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21 Cool Trousers And Fun Pants To Break You Out Of Your Jeans Rut

My deep and true love for a wide leg trouser or “fun pants” only rivals my other greatest fashion love…the cropped shoulder padded t-shirt (of which I have three and am pretty sure by now I’m making good money off of them in price per wear). SO, when I say that I love trousers I hope you know I mean it. Here’s the thing, the right pair just makes you feel cool, chic, and dare I say powerful. They can easily go casual (like an off-duty model) or dressier (like an on-duty model). Warning you might feel as fashionable as a model:) Jeans are great but maybe you want to mix it up. And now that we’re officially in fall, we can wear our trousers and other fun pants loud and proud. However, if you need a new pair or two, I have curated quite the selection with most of them clocking in under $150. Full disclosure, I bought a pair in the prepping of this post. No one is safe…

Pleated Tapered-Leg Pants, $88

See what I mean? On OR off duty model, or ya know, just different styling options for different events. The slight crop here is so good. These are from Madewell so you know the quality is solid, they come in petite, standard, and tall, they the look effortless cool. All that for $88 isn’t a bad deal. Especially with their 25% off everything sale happening this moment.

The Harlow Wide-Leg Pant, $118

Now, these ones I have physically put on my body and really loved them. I just didn’t need them so I decided they had to be returned (you saw the opening photo right??). But they were super flattering and the wide leg is perfect! Had I kept them I would have needed to get them hemmed (hey, barely 5’4″) but having a pair like these are a true staple so totally worth the extra cost. Oh, and they also come in nine different colors.

The Structured Cotton Belted Pant, $148

Hey cute belt! If you love a structured pant then baby, look no further. These are fun but professional and even look like they do nice things for your butt. I can see these being great for the office but then throwing on a heel or fancy boot with a cute top and you are ready for a fun night out. They also come in three other colors.

The ReWool® Way-High Drape Pant, $148

If there was ever a pant that screamed “FALL” it would be these camel houndstooth ones. I like the slouchy, casualness of these and think that styled with sneakers and a crewneck sweatshirt the whole look would be so cool and comfortable.

Blush Organic Cotton Cargo Pants, $185

Yes. I love these. No, they aren’t the ones I bought BUT I thought about it. That color is insanely good (but also comes in bright green) and those oversized pockets are so fun. They are unexpected but not in your face which I’m also a big ole fan of. Also notice how they taper into the ankle, elevating the look a bit (and eliminates a trip to the tailor for us short kids:)).

High-Rise Relaxed Fit Full Length Baggy Wide Leg Trousers, $32

I also tried these on in person for preparation for this post and I am telling you they are great (and for $32 how can you beat it!?) I would have bought them but again, I’m trying to not buy too much of the same thing…it’s a mostly successful mission. They sat a little lower on me because I sized up one which I preferred the look of if that’s helpful to anyone.

Studio Pant, $155

These are the pants I ALMOST bought last year in NY but they were out of the the size I really needed. I definitely sound like I have a pant shopping addiction that I’m just barely keeping in check. Anyway, I can personally attest that they are great and were high waisted and cropped on me like the photo on the left. But they wonderful part about this company, WRAY, is that their pant sizes go from 0 to 28! This an awesome and inclusive brand that should absolutely be on your radar. Side note – look at this killer denim dress my friend got which is now on sale!

The Avery Pleated Wide-Leg Trousers, $148

I had to put these on the list for a few reasons. 1. They are a perfectly classic wide-leg pleated trouser. 2. The reviews are almost all raves. 3. The sizes range from petite to plus. 4. They come in four great colors. I personally might considering sizing up or if you’re in between sizes go for the larger size. I’m hooked on the slightly oversized look, what can I say?

Blue Canvas Maxi Pleated Pants,$195

But I am also hooked on the REALLY oversized pant! I am DYING over these. Sure, they aren’t for everyone and the styling they did here isn’t really for me either. But the shape, the contrast stitching, THAT BLUE? All so incredibly fun. If I could I would give all of my money to Farm Rio for all of their pants. Well actually, I have twice with these black pants and my #1 favorite brown/rust pants that I wear all of the time. Dare I say too much of the time?? They both feel so good on because the quality of the fabric is incredible. Oh, and I always feel cool in them:)

The Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Pants, $130

If you’ve been reading for a minute it will be of NO surprise that these are the pants I bought. They basically scream, “JESS BUNGE, THESE FUN PANTS WERE MADE FOR YOU!” what with that checker print and cognac/black color combo. Ok, well technically I already own them in green and white:) One pair for spring and summer, the other for fall and winter?? Ryann bought them too because they were that fun, flattering, and almost too comfortable. Truly, pajama-like comfort. Traditionally, I prefer to play with fun solid colors because busy patterns are not something I usually feel super confident in. Meaning these are special in that I don’t feel “too loud” in them. Ha. They have other patterns and color ways if the checks aren’t your vibe, but I promise the fit will be.

The Colette Cropped Wide-Leg Faux Leather Pants, $148

OK, ok. I have been on the hunt for a faux leather pant for a couple of years now and I am very tempted to try these. They are the same cut as the ones above and have 253 at 4.5 stars. That’s a convincing number don’t you think? Also, think how cool we would feel walking around the world in these this fall?? These too come in all different sizes and in two other colors. Should I try them??? TBH I love that whole outfit above…

Black Ponte Knit Straight-Leg Pant, $198

I don’t know about you but I have been marketed these HARD on Instagram so, naturally (or really unnaturally), I have thought about buying them a couple of times. They claim to be “the perfect pant” and as the owner says in the instagram ad “people say these pants will land you the job or get you laid.” I’m paraphrasing because, of course, when I searched for the ad it was nowhere to be found. Regardless that’s not a bad sales pitch. From the photos they look super cute (I’m partial to the cropped version) so I’m a fan. They also go up to 3x! Has anyone tried them?

Pull On Pixie Wide Leg Studio Luxe Ponte Pant, $76

A moody plaid for fall feels pretty perfect, no? These are from Torrid so sizing runs from size 10 to 30! For those of you uninteresting in zippers and buttons, I’ve got you. These are hardware free so you can just slip them on and go. While this is a cute look, I also think to make it more “everyday” a sneaker and a slouchy sweater would be very cool and modern.

High-Waisted Pull-On Pixie Wide-Leg Pant, $55

Another pull-on plaid pant! This color way is personally more up my alley and see how fresh the styling is on the model on the left?? That’s what I’m talking about people! Oh, and that price is incredible and these are highly reviewed so they are a top contender.

The TENCEL™ Way-High® Taper Pant, $138

Oh, this cropped pleat is making my feel things. These pants say, “I may dress in a suit everyday but it’s the coolest suit you’ve every seen.” I also love that wide waistband. I tend to find them more flattering which I don’t hate:) It also comes in three other colors. I would also recommend wearing clogs because as you can see it looks sick.

Classic Corduroy Wide Leg Pant, $91

When I saw these pants, I had a pang of nostalgia. I used to own very similar pants and loved them! Caitlin had (or probably still has) them too. Perfect for fall, perfect for the holidays, and clearly looks cute with any style of boot. I also just really love corduroy.

The Corduroy Way-High® Drape Pant, $128

Speaking of…a pleated corduroy pant?! As I’m looking at them again with that wide waistband I really want to buy them. AHHH. I won’t…yet. But if you need a fun pant may I highly recommend these (they also come in green). Wear them and try not to feel cool. I dare you.

Wide-Leg Corduroy Trouser, $148

Here is a more classic corduroy pant and is also a J. Crew bestseller! They come in a few colors but this is my favorite and could easily take you through spring. They function more like jeans than trousers if you didn’t want to have to wear “jeans” but want that look.

Wicklow – The Italian Chino, $278

Frank & Eileen has swiftly become one of Em’s new go-to brands. So we know these pants are awesome because she raves about the fit and quality of their clothes (hence the price). They could easily give off a summer vibe with that frayed hem but style them with a cool tall sock, boots, a great jacket, and you are set my friend. They also come in A TON of other colors. Enjoy!

Wide-Leg Essential Pant, $125

Almost all of the reviews talk about how perfectly these pants drape which in a trouser is WILDLY important. These really seem like a 10/10 wide-leg trousers that come in three other colors! Plus, I think it’s safe to say J.Crew knows how to make a classic silhouette:)

Curve Love A&F Sloane Tailored Pant, $90

Well, 705 people gave these trousers 4.7 stars! I also have a friend that bought them and LOVED them. So for under $90 with 16 different color options, these seem like a VERY good option. Abercrombie just keeps bringing the goods.

Extra High-Waisted Pleated Taylor Wide-Leg Trouser Suit Pants, $50

And finally, are these Old Navy trousers that also had over 700, 4.5 star reviews! But these are only $50 which is great. They do have a bit of elastic in the back in case you love (or don’t love) that. Otherwise they go up to 4x and come in four other colors. Win/win.

Did this get you a little excited for fall, for cool new outfits, for comfortable stylist pants?? I hope so:) I’ll let you know how the new pair goes and if I get the faux leather ones! And if any of you have tried these let us know what you think.

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: MOTO Reveal! How Jess Made Her WFH Office/Living Room Totally Multifunctional (With Big Help From The World’s Most Beautiful Smart Monitor)

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10 months ago

Cool round-up of options. I love fun and unique pants. I’m curious what others are in your closet (I was thinking there might be more of what made it into your closet over the years, but if I read it right, only 1 of these pants in a few colors is in it)? Thanks for sharing!

10 months ago

It’s so lovely to have to many size inclusive options in the list. It sounds silly, but it truly makes me feel welcome as a reader.

10 months ago

I have the Everlane Way-High Drape pants in black and really like them. When o bought them, I also tried Reformation’s Mason Pants, which unfortunately didn’t fit, as well. I try to stick with brands with “Good” or “Great” ratings on the Good on You app. I’m hoping to check out the PACT cords you feature at my local store. Thanks for pointing me to them.

9 months ago

I have the Maeve faux leather Collette cropped pants and I really like them. I’m 5’2 so they aren’t cropped on me but are def a great fit!

Def digging the Everlane cords. Thanks for the roundup!

9 months ago

I don’t understand the whole fascination with pleats. I’m a short curvy medium (8-10), and the pleats look awful on me.