Win a free makeover by me and my team!!!!!

Do you have a room suffering from S.A.D.? Does it know that winter is approaching and life is about to get dark and cold and full of unusually early holiday episodes or reruns of bad sitcoms? Is it sighing heavily every time you walk through the door, whimpering at every early sunset, being strangely passive aggressive to your cats?

Well, one of you is about to win a HAPPY SHINY makeover by me and Decorview to help brighten and enliven your room – we’ll cure all of you and your rooms winter depression before the holidays with some vintage happiness. Consider it a big old holiday gift from me and Decorview to you. ‘Tis the season (almost).

Before and After Makeover

photo by Zeke Ruelas


So before you think Oh i don’t need a makeover, I won’t bother entering i’d like to introduce you to some of my friends, some former makeovers to remind you how satisfying a makeover can truly be. It’s what I live for, it’s all I want to do in the world and that’s coming from me, the one actually doing the work. How happy are YOU going to be just sitting their, reading your new Domino Magazine and getting your room totally redesigned, all Henderson style? VERY HAPPY, I guarantee it.

Before and After Makeover

after photo by Bethany Nauert

Ian’s house. An oldie but a goodie. Still one of my favorite spaces that I spend way too many late nights in. See more of his living and dining room, TV room and master bedroom.

And then there was the confused LA bungalow that needed a style diagnostic:

Before and After Makeover

after photo by Zeke Ruelas

Wildly better, and that was just a 1 day makeover  (well, not including design time).  See more of that makeover here.

Before and After Makeover

after photo by David Tsay

That is still one of my favorite makeovers with one of my favorite families ever. See more of their house here.

Or what about this one; no construction and barely any paint, yet total transformation:

Before and After Makeover

after photo by Zeke Ruelas

See more of that makeover (with resources): Joy’s Studio ‘Living Room’, Joy’s kitchen, Joy’s storage.

Or Fran’s Senior Living makeover in her bedroom which went from shabby and bland to sunny and calm.

Before and After Makeover

So much happier, for that happy lady. See more of that makeover here, from Sunrise Living.

You want to win this free makeover. TRUST ME. I mean, I would faint of happiness if someone forced me to style my house the way that me and my time style our makeovers – just the sheer time, effort, love and joy that goes into it is a total luxury that I wish everyone could have, but very few get.

Don’t you want to be someone who gets a free makeover by a designer (namely me and my team)? Because I do.

All you have to do is enter (with pics and a description/bio) on the Decorview facebook page.

What is Decorview you ask? Its a new (well, new to retail – previously just for designers) window treatment service. Basically a consultant comes to your house and helps you design each window treatment for each window – the style (roman? curtain? shade? motorized?) the finish (linen? silk? wood? blackout?), the color, etc. And then they measure, fabricate, install and guarantee. Oh the hours of my life I could have back. Not to mention the tears.

There are very few things I hate doing in my job, let me go ahead and tell you about 2 of them:

1. Dealing with rug pads. I want nothing to do with them. Often it means you have to pull up ALL Of the furniture, pull up the rug, and unwrap this disgusting textured thing, replace the rug which takes FOREVER to get out all the wrinkles and make them perfect, and then rearrange the furniture. Its often hours worth of work for NO VISUAL DIFFERENCE. Insanely unsatifsying.

2. Dealing with window treatments. I hate it. Sure, I love picking out the fabric. Fine, thats the pretty stuff. But beyond that it ruins my day. The measuring is boring as you have to be really accurate, – you have to make sure it kisses without puddling too much or floating too high. And don’t forget to calculate in the measurement for the rings or clips, and then unless its been pre-washed you have think about the fact that it will stretch and fall as it hangs – so what doesn’t look like  a puddle on day 1 will look like a puddle on day 3. It all just makes you want to labotomize the person that invented curtains.  Except we need them or our weird neighbors that is constnatly outside my window ‘detailing his car’ NIGHTLY would see Bearcat and I in what looks like intimate moments.

So Decorview does it all for you. And yes, i’m using this service for me. Its not cheap, no, but neither are window treatments in general. You think ready made curtains are inexpensive but after you buy them, buy the hardware, rings, etc and spend 9 hours trying to hang them perfectly (anchors, levels, and all forms of torture devises involved) you realize that they were in fact kinda expensive and so laborious.

So one lucky winner, in addition to the mix of vintage and new furnishings that i’ll bring into the makeover, you will get all new custom window treatments in that room. Whatever you want, stylistically, functionally … anything.

The only parameters are that the room has to have windows, as this is sponsored by a window treatment company. Oh and that you are open to my style – you’ll have some involvement but it will be a whirlwind makeover, so don’t expect to control this so much. Just like on the show you’ll be diagnosed, get a TON of input, and then we’ll do our magic.

Before and After Makeover

photo by Zeke Ruelas

To enter go to their facebook page, upload photos of your room with the description of why you need or deserve this makeover. The decision will be made my the DecorView team. But if I were to give you hints on how to win i’d say to tell us your story – no one is beyond a good old fashioned emotional story, upload pics that show your space as ‘needy’ but ‘has potential’. AKA if we can’t really see the space then they won’t know what we are getting into. Take big pulled back photos of the room, but don’t bother exactly trying to make it look good.  Also If you don’t need this yourself, this would be a FANTASTIC gift to give someone in your life that is dying for a makeover, right? Methinks, yes. Nominate someone you know.

Good Luck, folks. I’m very excited to meet and work with one of you VERY soon.  Enter HERE. 

This post is in partnership with Decorview, but all designs, thought and words are mine.

  1. Eeeek, going to enter right now!!!!! I would die to have this done.

  2. Keeley

    Dying! DYING! This would literally be a dream come true!

    • Emily

      good luck!!!!

  3. Katie

    Serious dream come true, Emily!! Yay!

  4. Amanda L.

    Geez! I entered but I forgot to attach a picture. Do you know how I can amend my entry?

  5. Sabrina

    This would be AMAZING. I’ve spent months trying to decide on window treatments for my bedroom, but the room is probably too small to be selected since it’s a little hard to get overview shots. Good size for NYC, but alas.

  6. Laura

    Entered- check. Now I just need to stop giggling. The thought of having a finished space, by YOU, it’s just too much! How on earth are you going to fit this in with the pregnancy/ new house? I’m in awe. Seriously, better slow down before you have this baby early!

    • Emily

      OOH, good. Good luck!!!!!! I’m fitting it in right before baby and house. Its a 5 day makeover and i have help. I CAN DO IT!!!!!! (famous last words)

  7. So exciting! Your spaces are so happy and filled with personality–it would be a real dream come true to have one in our house!

  8. Julie

    Entered! A makeover would be amazinggggggg, with the amazingness only tempered by the embarrassment of having my beige wonderland before photos being shown on the internets.

  9. Mary A.

    Hopeful!!! I put in our entry today.
    Emily, will we receive a confirmation email that we are entered? I would hate to think that it didn’t go thru or something like that?!

    • Emily

      Good question. Let me see … i’ll ask and update the post.

      • Lesley

        I have the same question! I didn’t see any confirmation page or email, but I was asked to confirm about having my public profile/friends list shared with Decorview, and then I was asked to post something on my timeline about the contest. So, hoping all that means my entry went through. Thanks for the chance to win this most amazing prize.

      • Mary

        Thank you Emily!

  10. Lily

    Ahh I wish this was open to Canadians too! Our bedroom has the most difficult uneven windows so we’ve just left them alone – this would have been perfect!

    What a wonderful contest though – gluck to everyone!

  11. ricardo

    Hello, so excited this would be a dream come true!!! Question, when will the makeover happen? I am in the process of buying a 1920s cottage house with tons of character and would love your help in the living room. Oh and its got a big window and beautiful coved ceiling, built in curved bookcases, TONS of potential.

  12. Jolene

    Awesome!!! I went and entered before I even finished reading your post! LOL! This is fabulous that you are doing this – it would make me positively giddy for a least a couple years. My living room needs you in the biggest way! You and a few vintage mid-century finds, and a fiddle leaf fig or two. :) Thank you for giving us a crazy big hope via this giveaway! Oh, and I love how you think you have to convince us that we want a room designed by you. ha!

  13. Phoebe

    So bummed I can’t enter this since I’m not the “legal homeowner” per the fine print. I’m a renter. Sad face.

    • Emily

      its because landlords put up sooo many parameters – its not descriminating against renters. I’m a renter still for a few more weeks. Its just that its a lot of people and production in the space and normally the landlords cause problems. I’m sorry!!!

      • Diana

        If I’m renting from family and I receive their permission, could I enter?
        I’d have them enter but they don’t have a facebook.


  14. Brianne

    I would die. DIE DIE DIE
    Also, I hope you’re enjoying the Twin Cities this week :)

  15. Jolene

    Ack! Just read that this would be IN OCTOBER!! How unbelievably gratifying for the winner!!!! And they might get to see Emily with her bun in the oven!!

    • Emily

      YEP. Its like end of the month i believe. Or beginning or november. But very soon is the idea. :)

  16. Clara

    Omg!!! So excited! I just entered too! My mid-century modern TechBuilt is in total need of some Emily styling!! ::fingers crossed::

  17. Kelly Rodriguez

    My favorite designer! Please come help me!!!
    I’m entering now!

  18. Sarah

    Dream. Come. True.

  19. Heidi

    You don’t know how timely this is for me– entering the dreaded winter– this is bringing me loads of “Emily might design my livingroom” hope

    • Emily

      Cross your fingers. GOOOOO LUCKKKKKK :)

  20. Amy

    Darn! Sooooo sad– we’re building a house right now and it won’t be finished till December. The thought of you designing a room in my house… I can’t even put into words! I’m already so jealous of the winner.

  21. Our bedroom needs your help in the worst way and it seems so silly, but it makes such a huge difference to fall asleep and wake up in a happy place and WHAT IS WITH THE ALMOST TEARS? Not even pregnant here. OH crap I better go take a test.

  22. jolene

    I’ve spent the last few hours dying laughing at myself and how the”bun in the oven” comment seemed so innocent. But it doesn’t really come off that way, does it? It’s more like “look who got caught with her bun in the oven! ” lol! But you know what I mean!

  23. val

    WOW! We are sooo in need of something like this, and the timing couldn’t be better! We just finished our kitchen/great room remodel on our MCM home, and are having a hard time figuring out how to lay out the living room with all of the huge 8 foot windows and access to the open central atrium! I’ll be sending in photos ASAP. Crossing my fingers now until October 11th! My in-laws will be in town soon, and i’d love to feel like we’re finally “put together” in our first home when they visit.

  24. Margo

    I suppose you cannot come here to central Europe, close to the italian border, right? So I will happily watch you and your team from a distance, only slightly envious already for all the awesome mid century pieces that you might use.

  25. i. must. enter. i have a wall of windows and i am portland. so you could get some serious window treatments on and visit your hometown. win-win me thinks.

  26. Sometimes I wish, I still lived in the US, because let me tell you the 70’s monstruous home we are about to move in, in Madrid has loads of potential to be unveiled. Oh well, guess I will just have to keep reading your blog :)

  27. maurice

    only if you can find me a green sofa like the one above!!! you find the best sofas :)

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  29. Laura

    when is the deadline you have to enter by?! I can enter tonight once I get home from work – hopefully that’s not too late! Thanks so much Emily!

  30. Jessi

    my bedroom needs this desperately! will take pics when I get home!

  31. mosey

    Oh man, I’ve been waiting for you to offer something like this. Please let them pick me, please please. :)
    I love lots of color, I really love your style, and I would be the happiest person in the world if my little living room (with BIG windows) got an awesome makeover by you!! Entering nowwwww

  32. eek! i just entered and couldn’t be more excited! i must say, i think it’s amazing that you’re doing this during your pregnancy. just another reason to admire you. whoever gets chosen (me, me, me!) is going to be a lucky folk with a damn good looking room!

  33. aww mannnnn….how i wish i wasn’t a renter! we can’t enter even if we don’t care about putting holes in the walls?? seriously…i have a giant vintage pharmacy sign hanging from my ceiling by chains…i WILL be spackling come move out.

  34. Jen

    I see it says I must be a US resident… Vancouver is really very close to the US and I’m in a suburb that’s even closer to the border. You could fly to the Bellingham airport in Washington. Honestly, I’d even pick you up. Its like 30 mins from there.

    • Jen

      I ignored the rules and entered anyway. I know my odds are terrible.

  35. Coby O'Sullivan

    Yessssss. So excited about this. My living room has some awesome and huge stained glass windows and some original 1935’s Art Deco chandeliers and sconces and I have no idea how to make it all work. Only a challenge that Mrs. Henderson could handle.

  36. Erin

    Ahhhh!!! I want to enter so bad but I don’t have a facebook (loud ugly crying). My house is in need of so much love and i’m constantly getting overwhelmed. Is Facebook the only possible way to enter? Maybe I can have my Mom enter a room for me through her facebook!! :D Right?

  37. Jill

    Ohhhh totally getting pics of my place asap and entering! I bought a condo in a downtown Nashville high rise last summer that has a wall of 10′ windows that run between the living room and bedroom (it’s a teensy, studio-ish place) with an incredible view of the Nashville skyline. I have YET to get my act together and get some window treatments and actually decorate because 1. I’m busy, yo. and 2. those things are crazy expensive. So this would be AMAZING!!!!

  38. Sara

    What a dream-come-true this would be for me and my family. I’ve always told my husband that Emily Henderson is the one and only designer I’d trust to completely do whatever she wanted in our house; and he’s always saying “how do we apply to be on one of these shows so we can get some help with the house?” But I’ve always got to remind him that these make-overs aren’t usually free for the homeowner. Unfortunately, free is what most people would need these days to get a much needed new space.

    I know you aren’t picking the lucky winner – but I just have to say that I’m local (Anaheim Hills) which would be nice and convenient for your pregnant self. I have a room that has weirdo windows that I don’t know what to do with. ANDI would bake lots of cookies and yummies for you and your crew. ^_^

  39. stephanie

    Just entered and realized (as soon as I hit “submit”) that I wrote “bain” instead of “bane”. Boy, do I feel sheepish. Please don’t hold it against me in the judging process!

  40. At 13 ft. X 14 ft. my kitchen has goad bones and great potential. My maple cabinets are quite decent except I only have one cupboard for my dishes and not enough storage space overall. I met with a kitchen shop about a cupboard for over my fridge and they wanted $500.00 for one maple cupboard! Thirteen years ago I put in new linoleum and four years ago new granite countertops but it still seems dated and lacks pizazz. Is it the black appliances? Is it the wallpaper? Is it the outdated light fixtures and beige stove fan? I hate the stainless sink and my disposal is broken. My stools are too tall to work under my extended countertop bar and recently my guest complained. (ouch) The old stained wood trim is disgusting. I am a retiree that cooks three series meals from scratch in my kitchen most every day and I am at a loss on how to affordably improve upon it. CAN YOU HELP? I am entering your contest today. Thank you for your consideration.

  41. Ann Liebler

    When is the deadline to apply?

    • Ann Liebler

      I just entered! I have butterflies in my stomach:) Thanks for the opprtunity!!!

  42. I love to see what oversized plants can do to a place. What fantastic transformations!

  43. Emily

    I entered, I hope I win! What a dream come true this would be! Will I receive an email to confirm my entry?

  44. Amanda Gaberman

    Entered! What a great opportunity, and what great fun to even put together the submission. I learned how to make a photo collage, drank a very full glass of wine, and put together my grateful plea for your design expertise and Decorview’s window expertise! Come see me on Mercer Island in Seattle. It’s beautiful! We’ll cook you yummy food and buy you baby gifts! Until then….more fun in long-time married land. The hubs and I are heading out to a ski movie tonight to get excited for ski season!

  45. Julie

    I have been in my home for a few months now and keep looking around my living room wishing I knew what to do to make it look more like Emily designed it! Every time I look at Ian’s makeover pictures I about die with happiness. That room is just so cheerful. My room has good bones, great wood floors, high ceilings, lots of light but the decor is a little flat. I guess that is what you get when you try to furnish with left over apartment slump furniture, haha. Emily, this is the best giveaway I have seen, better than winning powerball!! If I win, you get to come visit sunny Orlando, Fl (cause you know you are tired of LA sun by now!)

  46. Terri

    I entered only because I think you need a playroom/laundry room combo to round out your portfolio. If I win, you and Orlando can be reunited with your One King’s Lane hanging blue tapestry. Oh yes, I’ve got it here. I hope I f-ing win!

  47. jene

    SO excited by this makeover giveaway. My MBR, and window treatments especially, are longing for a makeover. Same questions as above…will we be notified that our submission was received? There was no confirmation page after I submitted and would hate to miss out. Also, any way to upload more than one picture? Really hard to capture the entire room due to wall angles / room shape. Please come to the Bay Area—I have 3 boys + 1 baby on the way and lots of boy “stuff” that need a good home, not to mention my MBR would LOVE some Emily pixie dust.

  48. Lindsay


    If I won this, I will definitely, as a grown woman, pee in my pants.

    BRB, gotta run and cut large holes in my walls so I have more windows!


  49. Anne

    Hey –

    I didn’t realize you could only upload one photo – i have more views of the room to show. Is there a way to resubmit my photo (where I include both views in one?). Thanks.

  50. Just entered! I’m crossing my fingers, toes and eyes that we win. I forgot to mention we have 9 windows in the room and we are in walking distance of Shopclass!! I would die a happy girl if I could actually eat a meal in my dining room after seven long years without a dining table. Thanks Emily!!

  51. I am so excited about this I can barely stand it. I’ve been wishing and hoping to do something, ANYTHING with my horridly depressing family room before MY babies get here — twin girls arriving in January! — and now the universe provides with this incredible opportunity. I SO feel you on this trying-to-cram-it-all-in-before-baby… It’s a tall order but it can be done!

    By the way, I’ve been sending you cosmic messages about picking me so we can bond over babies and jewel-toned velvet sofas. Are you getting them?? ;)

  52. Anne

    I am so excited to enter….I am late entering because I can’t decide which room! It would be so cool to even talk to you about design. I love your ideas and how you bring rooms to life. I hope living in NY doesn’t limit me. I am a good cook and will feed you :)


  53. Jordan Troublefield

    OH boy what a dreammmm! I’ve never wanted something more:) HA I’m so excited

  54. Thanks for the opportunity, I just entered and am crossing my fingers and toes! :)

  55. Agh! So thrilled we landed on this post. Amy submitted her entry today up north from the PNW in Seattle. The day-lit basement in her home has no pulse. Seriously. It’s in pretty bad shape. Needs some Emily love – B.A.D.L.Y.

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  57. My life has been so chaotic (and not in a good, fun way) that it would be nice to have a space in my Master Bedroom to retreat from my 3 kids. I so need so Emily Henderson HAPPINESS in the room! :-)

  58. Mickelle

    How long is this contest open? Also, my husband and I are stationed with the military in Japan–am I still eligible? I hope so bc I’mFORCED to live on base in the ugliest house you’ve ever seen in your life. Like, I cried after we looked at it. So i can use all the help i can get!

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  60. Derrick Stanford

    My fiance has a 89 year old elderly mother who suffers from dementia and a sister who is 56 that’s mentally challenged but is able to take care of her mother most of the time. Things have gotten extremely hectic and challenging; the house heats off of oil and we would love to have it transitioned to gas. The oil prices alone; they cannot afford and it runs about $800 each time it’s filled. The home does not accommodate a elderly person. Would love to have a ramped built and more changes done in the bathroom to suit a elderly person. We would love to provide pictures of the home; it’s in bad shape. The outside gutters are falling apart do to the storm in New York early 2013, they live in the bronx in the Throgs Neck area and the basement flood every time it rains. There’s mold in the basement among many other issues. My fiance took an early out from the Post Office to take care of her mom because the state now says her sister is not capable of taking care of their mother consistently. This has been an ordeal and a tremendous bare for my fiance Joy Ann Cruz. I would be happy to send pictures of the home in it’s present condition. I understand you get so many request and hardships but if ever considered the gratitude alone would be appreciated and I would definitely pay it forward for someone else in some type of need. I hope you take time to understand what my fiance is dealing with and she’s breaking down. It’s too much. Thank you and Happy Holidays.

    Derrick Stanford

  61. Aeriyona Summers

    So the reason why I need a complete room make over is because I have a blow up mattress and I’m really tired of it and I would love if you can makeover my room. I just wanna feel like a teenager. I just wanna have a teenager room. I would like to have my friends spend tonight at my house with out me having to make up a lie why they can’t come over. I wanna stop the lies that’s why I would like for a complete room make over please I need it badly. If you can make my wish come true I will be the happiest girl ever.

    Aeriyona Summers

  62. Katie Capitulo RN

    I am a pro bono advocate for a 17 year old born with serious medical problems. I have been her friend since she’s 2. Linda had a transplant at age three, numerous surgeries, but is smart and effervescent. She’s lived in hospitals the last 4 years as her parents split up and can’t care for her.

    The Hospital where Linda currently resides is looking to place her in medical foster care. I am considering having Linda live with me. I do have an old and dated bedroom Linda could have in my home. I was wondering if you would grant Linda a free make-over of this room to make her feel like a princess.

    I can supply any information you require.


    Katie Capitulo RN
    . S

  63. Jocelyn

    Im not allowed to have a facebook, and I really dont want ine either. So I cant enter. I have a bed and desk with a computer tht i cant even hook up. I hate my room. Ibe been wnting to paint my walls and get wooden floors with a nice fluffy sofrt blue one. Blue is my favorite color so thats wha i love. Some people might call me ungrateful, but i cant help it. Id just pass out if i one. I want this experience so bad. I also tuned 13 not too long ago so im trying to up my game a little. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

  64. alex gonzalez

    I need a room Makeover my room is a mess and its small and I do not have space for anything and I really need a new room and I need at least a computer or something but sadly I got nothing so posse help me thank you bye

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