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2014 Reader Survey; Help. I need your honesty!

I’ve been writing and running this blog now for almost 5 years. Five. That’s almost as old as Justin Bieber’s tattoos. Don’t worry, I’ll be properly celebrating our anniversary (to you) soon, but I since January is around the corner I would love some info from you now so I can start the year with a clear direction of improvements.

I’m constantly wondering what you guys like and what I’m wasting my time on. And while there are a ton of comments daily, I know there are a lot of you out there, many long time readers that don’t feel like commenting (which I understand).

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

But i’m hoping you’ll take a second to fill out this totally anonymous  survey to help curate the content you like (no registering/logging in or anything). If you don’t want to answer a question just click ‘other’ and put a period or something to leave it blank.

What you need to remember is that this blog is about you, for you (ok, sure AND me) and you are the judge, jury and executioner. That’s a lot of power, folks. But, it does no good if I don’t know how you are feeling.

Maybe you think its unprofessional that I admit my mistakes and maybe you’d rather never see another picture of Charlie on this blog again. Maybe you click away the second you see a sponsor and maybe you prefer anything that has to do with moms and babies. This is your chance to anonymously tell me what you want more of and what makes you click away with disgust.

And please, you long time readers/fans PLEASE join in the survey, too. Maybe you’ve commented 100 times so you don’t think I need you, but I do. You are who I need the most. I know these things tend to bring out the negative (“Finally, ” she maniacally laughs, “its my anonymous chance!!!”) but don’t worry, no matter what, I’m not going down the YHL road (RIP). But its actually important to know what is successful in addition to what is annoying or just generally failing.

So, please, take 3 minutes and give me your feedback – I promise that no matter what it will be valuable and the blog will be a better place because of it.

Thank you very, very, very much.




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