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2018 Gift Guide: We All Know (& Love) Them – 32 Gift Ideas for the Hard to Shop For

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Looking back at our picks for this board, “hard to shop for” may as well be rebranded to “that person who only likes really expensive things” considering the price tag on most of these items. Whoops. But hey, we all know those people who are impossibly difficult to buy a gift for/have basically everything already/are legit snobby about “things” (but we love them anyway)…heck, that person could be YOU, so feel free to add a bunch of this to your own cart in the name of self-gifting (no one knows what to buy you better than you, right?).

1. Brass Lucky Horseshoe, $58: “They” say having a horseshoe in a space (over a doorway, on your desk) is good luck, and who doesn’t need a little extra good fortune in their lives?

2. Cotton Waffle Weave Blanket, from $160: This isn’t just any old $160 cotton blanket…it actually gets better (thicker, fluffier) the more you wash it. Plus, it’s oversized but shrinks down to the perfect size for your bed after one laundering cycle. Magic!

3. Cocktail Book, $16: A nearly scientific blueprint for the perfect cocktail? Bring it on.

4. Porter Corkscrew, $63: Got an oenophile on your hand? Chances are, they already have a corkscrew BUT we can bet they don’t have one as pretty as this one, designed by Normann Copenhagen.

5. Beautycounter Set, $89: A limited edition box of a bunch of natural beauty goodies.

6. 3 3/4 Quart Braiser, $375: Cast iron basically lasts FOREVER (heirloom pieces, anyone?), so giving the gift of a piece like a braiser from Le Creuset is (literally) the gift that will keep on giving/chugging along faithfully.

7. Cheese Stone, from $78: Cheese/charcuterie board one day, pizza stone the next. This multi-function stone is available in three sizes and has a scratch-resistant glaze to keep whichever diameter you pick looking gorgeous for years.

8. Wireless Headphones, $148: There are a lot of wireless earbuds on the market now, but they don’t all look this good. They aren’t all just good looks either though: these have 4 hours of playback time on a charge, a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls and a touch button for controlling music and calls.

9. Mixed Media Painting, $225: While art isn’t exactly the easiest gift to give someone (in a way, it’s kind of like perfume…very personal choice), this tonal and neutral painting would be an unexpected (and likely welcomed) surprise for your friend or loved one who appreciates simple, minimal design.

10. Artist’s Hand, $48: Not everyone can have a giant hand chair like Emily. Second best? This much smaller (and affordable) artist’s hand! This isn’t the gift to give to just anyone as putting a wood hand in a box with a ribbon would only be welcomed by a handful (see what I did there) of giftees, but for someone who lives for creating eclectic and artful vignettes in their home, give their styling prowess a…hand.

11. Jennifer Ament Print, $125: I spotted this print at Shoppe Amber Interiors in Malibu on a recent EHD outing and there’s something so gripping about its simplicity.

12. Cutting Board, $78: We have definitely already said this in another gift guide with another wood cutting board but…we are hardcore wood board people around here. The grain and the delicate handle make this one part utility, one part kitchen art.

13. Cheese Accessories, $22: What goes better with a gorgeous wood board than matte black tools for prepping cheese and accoutrements for a charcuterie plate you’ll 100% deserve an RSVP to.

14. Cosy Homes Book, $60: A book that speaks to our inner home voyeur, but bougie edition.

15. Zinc Forms, $165: Okay, so, if you’re looking at this thinking “over $100 for some black shapes?” Alright, fine, this isn’t for everyone, but anyone who appreciates “the finer things” (::cough gift snob cough::) will love these because they fall firmly into the “unique” gift category.

16. Tray, $88: What’s that? Team EHD also loves a good tray? You heard that correctly. The very subtle peak in the middle works great for keeping things like your tech and scratch-happy keys on their own sides where they belong.

17. Palo Santo Bundle, $18: The new year is the perfect time to get in that energy cleansing at home (or the office).

18. Scented Candle, $30: Ever walk into an Anthropologie store and demand from the nearest associate that they divulge what the amazing scent infiltrating your soul is? That would be this candle (it’s the store’s signature scent).

19. Stone Cake Tray, $350: Because only the truly difficult to shop for would want a $350 marble cake stand, of course.

20. Wooden Matchbox, from $32: They’ll need some matches (stored in a beautiful decorative box, of course) to light that Anthro-approved candle.

21. Marin Instagram Frame, from $39: Framebridge is one of our go-to framers, and we all love the square frame by the brand that’s perfect for bringing anyone’s Instagram feed to life (well, at least…to their walls).

22. Coffee Maple Syrup, $14: What’s better than coffee in the mornings? Well, we’re glad you asked. Pancakes that double as a vehicle for that sweet life nectar are.

23. The Bigger Carry-On, $245: Brady recently got one of these for him and his boyfriend and they love it. One of the coolest features? A built-in (and removable) portable charger to keep your tech juiced up during that long layover.

24. Foodie Dice, $24: Look, figuring out what to eat every day is one of the most taxing duties an adult has to deal with, so these are great for just about anyone (especially the most meal indecisive).

25. Mini Jewelry Case, $105: While this may certainly be a more luxe gift, for anyone you know who travels often, this leather jewelry case (which can be monogrammed), will likely turn out to be a life (and jewelry) saver.

26. Plant Sticks, $64: Got a gardener on your hands? Don’t get them these. But if you have an apartment dweller who likes to dabble in indoor greenery, slip this set of six plant sticks (which are more than just brass adornments—they help your plant babies grow up straight and strong) in their stocking this year.

27. HP Photo Printer, $120: The “digital age” is all well and good, until someone wants to actually do something with those thousands of photos sitting in your phone. HP’s Sproket printer is like a Polaroid camera 2.0…just connect to it via Bluetooth and print away all those photos you likely would never see again (that is, until you’re feeling emo/nostalgic and deep dive into your own Insta feed or camera roll).

28. Wireless Speaker, $199: “I hate music,” said no one…ever.

29. Tinggly Gift Box, $119: This one is seriously cool…the Tinggly Gift Box might be the ideal gift for the “hard to shop for” because all you have to do is purchase the general “gift box,” and the giftee gets to pick from 562 experiences to case it in for. Adventures include a snorkeling adventure in Mexico, a zodiac whale watching experience in Victoria, Canada, beach horseback riding in the UK…yeah, sign us up.

30. Flip Clock, $99: In a digital world, it’s nice to have a little analog every now and then.

31. Ember Mug, $80: It’s a sad state of affairs when you make a piping hot cup of coffee for yourself, set it down to “handle something” (be it parenting, work, life in general), forget all about it for 45 minutes, and you come back to a room temp mug. Enter the Ember mug. This beauty has an app-controlled remote and a built-in warmer that keeps your caffeine fix at your ideal temperature for at least an hour.

32. Coffee Dripper, $65: Okay, so not everyone likes their coffee with a side of tech. For that person who prefers to “experience” coffee, this ceramic coffee dripper is great looking, dishwasher safe and ideal for anyone who likes to take it slow in the mornings.

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5 years ago

Hah! A Very nice gift guide! I especially intrigued by #8 wireless headphones. They look like hearing aids which I (as a mother of a son with hearing loss) see as a good thing- taking hearing aids out of that unstylish corner of medical aids for elder people, making their form attractive.

5 years ago

For that wood cutting board (#12), there’s a crafstman on Etsy, David C., who makes boards like this and his are GORGEOUS:

He made me a custom 34×20 walnut board with a handle (um, it’s ginormous!), which I use to serve appetizers, as well as cover one of my kitchen sinks when I host, so my serving/buffet line is longer. And right now, he’s making me three boards (one is a custom board for my husband, I can’t wait to see it!).

I always appreciate supporting small business.

Paula Carr
5 years ago

While I love Jayson Home, you can get an identical hand model several places for about $15 to $20. Just sayin’…

5 years ago

My “hard to give gifts” family gets some form of experience from me. Concert tickets or tickets to the theatre for my parents and the kids get tickets to next years Color Run. My husband is getting tickets to Eddie Izzard. I always buy two tickets to everything and volunteer to go with the person getting the gift. That way you also get guaranteed quality time with a loved one.

5 years ago

These gifts are all amazing, but how many of your blog readers can actually afford this stuff? These gifts ideas are more inspirational than aspirational for the vast majority of Americans. How about a round up of fabulous gifts (not stocking stuffers) that are $20 or less? ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Lana

Agreed! And, maybe more consumable (foods) or experience gifts, as the last thing that I need is more “stuff” around the house. I think we spend way too much time and energy managing all the stuff we accumulate.

5 years ago
Reply to  Lana


5 years ago

These are great finds. IKEA makes a hand that is super similar called HANDSKALAD. It’s only $12.99 too. 🙂