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22 Statement Sofas

Velvet Green Sectional Sofa designed by Charles Zana

I’m shopping for a new sofa. I’ve never actually bought a new one before for myself. Whilst shopping and pinning I have found so many beautiful, statement pieces that challenge my ‘comfort over sleekness’ mantra that i’ve been repeating the last few months. We aren’t fancy people and buying a fancy sofa isn’t our style, but I’m so drawn to so many of these, so much so that a roundup seemed to be in order. If I had 10 living rooms, where I could decorate it to just be sat in occasionally, I would buy one of these. But we don’t, and we need comfort so most of these are out of the question. But we can gape at them, can’t we?


Steam-Bent Sofa by GamFratesi

That kind of caning puts Tonya Harding to shame. So elegant and with such intent.


Black Leather Sofa by Front

You are kinda ugly but your proportions are dramatic and full of tension. I’m interested.


Vladimir Kagan-Blue Floating Curved Sofa

Kagan can do no wrong. I think my former sofa (America’s sofa) was a Kagan. I’m moving forward, not backwards but I still love this beauty.


Deco Leather Sofa

The lines say ‘deco’, the proportions say ‘2016’, and all of it screams ‘I’m very beautiful and you will be more interesting the second you sit on me’.


Pink Lady Sofa by Anne Boysen

This one is new, and I deeply appreciate a new design with ballsy style and such interesting lines. And in pink.


Vintage Green Sofa 

This is the perfect entryway sofa for a bad-ass. It says “come in, sit down .. but watch your step”, figuratively.


Carl Malmsten Sofa | $7, 239

There are a lot of repros of these right now, but you can’t reproduce these PERFECT proportions. It’s like Marilyn Monroe’s body – it looks average, but it ain’t.


Sofa by Fendi Casa

Sup, Sexy? I long to put a sofa like this in a hotel bar, but I fear that it would never look comfortable in my own home. It’s far too serious, what with its blue steel eyes.


Sandrine Sofa | Made to order

The shape is vintage but this is new. This is part of a large trend of tiny feet which i’ve never been truly on board with. Like a runway model, visually it looks sleek and beautiful, but you don’t feel like you can really plop down on it without breaking those skinny legs.


Love Me Tender Sofa by Patricia Urquiola

This is new and wonderful. We should absolutely have more kissing sofas. I want my house to have a lobby right now so bad so I can use something like this.


Fritz Neth Correcta Style Sofa | $5, 346

The proportions are sleek and airy (since the sofa is shorter it works). This belongs in a living room near a larger sofa or an office or guest room. Clearly its not the tv watching sofa but that doesn’t mean it’s not the main feature.


Simone Sofa by Sputnik Design 

There seems to be a trend here: curvy, slim and pink. I’m into it.


Verner Panton Pantheon Sofa | $6, 500

Listen, it’s insane if not totally ugly but in a different color palette you’d like to look at it (at least). This could be black, white and gray or all gray linen, or different shades of light pink, or all caramel leather … It’s not good as is, but I applaud the balls the designer had. Nice job, Verner.


Milo Baughman Brass Sectional Sofa $35, 000

We are replicating this for a client right now (on a smaller level). It’s both powerful and feminine.


La Gondola Sofa by Edward Wormley | $42, 500

This sofa makes me nervous to sit, but happy to stare.


Charcoal Quilted Sofa

Another new sofa that is doing something interesting, in a beautiful modern, unexpected way.


Sofa by Jorge Zalszupin | $24, 000

Again. It looks simple but try to replicate this without messing up the proportions and you’ll probably fail. Hint: this sofa is ALL about it’s proportions so don’t even try.


Teal Sofa

I love the subtle romance. It makes me want to be an actress in a silent film. Except that I’m a talkaholic so I’d just look like a babbling, frenetic, frantic insane lady on a beautiful, wonderful sofa.



Arc Sofa

That is how you do it. If you are going to have skinny legs they must be short.



In case you’re quite not ready to break the bank on one of these statement sofas, be sure to check out our affordable sofa roundup for some that are a little bit more budget friendly.

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8 years ago

So much eye candy, and SO fun to read!
While I applaud and respect you for adding contributors to your blog, there’s nothing like post written by you! 🙂

8 years ago

I love the statement sofas you show here!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

8 years ago

so beautiful, all of them!
we just need one-more-link to the bottom sofa.

8 years ago
Reply to  erin

I fell in love with that last sofa on Pinterest a few months ago – only to discover it’s actually a picture of an artist’s rendering. So unfortunately, it’s digital art, not a real sofa.

I feel like you’re encouraging the world to think outside of the box or in this case – think outside of the sofa box. ha. I’m with on the black leather one. Something about it sucks you in. Although I’m not sure it would be comfortable 🙂


8 years ago

I thought most of these were hideous but fun to look at.

8 years ago

Where is that last one from? WOW!

8 years ago
Reply to  Molly

I fell in love with that last sofa on Pinterest a few months ago – only to discover it’s actually a picture of an artist’s rendering. So unfortunately, it’s digital art, not a real sofa.

8 years ago

I think sofas like this separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. This is the difference between really being a designer and dabbling because while I’d like to think I have some skill in interior design, I would have no earthly idea how to incorporate a sofa like these into a room without it just looking super dumb. Its like the crazier something is the more skilled you have to be to know how to incorporate it into a room. And thats where you hire an Emily Henderson.

8 years ago

Oh my God the Tonya Harding comment…!!! I did a spit take all over my keyboard.

Thanks for infusing my morning with a little laughter 🙂 Not easy to do on a Monday!

Your blog has become my little morning treat. After answering urgent emails at the office, I settle in for 10-15 minutes of coffee and Emily.

Thank you for sharing your world! Keep up the inspiring work!


8 years ago

I actually gasped when I saw the first image. I love love LOVE green velvet sofas. Also love how each of these sofas spark imaginary personas

8 years ago

I love the green velvet sofa that opens this post. The color is organic and bold at the same time. Fantastic!! And the leather sofa that closes the post is perfection with it’s masculine leather, feminine legs. I found a very old photo recently of women hunters in the early 1900s; they were dressed to the nines with their guns and spunky looks at the camera. They needed this sofa in their bunkhouse.

8 years ago

Shockingly that leather deco sofa is my favorite by far- and it looks comfortable! I am struggling with my own little sofa drama right now. I recently bought a navy blue chesterfield that I love- I figured I would have it for years and move it from our main sofa to a study or office or something later on as our home grows. But sadly there is something about it that just isn’t comfortable unless you lie sideways! The cushions are great, but the combination of the proportions of height and depth that make it uncomfortable for 2 hour couch sitting and I don’t know what to do! I love the look of it and it’s great quality… but I guess these are just things you learn as you go!


8 years ago

I don’t know . . . I think ” ‘Sup, sexy” could actually work in your house. It would definitely not be looking back.

8 years ago

I don’t think I would be brave enough to rock any of these in my house, but I do LOVE that bright yellow one!


8 years ago

What about the last one? looks fabulous, how much, where name…et al please!

8 years ago
Reply to  Vicki

That last one is actually a picture of an artist’s rendering. So unfortunately, it’s digital art, not a real sofa.

8 years ago

I love these! That green sectional? is too great. The pink lady? Love. And that kissing sofa? Be still my heart. I have a statement sofa, vintage from John Stuart Erwin.Lambeth. it’s a circle. White. So fantastic to entertain with. Sadly need to sell it. I have to downsize and it won’t fit. So sad to see that piece go.

8 years ago

Poor Verner Panton! I could see that in a completely blacked out space, bold, unapologetic, and edgy

8 years ago

Yes! Contour Sofas. Love it!

Just a note about the whole affordable and comfy sofa thing…buying foam to upgrade a cheaper sofa is the way to go. To get high quality (high density) foam the price of sofas skyrockets. So buy a cheap(er) sofa and spend a couple hundred dollars on foam and you can sit pretty and affordably 🙂

8 years ago

Interesting….I actually hate every single one of them.

8 years ago

Emily, I bought a custom sofa from Total Design Furniture in South El Monte – LA area. Google them. Best purchase I’ve made for my home. Quality work, great price.

8 years ago

Didn’t u buy the sectional and the sunbrella one?

8 years ago

These are all super cool.

8 years ago

If I had a fancy sitting room, I would love to have that cane sofa. That arc sofa is so beautiful and dramatic.

8 years ago

Interesting round up but I honestly LOVE your current sofa more than any of these! Sunshine bleached leather and all. 🙂 Good luck finding the right sofa – it’s such a big decision!!

Kate Lim
8 years ago

The black one is really ugly, you’re right Emily. LOL

8 years ago

Well, bless your heart, these sofas are something else!

8 years ago

OOOH! Would you please share pics of the sofa you’re reproducing? I’d love to see it. Long ago my father and I made the Kagan sofa and it turned out surprisingly nice. With no money–new immigrants at the time–I upholstered in velvet from curtains I’d found at a garage sale…. so, I’d love to see the Milo redone, on a budget, so to speak.

8 years ago

I am using the Arc Sofa, in a caramel colored velvet, for a project in Pasadena! It is a beautiful sofa.

8 years ago

I adore the “Love me tender” sofa. This style will really fit with my own apartment!

8 years ago

Great stuff, I would go with the very first, the green one. Or the leather…
And thank’s for a great book, just read Styled. Thank you, you are so talent!

nancy r
8 years ago

Thank you for this! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.