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1 Bed 4 Ways: Casual Global Glam

The fourth and final bed in this series is only fitting that it’s a dream escapist bed, perfect for your Friday. This week seemed INSANELY long so crawling into this bed and watching TV on my not so global laptop all day is very, very, very tempting right now.

She is boho, sure, but in a more sophisticated, neutral way than #2 (Bright, Fun and Feminine), plus she likes simple furniture instead of a crazy Moroccan table. We wanted it to feel global, but not like a set, and eclectic and interesting but not too wacky.

Click through to see inspiration, gif and vote on the which bed is your favorite:

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Inspiration_Grid

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Emily Henderson

This one is all about soft textures, subtle patterns, and layering, layering, layering.

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Emily Henderson_1

I’m finding myself more and more attracted to that camel/brown color. Can’t say I’m ready to paint a wall that color but in the right combination of things and other colors I can get into it for sure.

1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Gold_Emily Henderson_2

Also I keep a photo of my pet zebra on my nightstand obviously. And my fossil. One must always display one’s fossil near bed.


1 Bed 4 Ways_Desert Casual Glam_Neutral_Linen_Get the Look

1. Gold Pendent  | 2. Linen Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases | 3. Sand Sheets | 4. Sequin Throw Pillow | 5. Petrified Wood Decor | 6. White and Cream Euro Shams | 7. Wool White and Grey Pillow | 8. Fringe Brown Pillow | 9. Round Wood Frame | 10. Morrocan Wedding Blanket| 11. Gold Tray | White Pots (vintage) | Bamboo Plant Stand (vintage) | Teak Side Table (vintage) | 

Now it’s your turn to tell us which bed you would jump into, which one is your favorite? You can vote for as many as you would like below

Now vote for your favorite … Who is it going to be folks?? Cool, Cabin Casual? Bright Fun and Feminine? Masculine, Clean and Modern or Casual Global Glam? It’s your American duty to vote!!!


See the other three “1 bed, 4 ways”:  ‘Cool, Cabin, Casual‘, ‘Bright, Fun and Feminine’ and ‘Masculine, Clean and Modern’,  and if you like this post? Don’t forget to check out ‘1 credenza, 4 ways‘ and ‘1 dresser, 4 ways‘.

*This post was sourced/styled by Brady Tolbert, art directed/produced/written by me and shot by Jessica Isaac. 

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7 years ago

I have painted the majority of the walls in my house a color similar to what you’re calling “camel”. Perhaps the colors don’t translate well on the computer (as mine looks like chocolate milk), but I LOVE it. It’s “meadowlark” by General Paint. Just enough “color” to not make it boring builder beige. And it goes so well with everything else – 60’s beige fireplace, espresso, white, you name it.

7 years ago

After the “Inspired By” I think the end of the sentence is missing…

This summer we are going to Spain with some friends and we have some serious

And it stops there!!


7 years ago
Reply to  Abby

Sorry. there was a draft saving issue. Thanks for telling us!!

7 years ago

If u mix 1 and 4 together that would be me! (:

7 years ago
Reply to  Gwen

Me too! A mix of 1 and 4 would be my ideal bedroom.

Alison G
7 years ago
Reply to  Gwen

That’s funny, same goes for me, except the blue would be replaced with a fall color.

7 years ago
Reply to  Alison G

Me too! I was sitting here trying to choose between the two and then I read the comments 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Gwen


7 years ago
Reply to  MelissaB

Me too! Also, 4 is the only one with plants in and that swung it for me.

7 years ago
Reply to  Gwen


Natalie S
7 years ago

Love #3 the best- black and white for the win!

7 years ago

Being of mom of 5 has its perks when it comes to decorating. I never have to choose just one look:) These looks remind me so much of my own home. My son’s room is #1 with Pendelton blankets and vintage army trunks, on of my daughter’s rooms is #2 with a rattan side table and hot pink, my room is #4 with neutral colors and TONS of texture and even a hanging globe lantern. My library and media room have the vibe of #3. I guess following your blog/work for enough years has paid off. Keep up the great inspiration!!

7 years ago

Oh they’re all inspiring…so happy you did bedrooms as I’ve been struggling with my master. #3 wins for me -love the simplicity with a touch of retro – it could work as any color too. Thank you Emily, this was a huge help!

7 years ago

My eyes are always drawn to colour, and even here I keep going back to the fun and frivolous no. 2.. I just can’t get enough of those pink shades…but I do like no. 3 it’s pared down, sophisticated and unfussy even though I’m not particularly into black and white…but I’ve gone with no. 2

7 years ago

Wish I could pick more than one! #2 is a little too feminine for me, but I’m LOVING the other three.

Alison G
7 years ago

Target,target,target. I don’t shop there. But these posts are still great for inspiration. I voted for #4 and I would add in some color. 🙂 Happy Friday to you.

7 years ago

They’re all lovely, I voted 3 but I adore the brass pendant in 4.
Have fun in Spain, I live in Spain but in a place that gets 0 tourism so I won’t be seeing you! Imagine I bought you a Shirley Temple anyway.

7 years ago

Bed 1 won out, but my love for 1 & 3 is nearly equal. Very tempted to mix the two into modern, cool cabin harmony, with 3 in 1’s color palette, with a lumbar pom pom pillow, for my own space.

7 years ago

Nice job Brady on styling all four posts!!! Neither one really captures my style, but they all look great! I can’t wait to see the bed DIY. Please post it soon!

7 years ago

There are elements of all 4 that I like but my overall favorite is Number 2 because it’s just so fun and colorful.

7 years ago
Reply to  Jessica

I agree!!

7 years ago

Number 1 and Number 2 are close for me. If I was single, I’d probably go with 2, but since hubby is in the equation, I’d land on 1.

7 years ago

Excellent job Brady!! Thank you Emily et al. Love these kinds of posts….Happy weekend!

7 years ago

I wish one of them worked really well for a couple. 1 & 3 are too masculine; 2 & 4 way too feminine. I guess 3 would work best, but with a pop of color. I need inspiration for the new bedroom I share with my boyfriend! It’s really hard to find the right balance.

Susie Q.
7 years ago

I like it, though I’m not sure if I can say “casual global glam” three times fast.

7 years ago

The lack of color in 3 and 4 and rugs on walls in 2 and 4 made me vote for #1.

Susie Q.
7 years ago

I voted for #3. #1: If I were really going to do “cabin” I’d paint the walls. #2 One time as a kid I had something jute in my room. After 2-3 nights of sneezing, my mom realized which item was making me sneeze–she tossed my jute thang in the trash. Also the pink lamp is just too “70’s country music star” for me (I’m from Nashville.) And #4…yeah, I like it too, but that light reminds me of a gold disco ball…
And having said all that, I admit that my bedroom now is nowhere near as fab as any of these 🙂

7 years ago

Emily, I love the gold pendant! What would the lighting look like on the other side of the bed?

7 years ago

I like 3 for that gorgeous lamp and the blanket, but I’d have gone for 1 if the walls were painted a moody blue or green – it somehow looks like it ought to have darker walls. Or wallpaper…

7 years ago

voted for 2 ’cause I’m drawn to the bohemian, Moroccan, colorful, relaxed look but I’d need some greens thrown in the mix. I love that hot pink lamp like nobody’s business but I also dig the brass pendant ball lamp..a lot. Was at target yesterday & saw many things I’m loving but have to resist..hmm, lots of cool shiny gold ceramics..if they had a pineapple I’d definitely jump on it.

7 years ago

I want #2 to be my favorite because it’s beautiful and bright and fun and girly. but, when I look at number 4, I have an actual physical reaction…my shoulders completely relax and my head gets calm. aaaaah. I could jump right in. so, I think that means #4 is my winner (with the option to pull in the #2 quilt every once in a while for a bonus.)

7 years ago

As a fellow style schizophrenic I was really struggling in choosing my favorite, but in the end I voted for number 3. That’s the style I come back to every time I start to weird myself out (which is far too often).

7 years ago

Bright, Fun, and Feminine ALL THE WAY!!!

7 years ago

I voted for #4 from the gut without thinking about it too much. That’s the only way I could choose. But if I were redecorating, I think I would combine 3 and 4 for husband and myself. Soften 3 a bit with some rustic organic from 4 or add some crisp black and masculine edge from 3 to 4. (similar to #7 pinterest) I’d love to see Brady do that combo!! Hmmm…. maybe I will redecorate a bit and do it myself 🙂

And by the way, I love #1 for my son’s room.

Thanks Brady,
Great job. I can see your some of your style from your blog coming through in this styling series.

7 years ago

Thanks for the imitation!
I just bought the target duvet!
And when I get home, Imma try putting my wedding blanket on the wall

7 years ago

I voted for #1, but there were things I liked about all four looks. I need …NEED …all of those lamps! I could switch them out every day …yes I could. I’m so glad you decided to keep those pink lamps for your daughter because I was contemplating buying them and giving them back to you. Hoarding is much-maligned and sometimes has its rewards.

I’m not feeling the rugs on the walls or the beige. In fact, I’m going a bit Abigail Aherne on beige.

7 years ago

WOW EMILY… It’s like you jumped into my head, pulled out my dreams and made them come to life. #4 is my grownup dream space!!! I have been to Morocco.. I have been to India.. I LOVE color, but I also love calm. This room is perfect. My husband will hate it, but he’s older than me… I’ll be a widow someday. If I can’t have him, I will have this room!

7 years ago

#3 pretty much nailed it with my style and color palette so I voted for #1. I’m trying to expand out of my comfort zone and (thanks to you) am starting to love those deep, rich blues and greens. The bedding combined with that painting really resonates with me.

7 years ago

Love this series! Great job to you team. 🙂

My favorites are masculine clean and cabin cool, hands down. But I’ll give masculine clean the win. I think of myself as pretty feminine in general, but my interiors style taste has definitely been duded-up over the years by my hubby. 🙂 (Side note, I’m in the process of staging my home for sale next month, and I’ll be clicking though to purchase a few items in these posts for sure. Thanks for providing great affordable sources!)

7 years ago

I love the comment about mixing 1 and 4. If I could mix 2 and 3 it would be perfect for me. Posts like this really help me figure out what my style is. I like so many looks and have trouble narrowing it down when it comes time to decorate. Figuring out my style is difficult. Thanks for the inspiration/direction, Emily.

7 years ago

I love that you used that light from World Market in #4. I’ve been wondering what it looks like in a real space (even though yours isn’t really real!). I want to live in #3 but with #4’s light 🙂

Judy H.
7 years ago

Okay, I’ve just completely freaked myself out! I have so much mid-century modern in my home, I love it. I appreciate other style modes as well, but when we are looking to buy furniture, lighting, home decor, etc., we both always head for the MCM.
Now, I am going to freak myself out again when I tell you that after studying these 4 bedrooms very carefully, without a doubt, I absolutely adore AND want, CASUAL GLOBAL GLAM!!!! I love it, every bit of it from the lighting to the duvet to the throw pillows to the blanket………..
Has this ever happened to you?

Nina Bond
7 years ago

Black and white is always a winner for me but this time I had to go for the pink one because of the Mad Men era pink swag lamp mixed with the 70s wicker stuff although the bedding is more feminine than I normally like.

7 years ago

I love them all, but 1 & 3 are definitely my favorites. I chose 1 mostly because of the bedside table set-up, BUT I love the overall look in 3 probably more so.

Great work as always!

Josh – The Kentucky Gent

Melissa Z.
7 years ago

These simple design boards are a perfect example of why my home lacks a consistent feel. The boys’ bedroom looks like #1. The girls room looke like #2. The msater bedroom looks like #3. The livng room/kitchen areas feel like #4. I can’t even pick a favorite. Depending on the moment, I could have an entire home with one of those styles.

7 years ago

I voted #2!

Although there is no place for my pet zebra’s photo.. hehe

7 years ago

Hi, Emily (adjusts blonde wig),

Can you share your thoughts regarding when you fold the flat sheets back versus not? I see you adjust this with different looks and I was wondering if you have a formula for deciding when to fold back or not?

Also, I pulled the trigger on my Eileen Fisher linen sheets; you were right, totally worth it–and kidneys still intact. Win for all!

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