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My 5 Go-To (Easy And Affordable) Fall Decor Items That Surprisingly Make A Huge Cozy Impact

HOUSTON WE HAVE SEASONS. And it’s making me want to do just a tiny bit more in our rental home that says “hey, it’s fall, let’s get cozy”. When I walk the dogs here at 6 am it’s a brisk low 50s but BEAUTIFUL and the trees are about to turn. In LA, I never really felt inspired to bring in any “fall decor” in and simply went straight to Halloween decor on October 1st. Well, now I get it. So I told my team I was in the market for a few things, just these little symbols of “fall” to put us all in the mood. Here’s what I’m thinking:


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | art direction by me, styling by emily bowser | from: make your home fall ready with 7 simple tricks (using all target)

I’m hoping to find a wreath at the farmers market, something made by a local florist (know anyone in Portland?), but there are good ones on the market, too. Just stay away from anything plastic-y unless you promise to use it year after year.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | art direction by me, styling by emily bowser | from: make your home fall ready with 7 simple tricks (using all target)

The exterior of our rental house is black so I think a mustard wreath would look really cool, with a few pumpkins next to it.

1. Dried Grass and Grain Hoop Grapevine Wreath | 2. Lit Natural Pumpkin Wreath | 3. Fall Pumpkin Wreath | 4. Ashn Earth Textured Neutrals Wreath | 5. Faux Grasses Harvest Wreath | 6. Pampas Grass Wreath

Fall Candles

photo by sara ligorria-tramp |from: see how ehd brings fall into our homes (and yes, there are *chic* pumpkins involved … target does it again)

I found myself smelling all of the pumpkin spice candles at Target wondering how this happened. I NEVER thought I would be a “seasonal scent” lady but after my Christmas candles from last year, it just WORKS. It creates such a vibe and mood, especially when I’m not roasting a chicken and then brothing (the usual delicious cozy scent we have going on in our house in fall for SOUPtember and CROCKtober).

1. Autumn Splendor Glass Candle | 2. Harvest Spice 5-Wick Speckled Ceramic Fall Candle | 3. Spiced Pumpkin– 7.2 oz Soy Candle | 4. Mulled Cider Soy Candle | 5. Harvest Spice Scent Collection | 6. Pumpkin Spice Candle | 7. English Pear & Freesia Travel Candle | 8. Anecdote Autumn Glass Candle | 9. Black Leaves Candle – Freres Branchiaux


photo by sara ligorria-tramp | art direction by me, styling by emily bowser | from: target’s new threshold collection is hitting the “elevated prairie” trend hard and good

Right now I have this Target vase (it’s VERY VERY GOOD) with sunflowers in it on my dining table making me so happy. I will likely just clip fall branches once these die, but there are some good dried ones on the market that will last longer, too. I have enough vases, but if you don’t here are some good ones that can be versatile (not just for fall).

1. Carved Ceramic Vase Gray – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee | 2. Indoor/Outdoor Set of 2 Black Metal Urn Vases | 3. Posey Bud Vase | 4. L’impatience Hand Crafted Black Stoneware Bouquet Vase | 5. Terracotta Vase with Handle Brown Clay – Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow | 6. Handmade Stone Pitcher | 7. Artificial Berry Plant Arrangement in Ceramic Vase | 8. Ribbed Glass Vase Amber | 9. Sullivans Glass Vase Set of 2

Throw Blankets

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | art direction by me, styling by emily bowser | from: make your home fall ready with 7 simple tricks (using all target)

It’s shocking to me that I have no cozy blankets in a warm tone. Or maybe it’s not shocking, but they are all blue and I’ve had them all for a long time. I would love a mustard and white pattern, something cozy and either knit or fur (Brian has forbidden me from buying any more Pendleton style wool blankets because he finds them itchy). So here are a few out there:

1. Windowpane Printed Plush Throw Blanket with Sherpa Reverse | 2. Happy Habitat Maze Throw – Gold/Linen | 3. Buffalo Check Waffle Woven Throw | 4. Nep Yarn Knit Throw Blanket | 5. Checkered Throw Blanket Brown | 6. Throw Blanket with Fringe | 7. Heathered Boucle Throw | 8. Commune Blue Quilt | 9. Farridoro Wool Plaid Blankets | 10. Brushed Herringbone Throw | 11. Heathered Knit Throw Blanket | 12. Happy Habitat Italian Floor Throw – Ochre and Grey


Pumpkins aren’t at the farmers market yet, but soon. Meanwhile, I have these wood ones and the raffia ones from the last two years that I’ll put out on the mantle, dining table, and/or front stoop. But when the pumpkins start happening, yes I’ll be all over that. Everyone up here has a backyard garden and I see the pumpkins growing as I’m walking the pups so I’m excited to see what will be at the markets this weekend.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | art direction by me, styling by emily bowser | from: make your home fall ready with 7 simple tricks (using all target)

1. Seedstitch Pumpkin Shaped Pillow | 2. Small Ceramic Pumpkin Cream | 3. Medium Dark Woven Pumpkin | 4. Woven Corn Husk Pumpkin Figurine Cream | 5. Harvest Tweed/Plaid Speckle Fabric Wrapped Pumpkin | 6. Handmade Coffee Tweed Fabric Pumpkin | 7. Pumpkin Halloween Decorative Sculpture | 8. Woven Cattail Leaf Pumpkin Figurine Brown | 9. Faux Pumpkins

So there we are. A measure of true adulthood. I’m not buying any “thankful pillows’ (yet) but living in a place with seasons and having young kids (still) makes me totally GET IT. Just remember – shop what you have first and see what you can pull out from closets rather than buy – oh and a hack I recently learned is to put a fall pillow cover over a normal “summer” pillow for instance so you don’t have to deal with storing the pillow and cover, just take off the seasonal cover as it changes. This weekend is full of rain and the kids have asked to decorate early for Halloween (I swear, it wasn’t my idea) so we might light our first fire in the fireplace and get our pumpkin on. Have a great weekend. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | Art direction by me, Styling by Emily Bowser | From: Make Your Home Fall Ready With 7 Simple Tricks (Using All Target)

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27 days ago

Ha! Get your pumpkin on!😊
It’s almost feeling Spring-y here in Aussie, so different edge of the wedge, but I love all things cozy, so I loved these ideas. It feels like flippin’ winter today.
I especially like your comment “Just stay away from anything plastic-y unless you promise to use it year after year.” Yaaay!!
I like the rust coloured throws, in fact, that’s a likely buy for my mentee’s room makeover in her Safe House…the mood board is coming together. So. Excited! 🤗

Cris S.
26 days ago

Wash the pumpkins in a bleach/water solution or produce cleaning solution and they will last a lot longer. Welcome to the Fall Is My Favourite Season Club!

26 days ago

just put that vase in my cart! Also YES we have plenty of decorative pillows around here and every other year or so I buy different pillow covers and rotate them through based on the season and the look. I was ready to donate our (10?) year old ikea pillow covers, but then in the spring my daughter (9) just decided it was time to remove the fuzzy sheepskin and put the floral ikea covers back on. So I guess we’ll be keeping them a bit longer. H & M is a great spot for affordable covers and Citizenry is one of my favorites for a splurge.

26 days ago

Can you do a roundup of *soft* and chic throw blankets? Blankets that look good and feel really good to curl up in? I, like Brian, find myself not using our Pendleton wool blanket and reaching for the ugly soft one instead. PLZ HELP

26 days ago
Reply to  Samantha

Hopefully my comment doesn’t double post, but I highly recommend LL Bean’s Wicked Soft throw (or blanket). Really fabulous. I have a basketful for my home and frequently give them as gifts.

26 days ago

I have two great florist reccs: Coy and Co is a fully sustainable florist, sourcing everything locally. She does great work with dried flowers in the winter, too. Flower Bomb is in a gorgeous space in SE and has flowers, plants and decor. We have saved the dried magnolia leaf wreath we got from her last year and look forward to using it again.

26 days ago

You should check out Bloke Botanical off NE Russel. All the natural decor you could dream of in a magical space.

26 days ago

Florists in PDX: Fieldwork is always lovely.
But, don’t sleep on Old Town Florists! Their website is not great and does not do them justice. Next time you’re in the Pearl, swing by. I have a dried evergreen magnolia wreath from there that’s lasted me for almost a decade!

26 days ago
Reply to  kiki

I was also coming to recommend Fieldwork!

26 days ago

I’m really put off by your description of Brian “forbidding” you from doing anything. Or likewise implying he’s pitched a fit about something so inconsequential as a pot filler. Do you think it’s cute to portray a grown man as acting like a petulant toddler? I hope you’re at least being tongue-in-cheek and that’s not how he actually behaves. I hope that he expresses his preferences respectfully and doesn’t demand they are accommodated over yours. Especially when it relates to your area of expertise and your career, where he should be nothing but supportive and deferential. Unfortunately, your mentions of Brian don’t always come across that way and often leave a bad taste in my mouth, even if I suspect the word choices are meant to be playful. Supporting and uplifting other women is important to me and that you seem to share that value is a large part of what draws me to your content. So even a small implication of accommodating disrespectful behavior from a man is really jarring to me and a major buzzkill. I don’t find it cute or funny.

26 days ago
Reply to  daphnee

So i just have to say that you must not be married for a really long time. I read her stuff and as a chick married 18 years this year and think yep I know what she is talking about with the Pendleton blankets. My husband and my 10 year old whine about them. Just as i whine when laundry isn’t folded the “right” way or my husband wears that dang ahirt i thiught was thrown away. When you have humans from two different backgrounds with different life experiences living full time for YEARS together whinign, annoying each other, and even throwing adult size fits can will and does happen. And even a two way street of accommodating each other for designing and choosing home items happen. Humans are imperfect beings. I find it highly unlikely any abuse is going on, it is normal human being expressions and emotions.

26 days ago
Reply to  Lynn

Well and honestly said-

23 days ago
Reply to  Lynn

My point was that the word choice of “Brian has forbidden me…” and similar off-hand remarks cause me to have a visceral reaction. If it was, “my kids have forbidden me from buying itchy blankets” – that’s cute and funny. But, “my husband has forbidden me…” makes me want to gag. You might find it funny, but I don’t. It really pulls me out of otherwise enjoying a blog post. And if they’re going to be confused and defensive when backlash against Brian pops up… perhaps these kind of descriptions have something to do with it.

Another Robin
24 days ago
Reply to  daphnee

I read your response yesterday, and have thought about it since, I have been married almost 29:years, to an amazing person. And many times of challenge and man-mocking. But the mutual respect has been constant.
my concern has been about the tone of your post.
it seems your concerns about Emily’s comments are reflected in your comments, I.e.decrying her for the same attitude you espouse.
kindness goes around

26 days ago

I always prefer switching out covers to buying new pillows, but I’m working with 16” and 18” inserts that were the trend 15+ years ago, and yes, they are still in great condition. Unfortunately most covers are 20-24” now. I still find some, but it takes searching. There are also a lot of makers on Etsy, and I sew, so I’ve decided to make my own, too. As a result of my own craftiness, I have plans to make fabric and crocheted pumpkins, but I imagine that they won’t be ready for this season. I didn’t decorate last year, because we still had painters working on our house, but I think I’ll pull out the decorations next week now that I’m seeing inspiration.

26 days ago

I love these kinds of posts, however, it would be nice if the suggested items weren’t primarily from Target. The items are so cute and then I see they’re from Target and find it disappointing since I live in Canada and don’t have access to Target. Just a thought. Love the blog!

Roberta Davis
26 days ago
Reply to  AAG

Canada needs Target! Target has a lot of really great products, well-designed, and well-priced.

26 days ago

For Portland florists – check out Coy & Co., they’re a zero plastic totally sustainable florist. They have great wreaths and do a bunch of wreath workshops. I’m in no way affiliated. Just a huge fan.

26 days ago

Please check out Pollinate, in Newberg.

26 days ago

I wish I could find a nice UNSCENTED broom — any ideas? Etsy seems the only place to get them.

26 days ago

Oh no, now that you’ve moved I’m going to have seasonal jealousy disorder. It was so much simpler when you were a hot/mild L.A. gal. Promise you’ll be really annoyed with the snow this coming winter (in April or something) just to even things out, ok?

26 days ago

I’m lucky, my sister needle felts pumpkins and I raided her stash (for my birthday) and grabbed gobs of them. And they last forever.

26 days ago

Love these Ideas! Any links for great faux fall stems for all the gorgeous vases?

Roberta Davis
26 days ago

Cute pumpkins! Last year, I got myself a $40 sheepskin (fake) throw at Target, and got it for my daughter-in-law, too. I love it! We do have pumpkins in our markets and stores now in Seattle, and they are expensive! But Costco has had huge pots of mums for $13. For fall food, I have been eating this salad many nights lately and it is fantastic! Massage the kale with your fingers before adding the other ingredients.

Anne Carmichael
26 days ago

I’m surprised you didn’t mention any local candles, there are lots in Portland! My favorites come from MadSass Soap in Multnomah Village. Also, New Seasons usually has some nice locally made seasonal wreaths. And they get some amazing pumpkins too!

25 days ago

Pendleton has MANY gorgeous throws in cotton, to combat the “it’s too itchy” complaints and to round out your collection.

25 days ago

Hi Emily! I’d LOVE to make you a dried wreath… that’s my forte! Check out http://www.vivavoce-designs to get a sense of style, but, I do custom design of course (keeping very seasonal). I also live in SW Portland ( ;

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