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4 Coats 4 Ways: How I am Styling Coats this Winter (+ Reviews)

It is high time we all cradled our neck in some faux rabbit fur, right? For today’s fashion post, I partnered with Nordstrom to shop and style out four coats to prove that even though I live in LA, I can still channel my Oregonian roots and enjoy the colder months. Yes, it was 90 degrees in LA last week, but it was 50 the day we shot because the fashion gods are favoring me. I am, after all, a “jacket/coat person” at heart so it is now my season.

We are starting with this faux fur number because it is pretty awesome, but let me tell you EXACTLY why I think so.


Get The Look: Coat | Jeans (similar) | Polka Dot Mesh Shirt | Camisole | Boots

It falls at just the right place (not too cropped, not overwhelmingly long), has pockets (so you can swing), and is INCREDIBLY SOFT. But, I’ve decided the real reason that I love it so much is that the gray isn’t loud, while the coat itself is. In other words, the bright colored faux fur coats are a lot for me, but this one grabs just the right amount of attention.

I wore the cutest little black polka dot see-through number underneath (see it peeking out?) that I would wear with just a black bra in real life but didn’t shoot that because well, that would feel very exposing.

Nord. Coats Lores 8

Get The Look: Jacket | Shirt | Sweater | Jeans | Boots

Now, the utility jacket and A VERY VERY VERY GOOD ONE I might add. This guy has a ton of structure and tailoring, so it’s slimming/not bulky if that is something you look for in a jacket. The arms are more fitted, but the rest of it has enough room to layer a thin sweater and shirt, as I did, underneath. Oh, and yes I am still making the case for snakeskin being the new “neutral” boot. I wear these boots with so. many. outfits. and can vouch for their versatility.

Nord. Coats Lores 9

But back to the jacket, it has lots of compartments, and there is something about the stiffness of the fabric (with some give) that makes it look expensive and legit.

Next, an oversized tweed number.


Get The Look: Coat | Skirt | Shirt | Sweater | Boots | Bag (similar)

I love a coat you can really layer underneath, especially if it’s menswear-inspired. This one has a really subtle navy/cream weave (it might be black, but still super subtle), is nicely lined, warm and generally sophisticated. It’s the kind of thing you can wear more casually like I did or with a dress for nighttime without feeling too frilly or “fancy.”


Underneath, I wore the same thin navy blue sweater that I LOVE (it is a thin, “good drape” sweater) with a long collared shirt, a miniskirt and my favorite belt bag that added the perfect pop of red.

Lastly…I’ve seen it on the Instagram. I’ve heard that it’s a thing…IT’S AN ALL-WHITE CHRISTMAS INSPIRED LOOK ON MY BODY:

Nord. Coats Lores 10

Get The Look: Coat | Shirt | Undershirt | Jeans | Boots

I couldn’t stop singing “she’s a lady…ooh ooh ooh, she’s a lady…” WHAT A LEWK. My team loved it and I did, too, even though it didn’t feel like me. I think that’s only because I don’t have an important office job in a city, but if I did?? I felt VERY powerful in this shockingly affordable coat. I would definitely pair those boots with those pants with something more casual on top (a blousy patterned shirt or a boxy sweater) for a more laid back look.

That cream boucle is so pretty. It’s a GREAT holiday coat as well but size down because I think I’m wearing a 0-2 and it fits, but it could be smaller.

Underneath, I wore another sweet little polka dot shirt with a ruffly neck, and simple white cami. White jeans are forever in (I like the non-ripped ones now) and those boots are TALL and extreme, but in the nude color, I can handle them.

And if you are wondering, yes it is finally feeling like winter in LA which means the entire EHD team has coats on the mind. Here are some more of our favorites:

Emily Henderson Winter Coats Roundup

1. Life Changer Moto Jacket | 2. Convertible Quilted Crop Puffer Coat | 3. ASTR the Label Keller Peaked Lapel Coat. | 4. The Cocoon Coat | 5. Carly Coat | 6. Relaxed Soft Trench Coat | 7. Borg Western Jacket | 8. Oversized Blazer | 9. Faux Shearling Jacket | 10. Sasha Puffer | 11. Faux Fur Collar Corduroy Bomber Jacket | 12. Berber Faux Fur Shirt Jacket | 13. Elmcourt Buffalo Check Coat | 14. Faux Fur Teddy Coat | 15. Pendleton Florence Hooded Coat | 16. Teddy Cardi Coat | 17. Jewel Neck Teddy Coat | 18. Double Face Long Coat

Before you go, be sure to check out Nordstrom’s Cyber Preview Page, which shows ALL the great sales they will be running starting Wed, 11/26 at 12:01 am and look out for additional Black Friday items that will go up on Friday, 11/28 at 12:01 am. Happy shopping! xx

**photography by Veronica Crawford 

**This post is in partnership with Nordstrom but all words, designs and selections are our own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog.


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18 thoughts on “4 Coats 4 Ways: How I am Styling Coats this Winter (+ Reviews)

  1. Oh my gosh, white is your colour! It makes me look absolutely horrible (pale, pink-undertoned skin and red hair) but on you it just looks so luxe and angelic 😉

  2. “I don’t have an important office job in the city”? That’s funny. Love all the coats, but in Seattle, I don’t dare wear a coat that won’t keep me dry in the rain, and it’s always best to have a hood (Umbrellas? Useless.) The white look does look great on you!

  3. Great roundup. I got a teddy coat and can’t wait to wear it once it finally gets cold enough in LA. Teddy coat = glorified bathrobe, which fits right in with my clothing goal: the comfort of pajamas while still appearing employable.

  4. The all white look is my favorite! And you don’t need a fancy job to wear it. It looks good anytime! Who cares how casual LA is.

    1. Looooooved the fur coat look from top to bottom! All white comes in second, but totally agree about when to wear. I’m with Talia… those boots with the fur coat are WOW!!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you.
    By the way, your skin is looking so amazing! Great skin is the best accessory. ?

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