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10 sculptural chairs i want to own, but not sit in.

I call them ‘looking at chairs’, not ‘sitting in chairs’.  

It’s a lot of people’s nightmare and often the first thing new clients tell me when we talk about style – ‘i don’t want chairs people are afraid to sit in.’ 

Well be very afraid, people.  Function, schmuntion – i want to own these. 

1. The wooden hand.  

Wait, I do own one of these and guests are constantly asking me ‘can i sit on/in that?’ and i say, ‘Yes. You should be so lucky, it would be your pleasure’.  No, not good for movie marathons, but ones your tiny butt is in that large hand you feel as safe as a kangaroo baby in her mama’s pouch.  

But this is even more incredible:

And in an evironment:

by Kelly Wearstler, naturally. 

I understand the resistance towards these, i do. But then I also understand the resistance towards vampires and i’m still very attracted to them.

2. The sculptural lounge.


Perfect for your one legged friend. Link HERE. 

Look how happy this lady and her one leg are:

3. Vintage Jan Escelius chaise lounge. 


This one is either torture or total comfort to sit in.  I call it the ‘Where do i put my butt?’ chair. 

4. Vintage chair bentwood chair

The perfect low sculpture in the corner.  Such pretty lines.

5. The Wiggle Chair

I’ve hated this chair before but i’m back on board with it….sculpturally.  I’m a sucker for an icon.

6. Beautiful paper chair.

Delicate Paper Chairs

So pretty.  Very flammable.  Or inflammable. You know what i mean.  


7. The Antonio Citterio, J.J. arm chiar. 


Don’t be sheepish, go ahead and sit down!

8. Dohoon Bentwood chair:

Ridiculously beautiful:

artistic bentwood chair design ideas

9. Cloud chair, by Richard Hutton.

Why are you not in brass? You are a beautiful monster that i really want to own.  

10. Retro pink outdoor chair. 

Hold back your men, women. This is gonna be the chair they fight over.  

Ok, i kinda want to sit in this chair, but only cause i look good in pink.

Whats the general consensus? Yeah, or nay or sculptural chairs?


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