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Lea Johnson

Design Contributor

Lea Johnson

Born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in the midwest. Semi-only child (it’s complicated), married, raising two Gen Z-ers in their early to mid-twenties with my toddlepot Remington “Remi” (Olde English Bulldogge) velcroed to my side. Anyone else with a FOMO baby? I have a 20+ year career in tech only to grow up in my 40’s and realize I want nothing more than to style and create beautiful spaces. I’m a vintage lover and avid thrifter long before they became trendy. I’m a true introvert and love nothing more than faffing around my own home, on my own schedule listening to the sounds of Billy Taylor, Sidney Bechet, and Billie Holiday while burning my favorite candle. Biggest indulgence for me is a weekend of K-dramas from my bed.

What Makes Me Tick

  • Sign/Enneagram/Myer-Briggs/Hogwarts House:

    Virgo / 2 “The Helper” / ENTJ / Hufflepuff – I don’t know…I’m also a Rabbit on the Chinese Zodiac and I relate to that and a Virgo the most. I have strong Virgo identities.

  • Design Aesthetic in 5 words:

    Vintage, Timeless, Modern, Farmhouse, Classic

  • Favorite EHD Room Of All Time:

    SO tough – I’d say the Portland Project, The Griffith House, and Emily’s L.A. House – I really can’t choose and I’d predict the Farmhouse will be my all-time fave.

  • Favorite Instagram Follow:

    Besides the EHD Team and alum? I’d say @sfgirlbybay with @jackiekaiellis as a REALLY close second – I want to grow up and be Jackie and channel “Lea in Paris”

  • Title of Memoir:

    “Not Korean Enough” there’s a lot to be said there.

  • Silliest Secret Single Behavior:

    I pretend I’m Moira Rose while playing dress-up. 

  • Most Likely To

    …try anything if I’m in good company (except eating weird to me things) – I’m clearly v impressionable.

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Home Decor:

    Anywhere most other people don’t – I try hard to go out of my way for this and within my budget it’s hard.

  • Favorite Place To Shop For Fashion:

    Vintage, H&M, and thrift shops.

  • Dining Room Rug:

    Squishy! Anything I want to rub my feet on (I’m very textural).

  • Reversing Book Spines:

    That’s a nope – HARD nope. I’m a book addict – Bibliophile when I’m feelin myself so I need to see alllllll the books.

  • Wallpaper or Paint?

    Both if they’re good.

  • Maximalism:

    This is one thing I wish I could pull off and some can do it so well where I want to just spend days soaking up their interiors but when I try it, it just looks like an unkept house or like I’m moving out.

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