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The Wicker Trend Is Stronger Than Ever + The Exciting Ways We Are Seeing It Played With Right Now

Just when we thought wicker has been overdone, it proves to be a versatile and ever-evolving design feature that we can’t get enough of. Over the past few years, we have seen wicker lighting and furniture thrive amongst a myriad of styles and now we are certain this design element is not going anywhere. If anything, people are getting more creative and bold with wicker accents, making it an exciting decor choice that transcends coastal and farmhouse styles we typically think of. Once again, wicker is taking on a new form and becoming more modern and cool by the minute. But before I show you just how hip it is, let me let you in on some trivia: despite popular belief, wicker is not a type of material but rather, it describes the technique in which it the material is woven. In fact, wicker is often made of rattan material but not all rattan is woven wicker. It’s a lot to take in, I know. Stay tuned for a post on just that (only half kidding…).

Now, you might be wondering what’s so interesting about wicker now? Well, besides the fact that it adds texture, warmth, and natural elements to a space effortlessly, it’s popping up in more unexpected ways than ever. Hint: Animal sculptures are involved and there IS such thing as wicker motorcycle sculptures and that is just scratching the surface. Allow me to demonstrate the new and exciting wicker decor trends of 2021:

Animals And Sculptures

These wicker animal heads by Madrid artist Javier S. Medina are just the weird flair we’ve been hoping for and the fact that they are handmade by Medina (who calls himself a self-taught basketmaker) makes them a spectacular conversation piece. He calls them Eco Animal Trophies and they are in fact, the cruelty-free, vegan-friendly substitute for animal head trophies. Oh, and they are DOPE. Clearly.

home of anthony george | styling by benjamin reynaert | photo by marta xochilt perez

Here Benjamin Reynaert styles the buffalo head by mounting it over this bed frame, making it a focal point of the room. Note that the wicker detail provides this otherwise colorful, bold, maximalist room with an organic texture but doesn’t take away from the modern bold style. It’s neutral in color but odd enough that it blends effortlessly in this anything but boring bedroom.

home of anthony george | styling by benjamin reynaert | photo by marta xochilt perez

A wicker animal head can also add a sculptural element to a gallery wall. Again, the wicker juxtaposes the colorful, maximalist space making it more dynamic. If you are worried about getting too funky with animal decor, just know that it has its place in minimal neutral homes too. For example…

design by arent & pyke | photo by prue ruscoe

Anything that is part sculpture part furniture earns a hell yes from us. The Nalgona Chair by Chris Wolston proves that a woven jaw-dropping conversation piece is never a bad idea, and Arent & Pyke expertly use this piece to add some character to this modern coastal Sydney home. The chair is weird and sculptural enough to make a statement but it still compliments the neutral color palette and airy open feel of the space.

This chair was also virtually used in the iconic home by Tavia Forbes and Monet Masters of FORBES+MASTERS and if you haven’t seen it yet, RUN DON’T WALK. They call the space they created “For Children Over The Age of 30” and I just love it so much.

design by robert mckinley | photo by nicole franzen | via architectural digest

Obviously, we all need a long-necked wicker hat stand? No, not really but if you are looking for a free-standing object that could add height and a bit of weirdness to a shelf, you have my blessing with this one. Even styled alone as just a fun sculptural piece it would turn heads (no pun intended).

1. 1950’s Spanish Wicker Mule | 2. Wicker Woman figure |3. Vintage Tall Natural Wicker Giraffe Plant Stand | 4. Wicker and Rattan Elephant Basket With Storage | 5. 1970s Danish Golden Wicker Motorcycle Statue | 6. Vintage Boho Wicker Kangaroo Basket | 7. 1970s Decorative Wicker Boots Shoes | 8. Rhino Head | 9. Vintage Wicker Giraffe Planter

See? I told you wicker motorcycle sculptures are happening, and if that’s the case, why not add in some wicker motorcycle boots too? At this point, I’ll take any wicker sculpture any day of the week. They are just too fun!

Walls & Permanent Fixtures

A wicker accent wall by Atelier Vime is something I had no idea I needed in my life. Just think of the possibilities now that you know a wicker wall is possible?? It can create visual depth to a space that lacks architectural interest, add warmth to a dark space, and bring in a ton of character to a dull room. Atelier Vime makes these wicker panels custom, but a cost-effective and renter-friendly way to replicate the same vibe would be to use a wicker room divider or wicker mural. Yep, if you didn’t know I am going all-in with wicker. Give me all the woven textures!!

design by atelier vime | photo by joanna maclennan

In this bathroom, wicker makes another unexpected entrance as a tub covering paired with a matching valance by none other than Atelier Vime. We actually predicted wicker tub exteriors would be a trend in 2021 and I am happy to see it is coming to fruition. But let’s dissect why the wicker element here feels fresh and new 1. Since the tub is not freestanding, the rectangular built-in shape could come across as too boxy, so the woven detail adds movement and 2. The wicker valance complements the tub and helps to bring the eye up so your eye also catches the wood beam ceilings which is a key architectural element of the space.

design by isabel lópez-quesada | photo by miguel flores vianna | via milieumag

One thing I have noticed about wicker decor is that nothing compliments it more than–you guessed it–more wicker. Mixing wicker with wicker or any of its close relatives (rattan, cane, bamboo) is an easy way to add even more warmth and natural textures to a room. The above bathroom also proves that wicker and wood are a match made in rustic heaven. Who needs color when you can have varying shades of brown and tan combined with varying weaves and textures? It may sound boring but clearly it is anything but.

Pedestals And Oversized Planters

Once again, if anything can make the case for wicker everything, it’s Atelier Vime. They do wicker and rattan like nobody else, as is made evident by the wicker pedestal and matching oversized vase combination. The pair creates height and movement not to mention it adds a roman architecture esthetic that we just don’t see enough of nowadays.

design by atelier vime | photo by joanna maclennan

Sans the pedestal, the oversized urn-shaped planter is the perfect accent for any entry table or console. It is still oversized and dramatic and if you can style it with a plethora of wild foliage and branches, well, you are the plant goddess I aim to be.

design by wrj design | photo by eric piasecki |via architectural digest

Wicker planters are not revolutionary, but I have been seeing a surge in large basket planters paired with thin trees and branches. I love the one in the above home tour that has a wavy movement to it, making it appear like a soft and flexible woven bag. It leans into the organic and nature-centered style effortlessly and the thin branches only emphasize the oversized look and feel.

1. Elegance 2 Piece Wicker/Rattan Basket Set | 2. Rattan Fine Weave Round Basket Brown | 3. Wicker Urn And Pedestal | 4. Wicker Pedestal Plant Stand | 5. Antique Wicker Plant Stand | 6. Vintage Wicker Plant Stand

Extremely Oversized Pendants In Modern Or Traditional Spaces

design by brodie jenkins | photo by bess friday | via vogue living australia

Imagine if this pendant wasn’t wicker, but a solid color or metal? It just wouldn’t have the same effect. The weave brings in texture to this otherwise bare staircase, and the size makes it a statement so it can stand alone. In fact, when you are trying to decipher how neutral homes can be minimal but not at all boring, take note of the textures present. Chances are you’ll find wicker, rattan, and knobby woods which bring so much dynamic to a space while maintaining the soft, neutral color palette.

design by kylie breaker | photo by marnie hawson |via design files

A Captain’s Cottage is a classic canvas for wicker decor, and this moody room proves that wicker can thrive outside light and airy spaces. This wicker pendant complements the dark blues and deep maroon accents and the fact it is oversized brings in an even more dramatic element to the space.

It should come as no surprise that Beata Heuman executes the oversized wicker pendant flawlessly, and shows how they can work with a range of styles and color palettes. On the left, the scalloped wicker pendant complements the traditional farmhouse style and brings in much-needed warmth to the crisp white walls. The kitchen on the right however has a bright modern farmhouse feel making the low hanging oversized pendant appear playful and whimsical.

Multiple Pendants In A Row (The More The Merrier)

design by gcg | photo by benjamin colombel | via vogue living australia

We are used to seeing long narrow hallways being an avenue for design risks (think wallpaper ceilings, bold paint colors, floor to ceiling gallery walls, etc, etc) so a string of pendant lights is a pretty genius design risk to add to the mix. Besides being functional and adding light to a dim corridor, the different shapes and weaves of the wicker pendants make them feel collected and intentional, adding a lot of personality to the space.

home of megan ziems | photo by andy macpherson | via vogue living australia

With this room above that has a sitting area and dining area in one, the layout calls for something to break up the room. Over the long farmhouse table, the pair of wicker pendants creates the illusion of two separate zones, and the wicker texture pulls together the minimal coastal style of the whole space.

design by co-lab design office |photo by césar béjar |via vogue living australia

If you can’t get enough of wicker lighting, show it off by hanging multiple over a long wooden table like the above. It’s so impactful when used in a neutral space so you can keep everything else soft, minimal, and effortless.

design by luis laplace |photo by salva lopez | via wsj magazine

The only thing more interesting than the vaulted ceilings here is the not one, not two, not three, but SIX wicker pendants hanging above and around the kitchen island. That design choice alone is cool, but the wicker texture is also important because it makes it so the pendants are not weighing down the whole space and instead, they reflect a light and airy feel. Note that are a lot of fixtures and hanging pieces but the room itself is not overwhelming or chaotic.

1. Santa Barbara Round Pendant | 2. Elodie 1 – Light Single Dome Pendant | 3. Elodie 1 – Light Single Bell Pendant | 4. Santa Barbara Pendant | 5. Vintage Large Rattan Woven Coffee Stained Pendant Fixture | 6. Handwoven Wicker Bell Pendant Lamp, Natural | 7. Wicker Pear Shaped Pendant Lamp | 8. Santa Barbara Taper Pendant | 9. Mid 20th Century Vintage Wicker Parasol Pendant Light

Wicker Wrapped Objects

If you simply want to dip your toes in wicker and sprinkle in some fisherman meets Italian Riveria flair, look no further than a wicker-wrapped bottle or object. This not-so-new decor piece is making a comeback and it’s not hard to understand why. There is something very old-world Europe about it and it’s a gloriously simple way to liven up your shelves.

1. Vintage Wicker Covered Wicker Wine Bottle | 2. French Wicker Wrapped Demijohn | 3. Rattan Wrapped Jug | 4. Vintage Large Wicker Wrapped Demijohn Bottle Lamp | 5. Vintage Wicker Jug | 6. French Wicker Wrapped Bottles

Display A Collection Of Baskets

design by leigh ellwood | photo by caitlin mills | via design files

Are you over the traditional gallery wall? No problem. Displaying a collection of baskets in varying sizes and colors is a simple and inexpensive way to bring character to a room. The seemingly arbitrary way they are hung up on this wall just adds to the casual and effortless feel of the space, and if you do in fact collect wicker baskets, what better way to display them?

1. Hanging Wall Wicker Basket | 2. Vintage Wicker Woven Storage Basket | 3. Set of Three Jute wall hanging baskets | 4. 1970s Mid-Century Wicker Basket | 5. Vintage Woven Wicker Umbrella Basket | 6. Vintage Woven Wicker Shopping Basket With Handle


home of dana and frank arthofer | photo by jonathan bond | via domino

Did you think I would leave you without mentioning wicker lampshades? Well, ye have little faith because I could never. The wicker lampshade trend is not new but it is still going VERY strong (bonus points if it is wicker and scalloped). In fact, I hope it never ever goes away because I may have a few wicker lampshades that will appear in my MOTO (makeover takeover) that is coming to you soon.

1. Vintage 1970s Wicker Rattan Scalloped Ceiling Shade Lamp | 2. Rattan Table Lamp | 3. Maison Maison Small Scalloped Lampshade in Seagrass | 4. Maison Maison Medium Scalloped Lampshade in Water Hyacinth | 5. Rattan Wicker Natural Lampshade – Lampshade | 6. Ballhead & Corky Rattan Lampshade

Okay, now that I have managed to write the word wicker over 50 times I want to hand it over to you. Do you have any questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop them all below and have yourself a happy Thursday. xx

Opener Image Credit: Art by Javier S. Medina | Photo by Davit Ruiz for Loewe | via Remodelista

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2 years ago

Aaand…it’s sustainable!!!😊🌏 Yaaay!

I don’t think wicker is ever not a thing. It’s always good!

I cannot accept the average prices for wicker lampshades though. There’s no reason they should cost that much, especially when the vast majority are made in 3rd world countries and the makers are paid so little!
What’s with that?! Greedy end-of-line sellers. I won’t support that.

2 years ago
Reply to  Rusty

Amazon and Etsy have reasonably priced ones. Ikea, too.

2 years ago
Reply to  hickenack

Yeah, I know. Much cheaper, but still disproportionately more than reasonable, given what the makers earn. I’m not opposed to paying more if it’s fair-trade accredited, but I betcha most aren’t.

Lauren Hampel
2 years ago

ohhhh don’t forget amber interiors epic rattan banquet in her home!!

Cris S.
2 years ago

I like the look of some of these, especially the urns and pedestals. But I can’t think of a single place that these could escape the fur of the two cats in the house. Not only do they think my one large wicker basket/trunk is a fantastic place to stretch out, pull on and rub their paws, but they rub full body against anything with that kind of texture. And it is so hard to remove – even vacuuming doesn’t pull everything off and trying to wipe dust off with cloth or a swiffer like material just snags and leaves more material than before. Pendants hold on to the floaty fur that the vacuuming of the floor kicks up.

So, to avoid visitors wondering what they half wicker, half fur wrapped sculptural pieces are in my house, I will have to sadly pass. But the fact that I’m a bit sad about it is all due to your wonderful writing and examples Ryann. I’ve never given wicker a second glance before. Maybe I’ll look for one of the animal head sculptures to gift my sister?

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

Agreed. In real life with people and animals, impossible to keep clean

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

Bahahaha😅🤣😂Ain’t that the truth!

2 years ago
Reply to  Cris S.

They wouldn’t escape the CLAWS of my cats (who bless their hearts, are more destructive than my kids or any dog I’ve ever had)

2 years ago

I love it in most of these applications except for spaces like the side of the tub which needs to be cleaned, or over a cooking space where it would become a grease trap. The wicker tubs must be in bathrooms with low use and no children OUR bathroom gets lint from towels, hair from brushing, and water down the side of the tub from kids. Not a LOT of water- they aren’t little. But enough that the wicker would get stained, and linty and dusty. ALL the rest of the applications are a yes please

2 years ago

I love the look of wicker. Those pendants above that banquet are the sweetest. Has anyone found a good way to clean them besides the obvious dusting? I have the hardest time keeping wicker from looking grimy after a few weeks.

2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly

I vacuum my wicker things, with the brush attachment.

2 years ago

Fun! I was waiting to see the giant green wicker frog that both my mom and grandma had in their bathrooms to hold towels in the late 70’s.

2 years ago

I have a tiny little wicker duck basket in my bathroom on the shelf above the toilet holding 2 bars of soap (among other objects d’art)….I thought she was so cute when I found her in a thrift store… she’s trendy too! 😛

2 years ago

How have you made a whole post about this and not mentioned The Wicker Man? Now that would be a striking sculptural piece for your garden. Useful, too, for disposing of annoying policemen and farm animals, and a focal point for barbecues.

2 years ago

In my house this is the “Scratching Post” guide!
I love wicker, but my cats love it more. Maybe a cat-friendly decor post is in order!

2 years ago

Love this! A wicker basket wall was my first “gallery wall” in my first apartment. I was able to pick up baskets of all sizes and shapes for dollar or two apiece at bargain stores and garage sales. I added to the collection and had a basket wall in every place I lived except this one. Thought I’d outgrown it but maybe it’s time to resurrect the baskets. They’re great earthquake-safe wall decor.

2 years ago

Cute, especially the surreal objects which feel fresher to me ! However with wicker for the sides of the tubs all I see is mildew and scratchiness…..

2 years ago

I’ve have some wicker furniture on my porch for 30 years. To clean it I blast it with the hose. 5 dogs later, it’s still going strong.

2 years ago

My fave use of grouped wicker pendants was Shavonda Gardner’s patio. GUSH. So chic and interesting.×2048.jpg

2 years ago

I’m dying to find a counter height wicker stool with a back that swivels… am I dreaming that this could exist?!?

2 years ago

As a huge fan of wicker I love this managed to capture all that is wicker. Fun quirky timeless sturdy arty eco friendly and adaptable..I could go on. As the proud owner of 2nd chance wicker pieces I know they have had previous experiences & will likely go on to be loved by others too.. champion of wicker, I salute you !!

2 years ago

Great read Ryann, loved all of these ideas!

2 years ago

As much as I adore wicker furniture, wicker lights , while beautiful, are the WORST dust collectors. 🤧 Ah Choo!
Closely followed by the truly gorgeous wall treatments of angle wood slats. 🤪

Paula Carr
2 years ago

I love love LOVE all things wicker!

2 years ago

Love wicker, cane, rattan, you name it. Connotes summer, beach, the tropics, the country, comfort, relaxation and all those things and love it anywhere in the home.
I’ve got a small collection of beautiful baskets I’ve bought from the markets or street sellers on different holidays in Bali and the Philippines and Thailand and places like that (noting Rusty’s comments which I agree with) and I think they sit so well against larger rattan pieces and traditional English wicker as well. Absolutely worth the wait to declare through customs which you have to do when bringing any type of wood product into Australia.
I like to mix with both modern and traditional furniture and the organic nature softens everything and gives a more relaxed vibe.
Thanks for the article Ryann. I would also be interested in knowing more about sustainable suppliers and how to tell. I’ve bought a few larger pieces of rattan furniture and have been wondering about this.

2 years ago

Love the wicker animals! And new sources for planters and pendants are very helpful. (One tiny correction—not meaning to be picky—but please note the difference between “compliment” and “complement.” The meanings are quite different. “Compliment” was used twice when I believe you meant “complement.” Just FYI going forward.) Thanks for all the example photos of rooms, too.