a company to come stain treat fabric/rugs may have just changed my life forever. Why have I never thought to do that before?!

  2. Do you have any kid friendly recommendations from Cisco Home? Or fabric recommendations from Cisco Home?

    1. We went with a vegetable dyed linen and got it stain treated ($300) but ours is navy blue so probably didn’t need it anyway!!! I forget what the name of the fabric is, but I’ll be doing a whole post about it!

    2. I have their Seda sofa and love it, but it is a little high-maintenance with all the down fluffing. So worth it though, it is so comfy. Our slipcover is washable linen, almost a denim-looking slate blue. But – for real I don’t let the kids eat in the living room, plus they are older – 6 and 10 – so grain of salt and all that 😉

  3. This looks like an awesome round up. I have a Crate & Barrel chaise sectional that I love (surprisingly easy to clean up even though it’s a linen blend), but I’ve been struggling to find a better coffee table to go with it than my basic glass rectangle. Any chance you can follow up this post with a round up of the best coffee tables to go with it? Or even a guide on proportions? I want a round table, but it is hard to find the Goldie Locks of tables – larger than 36” diameter, but smaller than 48” that seems too massive for my space.

    1. Yes! I also would LOVE to see a post regarding a proper coffee table pal for a lovely sectional.
      I bought a cheap but beautiful and perfect in every way Ikea sectional a few months ago and have really struggled to find the perfect coffee table! (I’m not picky over price, I love aspiration/inspiration furniture- finding a cheaper dupe is like striking gold)

    1. They are sectionals, which are not known to be cheap. But Emily did list a few that are in cheaper price range toward the end.

  4. Obviously you cannot have see/ experienced all of the items that you list in these round ups (I really like the round ups, BTW). It would be amazing if you could add notes for any of the items that you/ your team do have experience with. Thanks!

  5. I’m still rocking ultra suede/microfiber dark brown couches (gasp!) in an otherwise pretty stylish home. It is possible. Those couches would have probably been thrown out a few years ago because *trends* but then I discovered it was the most forgiving,resilient, washable material on the face of the earth, able to withstand my gross kids, I decided to rock it. I just wanted to give a shout out to people who can’t afford to swap couches every five years because the fabric or color isn’t blawgworthy.

  6. This is too timely as I’ve been looking at a Sactional ( all weekend and debating whether I am willing to compromise a little bit of my style preference for endless configuration possibilities and slipcovers which can be washed AND dried!

    I have the sofa version of the West Elm Crosby (#8 in the velvet section) and while it’s my dream couch looks wise it is just NOT a comfortable lounging around/casual movie night with family couch. The seat is deep but the back cushions don’t go all the way up so you cannot lean your head back and I would have never known how much that bothered me before I bought it.

    1. I bought a Love Sac sactional 6 years ago and it was worth it! Comfortable and easy to clean! I have a highly active and messy 4 year old boy and I’ve been so thankful for the removable covers.

      We started with the seawater blue velvet covers and a year ago I bought the taupe velvet covers on sale and it was like a brand couch.

  7. Love all of these! Especially the more expensive ones, yikes! Question: roughly how much might it cost to have a company stain treat rugs/furniture etc.? Can you share any links to companies that do that? Thanks!

    1. I think that its a couple hundred dollars. The more you get done the better, obviously. I’ll ask my friend who recently got 4 rugs and 2 sofas done at her house. I feel like it was $500-$600.

  8. My husband and I recently bought a sofa from HB Buttercup in a light color (this one, actually – . We have two dogs – who are dirty, spoiled-rotten scoundrels and they love lounging on the couch. So we hired someone who came in and treated our couch to be stain resistant…but my husband and I are still trigger shy. We’ve had the couch for about 2 months now and we keep it covered so the dogs can’t mess it up. Even though we spent the money to get it treated, we are still nervous that they are going to ruin our new, pretty $3K sofa. How do we get more comfortable with it b/c keeping it covered completely defeats the purpose of buying a beautiful couch that we loved!!!!

    1. I feel like those stain companies have to guarantee that simple stains like dog dirt/slobber will come off or else they’ll come and remove the stain. I’m PRETTY sure. I think they won’t guarantee sharpie markers or some other things, but check with your contract because they usually have some sort of warranty. Since other people are asking do you remember how much the treatment was?

    2. No solution, but I hear ya. We’ve had a nice off-white DWR couch for 12 or 13 years and kept a washable wool blanket in the same color wrapped around the button-tufted seat bench-type cushion for all those years!! When I take it off to wash I think, wow, what an elegant couch! 🙁 I toy with the idea of leaving it off for parties, but when i want it to look nice is when it’s most vulnerable to stains. Oh, and we have two young boys compounding the problem! Still, though, our efforts have paid off because it looks really good considering all this!

  9. I love your selections, but would love to see a more budget friendly option as well… perhaps IKEA? Thanks for yet another great post!

    1. I’ll check with why no ikea and I think its because they don’t refer to any as stain resistant or fabric as stain-friendly. But if anyone has any experience with any being super stain resistant. please let us know. Generally sectionals are 30% more than normal sofas (if not more) so the roundup does feel on the higher side. Hopefully these are worth it but again, please sit on and test these suckers! Additionally we put in some lower ones (living spaces) to help, but as you can imagine, comfortable, attractive and kid-friendly is a big ask so they are adding up … We’ll work on getting the budgets lower!

      1. I don’t know about stain resistant, but most of IKEA’s sofas/sectionals have slipcovers on them and most of them are machine washable. The one I have is supposed to be dry clean only, but I’ve washed it in the machine on delicate and air dried it and never had a problem.

      2. Hi Emily — the Kivik from IKEA isn’t stain resistant, but the fabric is ENTIRELY removable and replaceable. I’ve owned a Kivik (first as a loveseat+chaise, then added the pieces to make it one large sectional) for almost 7 years. We’re now on our 4th cover, but they are all washable (we probably could have prolonged the use of each slipcover if we’d washed it more often, but we also liked being able to change up the color with our decor as we’ve “aged”)…

        We live in a house with 3 cats, 3 dogs, and now a baby. Every time I think about investing in something else, I remember how easy it is to maintain, and how much we have loved being able to get a whole new look (color) for only a few hundred dollars!

        Hope this helps!

      3. We purchased an ikea sectional specifically because the ENTIRE thing was washable (down the the fabric wrapped around the frame). I do the cushion flip to appease my day to day need of not seeing marks and every few months with things are too dirty for me I take the whole thing apart and wash it all on cold and air dry. It’s a bit of a hassle but I’m thankful that we can wash it because 3 small kids tend to use any surface as a napkin/tissue/ etc. even if you have rules about food 😉 I’ve had no issues with stains but we also have a very dark almost black color.

        Make sure that you look at the specific covers though because not all are machine washable.

      4. We live in Maine, but found the Karlstad sectional in gray on craigslist in Boston… totally worth the drive! All the fabric covers come off and can be washed, right down to the base seat covers, which has come in very handy when one kid vomited on it, and another dumped a cup full of maple syrup EVERYWHERE.

  10. I just bought the ikea farlov (which i had no idea was around, I was actually planning on buying the kivik). It’s slipcovered and reminds me of the restoration hardware sofa of my dreams that I just can’t afford. I really hope it holds up to my family but it has to be better than my crate and barrel petrie sofa.

    1. Oh that is so good to know. Maybe we’ll add a more budget friendly roundup if we can pull it together. You know what else is kid-friendly? vinyl and really dark fabric. You don’t always have to have the perfectly stain treated fabric to not show dirt, right? 🙂

  11. Emily and team (or anyone else reading this) – do you have any suggestions for couches in the $1500 price range that you would recommend based on quality? I know you provide these roundups to provide a range of options, but my husband and I are in the market for a new couch right now and we’re so nervous that we’ll end up with one that doesn’t hold up! A $1500 couch obviously won’t last a lifetime, but I’m having trouble figuring out which one would be the best bet for our budget that won’t crumble after the first year- West Elm, Article, Interior Define, Joybird?! Thanks!

    1. I can’t say enough good things about Joybird. If you can wait for the production time, which can be lengthy, I would recommend them highly. We’ve had our sofa (the Calhoun) for 3-4 years and it still looks practically new. It’s also the perfect balance of firm and plush in the cushions.

      1. Thanks Kellie, good to know! I’ve been eyeing the Preston if we decide to go with Joybird

        Alyce – I’ve heard that! It’s really the only big box store in my area, but it’s a shame that their sofas get such bad reviews (if you can find them)

    2. I bought an ikea karlstaad sectional for about that price, I think, 6 years ago. Still looks great and has held up to a rambunctious boy who eats in the living room a lot and has mastered sofa flips…removable and washable slip covers, too. They don’t seem to offer the karkstaad sectional anymore, but the Norsborg looks identical.

  12. Great post! I have an Ikea Karlstad sectional that I love. I replaced the legs with cuter ones from Uncle Bob’s Workshop to make it look less Ikea-y. I don’t have kids yet, but the slip covers have withheld many a drunken party stain.

    1. I have an IKEA Karlfors sectional, which is the tufted leather version of the Karlstad. I too replaced the awful block legs with something tapered and mid-century-ish and am very happy with how it’s held up. So far two cats and a toddler haven’t destroyed it, and the leather is easy to wipe clean. Karlfors is discontinued, but it’s now been replaced by a sofa called Landskrona.

  13. Great roundup! I would add that if you are looking for a more ‘affordable’ option, I have owned the West Elm Tillary 6-Piece Sectional for about 7 years now and it’s held up very well against stains, so long as you wipe them clean within a day or so. Everything from red wine to pizza sauce to cat puke (sigh). It’s also very comfortable and since the bolsters are removable, it makes a great guest bed too. I bought mine during one of West Elm’s Buy More Save More sales and all 6 pieces came out to just under $1,500 with delivery. Which is still expensive I know, but a relatively less expensive option to some of them mentioned here. (Not a critique of the post! I like the sectionals you’ve chosen, especially #9 in the top section and #5 in the performance velvet section!)

    1. I’m surprised leather wasn’t mentioned as a durable material. Obviously buttery white leather is out, but in my experience leather holds up well. I’m on my second leather sofa now, I have a toddler and two cats, and it’s super easy to wipe clean.

    2. I cannot say enough good things about leather, as long as it isn’t bonded. We saved for a while to be able to replace some bad department store furniture, which we didn’t pay a lot for on purpose. We figured why not spend $1500 on a chair and sofa that is polyester and will hide any stain imaginable? Well, it did hide any stain, but it was ugly, hot to sit in and horribly made. Basically a waste of money. So after scrimping & saving, and a lot of research, we ended up with a leather W.Schillig sectional. It’s a German company. They had a 12 week lead time for ordering, and it comes from Germany, so be prepared to wait. It was expensive for us, but not more expensive than any of the higher end in this roundup. And I have truly been amazed at how well made it is, how comfortable to sit on, and how beautiful the leather looks, feels, and wears. I live in SWFL so it can be very hot here, the leather is super comfortable to sit on. And we have a pool, kids, and pets and it has held up to wet bathing suits, vomit, poop, food, you name it. It’s allergy friendly because dander and pet hair are easy to clean off. I never cover it, but I do try to give it a thorough cleaning at least once a year. It’s probably 9 years old and still looks brand new. I plan on owning it for the rest of my life. The corner piece comes out and I can make it into a sofa if necessary. It has hooks that connect the pieces together. I did go with a deep top grain leather in a very dark rich brown, almost a black coffee color (so it really doesn’t show stains), in a mid century silhouette. If you are ok with philosophically ok with leather, then I highly recommend the brand.

  14. thanks, Emily, for the roundup! Can’t believe you did that for your readers! You’re the best!

  15. I’ve got a high pile microfiber (reads like a velvet) sofa from Crate and Barrel and it wears beautifully. Very happy with the choice.

    Many places will give you additional fabric options, but be prepared to wait about 10 weeks for it.

  16. Just want to pop in to advocate for the Crate & Barrel Lounge II. We have the 2-piece sectional in a navy microfiber/velvet and it is the BEST. Super stain resistant even without actually being treated, and to-die-for comfortable. We also have a dog with lighter hair so you can see his hair on the dark fabric, but it’s also easy to vacuum. If you’re able to snag it during one of their furniture/upholstery sales, it’s a pretty fair price. I’ve considered adding some cool short legs to it (maybe brass?) to make it a little bit more stylish, but hey, I’m lazy and too busy actually lounging on it.

    1. So, oddly, we have a chenille boucle woven fabric on our Room and Board Jasper sofa (looks very similar to option 2 in the stain treated section) and it’s held up surprisingly well to the occasional scratch. At R&B it’s called “tepic.” I was really skeptical at first, but the weave is so tight my cat can’t get his claws in it to pull out any fibers. We also keep a huge-o jute scratching post right next to the couch that he prefers. I think it’s better option than linen, which seems to pill/rip depending on the quality of fabric. You could also go with performance velvet/suede because cats don’t typically like to scratch soft fabrics, but we saved $500 and went with the stock fabric on the couch we bought. Just get a ton of fabric swatches and rough ’em up before you buy.

    2. I *think* that velvet and microsuede are supposed to be more cat-friendly as they have less of a fabric weave that can be pulled out by tiny sharp needle claws. I just pulled the trigger on ordering a new couch in that type of fabric hoping for that so FINGERS CROSSED. I will literally throw my body between my new couch and some paws once it gets here. Such a struggle. Emily, I know you have cats–any insight?

    3. Actually, Room and Board has a fabric type filter for both Dog and/or Cat Friendly options on their custom sofas! The second link in the first grouping will lead you there.

  17. I love this round up. I have a west elm sectional from 2011 that I still love, and with 2 small kids it does get pretty beat up but I discovered a local cleaning service that comes every 6 months and for 150 makes them like new again. It’s changed everything! Until I buy the forever sectional, it works. And the stain treatments can often be very chemical laden, whereas the cleaning is more environmentally friendly. Just a tip to call your local upholstery/rug cleaner to keep a dirty couch looking new! 😉

  18. You should really check out the Rowe slipcovered sectional sofas. They are so comfortable and they now offer crypton fabric options.

  19. People have always told us that leather is kid friendly. Is that not true or does it depend on the type of leather (i.e. are some more wipeable than others)? If don’t mind scratches and normal discoloration from normal use?

  20. I am so laughing at the butt print on the ultra suede! We have two teal slipper chairs from Target (cheap but still I love) and we giggle every time guests leave and we have a “print”. Our family members have learned to “side swipe” to mar the print while standing up. We are thinking of a sectional for our basement family room so thanks for the post!

  21. Here’s the sectional unicorn I’m searching for: the sectional equivalent of Ikea’s former couch style “Nikkala. It has the perfect back height for our space. (Have to make some function-over-form choices for our main hangout area. We need our lazy heads supported for TV watching). Any ideas?

  22. Thanks for the roundup, Emily. I have two young kids and a stinky pug so I’m all about easy-to-clean fabrics. However, I have outdoor furniture in a white Sunbrella fabric that I just can’t seem to get clean! It’s certainly taken a beating over the last two summers, but I was hoping it would hold up better than it did. I tried spot cleaning and eventually just took the covers off and threw them in the washing machine…but event still, lots of the stain and marks just won’t budge. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning Sunbrella?

    1. I don’t but that is so true Kelly! Food stains are impossible to get out. I even bought a hot steam cleaner thing to try and to clean them and it helped a little, but didn’t get everything out.
      I have 2 Pottery Barn outdoor chairs in their outdoor canvas and it’s a million times better than our sunbrella covered cushions.

      1. Thanks, Libby! I have a steam cleaner so maybe I’ll give that a go too. Wish me luck!

  23. We have the Room & Board Harrison in the charcoal, and it’s AMAZING with our kiddo and our dog. We do keep a blanket where the pup sleeps all day and we have it steam cleaned every 4 months so it never smells like a dog. (Letting your new puppy on the couch is so cute until they are an old stinky dog… 🙂 ) Room & Board is expensive, but it’s durable and made in America. I don’t worry about chemicals or anything off-gasssing around my family, so the price is worth it to me. I am thrifty in a lot of areas, but go big on the sofa/sectional. Your family will bury their faces into them and some are full of harmful chemicals/flame retardants.

  24. Thanks for this post and all your round-ups, which I have literally poured through! A few years ago we upgraded from the infamous “bum print” sofa to what I call the Larry Bird; he’s #13 in the performance velvet line-up, scaled to seat a basketball team. The C&B beast is kid (4 & 1 year old), wine, and pet tested at our house. It has held up amazingly well, no stain treatment, and is super duper comfy. Here’s the question: The Larry Bird is seriously big enough for a slumber party of 5. Now we are getting ready to sell our home and somehow the foam tile mats and multi-colored baby jail I’ve “styled” it with don’t scream, “buy me, really this place is so zen.” Would love to see a post on how to make these cozy behemoths look snazzy! Especially struggling on the coffee table front, from both a design and toddling toddler perspective. Just moved the world’s ugliest padded ottoman to the Goodwill pile but what to replace with that goes with Larry B and also isn’t a magnet for precious foreheads? Thanks!!

  25. Hey Emilyyyyy, wondering about the performance velvet and pet hair. On your sofa in the family room, do you have a hard time with cat hair sticking to it? I have a tiny mutt who I love dearly but don’t want my sofa to look like a pair of black yoga pants after she sits on my lap.

  26. So happy to see this list, ty for the post I’ve got lots more to look into now. Please tell me what sectional is in the top image of your post. Loving the exposed edge frame of the seat.

  27. I have 3 boys and although I don’t allow shoes in the house, my furniture gets so filthy. I purchased a chain of couches (every 2 years for 10 years) because they got so dirty, puckered, looked worn out, or they just looked tired. I wanted a sectional so I bought a gorgeous west elm couch and loved it….for 2 months until the chaise started to get a butt dent and the pilling got out of controls. I wanted a stylish sectional but I didn’t want a chaise and it had to be indestructible. I finally broke down and went to IKEA to check things out. I ended up purchasing a really cute sectional that was amazing! It wore beautifully and if any cushions wore out I just took it in for a new one. I bought a new cover every year and it looked new the whole time. My kids got it dirty it it wiped right up and was machine washable. When i moved the buyers of our home loved it and bought it for more than I paid for it 3 years later. I did it again with the kivik couch when we moved into our new house and it has been a super cute work horse. I’m not a fan of everything IKEA (functionally or structurally, even if it’s all cute) but this couch is the best! We use more expensive furniture around it and people think it cost us 5xs more than we paid for it. I don’t get mad at summer feet on the couch and I actully let them be kids on it. I can wash it all (upholstered backs, cushions and all) and I will get another cover every January anyway. It’s a great couch and I could buy 3-5 of them for what other big box stores charge for theirs. The 10 year warranty on frame & cushion mean I can let the kids (3 boys) be kids.

  28. Great timing! I am looking for a sectional
    for our family room, teen/adult friendly. Snacking will happen on it. The room is giving me some design issues because I have an extisting 4 foot round table I want in there for games, etc. The room isn’t that big so I want to get as much seating in as possible for TV viewing. I will be checking out the list!

  29. What about Article? Specifically the Burrard sectional you put in your last house when staging? Seriously considering buying it. Would you recommend? I know it’s not stain treated but I would get the dark grey and the covers can be removed for washing/dry cleaning. Any input? Does anyone have it? Thanks!

    1. I, too, am also thinking of purchasing an Article couch. What do you think about the material?

    2. I love the look of the Burrard too, but I’m having trouble finding information on its durability! Would love some more info.

  30. How do I know which fabric? When I click on the link, it doesn’t give the fabric you recommend (i.e. restoration Hardware).

  31. VERY good roundup. It’s probably asking too much, but to go along with kid friendly are there any good options that have a sleeper component? We love having a comfy sectional but would love it even more if it could serve as a bed for when the guests overflow from the guest room to the family room.

  32. Leather is stain resistant! But not comfortable at all! I prefer a microfibre texture but it has to be a good quality!

  33. This is a great roundup. 🙂

    Though I’ve just gotta say that confidant means ‘someone you share secrets with’. I’m confident that confidEnt is the spelling you’re looking for. 🙂 It’s been in a few posts recently and I thought you’d want to know.

    All the love!

  34. Love this. We are in the market, as soon as the fireplace with built-ins are installed and the baseboards finished. Could be another 1 1/2 years before we purchase, but I have been looking and have a few questions. #1: Do slipcovered swivel chairs that recline exist? If they do (b/c they would go in front of/on either side of the fireplace) can you mix that style with sectional sofas that show legs? I just love the airy effect they give b/c they are such ginormous pieces of furniture. We have not your typical living room needs. We are not magazine worthy, but I sure want to be. With seven kids and always extras over doing homework and hanging out, we need the seating. Thanks so much for your help! I do love it when you pair furniture, but b/c our needs are not the norm, I’m having trouble finding layouts to copy or styles that would work. xoxo

  35. What is your experience with kid/pet friendly velvet options? Is this wishful thinking? Is cotton velvet nuts? Am I asking for too much free advice? Going a custom route and am sourcing fabrics. Thank you!

  36. Calico Corners – Sells Furniture and Sectionals, and you can choose fabric with Crypton – Spill the wine, Chocolate, you name it and it cleans right up with a bit of Tide and water.

  37. I love this post.

    My husband and I live in a condo in the city currently and have been craving a sectional, but our issue is that it has to be in two pieces so it can fit through our skinny Victorian hallway. I found one at West Elm I have been lusting after that’s not only 2 pieces but also is a pull-down sleeper (awesome for us city swellers low on space!) (That is for anyone who has been searching for something like that – a little off subject sorry)

    I love the look of the performance velvet, but it looks light in color, and we are thinking about having kids soon and want to ensure it will hold up to kiddos? Post or update on how well performance velvet does? Or anyone have any insight on this? Thanks!!

  38. Hi Emily – would love some options for kid friendly carpets as well! Thanks!

  39. I have the Room and Board Jasper chaise sectional, which looks to be the exact same sofa as the Campbell (recommended above, #2) only $1000 cheaper. You can order it in almost any fabric, mine in a Slate performance velvet. After almost 3 years, I absolutely LOVE it. The cushions hold their shape, everything wipes up from the fabric, and it’s very comfortable. I’ve had a few friends buy the Jasper after seeing and sitting on mine!

    I also second the person who said to avoid West Elm. Horrible customer service (they said 2-4 weeks, it took several phone calls and 12 weeks) and so uncomfortable! I had their Paidge couch for less than a year before I simply couldn’t take it anymore. The back cushions constantly fell down and intruded in on your space. Guests would regularly comment on how irritating the cushions were.

  40. Hi! Any chance you know where the dark blue rug in the 2nd image of the post is from? We’re in the process of looking for a sectional and a rug for our living room, and I’d love that one…and one of the sectionals listed in your post. Thanks!!

  41. Random question… but any idea which couch (and from where) is the one pictured at the very top? The first photo with the dog?

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