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12 Dope Etsy Decor Pieces (Almost All Vintage And One CRAZY Splurge)

As I’ve been getting dangerously close to shooting my living room (FINALLY since I just got the main feature installed YAY), I’ve been poking around looking for some final decor pieces. I’ve also been searching and pinning for my bedroom:) Basically, your girl is on the hunt and along the way I have stumbled upon some pretty great things I thought would be cool to share because it’s fun. Naturally, I want to bring in even more vintage into my home so almost everything on this list is and it’s all of course from Etsy (why leave the house if you don’t have to). Now, these things are going to be very much “Jess Coded” because they all made my heart sing:) And the easiest way to get my heart pounding is a beautiful lamp. Actually, before we dive in I HAVE to show you the PAIR of Japanese vintage table lamps I got at the Rosebowl a couple of weeks ago for $80!!! (Leaving the house does have its perks).

CAN YOU STAND THEM?!! I was nervous to commit because these cuties are going on my future nightstands which I clearly don’t have yet. But they were too perfect and too affordable to not risk it. This honestly doesn’t have anything to do with this post aside from that I really wanted to show you all and they are vintage like almost everything else in this post:) Ok, now let’s start with some lighting you can buy or just admire like me!

Stilnovo Adjustable Table Lamp

Like, get outta here! I love this sweet baby so much. Actually, part of my hesitation with the table lamps I just bought was that I originally had my heart set on a couple of Stilnovo lamps (something like these or this little mint one and find its friend!). But the pairs I’ve been seeing have cost more than I ideally want to spend (and look, I was heavily considering it but am trying to be smarter with my money. UGH). Anyway, this one still isn’t cheap but I think is SO fun and special and I want it to go to a good home, ok?

1950s Italian Table Lamp

If you can’t tell I am pretty into Italian lighting…and furniture…and art…and the food, but that’s neither here nor there. This one makes my jaw drop to the floor. The shape, the colors, the patina. I could cry. Now this sweet thing is pretty pricey but if nothing else it’s a great inspiration/something to maybe be on the hunt for a lower price if that’s even possible. Also, I think I need to book a trip to Italy. Donations are welcome:)

1970s Art Deco Geometric Blue Art

Ok, so this one is a print of the original but I love it just the same. The colors are bold but not too loud, I think the handwriting around the sides is so cool and makes it feel unique. And of course, the advantage of a print is that it’s far more affordable than the original and with this on you can request other sizes. Who knows, maybe this one will end up in my home:)

1972 Steven Boyum Drawing On Paper

I feel pretty certain that my love of quirky hand-drawn art directly came from seeing Emily’s submarine piece years ago. Actually, this piece very much gives me that vibe! Some of you might be thinking, “I could draw that” and that could be true but there’s something about a vintage piece that hits different. Take this one I found at a flea market last year that I can’t wait to finally frame:

It’s super weird and filled with nonsense but I love it.

Architectural Steel Swivel Stool

These stools desperately make me wish I needed at least one. FandFVintage is an Etsy shop I have loved for years. They both sell vintage and make things and it’s all great. These stools are new (at least to me) and might be my favorite yet. Did I mention they are swivel? Or are handmade? Or that you can customize the fabric? I just think they are so cool and unique.

Danish Oval Teak Rosewood Mirror

Another item on my purchase list is a unique wall mirror. Naturally, I want something in this world but your girl does not have that kind of cash flow. Plus I think I want something vintage with an organic material like this one or this one. But when I saw this cutie above I did perk up. It’s too small for my needs but I love it.

Small Mid-Century Brass Wall Mirror

Now this one is on the small side for my needs but if you love the vibe of these then this guy is a much more affordable option that I think lives in the same world! How great is that braided metal??

Handmade Decorative Ceramic Vase

I meeeeannnn, wow. This vase is not vintage but it is handmade and so cool. The designer actually won a 2023 Etsy award! In my hunt for decorative objects, this came up in my search and I was instantly drawn to it. It’s not quite right for my space but I hope it could work for one of you<3

Vintage Wooden Teak Cube

If you know my style then this pick should come as no surprise. It’s cool, architectural and made out of wood. I’m sure most people would see this and think, “What even is that and what would you do with it?” Well, let me tell you that all it takes is a shelf or surface and a little vision. This could be a cool bookend, could sit on a stack of books for a styled moment, or be paired with a could of other pieces for a cute vignette! So many possibilities.

Vintage 20th Century Trio Of Wood Art Objects

I have a BIG love for vintage wooden finials. They just come in so many cool shapes and sizes and are so fun to style with! Example A: Check out my little collection that’s on my window trim in the photo below:)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ home office

Unexpected and so fun! I also bought two super tall vintage ones at the Lawson-Fenning Warehouse sale last year that will hopefully be in the next shoot because I love them. So I fully endorse these as awesome decor pieces to make your home look and feel a little quirky.

Large Italian 1950s Brass Counterweight Lamp

Another PERFECT vintage Stilnovo Lamp that I don’t have a place for. Someday I’ll have a home with more room to put all the lamps of my dreams. The counterweight design is wildly cool so I just want an EHD reader to buy it and love it for all eternity. It’s not cheap but if you have the budget it’s a no-brainer:) Well, at least to me.

Unique 1930s Bauhaus Art Deco Chandelier

OK, I just wanted to show you this one because I loooooved it when I first saw it and then I saw the price. I laughed out loud because I would never (I think) pay this amount for a small chandelier even if I had SO MUCH money. But if I ever become a billionaire I’ll let you know if I’ve changed my mind:)

I really hope you enjoyed this because it was so fun getting to show you a little bit more of what catches my eye. It’s really fun to see the differences in what we all are drooling over. Have a great weekend!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Guest Room/Office Basement Suite Reveal … + How To Make A Basement (Office) Feel Warm, Happy And Functional

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4 months ago

I’ve been Em-fluenced (or rather, Jess-fluenced) very early on a Friday morning! I didn’t buy the exact Steven Boyum art you linked, but I did buy another one of his pieces from that Esty shop this morning as fast as my fingers could click. Thanks for the link and for supporting small shops!

4 months ago

Patience, young grasshopper, get the lamp you love. If you never find the mate you will still love the one you have.

Cris S.
4 months ago

I thought I knew about how much the chandelier was going to be, but that surprised me! I presume it comes with a magical fairy that installs it and then cleans your baseboards and folds your underwear daily. You’ve found some really interesting and cool lighting choices!
Jess – if you had to pick an LA flea market for more traditional items (paintings, books, not mid-century modern) would you go to the Rose Bowl or Long Beach? I have to schedule a trip to San Diego and I want to hit a flea while I’m out there. Any advice and opinions welcome!

4 months ago
Reply to  Cris S.

San Diego has a big flea market and huge like antique warehouse too!

4 months ago

That 50s Italian table lamp is gorgeous – and I say that as someone not generally fond of mid-century design. As you say, the last chandelier is lovely but that price is absolutely insane. That’s the sort of thing that started the French Revolution! I’m sometimes amazed at how much you can spend on interior design. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of ceiling, except in the most literal of senses!

4 months ago

Fabulous shopping Jess. I get literally dizzy when I scroll through Etsy and therefore can’t spend too much time on that site. I love your taste, sensibility, and stamina for shopping. You always inspire me.

4 months ago

Really cool picks! I love Jess’ eye and style!

4 months ago

Love your Rose Bowl lamps, and your nails look great too. 🙂

4 months ago

Thank you for this post. Jess! So many beautiful finds – you have convinced me to look beyond the conventional stores where I have not found what I truly want.

4 months ago

I immediately thought of Emily’s piece. I hope I would have the courage to buy something like that if ever I run into it in the wild. Okay, no actual wall space left.

4 months ago

LOVE those lamps you found at the Rose Bowl. Definite “wow.”

4 months ago

I swear 90% of the unique finds in my place are from Etsy. Designers know what’s up (I am not) but I think the average person thinks Etsy is mostly crocheted toaster cozies, and I’m fine with that haha.

4 months ago

Jess is influencing me! My mouth dropped when I saw the Italian lamp. Who am I? Hahahha

4 months ago
Reply to  SARAH

It’s gone! I wanted it! Should’ve nabbed it earlier in the day 😉

4 months ago

Great post Jess!! I loved all this and I LOVE your personal style! 😉