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5 Good Jean Shorts I’ll Be Wearing This Summer That Aren’t Levi’s:)

As a shorts lover, my season is just beginning. Time to give my spray tan, thighs, knees, and ankles their moment – the attention they deserve as the all-important bottom half of my bod. Some of my favorite Levi’s were either too small now or had so many holes that it felt a little questionable, so I bought a few more to show you. I still like to keep it casual with shorts most of the summer, but some of these are a bit more tailored while others are more slouchy. None of them are particularly tight mostly because I like to be comfortable. While I know that longer shorts are more on trend right now (and capris are making a comeback!!!!) I still like the medium to short on me, but with a little bit of width (not too huggy on the thighs). If you want to know my unpopular opinion re the capri comeback, I AM LIKE THE ONLY PERSON EXCITED!!! I’m so sick of baggy jeans being trendy, I miss my wonderful skinny jeans and while I agree that some capris look bad, I’ve seen a few that I was very excited by. So stay tuned for that big comeback (I’m assuming more for 2025, people are NOT ready yet and most of the major brands aren’t pumping out capris yet). Meanwhile, I present to you a bunch of cute jean shorts that I’m loving.

Puff-Sleeve Top | Emmett Patch Pocket Short | Greta Ballet Flat

These guys from Madewell have front pockets that I think are flattering and feel more tailored. They flare out a bit, and without any holes they feel pulled together and more current. I really like the medium to dark wash too which isn’t my typical go-to but I’m into it.

OGC Short (no longer available in denim) | Cable-Stitch Cardigan | Mules | Scarf (similar)

These are my current favorites for all occasions, but they are sold out in denim now!!! I also bought them in the chino version which is still available. They have elastic on the back, but flat on the front. I’m sorry to tease you – but the cut is good enough and they are so affordable so def grab them in the chino version if you like.

OGC Short (no longer available in denim) | Cable-Stitch Cardigan | Mules | Scarf (similar)

I LOVE that new cardigan for summer. I brought it on my long weekend to Arrowhead because it layers so well over so many clothes. And that is my new bandana move/styling trick should you be wondering… Still my favorite mules for when I want to be comfortable, have a little heel, and yet not make a foot statement.

Step-Hem Shorts | Resort Shirt | Mules | Woven Tote

These are my second favorite – these jeans shorts are really cute, a great light wash, comfortable, and have a little bit of fraying at the bottom. But overall super easy to wear.

Step-Hem Shorts | Cable-Stitch Cardigan | Greta Ballet Flat | Scarf (similar) | Woven Tote

I wore them for a social partnership with Madewell so as you can see I styled them a few different ways. The shorts are a little longer in the back which I like. Just solid go-to’s for me (and on a sale for mem day).

Palmer Shorts | Rugby Tee | Mules | Scarf (similar)

Another pair that has awesome huge front pockets (which I find really fun) and a cute rolled cuff. See that little tie-up (?) piece?! Such a great but small detail that makes these feel a little extra special. But what I also really love is that they are midrise and a little slouchy. My favorite combo.

Palmer Shorts | Rugby Tee | Mules | Scarf (similar)

These are SOLID and I’m going to wear them all summer.

Harlow Jean Short | Stripe Shirt | Black Bag (old) | Greta Ballet Flat

Lastly, a pleated little version that feels more tailored and sweet. I’m wearing a 27 here but want to size up as they cut in a bit, so keep that in mind (fits more on your waist, than on your hips). But they are super cute.

Harlow Jean Short | Stripe Shirt | Black Bag (old) | Greta Ballet Flat

Also, I’m really loving those woven ballet flats (like sandals but as flats, because they have holes so they are super airy). And that dropped shoulder top is a great summer weight knit (heavier than a T-shirt but not sweater materials).

Happy jean short season 🙂

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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another Emily
4 days ago

the ballet flats are so good on you!!

3 days ago

Ooooh, I love the “knee knocker” style of capris, slim fit, side zip, with the little notch at the hem!

3 days ago

Love everything in this post. The first look is so good. And after all these years seeing them, reconoindexing the mules…

3 days ago

Love all of these. Sharing my new summer favorite shorts/overalls from Duluth Trading- their gardening overalls and shorts version are amazing. Lightweight, stretchy, slouchy, cleans easily. I have a little farmette in Maine and these are worn every single day – either the pants or shorts version. They have fun colors as well as neutral. By far the best shorts/summer look in super comfy material I have ever owned.

Kat Selah
3 days ago

These shorts are so cute. I also am just really grateful to be at a point in my life in which I genuinely don’t care about fashion trends. Skinny jeans look great on me and feel comfortable, so I wear them, as simple as that. Out or in, why not wear what brings you joy rather than what other people are telling you is supposed to bring you joy, mainly so you spend more money to buy more things that only bring you joy temporarily?

18 hours ago

Where can I purchase the beautiful white multi layer plant stand.

42 minutes ago
Reply to  Veronica

They are the Toivo Pedestals by Sarah Sherman Samuel from Lulu and Georgia

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