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by Emily Henderson

When Southwestern was coming back a few years ago, I remember thinking ‘no way‘. Then ‘interesting‘ then ‘well,  maybe a little‘. I still think there is a lot of bad stuff out there that people are buying that was just never good in the first place but generally if I had a desert house I could see myself go full BOHO hippie. I mean, I did buy a dream catcher the other day. It was $3 at a garage sale, but still, that is not a normal thing to just buy.

Click through for inspiration, resources and gif.


For this look think earthy tones and motifs, mixed with some more saturated colors (like the mustard and coral) to help it stay more fresh and current, then add a few tribal patterns and some succulents or desert flowers to really drive it all home.


Don’t forget anything that looks hand-made and shaky – like that weird face pot, or the knock-off TW workshop pot. I think that this look actually works pretty well on this shelf – you need the mid-century structure of it to help bring it out of 1992 and into 2015.

Emily_Henderson_Desert_New_Age_wicker_Chair Emily_Henderson_New_Age_Woven_Pillow

Are you guys into the crystal thing? I mean, I like the shapes/colors but I’m unsure of its powers. I have good friends who swear by their cosmic influence and I just have no idea what to say, but I’d love in on the situation.

Emily_Henderson_New_Age_Books timelapse_emily_henderson_ginny_brady_southwest_bookshelf

Throwing in an extra gif without people if that is more your style.

01_repopulate_emily_henderson_ginny_brady_new_age_bookshelf Emily_Henderson_Desert_New_Age

This look is specifically easy to get at thrift stores, say in Arizona or New Mexico. But if that isn’t an option for you then here you go:


1. Embroidered Throw Pillow 2. Mid-Century Shelf 3. Painted Stone Bookend 4. Cowhide Rug 5. Mini Planter 6. Pressed Pattern Vase 7. Faux Animal Skin Rug 8. Himalayan Salt Lamp 9. Chimes 10. Leather Stool 11. The New Bohemians Book 12. Gold Herb Pot 13. The Forest Feast Book 14. Ceramic And Wicker Pot 15. Forest Critter Pot 16. Where Chefs Eat Book

*Check out first ‘One Bookshelf Four Way’, Eclectic Sophisticate and Modern Traditionalist. This series is shot by Jessica Isaac, produced, art directed and written by me and styled by Ginny for EHD. 

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