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10 Dinnerware Combos For Every Style

Whether you are entertaining for your next get together, just warming up the leftovers for the family for dinner tonight, or having the in-laws over this weekend – chances are, that your dinnerware game might not be as pulled together as you might wish. More often than not we end up buying a full set from a big box store and call it a day. Just to be clear that is totally fine and this post is not a boxed dinnerware shaming post for those of you that do just use a full set from a store. However, we are content creators over here and we wanted to bring you some combinations that are going to help not only your table but your leftovers look a little bit more appealing next time you sit down for a meal. All of these have a dinner and salad plate, a bowl, silverware, a wine and water glass as well as a coffee mug and a decanter or pitcher and a napkin. Only thing missing is the company, the food, and the table.

vintage chairs pendant light dining room tablescape table setting
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

We also have a brand new feature on the blog making all of our roundups (starting with this post) clickable. Which means no more scrolling up and down to get the number from the roundup so that you can then find it in the links below. If you see a product you like, hover over it and click it to go directly to the page to purchase it. We are still testing this and there may be some weird quirks that come to fruition once it is live on all of your screens. So, if you do notice anything weird let us know below in the comments and we will still be including links below just in case there is a glitch. But, for now, let’s talk dinnerware.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Warm and Woodsy: As mentioned in yesterday’s post, white, blue, and wood are a combo that we will never get sick of. This combo feels classic and timeless but wood plate and the homemade looking bowl help it to feel unique and special. The black flatware which is such a good price for the set is also helping to make the entire combo feel a bit more modern and fresh.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Pretty in Pastel: If your style leans a bit more bright and poppy then this spring inspired palette is for you. That blush pink pitcher is $8 so you basically have no excuse not to get it, and when mixed with the pink bowl and green plate it feels like a dinner table we would all want to eat at. Fresh tulips (or daffodils picked from the garden) not included.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Black and White: If the last combo was too bright and poppy for you then this monochromatic black and white version might be more up your alley. We’ve combined ceramic, glass, and enamelware elements in this one which typically would mean a chaotic combo, but because the color palette is tonal it feels cohesive and neutral. Which is a good tip to keep in mind – if mixing materials then keep the color variances to a minimum to keep it from getting too pieced together.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

White and Wood: Classic, organic and simple. Brady has these wine glasses in his kitchen and can vouch for what a good shape, price, and size they are (can’t really beat a 2 dollar wine glass). The lip on the plates is also a nice touch if you’ve got messy eaters which helps it stay all on the plate and not on the tabletop. Stylish and functional, win – win.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Blush and Blue: Just when blush and blue felt passΓ©, this combo is making it feel very fresh again. We pulled together this combo based offΒ of the color palette from the original patio reveal and we just might have to throw another party to buy, style and use all of these pieces in that space.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

White and Gold: We get that colored, patterned and textured dinnerware isn’t for everyone and that some people love a classic all-white combo. So this is for those of you that appreciate the simplicity of all white on the table with a few little details to make it feel special. And if you haven’t already clicked through to buy that silverware then you should as they can’t seem to keep it in stock.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Copper and Navy: Navy and copper will always feel like neutrals over here so this “neutral” combo is one that will go with just about any style of kitchen while still feeling unique and collected.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Homespun and Natural: If you are the type that drops a plate every time they are trying to rinse it off in the sink, or cuts through their steak with hulk-like pressure then these plates might not be for you, but if you do have a steady hand and can take care of a handmade ceramic plate then this homespun combo with those handmade plates would be so beautiful in your kitchen.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Pop of Pink: Blush pink got a graphic upgrade when paired with these splatter black and white plates and those gridded water glasses. And in case you needed another reason to drink your coffee this grey mug would be a fun reason to roll out of bed every morning.

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Dinner Plate | Side Plate | Bowl | Pitcher | Flatware | Coffee Mug | Napkin | Water Glass | Wine Glass

Colorful and Memphis: It’s insane but in such a fun way. Blue flatware, yellow glasses, and patterned triangle napkins? We want to be a guest at this table, and a friend of this quirky but stylish person.

So, which of these combos is your favorite? Could you go with one of the more colorful combos or do you have to stay neutral with your dinnerware?


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32 thoughts on “10 Dinnerware Combos For Every Style

  1. I love the copper and navy! And tell homespun. And that pop of pink instantly told me a story! Soon as I saw it, I could see the whole group of ladies around the table having a lively conversation. And then I realized it was the Pink Ladies. :). I’m not a pink and black but thoroughly enjoy those spattered plates!

  2. Clickable feature worked GREAT for me. I think this is an amazing feature and am so glad it has arrived!

    1. In typing my name and email into the box below when commenting, a bunch of links for the products randomly started opening in additional tabs. Not sure if this is related to the clickable feature, but wanted to share. Thanks! πŸ™‚

      1. Yes! Same for me. I thought the sites just popped up again bc I had clicked on one pic in the post just to see how it worked! But when I left my comment above, the field for my name and field for me email each lead me to the same page I had previously visited (for the acacia dish I think). Fwiw-i DID NOT click any items before leaving this comment. And the name and email fields worked as they normally do. Hth.

        1. Thanks for letting us know. We are still working out all the kinks and this is very helpful.

  3. Love this post. Feel like it can often be a challenge to pull all these pieces together even just for casual dining. Would also be interested in a post on table linens–placemats, runners, napkins both functional/family-friendly and for nice occasions. Setting a nice looking table with children involved can be….challenging!!

  4. Just mildly obsessed with that blue flatware from “Colorful and Memphis,” and I just bought those adorable tea cups and saucers from “Blush and Blue” after seeing them in this post.

    Oh Emily. You’re so good at enabling me when it comes to spending my money. πŸ™‚

  5. Great post today – it’s thoughtful and I can definitely see myself leaning towards those gorgeous Memphis plates… can we have a post on outdoor dinnerware too? Please?

  6. I like the pretty in pastel collection the best – it feels very happy and peppy. Sadly, I have not the cupboard space to store it plus my casual everyday (boring) stuff. I like the wooden bowls in the other collections too – curious if those are dishwasher-safe?

    1. Most of the wooden items are handwash only. So although they take a little more upkeep they do add a lot of pretty warmth to the table setting.

    2. Not usually. Wooden bowls are usually handwash and need a good oiling now and again to keep them from cracking. πŸ™‚

  7. YAAAAAS to the clickable feature. Good job. I had the same issue though described in Alana’s comment.

  8. I have that pink Ikea carafe and 2 matching glasses in my office. They are really pretty and they get me to drink more water throughout the day.

  9. Hi Emily: I love your blog and have it used it so many times to inspire my home decor . I am in love with your blue couch in your living room but can not find the source on your blog. Could you please share its maker? I would love to get it for my family room or one like it! Thanks. Lisa

    1. It is from Cisco Home and is actually called the “Henderson” sofa πŸ˜‰ They are all custom but if you reach out to them they can help you answer any questions about the sofa.

  10. That was fun! And I’m buying some napkins for my warm and wood setting.
    Now, what I’m really jonzing for is an Emily Henderson approved summer wardrobe styling. (Pretty please!) still LOVE all my things from last year.

  11. The link works great! It does take me straight to the product (instead of opening a new page) so I had to browse back to your site to follow up other product links. I’m on mobile only so that might be part of the problem…
    These are awesome, thanks for another great roundup!

  12. This is such a great post. What a lot of work this must have been to compile! Love all of these options.

  13. I have the gold flatware in the pretty pastel setting and while I LOVE the feel and look of it (great to hold and so fun!) sadly the gold wore off in under a year. It goes especially fast on spoons as they sit in hot liquids more (soup and tea anyone?) so while they look nice, I wish I had not invested in these and it feels pretty unsafe to use if they are somehow shedding this gold coating…..

    Do not recommend πŸ™

  14. P.S. I also love the clickable feature, TONS better. But I’m having the same problem Alanna already called out. Good luck with correcting that glitch and thanks for the post.

  15. I loved seeing all of them. If I lived alone, I might go for Pop of Pink. I liked Blush and Blue quite a bit. If I had to pick one for my family right now, I think I would pick Copper and Navy. (But I agree the Colorful and Memphis person would be SO fun!)

    I really like your new roundup item clickability! I love your roundups, too. (I just bought a sofa and coffee table combination this weekend via your May 2017 roundup. I’m so nervous – To me, that’s a realy big purchase. But I’m indebted to you for the recommendations!)

    My only suggestion with the clickability is to allow each click to open an additional new tab. (I’m using Internet Explorer – and each time I click a product, it loads in the same additional tab (overwrites the product I clicked on previously).) There are so many things I want to click — that I want them to load in several new tabs. πŸ™‚

    1. Hiya! You can change that in your IE browser settings. Just google “open IE links in new tab.” Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you, HH! I’m so embarrassed to say that I work in software development, and I didn’t know that – LOL. (I typically use Firefox, and I don’t remember setting the default any differently, so when using IE, I didn’t think about defaults, either.) I’m happy to know your info – thanks!

  16. Hi Emily,

    Love this post – so many great combos! However, can I make a suggestion? I feel like on almost every post you tell us how you are a “content creator.” I get it, this is your job, but it’s getting repetitive to the point of annoying. Your faithful readers, of which I am one, know this already and we don’t need you to defend why you are choosing to post a specific story. Want to show us lovely table settings? Do it! A roundup of throw pillows? I’m all in! But please do it without the added obligatory paragraph explaining that you are constantly looking for content.
    Hope you read this in the spirit it is written!

  17. Love the new hover clickable feature – but it does open up double links (ie. two tabs) to everything – took my ridiculous tab accumulation to the next level!

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