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by Emily Henderson

Every now and again I google “leather chair” and I GASP as a photo of my past work comes up with a questionable chair, or a suspicious wall color (not here). Generally this is work that I didn’t necessarily forget about, but they were never properly photographed (as you can see) so it was never blogged about, or maybe it was but that blog post has been broken for years (thanks to moving servers and hosts 4 times).

Emily Henderson Ian Brennan From A Stylist

Years ago, when I did the show “Secrets From a Stylist, ” #RIP, we styled two different looks in the same room for the first season. And THREE different looks for the pilot episode (shown here). The first look was always really extreme in one direction, with the idea that the second (or third) look would pull it back into reality (the two looks were based on their personality styles).

So here are four rooms that were only “first looks” and lasted 18 hours. Thank God someone photographed them (albeit terrible photographs) . . . and now they are burned into your (and my) memories.


The first photo was Ian’s house, first look. It was “mantique, ” I think. Then for the second (with the black/white rug) we added “midcentury pop, ” which I liked in different ways. For that one we painted out the back of the shelves. The third look is what you see here, above, which is the obvious favorite, and a mixing of all three of the styles.

Ooh this is fun. Ok, remember this?

Emily Henderson Green Traditional Living Room

This room was the first look of the “Spanish Mod” episode. They wanted super modern, but they lived in an old Spanish style house. So for first look we did it totally old world (mostly for the sake of the viewers). These people FREAKED out when I painted those walls dark green, and it was actually super awkward. We always had the intention of painting it back but man, they were pissed. Sorry, guys. They also hated the lighting, but I personally think that it’s better than what they chose (below). I actually still really like the green room, even though it was meant to look really old world Spanish. I definitely wouldn’t paint the ceilings again  – that looks stupid. I think we couldn’t find a break so we didn’t know what to do. Man the final look was so much better. These photos are all super low-res, sorry!!

Here is the second look:

Emily Henderson Modern Spanish

I found one more angle on the internet:spanish mod

That credenza is still STUNNING.

Ok any of you remember this? This was the first look of the “Industrial Kitch” loft that we did. The first look was meant to be super kitchy and retro (obviously). I still like a lot of the elements but altogether it was cuckoo.

Emily Henderson Mod Bright Living Room

Here’s a link to the 4 minute abridged version of that episode. I found a screenshot of the second look.

Pretty darn fun. It kinda says 2010 all over it, but there are a lot of elements I still like. You can’t tell, but check out that DIY crate room divider. Crazy. Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.00.05 AM

There was this bachelor, below, who’s fiance was moving in. For the first look we did just his style:

Emily Henderson Masculine Black Leather Living Room

He was extremely attached to that sofa which I have to say we made look REALLY good here. He loved this room so much and was like “please don’t do a second look, please.” But, we did:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.11.07 AM

He wasn’t as happy. But she was.  Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.10.59 AM

I kinda wish we hadn’t put so many pops of yellow in there, but OOOHHHHWEELLLL.

OOh this is my new favorite game. All I want to do now is go through old SFAS episodes and critique the first version (I can’t really critique the second too much, obviously). Man these bring back memories. I can’t believe HGTV didn’t hire photographers to shoot them. They would hire a “set photographer” who would come in for like 10 minutes and grab a shot of me placing a pillow, but nobody that actually knew how to shoot interiors. So I started hiring my own for the blog, but I was so busy shooting the show that I couldn’t be there to style them. Such missed opportunities all the time. But now I get to dredge them up from the past and show them off to you.

If you are bored this weekend check out some of the old episodes or videos here. It’s not my best work, but man it’s super fun to revisit that life. I’ve never really talked about what happened to the show – but as you could probably tell HGTV went to a real estate/renovate formula that has worked very well for them. “The Property Brothers” first blew it up, Then” Love it or List it, ” and now my favorite “Fixer Upper.” People ask all the time if I’d like to have my own show again.

It’s a complicated answer: YES. I would love to have my own show that is really, really, good. You’d think that’s obvious but there are a lot of bad/cliche/generic show ideas out there. Over the years I have been pitched or asked to do a variety of them, but to give up that much time (which makes my family life and this blog suffer GREATLY) it has to be a really awesome show, with a ton of creative/design control, and a large enough budget to make the space look good. Anyway, I tell my agents that when both kids are in school I might be less picky, but to miss so much of their childhood to host a mediocre show, that edits out my personality, and insists on mainstream design for the masses, is certainly not worth it. So that’s the deal with the show. I loved that show. I still love that show. Watching it now feels dated, sure, but every week was so different, and you could tell we were having fun. Hosting-wise I’m leaps and bounds better than I was then, but it’s still fun to watch my 30 year old self chat about style to my (still) good friend, Orlando.

Not sure how I got onto this rant. I guess watching a few of those old episodes made me nostalgic, and realize that I never fully told you why the show was cancelled. Despite it’s good ratings and big following, those real estate/renovate shows killed it. Props to Joanna Gaines for bringing some design game back to the channel – I love that family (who doesn’t?).

Quick Q – what shows do you guys watch on HGTV, if any, and what shows WOULD you watch? The makeover show formula feels done, but there has to be something that is more style oriented that could be fun to do and watch, right? testtest

  1. I LOVED SFAS! I also really enjoy Fixer Upper, however Joanna tends to style each house the exact same way. It’s beautiful but gets a little boring. That’s where your show was different and more interesting. While you may have your style preferences, you really varied how you styled each home based on the client. This was way more fun to watch. Plus I liked thinking about which item I would choose when you ran the style diagnostics. With all the revivals going on, maybe you can you revive your show once your babies are both in school. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed the Sarah’s House shows with Sarah Richardson where over the course of a season she designs a whole house. Obviously a huge undertaking, but that concept with your style would be a killer show.

    1. I agree. Anything Sarah Richardson. Sarah’s House was my favorite. And Tommy.

    2. yes!! Sarah’s house was a fave of mine… she had additional seasons on HGTV Canada that never aired here, which gave me the sads. And Genevieve Gorder’s shows were wonderful. HGTV has so little design on it now; much like the Food Network and its overall lack of instructional cooking shows now that the network is dominated by weird cake competitions and shows in which dumb dumbs travel around and we have to watch them stuff their faces with diner food.

      1. So true. I got rid of cable a year ago, and if I’m wanting a design show fix, i pretty much watch Genevieve on Netflix. I’ve seen those shows so many times, but they’re still good. She lets us in to her actual design process, and I appreciate that.

    3. I agree with Katie, Sarah’s House, was hands down the best design show on HGTV. Seeing the design process unfold for a whole house was really great. Plus the dynamic between Sarah and Tommy was priceless. Love Tommy. I enjoy watching Fixer Upper, but style wise, I feel that Sarah Richardson has a) more range and b) explains her design process decisions more thoroughly. In all fairness, Joanna can’t go into as much depth given that she does a whole house in 1 episode, rather than 1 season.

  3. I also enjoy Fixer Upper, but I always wish there was more insight into the design process and the back and forth with the clients (the way the Property Brothers bring clients to choose countertops, etc.). While there is always a budget catastrophe with the Property Brothers, nothing ever seems to go truly wrong on Fixer Upper?? I’d like to see a show that combines interesting real estate (love seeing how much properties go for in different cities) + good and transparent design process (timeline, issues, feedback from clients) + satisfying ending. All with good design, obviously 😉 I also liked Genevieve’s makeover show… feel-good and more thought to design, plus she shares some design tips I find interesting. Except for that neon green kitchen. Pain to the eyes!

    1. On Fixer Upper the furniture/design does not stay with the house. It is only used for staging.

    2. Haha! There was a huge online kerfuddle about Fixer Upper the other day. People writing about being disillusioned because the furniture wasn’t included and not every single room was redone and oh, the horror, a few people have SOLD the houses or WORSE have put them up for rent. Some said they though the Gaines were phonies for not posting disclaimers about their profiting from the show. I put in a “get a grip” comment and left.

  4. I loved your show! I would still be loyally watching if it was on today. If you did a new show, I’d definitely want the style diagnostic to be the first step. People seem to have a hard time bringing their personality and personal style into their homes so I’d want you to keep helping people crack that code. I know I’m basically describing your original show but it’s still what I want to see. Maybe with one design that really dives into those early stages of the design process.

  5. Amazing to see the evolution of your design aesthetic!


  6. I loved your show! Now the only hgtv show I watch with any regularity is house hunters international. I also have really liked design shows on other channels that are actually reality show-esque, like the Novogratz show that was on Bravo, and Million Dollar Whatever it was called, also on Bravo.

  7. Don’t laugh, but Trading Spaces. Who hasn’t gone into their neighbor’s house and thought, “Man, I’d decorate this room completely differently than they have”? It was so hokey, but it was really the first DIY/budget home redesign show of its time. I always loved Vern.

    1. Me too! I often felt really bad for the homeowners (straw on the wall–yikes!), but it sure was entertaining.

    2. Yes! This a thousand times. The first time I had ever heard of an interior designer was on trading spaces. Vern is awesome. And that straw Hildy put on the walls of that living room, wha?
      I’m so over all the buy and sell, flip shows. Although I do love fixer upper. I wish HGTV would go back to actual design shows. Show me how to mix patterns or look for undertones please. I can’t stand all the drama and staged conversations. Please HGTV, let’s have some real design shows that show step by step design.

  8. I second (third) the love for SFAS and Sarah Richardson. I really appreciate the instruction on developing an overall aesthetic and design each room to incorporate that within the function of each room. While I love Fixer Upper, I’d rather eliminate the houses they don’t choose from the show and focus more on the design process for the whole house and see the WHOLE house, even the not so fun rooms, like mushrooms, laundry, closets that can really affect the functionality of a home.

    1. Edit to make it clear I meant MUDRooms, not mushrooms.

    2. Ditto. And I still remember something you said on SFAS, when a sconce was broken. “It’s a sconce, not a baby.” Yes! No manufactured drama or misplaced priorities.

  9. I really like Fixer Upper and her style is great but I do feel like the houses are all done very similar. I’d love to see some different approaches.

    Sara Richardson is amazing! I miss her shows very much.

  10. I totally remember your first episode and the Spanish modern one on SFAS. As for HGTV now, I only watch Fixer Upper on a regular basis. It’s not about the design/reno aspects anymore, but for Chip, JoJo and the family life at the farm that make it fun. I really miss anything Sarah Richardson did. I loved Sarah’s House and Sarah’s Cottage (on the island). I also loved Candice Olson and Design on a Dime. I sometimes catch Yard Crashers on DIY, which is fun too. Who wouldn’t want to bring a hot contractor home from Lowes and get a free backyard?

  11. I loved this post. I’ve been dying to know why you weren’t on HGTV anymore. Your season was the first season of Design Star that I watched, and you were my all time favorite. Then when I found out Secrets of a Stylist wasn’t airing anymore, I was super confused why they let you go. But then I found your blog! Jackpot!

    I do like Fixer Upper because I pretty much want to live next to the Gaines, because they are awesome and real estate prices in Texas are unbelievable.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day you do a show again! That would be amazing!

  12. Your show was so much fun. I loved it!

    I, too, love Sarah Richardson, but her most recently aired (in the U.S.) show was a real disappointment. She goes around with the client looking at 3 properties and they finally pick one and, boom, in the last minute you get to see — but not really absorb — the one room she decorates. And where the f–k is Tommy?!

    Genevieve Gorder’s shows were always interesting too.

    I used to like the show Freestyle (even though people always seemed to have a suspiciously plentiful stash of unused drapes or fabric remnants). You didn’t get quite the rush you do from a of a full-blown Emily Henderson or Sarah Richardson makeover, but it was always interesting to see how the designers reworked rooms using only already existing in the space stuff.

    I rarely watch HGTV, unless my DVR picks up a repeat of some long-dead design show airing at 6:00 in the morning.

  13. I agree that Fixer Upper has finally brought some design elements (and realistic budgets!) back into these shows. We used to watch HGTV religiously when they had Design on a Dime, Candace Olsen, etc but now it’s all “We have $1 million to buy and completely renovate” and that is not AT ALL appealing or relatable for me. They feel so scripted too. I love Fixer Upper and loved Rehab Addict too.

    1. Amen to the realistic budget comment! I don’t mind it as much, but the groaning from my husband makes watching much less enjoyable. 😉

  14. I would really like to see a show where they designed homes for lower income families. Not in an “Extreme Home Makeover” way, but maybe something more subtle. I get sick of seeing people wirh means get free stuff when there are obviously a lot of people out there who could use it more.
    I would also like to see a show for apartment dwellers. I am a homeowner myself, but would still find it interesing, as I like affordable clever solutions. I think it would appeal to many since we all like to change our spaces at an ever growing rapid pace.

  15. I still miss Secrets of a Stylist. That show was fantastic! I’m in general not a fan of the direction HGTV has gone. I watch it some, but not nearly the way I used to. Nothing against the shows now (except maybe Love It or List It; they go too far with the fake drama, and it is obnoxious); I just prefer actual decorating shows, especially those that help people who don’t have insane budgets. You mentioned Joanna Gaines, but if your taste isn’t modern farmhouse/ALL THE SHIPLAP, it gets old really fast.

    1. My daughter and I watch Love It or List It together sometimes and make fun of it. It’s so darn predictable. I really only enjoy the first few and last few minutes.

  16. Love the yellow in the last room! Definitely 100% better than that old black couch.

    Also, love the built ins in that first room. #Shelfies for days.

  17. We get asked frequently to do a show (not interested), but at one time we did go pretty far in the process because we felt like going around fixing up B&B’s (kind of like Kitchen Nightmares except less mean and more fun and style, obviously) would be such a fun show! I still think it would be an excellent show–maybe when the kids are in school. 😉

  18. I was googling around over the weekend to see if you had ever designed a room with a very large map. Not a playroom; a living room or dining room. I couldn’t find anything. Given the state of the world and two ever-growing children, a map seems like something we should have and reference daily. But, how to do it? Most maps have colors that are “meh.” Are there companies that make custom maps? I want a legit political map, maybe with some geographic references but in colors I choose. And a large (custom) size. Is that possible?

  19. I feel like I’m constantly playing this game with my own house! Or, past apartments we had. A picture will pop up in my “memories” Facebook feed of my kids doing something, and I’m analyzing the background. Why did we arrange the chairs like that? What was up with that paint color? I should probably let sleeping dogs lie, but I guess I’ve learned from my past mistakes?

  20. Do you remember who the artist of those two watercolor pics is (the two that are side by side above the amazing credenza)?! I didn’t realize that was your interior when I first saw the image on Pinterest and I feel like I’ve been searching and searching for the source for those pieces for years; I love them.


  21. I could not agree with you more! But it’s so hard to get a show formula right. HGTV wants to appeal to the masses so that ratings stay up, and that means unrealistic, fake and watered down design content. Unfortunately, the kind of shows that we (aka your blog audience and other designers) would like is more of a niche market, and hard to put into a show format. As a TV producer who has produced a lot of design shows in the past, I am desperate to work on shows that are inspirational and show off great spaces that I can be proud of. Unfortunately, that’s not what networks want. Naturally, they want audiences to be hooked at commercial breaks but that means everything is so sadly scripted and formulaic now. But if and when the time comes that you are ready for your next TV challenge, feel free to give me a call 🙂

  22. I am sooo bored with House Hunters and Love It or List It. I much prefer a good design makeover show. I love Fixer Upper too, and Property Brothers. I used to love Candace Olson too. I think the lineup needs freshened up a bit!

  23. YES, I loved SFAS! I think it would be fun to do a show that incorporates higher-end design aspects with budget DIYs. For instance, I’d be willing to splurge on a great sofa but probably wouldn’t buy any “fancy” art/wall decor. It’d be fun to see how the two can mesh!

  24. I would totally watch a show that is you decorating women’s shelters and homeless shelters. You could get some great corporate sponsors (although that would totally have to be someone’s whole job to coordinate) and the people who run the shelters would probably let you have total creative control. It could be awesome!

    1. Does anyone remember the midcentury modern design Joanna ( Fixer Upper) did on the show? Like many of you, I admire that show even though the rustic farmhouse style may not always fit my preference. But that particular episode gave me even more respect for her talent and showed how a good designer can get into your head to bring YOUR dream design to reality. This is the talent you possess Emily. Plus, like Joanna, you have an insanely adorable family and you never seem fake. How could anyone not love to watch that??!!!

      1. YES! I almost wrote about that episode in my previous post. I was shocked at how well she was able to transition to a completely different style like that. Shows just how talented she really is.

  25. My favorite HGTV show is Fixer Upper. I love Joanna’s style and maybe even more so watching her and Chip interact. It’s like watching a 1 hour romantic comedy.

    The show I’d want to see is either:

    1) A show that takes a couple that has two different design styles and mixes it together so they are both happy. For example (my husband = traditional antique/hunting cabin and mine = mid century modern)

    2) A show that shows how you can put personality into 1990s master planned homes that are everywhere in AZ/Vegas. What to do with those cutouts for tv and books (in which no tv fits in anymore), the stupid plant shelves, the rounded corners and too texturized wall.

    Those would be great!

    1. Oh I would love a show dealing with the NV/AZ houses…
      As new home owners in Las Vegas my husband and I are trying to personalize our ’94 house and make it stand out. It’s hard with so many cookie cutter houses + honestly design in Vegas does not seem to be a priority to home owners… I see the same beige and brown couches with beige walls (and maybe a brown accent wall thrown in for “fun” *cringe*) and green curtains and wall to wall beige carpet and beige tile…. I could go on and on… So yeah, I would watch closely if someone takes on houses like that. Or maybe I should pitch that idea to HGTV LOL

  26. I loved your show! And I totally wish HGTV still had style/design shows. Bc seriously how many episodes of house hunters does anyone need to watch? And all those dumb “I want a mansion on a tropical island!” shows. I don’t have cable anymore which means I can only watch hgtv at my boyfriend’s (good thing he loves the property brothers. Hahahaha) but it does bum me out that all the great shows that got me hooked on that channel are basically gone. So please keep sharing these old pics!

    1. Also I miss Color Splash! David Bromstad was just the cutest. His stuff was often way over the top but fun. And yeah totally miss Genevieve…

  27. You are so right about there being a lot of bad shows out there. The only time I watch HGTV is weekend mornings, bleary-eyed, coffee in hand, trying to psych myself up to get off my butt and do something. I am so over the renovation shows with their manufactured drama/budget crises. (Not that remodels and renovations don’t have big budget surprises IRL, just in the show format it’s so lame.) I’d say Fixer Upper is my favorite though I really only like the first few minutes when they’re checking out all the houses. I’m a voyeur and I like seeing the inside of all the houses in various states of disrepair. After that it’s like meh because it’s all the same. I love Desperate Landscapes but I haven’t seen it on in forever. It’s so down to earth. I also quite like Income Property. Not a fan of Property Brothers as it’s not my style, I don’t normally care for the couples involved, and their cheekbones freak me out a little. As others have mentioned Sarah Richardson’s show was great where she fixed up her old farmhouse. That was some real design content. I also loved the first few seasons of the really old British Changing Rooms. Man that was wacky and it would never work now. I really wish these cable channels would give up “find the conflict at every opportunity” show model.

    Ha as someone who professes to not care much for HGTV I’m awfully opinionated on it.

    1. Oh yeah and I generally dig Rehab Addict too. Mostly because it’s just different enough from the other shows. Although yeah ok Nicole I get it. You can use tools and equipment.

  28. I actually wandered over to your blog based on a bathroom gutting and never actually knew you hosted an HGTV show! I’m definitely going to check out a few episodes.

    I’ll admit it, I’ve always loved House Hunters International and Love it or List It, but I’ve recently become an HGTV junkie after buying my own house. Chances are if it is on, I’ll watch it. Although Fixer Upper and Property Brothers are big hitters for them, I can’t help but find them really bland. Many of the stylings are the same, and I wish Fixer Upper’s host had a more complete knowledge base (filigree is not a doohickie). I tend to skip those two.

  29. I can only agree with what others have said: yes, Chip and JoJo are fun to watch but after a while – it all turns into Modern Farmhouse. Enough. In all honesty, I love watching House Hunters and usually will watch the end of Love it or List it Too (with the sound off – it’s too cheesy) if it’s on but mostly because I wish I lived in BC. And finally, this is way old school HGTV – but I used to love watching that one show where a couple wanted to remodel a room in their house and got to choose from 3 different designers. What was that show called?! I think Chris Harrison was the host/narrator? Or maybe I’m confused?
    Oh, and finally, finally – I loved Secrets from a Stylist!

    1. I had to go look him up and see if that was him on the show! It was Designer’s Challenge, and I loved it too!

      1. THANK YOU! I guess it would look pretty outdated now but I loved the whole concept and (of course) enjoyed fantasizing about having the same options.

  30. Have loved you since Design Star and miss Secrets! I think the formula for a good design show lies within the “realistic” component that viewers get. I am a huge fan of HGTV, have always been, but their shows are getting way too formulaic. There is enough excitement in the process without having the drama/resolution plot plugged into every episode. I find my favorite shows are directly correlated with the creativity and authenticity of the designers. You (obv.), Genevieve, Sarah/Tommy, Nate, Nicole Curtis, Joanna/Chip, you all have very genuine qualities. From your last post’s comments section, you mentioned being edited into a generic outcome and I couldn’t agree more. The more you try to please everyone, the more you sacrifice what makes you unique and quite wonderful. Stay true. I think people’s expectations of never getting offended/thinking every word written needs to fit in everyone’s vision is completely unrealistic. We need to look within ourselves for validation, not expect it from media. Keep being you, sweet Emily, and when the time is right I hope we can see you televised again. I would love to see your show include your family, work family and of course, Orlando!

  31. I love the room in the third picture! I think that couch really ties the room together and I’m obsessed with the built in shelves, they’re amazing.


  32. I loved SFAS so much and I remember all of these rooms! HGTV is my comfort TV, especially Rehab Addict and Fixer Upper. I grew up watching This Old House and still love that too. A combination of rehab/renovation and styling is great. Ooh I would also love a show on HGTV that educated viewers on the Secretary of the Interior’s standards on restoration versus rehabilitation!

  33. LOVED sfas. I love a good make-over, so I’m into property brothers and fixer upper (not as much Joanna’s style but she and Chip are so nice/adorable that I’m still addicted). I also liked Dear Genevieve and For Renters (I’m still in school so renting is my foreseeable future and therefore my interesting to me personally).

    Unrelated, but I’m about to graduate law school and start working for a law firm that mostly employs men so I’d love anything about how to decorate an office space in a way to reflect my minimalistic/feminine style without making the very traditional, middle-aged white guys who I work for uncomfortable.

  34. I LOVE fixer upper and I HATE Flip or Flop. I LOVED your show Emily. I would watch you do fixer upper-southern California or Oregon version with you. And you’d have to keep the Style Diagnostic Quiz! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that I wish Emily would bring back her show so there would be more than one show on HGTV worth watching.

    1. I totally hate-watch flip or flop! They’re doing such horrible things to old homes! There’s an even worse show called Flipping Vegas which makes me barf.

  35. I love Fixer Upper especially this season with Joanna breaking out of her same shabby chic style and creating some more modern spaces. I also love Caribbean Life just to fantasize a little bit just imagining living the island lifestyle….ahhh.

    I would absolutely love a more style oriented show to show home owners actual personalities a little more. I get really tired of watching these renovation shows where they style the house to be so generic (bleh). I hope you get to do a show again! I know I’ll watch.

  36. SFAS was my fav and I didn’t even see your season of Design Star. I started reading this blog to find out what happened to SFAS, years ago! I used to like another short-lived show called Fun Shui.

    I watched a season or two of Fixer Upper. It got too repetitive– pooled drapes, wood chandeliers, giant clocks, white subway tile with black grout…

    Now I don’t watch any HGTV. I can’t sit through the phony walkthroughs. Obviously, the people owned one house when they were cast and then these shows fake walkthroughs of two others. It was fun for a while on House Hunters but ENOUGH. lol

    I don’t subscribe to HGTV magazine anymore, either.

  37. Would only watch if you were on it.

  38. I lived overseas for 10 years until 2 years ago and I completely missed your stint on HGTV. I so wish I could watch the season of Design Star you were on, but I am glad you dug up links to SFAS for me to binge on now! My husband and I both enjoy Fixer Upper but agree that the formula is getting old – the obviously set up scenes with their kids, the faked issues with their clients that are always resolved magically in a matter of seconds, etc. But really we are losing interest because the more we watch it, the more the end results blur together because Joanna’s style never varies. Which is great if her clients come to her knowing that THAT is what they want, but pretty boring for TV. It also annoys me that for a lot of the shows (Property Brothers, Love It or List It) they’re coy about what city they’re in. So annoying!

    Have you ever thought of doing your own internet-based show? You’d have more control and I imagine have plenty of viewers even if it wasn’t on network tv.

  39. love to hear you analyze tv hosting and decorating for the tube. i haven’t watched hgtv since you and the designers left. i hate all those flippers. just binge watched “fixer upper” and if i see one more recently distressed farm table, space filling wall thing made of old shop letters, and what i think of as texas sorority girl decor, i’m going to scream.

  40. I think it’s time for the pendulum to swing back the other way on HGTV — the real estate shows are awesome but we need some more style in our lives! Emily, you’d be the perfect person to lead the style revolution.

  41. I loved (and still love) SFAS. The best one on HGTV right now is totally Fixer Upper. I really liked Genevieve’s Renovation– the format on that one was good. What happened to the Junk Gypsies? I liked the episodes that I saw from them, though it’s not my style.

  42. I love SFAS! The style diagnostic was such a fun way to figure out what people liked, since so few are able to articulate it. I don’t watch any HGTV anymore – those Prop Bros are obnoxious, and I’m generally not that interested in reno disasters. I like This Old House 😉

    I hope you come up with a great new concept for a design show… if not, I’d still HAPPILY watch a makeover show hosted by you.

  43. I miss your show! There are very little design centered shows on HGTV now. I watch Flip or Flop and Fixer Upper, but get bored with them because they get too formulaic. The budgets for the renovations are ridiculous too! HGTV needs a refresher. I get all my inspiration from blogs and magazines now. Thank you!!

  44. SFAS was sort of like the end of an era for great design content on HGTV. I loved your show and it was on my DVR for so long until we had to move. 🙁

    The content on HGTV is so blah and redundant. Without you, Sarah or Candice HGTV isn’t the same. I generally turn it on when I need background noise that isn’t politics. They really missed out by not keeping you around longer.

  45. I stopped watching HGTV after they started replacing your show and other design shows with all those real estate shows….my thought at the time is they, the station, stopped producing shows like yours because the real estate shows were cheaper to do.
    I never saw you on ‘Design Star’, but I fell in love with your work and your personality on your pilot….when a light bulb (vintage I believe) was broken and after just a moment of an ‘oh damn, but you had it tuned to oh, darn’ you said well it isn’t like it’s was a baby.

  46. Actually, I miss the old HGTV. I loved you and Candice Olson and Sarah Richardson. I loved seeing creative and original design. I also miss Designed to Sell – I learned a lot about the impact of making small changes to a space or layout. My cable package is changing and the only channel that I would want in the next tier is HGTV, but I have just decided to go with the less expensive package and not worry about losing HGTV, because I realized that I have gotten tired of seeing the same fairly generic slick design over and over. I do like Fixer Upper, and think Joanna Gaines’ style is great, much better than the other flipper shows, and she and her husband are fun to watch, but I could never own white upholstered furniture.

  47. I miss your show! You and Genevieve were my faves, and Income Property, but I never got the Property Brothers. Or most of that whole genre really. Will keep my fingers crossed that you do do another show but it’s definitely worth waiting for the right thing. Off to watch old SFAS now! 🙂

  48. I would watch you or Genevieve because you guys are so fun and relatable. And you both give a lot of information and instruction and share the reasons you do things.

    1. I also really enjoyed Design Star.

  49. I loved SFAS. Seriously, it was a dream show. I can’t believe they canceled it, and seeing all these photos makes me miss it even more. I learned so much from you and, like others, really enjoyed the variety of looks you and your team created. I still like Fixer Upper and anything Genevieve Gorder does. The real estate and house hunter shows have taken over HGTV, so I find myself watching less and less (which is probably good for my productivity level). My design inspiration is almost exclusively blogs now, and yours is my favorite. I think you’re right to hold out for the perfect show– but if they ever approach you about a SFAS reboot, pleasepleaseplease say yes.

  50. I loved watching Fixer Upper when they weren’t as well-known. I still watch because they are a beautiful family but I fear as with all popular things, that the show will become contrived. I also watch Rehab Addict. I would like to see a show that focuses on design on a realistic budget, I love HGTV but it can get depressing thinking that you’d have to take out a loan or hawk your house to get it looking good. Something like the High/Low Project on a larger whole house scale maybe.

  51. My favorite show is Sarah’s House with Sarah Richardson. I would absolutely love to see you do a show like that – but take out the resale part of it. I would LOVE a show that is about redesigning a house top to bottom – and is just about (really good) design. My favorite posts on your site are about just that: redoing parts of your own home, the beforehand and afters. You need a show – you are too good at what you do to not have one! And I agree: it needs to be a good show – don’t waste your time/family time/talent on mediocre.

  52. Is there a source list for the Spanish mod home? I love the art above the credenza.

    Thanks for the insight, miss the show!

  53. I would love love love it if HGTV brought back your show. I am not kissing ass here, it is actually how I found you and loved you over the years. It was smart, opened my eyes to so much and like nothing else out there.

  54. Why do men like ugly sofas so much?? It’s like the uglier the sofa is, the more they like it. It seems to me there is an infectious disease that primarily affects husbands and boyfriends, which makes perfectly comfortable masculine looking sofas invisible to them. How about a crash course on “How to pick a black leather sofa that isn’t hideous” ?

    1. I too would love it if they brought back your show along with Sarah Richardson’s show and the blond Canadian stylist whose name I can’t remember at the moment (old age). The flips and fixer uppers are so formulaic. And yes, so were the design ones, but at least there was a lot to pick up for your own home or clients’ homes or just for aesthetic joy. I also really liked Curb Appeal. And now my age is kicking me in the behind again–there was a show with an English host who helped make homes ready for sale–not the kind of work that the property brothers do but smaller, more manageable things that still made a big difference. I thought that one was fun too.

  55. Emily, I love SFAS! I still have my DVR set to record it on the off-chance they run it at an odd hour. I wish HGTV (or someone) would do a couple more design-centric shows. I adore Joanna Gaines, and watch Fixer Upper religiously, but sometimes I forward through the construction phase to see the design. Frankly sometimes it hurts to see cool original details ripped out of a home. And not everyone can reconfigure their home anyway. Design can go a long way on its own to make a space more usable, organized and of course comfortable and lovely. That was one of the great things about SFAS, seeing a room transformed twice (or thrice) gets those creative juices flowing! I applaud you for holding out for a show that allows you to be you–that’s what we would want to see, you’re great style!

    1. “your great style”…not you’re! lol

  56. Hi Emily!
    I LOVED your show. I really appreciated the “diagnostic”. I LOVE design and have a true passion for it. But I feel like I think several people feel – that I have a hard time figuring out my “style”, or what I could actually live with or feel comfortable in. I see different designs and like them for different reasons. And sometimes they are vastly different! For example, I love Miles Redd, and I also love Nam Dang Mitchell. So how do you marry two different styles, and make it “work”? Also, how do you keep things consistent throughout a whole home? That stuff is very overwhelming to us lay-people!!!

  57. I loved your show! I would happily watch it again. What made it unique and fresh each week was that you were designing around different people’s aesthetics – not just your own. The current crop of HGTV shows feel repetitive; if I’ve seen one Property Bros. space, I’ve seen ’em all. I felt like what you did – suss out a stranger’s style and makeover a room in their image, not necessarily yours – took real talent. I love that your book pays homage to the style diagnostic. Hope to see you on TV again soon!

  58. I loved Secrets Of A Stylist. The concept was interesting as were most of the clients involved. I enjoyed watching and choosing pieces I liked or didn’t and which version the client would choose. Hope that one day you find a project that works for you.

  59. Not a fan of HGTV for years (sorry, I never saw your show) but I’ll watch Rehab Addict because she’s more of a kindred spirit, trying to salvage & restore historical, vintage houses & items. I’ll sometimes watch “fixer upper” but every dang interior is the same & I usually end up yelling at the tv “don’t paint the brick, don’t blow out every freakin’ wall (I hate gymnasium type rooms..good flow is good not a giant MPR)..yea, they seem a bit better than the other shows which just annoy me. Can’t stand all the flippers & if I see one more slab of granite! Ugh. There’s no personality anywhere, no color, no great artistic, design..just boring. I’m afraid the era of great design is all in the past. Oh, I’ll watch the house hunters International to see what other countries & homes look like but mostly they all look like the same stuff you see in the U.S.! Slabs of granite, white subway tile..Home Depot style..it’s depressing.

  60. I am SO OVER all the House Hunters, etc. I want design shows back on HGTV. I loved you, Sarah RIchardson and Candice Olsen. I keep hoping they will go back to that format. I would also love for them to do some actual gardening shows! It is supposed to be House & Garden TV and I have yet to see a gardening show. Keep up the good work.

  61. Sadly, I have trouble finding anything to watch on HGTV anymore. I record House Hunters International, but that’s about it. I REALLY miss the design shows; SFAS, Sarah Richardson, Genevieve Gorder… even going way back to Joe Ruggiero’s Homes Across America which just showed beautiful interiors. I enjoyed Fixer Upper at first, but agree that despite the likeability of the hosts (which is starting to feel a very formula) it’s very one-note and nothing new, original or interesting is presented design-wise, and we just end up seeing another staged property.
    I find the ‘competitions’ and renovate/demo/real estate shows to be a big snooze…

    1. Shiplap!

  62. I would watch your show in a heartbeat if they brought it back!! I’m a big Fixer Upper fan and I like Flip or Flop – but primarily because I love seeing the before and afters. Your show delivered awesome before and afters! Sigh. More shows that incorporate styling would be great – or more that showcase interesting DIY projects. I always get a kick out of Flea Market Flip and Salvage Dawgs because it fascinates me to see what people make out of stuff they find.

  63. I love Property Brothers because it combines reno and interiors. I HATE Love it or List it because of all the fighting and drama (and it seems pretty manufactured). I really miss Candace’s shows, and I only watch the other reno shows if I’m on the treadmill (because I watch HGTV on the treadmill; it’s also my default if I want to watch tv but nothing is on). So interior renos/design would be my ideal show.

    1. I also loved Queer Eye, so if there was a show about either women or a family who got the full makeover treatment, I’d be there in a second.

  64. I only watch fixer upper now on hgtv because it’s the only show worth watching- occasionally I’ll watch flea market flip too. I got burnt out on the renovate and house hunting ones. And Sarah Richardson is amazing!

  65. Like everyone else here, I loved SFAS! I second the comment from Meghan about doing your own show, your way, on the internet. Then it wouldn’t matter if you’re a ‘niche’ or not. Although I don’t know why every HGTV viewer wouldn’t love your show! The other ones I currently like are Fixer Upper (although it’s starting to get to be more of the same, all the time), Income Property (I secretly want to turn our basement into a rental), and the ‘crashers’ genre (kitchen, yard, house). The old shows I enjoyed and miss are: Designed to Sell, anything with Sarah Richardson (if Tommy was on it), Candice Olson, and Genevieve Gorder. The current lack of design/decorating shows is annoying, because how many of us are out there flipping houses? (Speaking of which, Flip or Flop needs a sense of style desperately!)

    1. Ha! I often imagine Emily’s reaction of disgust and horror when watching flip or flop! I’m (mildly) heartbroken at how crappy HGTV is now

  66. I actually finally decided to cancel cable because the real estate shows took over HGTV. I could get everything else I watched on Hulu but had been holding onto cable specifically for HGTV… but I found I wasn’t watching it anymore because I don’t care about the real estate portion of shows and they all started being so staged. Bring back SFAS and Sarah Richardson- get rid of the rest. (And Joanna is great, but totally not my style.)

  67. Back in the day of actual design shows on HGTV, I watched all the major dedigners: from Trading Spaces to Candace Olson. My favorite shows were from Genevieve Gorder and you: those are the only shows I want to re-watch. Yours and Gen’s designs are original and full of personality, way beyond current trends. I enjoyed Design Star because I got to see some of the design process. Now, I am too easily bored by the formulaic and generic designs of Fixer Upper and the real estate focused shows. I also enjoy HH International because I like seeing how people in various parts of the world live.

  68. Am I the only one that feels that HGTV is all bout house hunting and house flipping? Shows like SFAS, Design On A Dime, Design Remix, Trading Spaces…anything where you could actually learn something… gone. No discussion about color triad, refinishing, well-thought layout or DIY. One of my favorite shows was Room Service, Sarah Richardson’s first foray into television, and it was wonderfully informative. I no longer actually WATCH HGTV; it’s now just background to folding laundry. Any show where I can actually learn something would be a welcome respite from the homogeneity of house hunting/looking/buying/staging and flipping.

  69. Oh man. As far as HGTV goes, I do still like House Hunters International (i know. i know.) I also loved SFAS (but not Design Star…I’m just over the “competition” format shows). My absolute favorite “house” show is This Old House. I just WISH they would work with better designers and go into as much detail about design as they do building. I feel like I learn something new on every episode. You doing a show that is one whole season dedicated to a single house that is focused on designing it room-by-room would be pretty incredible. And you could have guest designers on to help give inspiration and comical banter 😉 I hate the speed at which HGTV runs it’s makeover shows; I’d love to see something a bit slower and more intentional.

  70. My faves:

    – Rehab Addict, especially the earlier seasons. It feels less formulaic, less staged.
    – Fixer Upper, Chip & Jojo are awesome. And it’s not my style, but love it.
    – Genevieve’s Renovation and her other shows were interesting.
    – Design Star was fun to watch
    – Sarah’s house is great, it goes so much deeper than other shows
    – This Old House, while not a HGTV show, is great, because it actually teaches you about new stuff
    – Renovation Realities is phoney, but I love watching it
    – Income Property has some ties to real life, unlike other shows (I’m looking at you, Property Brothers!)
    -Sweat Equity, the host was great, and the projects were tied to real budgets and combined DIY and pros.

    I’d love to see more shows that had a slower pace. Like a whole season about a kitchen remodel, so you could actually learn more stuff about planning said project, choosing materials etc. The formulaic HGTV programs that take a 1-minute montage and “VOILA, done, TADAAAH” is so far from reality it’s annoying. You know they just faked it, nobody can renovate a kitchen in 24 hrs…. Love it or List it is so bad I have to change the channel.

    I don’t have HGTV anymore, so I actually watch some of this stuff on Netflix, and BUY seasons of said shows.

    I also recently found a show called American Restoration. That’s fascinating too.

    But yeah, an Emily show with Emily’s style diagnostic and teaching people to shop for stuff and how to style bookcases etc. So useful.

  71. Oh! Oh! I know!
    Emily’s new show should be about how to combine 1) one’s existing stuff 2) mass-market stuff (Target, Ikea, Homegoods) with 3) Vintage. When to splurge, when to choose the cheaper stuff. That, and the style diagnostic, making bland spaces personalized.

  72. I would watch anything you do Emily. Like other comments, I loved ALL of the shows Sarah Richardson has done (love Tommy), Genevieve’s shows, Candice Olsen, the High Low Project and of course Fixer Upper. Also, Design Star : ) Please bring back the design shows. I am so tired of what they run 90% of the time on HGTV.

  73. Your show was my favorite! I was so sad to learn it was cancelled. All the other “design” shows seem so bland, uninteresting and same things are done again and again. Candice Olson’s show is one of my least favorites. I don’t really like her personal “silvery bling bling” style which she seems to do alot in her clients houses. Property brothers was okay at first but it too repeats it self. I really miss SFAS. I hope you get your own show again. I would totally watch it!

  74. I enjoyed SFAS because of the different styles. The same with Sarah Richardson, I feel her houses look livable. One show that I miss had an inspiration designer room, then it was done on a budget. I wish they would expand on that idea by not doing it within 48 hours do there’s more time to source the purchases.Design Cents/Sense?

  75. SFAS was the first show that ever really appealed to me. It seemed more about real life design and decorating and less the wacky DIY entertainment that is frequently served up on such shows. I also love vintage/antiques, so your frequent use of such items didn’t hurt either. Although my style is a little different, I like Fixer Upper as well and agree they do a good job with the show.

    And I liked Million Dollar Decorators. (Mary McDonald needs to be back on TV!!) It may be terrible to say, but as the owner of a young design company, I was always comforted to see that those at the top still have their moments – challenging clients, installment insanity, purchase order dilemmas. Thank God it isn’t just me!!

    Finally, I love that green room above! (Maybe not the ceiling, as you said) I know the clients wanted more modern, but 75% that room and 25% the final room would definitely be more up my alley.

  76. I’m pretty tired of real estate shows. I worked in real estate for 7 years and it’s just not interesting to me anymore. I’ve always thought it would be cool to do a show where they design two similar spaces one with no budget constraints and then do the other as a “get the look for less” and show people how/where they can afford to pinch pennies and what things really should be splurged on. Where/how to find great design items for less, how to DIY stuff, etc. Something like that would be right up my alley.

    1. I loved Sabrina Soto’s The High Low Project. Bring. It. Back.

      1. I loved that show too! She was so creative and it was great watching her find interesting pieces to reupholster, or the process of finding a good match for the too expensive item. She inspired me to get busy on my own house, which is what I think the best design shows do. And he was a little over the top sometimes – does anyone remember Chistoper “You Can Do It” Lowell? Put down the chips and get a paint brush cause he meant it!

  77. I pinned several of these looks. Loved all three of the pilot looks. Loved the second on the spanish mod but you’re right, original chandy was sooooo much better. Fun to think what you’d change if you had a do-over…

  78. We love Fixer Upper and Property Brothers the best.

  79. Genevieve I love, as well as Fixer Upper!

  80. I agree that the real estate shows are boring and HGTV needs to have more design shows. I loved SFAS and Hi Lo Project as well as Sarah Richardson and Candace Olson. I am getting tired of the flipping houses shows too.

  81. I LOVED SFAS!!! (Sorry for the all caps, but I really mean it.) I still miss your show—it was such fun to see a design for someone’s personality! It was so original & not at all what it typically seen.

    1. I forgot to add that I totally remember every one of those episodes!!

      I found you through SFAS. I had never seen Design Star, and didn’t even know you had ever been on it until I found your blog after I was trying to find out what happened to your show.

      Your show really was based on a brilliant concept. It is hard for people to truly articulate their personal style, much less successfully incorporate it into their homes. On top of that, you typically blended two styles together into one cohesive look. It was truly fantastic!

  82. I loved the style diagnostic bit and seeing the way you combined styles. I watch Fixer Upper, House Hunters International, and Tiny house hunters. The US version is pretty dull. I agree Sarah’s House was great. Fixer Upper doesn’t have much style range, but a lot of people seem to like the style so maybe it doesn’t matter.

  83. I still rewatch old Sarah’s House episodes, they are great. It wasn’t an hgtv show but Lisa Rinna hosted an old show called Merge about newlyweds combining furniture and styles. And they would mix together pieces that the couple already owned. I’d like to see more of that, too many shows on hgtv now have $3000 chandeliers and 18 other outrageously expensive items. I get that some of is for staging but the houses have no personality and that is a turnoff. I like to hear the stories behind the favorite pieces and what makes them special to the homeowners.

  84. I loved Secrets From a Stylist! I watched the episodes all over again a couple years ago. (: It was such a fun show that was different than all the other design shows. thank you for doing it! even though you may regret some things you did, it really was a great show!

  85. This is seriously so off the subject, but Emily! You are ALL OVER bachelor women tell all! Haha! I keep saying “OMG there’s Emily!” And my husbands all like “who the f is Emily?!” … Only my favorite style blogger ever! I always get a kick out of the horrible, caught off guard audience reaction faces… But you were absolutely precious and made zero weird expressions (in case u cared lol). Hope it as entertaining live as it was to watch! Xoxo

  86. Joann Gaines and Chip are my favorites to watch. I just love their family. The farm and kids are adorable. I watched your show as well. I was a fan even back then. Love that you shared your thoughts on these old episodes. Feels good to take a trip down memory lane.


  87. I LOVED SFAS, Color Splash (when it was in he Bay Area), Sarah’s House, and the High/Low Project… Oh, and I think it was “house or room crashes, with the wacky curly blond-80’s-heartthrob-looking guy, who I think was a runner up on Design Star…? Aside from Fixer Upper, I can’t really stand much else on HGTV anymore, and think the Scott brothers have gone way past their 15 minutes of fame. I used to watch HGTV like others watch a 24 hour news station…. Now I spend that time reading blogs instead. I miss all the designers!

  88. That 1st room (Ian’s) is where I fell in love with Emily Henderson design! I didn’t watch Design Star, but saw the pilot and was immediately hooked (and then randomly found your blog some years later). As to other shows, I like many of the ones mentioned (fixer upper is the only thing I have watched recently). The makeover format may be old/stale, but it is still what I find enjoyable (as in, seeing something ugly turn pretty).

  89. Ok, first thing’s first: we’re you in the audience of The bachelor women tell all?! If not, you have a legit doppelgänger they kept flashing.

    Second, I love reading these comments about old shows everyone used to watch and love. Gotta agree with missing Sarah, Candace, Genevieve, and you, of course!!

  90. Were you on the Bachelor Women tell all tonight? I thought I saw you in the audience!

  91. Totally unrelated, but I’m pretty sure I saw you all over the bachelor women tell all 🙂 So much fun!!!

  92. I LOVE all of these comments 🙂 Now I’m going back to watch SFAS.

    My favorites on HGTV are curb appeal, income property and the high low project. I would love a show with more individual style choices for couples that also shows the budget/research/shopping process. Flips are great, but you can still end up with a terrible looking house with nice finishes if you don’t know how to decorate.

    Oh, and your interior design PSAs would be amazing!

  93. I miss design star.. yes I saw you win.. and you redid a bedside table I have!! ( triangular leather 3 drawer you painted white) I get tired and boycott hdtv, I was a single mom, now just single, and they never do single people.

  94. An alternative type of design show with you and Orlando where you get to be real and even say a badword here and there. Like a Netflix or Amazon series. Nobody cares much about cable anymore anyway.

    1. Ooh, good thought with the Netflix idea. Have they done a design based Netflix produced/revived show yet? They seem like the type to actually do it right and drop the real estate/renovate formula that HGTV seems to solely be relying on these days. I’m just glad I had cable when HGTV actually had design based shows.

  95. I use to just love HGTV and really miss the shows with real designers. I still watch it on occasion but seriously, they play So. Many. Reruns. Why can’t they layer in a few half hour design shows? It’s pretty boring now. The should change the name to Greige TV. I miss Designed to Sell and Bang for Your Buck. Oh I loved anything with Sarah Richardson. I also loved Million Dollar Decorators on Bravo. Real designers are more interesting – Sarah, Geniveve, YOU!!! But I did just spot you back on TV tonight in the audience for The Bachelor!

  96. I’m watching bachelor, women tell all, right now and I see YOU in the audience Emily!!!!!!!!

    Looks like you’re having FUN! :))

  97. I think I’ve seen all of my favs mentioned, but I’ll add my input too.
    Rehab Addict – I love restoration and trying to preserve the old when everyone else seems to be trying to modernize everything.
    Fixer Upper – They’re a sweet couple and I like her design style, but it’s basically always the same style and I’d like for her to use some art on the walls instead of those sayings carved into metal and antiques affixed to the wall.
    Income Property – Scott McGillivray seems very competent and safety conscious and seem to have the property owners best interest at heart, I really appreciate that.
    Yard Crashers – I like this one the best of those Crasher shows, I’m not sure why. I am totally lost when it comes to coming up with ideas on how to decorate outdoors, but it’s fun to see someone get surprised with a free backyard makeover.
    I also agree with the people that liked Candace Olsen, Sarah Richardson, and Genevieve Gorder shows, but I’m pretty sure none of them currently have shows on HGTV or DIY. I also obviously loved Secrets From a Stylist too, I feel like your style was the closest to mine from what I’ve seen on any design show.
    I also really enjoy flipping shows, probably because I really would love to flip a house one day, even though the people on those shows almost always break my old-home-loving-heart, which is why I will reinstate my love for Rehab Addict.
    I think they should get back to shows that are more about style. I don’t necessarily want to say the shows I don’t like, but at the very least they could stop playing repeats of some of those and make room for some new shows, even at odd times, for us interior design fans.

  98. I loved SFAS when it came out. It was a new idea, new style to see. I didn’t care for the 2-3 transformations. I found the idea of painting walls dark and then light again disturbing. I remember how many coats it took to paint my walls dark, or to paint dark walls light again. The idea of putting so much paint on the walls just to change it the next day doesn’t make sense to me.

    I agree with you about the generic shows on HGTV. Some fixer upper shows are nice, but they are indeed generic. The idea is always the same, similar approach to painting, furniture, and accents. Most people like that because they don’t value visuals as much to want something else. Those that like something else must look elsewhere. I liked your show because it added something that no other show had.

  99. WOW!!!

    OK, so, I’ve never commented before…BUT, I just had to now, because I live in Australia and we have only recently had HGTV here. Yes, your USA re-runs on a second-class channel, but we only have the real estate make-over type thing Aussie-made, so it’s something different.

    I was born in the USA and moved here with my large family when I was only 9 months old. I’ve travelled back to see the places and some of the connected people and, no matter what so many people say, the USA is vastly different to Australia. A fact I know you will see in bucket loads when you visit Sydney.

    Note: Sydney is probably the most like the USA out of this whole country (LOL). I was wondering if you’d actually get to see any of the real Australia while you’re here??? Plus, Australian style is quite unique, especially the light is different and we have lonnng hottt summerzzz! I have a little flavor for the USA old farmhouse thing, albeit with a dash of French into the mix, Fixer Upper is probably my fav. show of the HGTV shows we get.

    Emily, I feel like I know you, as in your person, your mindset and your vibe, purely and simply via your Blog. THAT goes to show that your writing style hits the mark hunny! I follow several (okay, a lot! Ha!) of design bloggers, but yours is the one I feel a sense of expectation for as I click on that link. If I were to share a design Blog with anyone, it would be yours. It’s approachable, real world, solid design knack! Thank you so much! Mmmmwah! x

  100. I definitely wish they would have more variety and less 1 hour shows. I really don’t care for the real estate portions (so obviously staged) of the shows–just get to the makeovers! For example Fixer Upper shows 30 minutes of going through the 3 houses, 25 minutes of Chip being goofy and only 5 minutes on the reveal! They don’t even show all the rooms they makeover?! I think the show would be just as charming in 30 minutes.

    1. Yes on the Chip being goofy! I think if I had a real estate agent/builder act like that, I would say thanks but no thanks… I am truly happy those two found each other, I think I would have beamed him with some shiplap years ago!
      I do wish she would branch out on her decorating style, move away from the reproductions fresh off the boat from wherever. I see that she is coming out with a funiture line, so I guess that’s what’s she selling.

  101. I would totally watch a show that featured a different designer each week. They would have complete control over their design and give insider tips on finding your style. Seeing Nate Berkus, Kelly Wearstler, Bunny Williams, Sarah Richardson (and Tommy), Jeff Lewis from flipping out, Suzanne Kasler, Mary McDonald, and YOU obviously. That show would be AMAZING.
    a Blog My House show. Have people from the blog world do a room with sponsored stuff. Way more generic, but could turn out to be hilarious.

  102. I loved your show and never understood why it was cancelled, so thanks for the explanation. I didn’t really process the change to HGTV – only knew that I didn’t watch nearly as much as I used to, and now I know why, since I liked all the design shows. I do watch Fixer Upper for the very reasons you mentioned. I look forward to your blog and think your work is beautiful!

  103. #RIP SFAS. I’m super OD-ed on HGTV’s real estate/renovation shows and miss shows like yours and the High/Low Project. I’m all for some shows about real estate/renovation/flipping, but how about some HG diversity? Can’t both renovation and ‘decorating’ shows get along? Personally, I feel like the ‘decorating’ shows have a more realistic aspect, showing how accessible good design can be. None of the renovation shows have much basis in reality and give homeowners pretty unrealistic expectations… what do you mean you can’t fix my kitchen, bathroom, refinish my hard wood floors and repair my electrical for 20k??? The property brothers did it! oy.

  104. I’d like to see shows on redecorating – rather than renovating – typical houses. In other words, how do I add style to my boring builder-grade 20-year-old suburban home?

  105. I like (and really miss!) the shows where they talk about the thought process behind their decisions – where they show the designers looking through piles of fabric or stacks of old chairs, and why they chose what they chose. Or they explain how they’re going to solve a problem with a room. I’m not at all interested in their kids (sorry!) or in fake scenarios they badly act out (I’m looking at you Candace Olsen).
    I’m downunder so never saw DS or SFAS but I liked Sarah Richardson. Fixer Upper – meh, too many goats. Property Brothers – not bad. At the moment of what we have screening here I like Novogratz, Kelly Hoppen and Selling Houses Australia (sure, they’re just fixing them up to sell but they are GREAT at explaining their decisions, which I love, and they do quite comprehensive before and afters, which I also love).

  106. I miss Secrets of a Stylist and The High/Low Project. I’ve gotten into Vacation House for Free. I mostly just watch the last fifteen minutes. But they have good designers/stylist. Sometimes I watch Love it or List it, both one and too (not a typo). I feel like Love it or List it, Too has some good designs. The rest just seem so over the top. The results are either bland or kitchsy. I used to watch Fixer Upper, but it seems so formulaic (lets see 3 houses and buy the disaster) and Joanna styles every house the same.

  107. OMG I just remembered about Colour Confidential! With Jane Lockhart and her colour wheel she’d personalise to the clients’ interests? Hilarious 🙂 I loved that show and hubby thought it was nuts

    1. oh yes!! I loved that one too. I liked the little insights she gave about color. That was a good one!

  108. I’m a fan of Fixer Upper. I want Joanna to do my kitchen so badly! I had a few of your old episodes on my DVR until we moved and they got deleted. Sad. I agree with those who loved Sarah’s House and Genevieve Gorder’s show. And I really like Rehab Addict, but it’s not on very much. The real estate thing gets really tiresome to me, except all the tiny houses. Tiny houses are fascinating. I’ve randomly caught some fun shows that I can never find again, but they’ve all been on at weird times (I had a baby, thus the tv watching at odd hours).

  109. SFAS. ALL DAY. ER’ DAY.

    I loved that your style was quirky, unique, fresh, and tailored to each client’s idiosyncratic taste. Two looks was very interesting, but three was a bit overkill. I loved seeing the different ways you could interpret someone’s style and add layers to customize it, but watching you and the home owners go through three rounds in one show just looked too stressful for everyone involved.

    And I agree with other commenters; I like the slower pace of Sarah’s House where she went more in depth and at a slower pace than the wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am format that’s been happening lately. DID YOU SEE THAT HGTV? MORE COMMITMENT, LESS TINDER. I also agree that you shouldn’t put your family life on hold for a show that you don’t feel 100% sure about/committed to, your life/family is what’s most important. And if what you’re doing that takes you away from your family is less than satisfying, then it’s totally not worth it.

    Wouldn’t it be just incredible if we could get a few brave bloggers who are internet famous to work on a house together? Kind of like MTV’s “Real World,” but not savage, like where everyone gets along, at least for the camera. And everyone gets their own area to style out, but with an overall theme for the whole house. Amber Lewis, Sarah Sherman Samuel, you of course, Orlando, etc……… ((off to dream-Hollywood-land))

  110. These pictures is so beautiful. Thanks for the insight,

  111. Your show was awesome! Really miss it! Love Fixer Upper and Sarah’s House and House Hunters International. Junk Gypsies was good.

  112. I loved when Genevieve Gorder did the show about her own townhouse a year or so ago. I like the style of Danielle Bryk when they were Family Under Construction and A Bryk at a Time. Most favorite show was when Kenneth Brown had a design show, finally some true style being shown and not a $2000 2 day makeover.

  113. I always wondered what happened to your show because it was one of the best on. I would watch you host a show like that again. I, like you, love Fixer Upper. I also enjoy Property Brothers especially the shows they did “back home” when they renovated a ranch near where they grew up. Love It or List It is good, too and so is Sarah Sees Potential. I really do miss the design shows though like yours and Genevieve Gorder’s. I’m over the real estate angle and absolutely detest the celeb design shows. Who cares!

  114. Fixer Upper!!! Lalalove Joanna’s timeless style! Makes it seem attainable for folks like myself!!!
    Not everyone can rip out their ugly carpet, or tile floors! Oh and paint, they say paint is cheap?!! We have an old house, tall ceilings & having it done is not cheap! It’s called a work in progress~~~ b o r I n g ! That’s what I would like to see~~ Style it with what you have!!!! Which YOU DID in your previous shows!!!! Girrrlll bring it back!!!

    *I was able to finally get that unicorn! All the Targets are sold out!
    Cutest prop eva!!!

  115. After reading more comments, I have to say I love Sabrina Soto, too, and Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis. I also would have liked Clean Freaks but missed it (just saw a bit on YouTube). I like the whole organizing angle as well.

  116. The only one I still watch sometimes is Rehab Addict. I would love to see a similar show about midcentury homes: how to restore them in a way that is respectful of the period, their history, details about the architects, etc. BUT, really I would watch anything with you in it as long as it had a good budget and you had creative control.

  117. The only HGTV show I watch these days is Fixer Upper. Joanna’s style is a little too country for me but I love watching them work together and I mostly love seeing all of the mid-century ranch homes in Waco.

    I’m so over the formula renovation shows and the big-box-store styling. The lines are too scripted and the dilemmas always predictable.

    My past favorites were SFAS, Dear Genevieve, and Sarah’s House. The design and styling on these three mentioned shows was always interesting and inspirational, and the hosts had personality. Genevieve was always so genuine with her clients, Sarah and Tommy’s banter was hilarious, and you, Emily, were (and still are) excellent with your style mixings and a joy to watch.

    Things I’d like to see on HGTV…

    I’d love to see a show highlighting mid-century homes around the country. Also, it’d be great to see a show with outdoor renovations…patios, landscaping, vegetable gardens, etc. I wasn’t crazy about Yard Crashers, though, so maybe something without a manufactured storyline/theme.

    1. Yes! I LOVE Sarah’s House.

    2. Love, love, love Sarah’s house, too!

  118. I was obsessed with your show and obsessed with finding out what on earth happened to it! Thank you for enlightening us. I pretty much love anything on HGTV, but obviously my greatest love right now is Fixer Upper. Although Joanna’s style isn’t exactly my own, I love what she does; but she’s like you, she can do a lot of different styles (at least she’s showing that now), she’s real, relatable, an awesome mom and career-woman. I thought your show fit a great need–how to blend two styles or at least help people figure out what on earth they really like, which is actually where I think 99% of us struggle. I’d love it if you came back on there, but so appreciate what you are doing and you are SO good at it!

  119. I love, love the decorating shows! The good old days with Candice Olsen and Sarah Richardson. Fixer Upper is now the only show I watch on HGTV. (and even that is getting to be the same. I love them! but….her style is the same.)
    HGTV used to be my favorite channel and now it’s all property renovate/sell/ etc. Boooo….. And what happened to the G part of HGTV?
    I loved your show and would totally watch it or anything you did again!

  120. Are you kidding me? I really can’t stand those real estate/renovate shows. I did cut the cord to cable a while back, but I don’t miss the endless episodes of that horrible show “house hunters” and all the rest. I would LOVE to watch a good design show like yours, darnit, I really miss that kind of show!!!! You should partner with Netflix or Hulu to create an amazing design show that we would all binge watch every episode in like 2 nights… I am almost done with House of Cards and it was released a few days ago…

    1. Yesssss I love Netfix and Amazon Originals! I cut the cord with cable about two years ago.

  121. I love Flip or Flop, just because the dynamic between the couple is so good. I don’t like Fixer Upper because it feels a little uppity and also the same thing over and over. Loved Trading Spaces type shows and also your show (SFAS) and the other Design Star winners (Myles of Style, Colorsplash, etc), wish they would bring more shows like that back!

  122. I like watching “Fixer Upper” best, but I always wonder what happens to that giant screen they use at the end for the reveal. Do they trash it? Recycle it? It just seems wasteful, it really bothers me.
    I’m not too interested in “Love it or List it” anymore. My least favorite thing is the way the hosts and the homeowners have a meltdown every time the construction crew uncovers issues. It just doesn’t seem mature or respectful to the construction crew–it’s like they’re accusing them of inventing costs/issues. Boo. And do they ever “list it?” I feel like the families hardly ever do.

  123. By the way, while I’m at it, I may as well give my two cents about “Design Star.” I always watched it, but I never felt like it was very well done. One–the contestants are given a ridiculously short time in which to make over spaces. I think this leads people to believe that a makeover COULD be done in 1-2 days, which is simply not true. Two–the judges seriously lack any sense of humor or panache. That’s why Project Runway is great and Design Star isn’t. The judges never have any constructive criticism or advice to give and are about as amusing as a sack of dirt. Design Star may have had some great contestants (*wink wink*) but whole judging process was crappy.

    1. Hey now, Vern Yip is the man. Just saying.

  124. Of course I am biased, but I really loved your show. I think it was so unique that you made over the room twice, to show how versatile you could be when designing within the realm of one genre or style (or for one specific person). The style diagnostic was great. I also loved that it was kind of like design 101, because it showed something that works, and then something that works even BETTER, and explains why.

    I do love home makeover shows, but I feel like HGTV is a little tired right now, and I am sick of the reno shows. They could use some more life in the design department.

  125. OMG- I applied to be on SFAS and wanted you to come to my house so bad! I lived in a condo at the time so i think it didn’t “work” for the show. I sure did love that show! I really like Genevieve Gorder and Sarah Richardson big time! I actually really like how “Income property” decorates the rental units. His design team is pretty good. Property brothers, not really my style AT ALL! Of course, Fixer upper is good, but we need you back on TV! Come to Orange County and bring the babies! Charlie can play with Winston!

  126. I loved your show, would watch anything you do. I miss the old HGTV, rarely watch anything on it and I used to watch a lot.

    1. It’s settled! You (Emily) and Sarah Richardson, and Genevieve, and Candace take over HGTV and kill it! Maybe the Property Brothers could make guest appearances and the Gaines could start a FarmandsalvageTV show or something…

    2. ^^ This.
      HGTV is on every single TV at my doctor’s office (all 30 TV sets), so I know exactly what I’m missing every time I have a checkup: nothing.

  127. I am dreaming of an east coast / west coast (a la Tupac / Notorious B.I.G) (albeit friendly fun and playful, you know, sans guns and stuff) rivalry show with you and Genevieve. Maybe you both design the same room or space and one of you “wins”. I don’t know what you win, but fun, right??
    I am a little obsessed with the rooms you both have done for your kids (says the mama of a 15 month old who is sleeping right now (yipppeeeeee! to the sleeping. finally. after more than a year. but i digress) in a blush/navy/pine green wonderland of comfort and love. The comfort and love have flooded my office…our bedroom,…our bathroom….living room, kitchen, etc….)…so I would love to see both of you designing rooms for and with kids in mind. Nurseries, obvs. But living rooms that were maybe once Instagram-hashtag-shelfie-worthy but now said shelves are populated by board books, toys, and ewww – is that a week old piece of clemetine? Bottom line – show the world how to have homes that are worthy of a photograph but are lived in by families – from babies to teenagers – in a stylish way. Booya!

  128. I would watch YOU again. You are very watchable. I would like to see good design on television.

    But–the ironic thing is that I got really into reading your blogs and others because we cut the cable chord and I missed my HGTV! We just do basic cable and netflix. In our negotiations, the company must have seen how many hours I logged on both the food network and HGTV and set up a deal that did not include them…thinking it would lure me back to cable.

    I’m better for it because I think I learn a lot more from blogging and get different viewpoints.

    So, I teach exercise (mostly pilates) and I get groupies at the large luxury health club where I teach a good deal. My groupies say that they will take any class that I teach–whether I substitute Zumba or a cardio and weights till you vomit format–even though they love Pilates the best. My point is that YOU are the same way. I would watch any show that you were hosting.

    If you ever want to add health/fitness to your ever expanding lifestyle blog…;)

  129. Great post! I am actually getting ready to pass this information, it’s very helpful my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have. Keep up the good work you are doing here.

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  131. I loved SFAS- it’s how I found you and probably the last thing I watched with any consistency on HGTV. I have fond memories of a show called Find Your Style with Karen McAloon. It helped people design their rooms with her, explaining why some things worked better, for their personality for for a design. I enjoyed the makeover/ interior shows, but I’ve never had any interest in all the real estate / renovation focused shows. I’m a city dweller (so no house in the suburbs) and in the design field (so not always impressed by some tv solutions). I’m actually really disappointed by way HGTV has grown and never watch it anymore.

  132. Oh, how I miss your show! I mean, I love a good makeover show (who doesn’t?) but I think the trick is teachable moments instead of just having the designer magically complete everything behind the curtain. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to finish those rooms that feel perpetually unfinished in my own home, so I would LOVE to see you go into spaces that aren’t terrible, and help people refine them, rather than doing a full redesign. I want to see a style diagnostic and then take the homeowners shopping! Help us understand how to shop, what to look for, what to skip and then how to implement it back into a room, using pre-existing stuff too. Basically I just want this help myself 🙂

    1. ^^ This

  133. I liked the show Sheila Bridges did many moons ago. There was also a show about modern architecture in the era that I enjoyed. I can’t remember the names now though. More recently, I agree with pretty much everyone else – Sarah Richardson’s shows are wonderful, followed closely by Emily Henderson 🙂 home by Novogratz wasn’t bad either

    1. Google just told me those shows were on the Fine Living network.

      Dwell on Fine Living and Sheila Bridges:Designer Living.

      I read them being quiet compare to the current crop of high energy Reno shows.

  134. Totally loved SFAS! Other shows I really miss –

    Dress My Nest (incorporate your clothing/personal style into your decor)
    Designed to Sell (great quick projects viewers could apply in their own homes)
    Trading Spaces (was good for a laugh!)
    Neat (for organization freaks like myself)
    Dear Genevieve (all her shows, really)
    Anything with Sabrina Soto or Tanya Nayak

  135. Currently I do not watch any HGTV shows. There are plenty that I used to like/love (SFAS, Color Confidential, Freestyle, Curb Appeal with John G…). I’m just not in their target audience I guess? (I’m a 30-something female with kids, and have no desire nor funds to do a full reno, nor do I want to move). I think I’d watch something similar to The Chew but for design, if they did that.

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