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1 Bookshelf 4 Ways: The Playful Scholar AND A VOTE!!!!

We’ve reached the last in our ‘One Bookcase, Four ways’ series – which means one more bookcase (naturally), but more importantly it means you have a big vote at the end to choose your favorite. A vote, whose outcome could change lives and shelves. Forever.

Just when I thought I had a favorite, Ginny goes and styles this shelf like a ‘Playful Scholar’. I was the girl in college who was annoyingly attracted to men that had really large, HUGE … vocabularies. It was such a turn on, even though now it’s almost always a sign of total pretentiousness and not intellect. But a playful intellect? Sure. Obviously we make up these characters and it` just helps us tell the story, but I do love this one a lot. It feels the most lived-in in a way.

Click through for the inspiration, gif, resources AND OF COURSE THE VOTE!!! YOU MUST VOTE!!


Sure, I want to be that guy or date that guy. The color palette is relatively neutral and masculine – full of wood, black, cream, and the least curated by color book collection.





We really should get busts of ourselves done more often. We don’t get oil paintings done of ourselves, we don’t frame large photos of us in our house and we certainly don’t hire artists to sculpt our likeness in stone nearly enough. I’m serious. Some awesome maker in Portland is bound to be doing this now. I think that generally people find heads in domes as creepy, but not me. I can’t get enough of them.




bookshelves (1 of 3)


1. Geode Book End 2. Ring Holder 3. Kai Samuel Davis Print framed in Bali 4. Task Lamp 5. Rug 6. Mid-Century Shelf 7. Trinket Box 8. Hand Painted Globe 9. Hello 10. Leather Pencil Sling 11. ABCDCS Book 12. Geometric Stone Object 13. Q&A A Day Book

Alright, now its time to choose which is your favorite bookcase –


1. The Eclectic Sophisticate. 2. The Modern Traditionalists 3. Desert New Age Hippie 4. The Playful Scholar. Now VOTE VOTE VOTE  – I promise you don’t have to do anything weird or sign up for anything – although sometimes when I do it from my phone it gives me a weird prompt. Its for my own curiosity and its terribly fun to see what your tastes lean towards. So vote if you feel like it 😉


* All photos shot by Jessica Isaac, styled by Ginny. Written, art directed and produced by Me. 

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