Where did i go? and Episode 9, first recap


When people ask me what is my favorite part of my job, I go off for way too long about it.  I love everything about it. wait for it…..Except one thing: Managing the budget.  

I wish i could have written that in shaky letters. With horror music screeching in the background.  I used to think that the two worst jobs in the world for me would be truck driver  – because I HATE DRIVING, i’m a narcolept and have fallen asleep and wrecked my car whilst driving before, and I’m addicted to being social so i think i would go effing insane with that much alone time. OR a wedding planner – because i’m the least fussy person in the world so i just picture myself all day faking a smile whilst deciding between peach linen or cotton napkins, with the questions ‘WHY. DOES. IT. MATTER? running through my head.  I’ve actually changed my mind about being a wedding planner because if i could work for some of my friends that are laid back and have a good perspective and just want pretty flowers, good booze and dancing, then it would be awesome, cause gurl, i loves to party.  Also Bash, Please (a super hip party planning duo that i’m friendly with) throw awesome, cool, not cheesy, not fussy, parties and weddings and their clients are cool and normal, so it can be done.  I think i watched too much TLC when i came up with that job as the worst for me.  Also now that i think about it my linen napkin collection is out of control for when i used to style food shoots. I guess its the culture behind weddings that can scare me at times.  Oh and i’m not a planner, so that probably doesn’t help.  When brian and i travel we literally don’t book a hotel before we land in a foreign country.  i’m not kidding.  its part of the fun.  i do research on what neighborhood and where to eat, but nothing is planned.  So i guess planning and keeping track of paperwork and coordinating is not my thang.  

What am i talking about?  Right.  I now would like to announce the worst job for me in the world, again, FOR ME. …… ACCOUNTANT.  Yup.  Ask uncle Sam, ask my production company, ask bearcat.  I, Emily Henderson am not great with my finances.  I can shop for 12 hours straight and not get sick of it.  I can stare at shelter magazines all day long and could not be happier.  But paying my bills? forget about it. My sister loves budgeting her household.  She budgets in every box of cereal.  And she probably even has a savings account.  Can you imagine? a savings account? HAH!

But me? i wouldn’t know where to start.  

Anyway, so besides shooting this week, i’ve been in receipt hell.  and have now emerged.  older.  Oh, and taxes didn’t help either.  Uncle Sam can be such a prick.  

So onto the show:

Country Pop.  Whimsical country meets playful pop.  

Yup.  a total departure from the more vintage-y vibe that’s kinda my thing, but pretty fun, no? This family isn’t particularly into vintage so it seemed like a good time to switch it up a bit and show some versatility.  I had never done a kid-friendly space and frankly it scared me.  First of all kids have so much ‘stuff’.  just STUFF.   My kids aren’t gonna have any stuff.  They can play with mommy’s pottery collection and read daddy’s Neil Labute plays but there will be no toys.   God, i’m already annoyed by our future kids, they sound super pretentious.  But it actually was super fun and kid friendly can be done without looking like a day care, everything was durable and stain resistant, and no tables made out of knives or anything.  

And i’m kidding about my kids, obviously.  Sometimes i actually wonder if the real reason i want kids is to have an excuse to play with dollhouse furniture all day.  I mean, I’M A GIANT!!!  It’s so mini.  I’m obsessed.  Have i shown you guys my collection of handmade dollhouse fly swatters? i’m not kidding.  they are tini, like the size of a safety pin and are all hand made out of wire.  I found a bag of them at the flea market for like 2 bucks and framed them.  Think about it, somebody made these.  Somebody said, whilst finishing up the details of their victorian dollhouse, ‘Ah yes i’ve built my sofa, made my bed, i’ve woven a rug, i’ve hung the chandelier, i have my coffee table, painted my artwork.  yep i think we are all set (brushing of hands together) ……wait, what if there is a fly in the kitchen?  how would my mini mom take care of said fly?….’  It’s just incredible to me.  And for the record i’m not being sarcastic or ironic for once, i actually do really really really love and appreciate antique dollhouse furniture. Anything miniature really.  I even enjoy mini corn (you know the ones that come next to the carrots in the garnish tray).  

I digress.

Sources above – West Elm Martini table (but of course).  Crate and Barrel glass lamp, Sofa Company sofa (and its been stain resistant treated, don’t worry…although i found a new company Perma guarde that is even better),  CB2 Ferris Wheel, and West Elm owl lamp.  How very big box store, Emily.  But it still looked pretty adorable, and just really fresh.  

Pillows, big blue one was ABC carpet and Home, amazing rich soft velvet, i’m already jealous i let this one go.  The yellow one is CB2 and the green one is Urban Outfitters.  Those storage benches i’m slightly obsessed with because they are so practical.  They are Urban outfitters $250 and are white vinyl so they are completely whipeable and store stuff.  Hello, not ugly storage solutions, nice to meet you.  And i did my research and these truly are the best ones out there for the price.   The coffee table is West Elm, Dot.  

Birdcage chandelier: urban outfitters.  Blue pillow:  West Elm.  Vintage botanicals:  flea market.  See. 

OH and did you guys catch the price of the carpet? it said $225 a square yard. I mean, thats hilarious, cause it would make it like $10,000 for commercial grade carpet. it was obviously $2.25 a square yard ($500 total including installation and padding).  

I need to get pics from the network for the first look, i can’t seem to find mine.  That yellow made me not happy.  Yellows are hard, people. I don’t like butter yellows, but this one was too bright.  I love pops of yellow but i don’t think i love a completely yellow room, unless its super light and just a tone.  I did, however, love that toile settee. Because i have crazy cat lady inside me that just wants to be surrounded by florals and toiles all the time.  and my cats.  and veronica mars.  and french fries.  and brass.  

More tomorrow.  Nice to see you again.  

Are you into playful pop for your family room? did i go too ‘new’ or is it refreshing to see? 


  1. LL

    Your show gets better every week. Personally, I'm overwhelmed by possibilities – and with styling, there are infinite possibilities, so the fact that you zoom in on what always appear to be the right ones is nothing short of miraculous to me. I keep trying to hone in on the elements I can lift from the show and incorporate into my own home, and then I see yet another new style and find myself redefining my "look" all over again.

    Here's a challenge: I have what I believe are some pretty cool furniture pieces that I would be hard-pressed to get rid of (not least of all because I can't justify spending $ on new stuff). Ever consider doing a show where you reuse a homeowner's existing stuff? (Feel free to try it out in my house – when you go on the road. :))

  2. Ha! Your writing cracks me up almost every time. I'm really enjoying your blog and a peek behind the scenes of my new favorite decorating show. Can't wait for more.

  3. jacquelyn

    It was definitely different than your vintage looks, but it was really great! agree totally with the yellow situation! (: And yes I did notice the typo about the carpet price… I even got up to the tv close and said "what is this carpet made of, cashmere?" sheesh. (:
    Oh and by the way, I completely understand not dealing with paperwork at all! I had to take a job as an accountant (nightmare) for three months and it was the WORST thing ever. Somehow my boss thought I was wonderful, but I was spinning and going cross eyed all day long and was MISERIBLE… I do not understand how I made it through there alive! (: Complete opposite of my personality! But we have so many other good qualities right… who wants to be known for being good at paperwork and counting anyways? (:

  4. I loved this room and, even though things were new, it still had, to me, a vintage-y vibe. The pattern on the sofa was to die for. I really loved it.

    I hate reconciling expenses (and got in trouble at work once for taking too long to turn in my expense report) so I feel your pain. Drink a glass (or two) of wine…it will help with the recovery!

  5. NowayJose

    I totally loved this room and it was a nice addition to the show to see that you can make such a beautiful room with mostly new stuff because its really hard for some of us to find great looking vintage to reimagine and make great…. It's hard for me cause I moved to Puerto Rico a few months ago and I haven't really found any good vintage stores and when I found one they are FULL of "faux victorian" old stuff wich is not really my style… So yeah lovely room as always liked the idea of an "new stuff sorta room"

  6. Deena

    How interesting. I thought the ferris wheel, the birdcage chandelier, the owl lamp, and some of the other decorative pieces were vintage.

    I LOVED this room. Can you post what the blue wall color name is?

  7. I suck at budgeting and managing finances too. I will never be an adult.

    And I love everything you do! Sorry I don't have anything more meaningful to contribute, but it's true.

    A x

  8. cheri

    Like another commenter, I didn't notice it wasn't vintage — and I grew up with a mother who got furniture off the side of the road and refinished it. Our dinner china was vintage Blue Willow and white ironstone – I kinda know and love vintage. I think because you used quirky new stuff, you made the room look personal, not just styled. Love your show!

  9. Even though the pieces were all new, you were able to spin them in a way to look vintage-y, which I love. My favorite parts of the room were the fabric on the couch (LOVE!) and that you used the children's artwork on the walls. It was a genius touch that looked fantastic.


  10. Is it totally backward and weird that I started reading your blog before I started watching your show?

    The room looks great. The colors are fabulous. I have to agree with everyone who has said you still managed to acquire vintagey looking pieces without them being vintage at all. It looks beautifully balanced.

    Also, I couldn't imagine traveling somewhere and not having anything booked ahead of time. I mean, it sounds fabulously fun and I'd LOVE to do that, but financially, I don't think I'd be able to. Now I feel like you need another blog for your crazy spontaneous travel adventures.

    Anyway, love your show, love your writing. Love your sense of humor in your writing.

  11. I love this look, especially for a family room. It's like you said — really fresh. Those West Elm martini tables are AWESOME. I've used them in two projects and everyone loves them. They are a seat, a table, a stool! And indestructible.

    I think I said "oh no" out loud when the toile sofa went goodbye. I thought that was fun. But I was super excited to see the new sofa that came in — I really love patterned sofas, especially for rooms with kids. Excited for the next episode!

  12. Megan

    Hilarious. I'm tellin you this stuff is gold.

    Even though the room did end up blue once more, it was an awesome shade of teal that reminded me of the bridesmaid dresses at my wedding and I loved it. I'm a hypocrite on the blue because I realized the majority of my clothes are blue. I also loved the whimsical and rustic elements like the birdcage and the wicker baskets.

    And the vintage botanicals? Forget about it. So simple and pretty.

    Also, I was obsessed with the credenza, Dan's coffee table, and that wood chunk side table from the last episode. A little off-topic, but I felt obsessive commenting on two posts at once. btw, good idea asking us a question!

    Also, who doesn't love all things mini?

  13. Dude, I'm in the process of creating a baby-friendly space that isn't, well babyish and doesn't want me want to kill myself. What about a mural you ask? No thanks. How about a theme? Uhhh, not so much. I swear normal people think I'm dead inside, but I detest the "stuff" of which you speak. I'm also obsessed with white as you know. So yeah, stay tuned for how this turns out. The horror.

  14. I'm not gonna lie, I felt like a rockstar when I was able to pick out where the owl lamp was on the show! I want to come shopping with you.

  15. Anne

    Can you please tell us the paint colors (Brand & Name) of the Blue and Yellow you used? Really looking to paint our bathroom the same colors! PLEASE HELP!!!

    Thanks for your wonderful post!

  16. i can make you a bet that Im actually worse at finances than you are. REALLY REALLY BAD. I give shit away, I lose money on shipping, I forget to rebill my advertisers… I hate it all. AND I suck at it.

    Also, I have 2 kids now and I dont have ANY TOYS in the living, dining, kitchen, my bedroom…. No toys except for in the kids room. They take them out to play and when we are done playing, we put em back in their rooms.

    It can be done.

  17. I loved this design! I am a major blue and white fan. The walls of my living room are a similar blue and I've been trying to figure out how to make it work. Your show was an inspiration. I really loved the white bookshelves that you used. Where did you get them?

  18. ok, I need photos of your framed dollhouse fly swatters. Please?

  19. Pam

    you know you HAVE to show us the framed doll house fly swatters now!!!! you can't just mention something like that and not show us lol

    this episode wasn't my favorite i admit but in my eyes you can do no wrong so i still appreciated it for what it was, i think the thing i didn't like about it was that the in both looks the walls were too close to primary colors and for some reason i have an aversion to primary colored walls but that's just an opinion. i liked that this look is more accessible/affordable, i really liked the print on the sofa and the kids artwork framed

  20. Ellen

    Love the blue walls! What is the paint color you used? I want to paint my bedroom that exact color.

  21. Lara

    The giant bean bag segment totally made me giggle.

  22. Jenny

    Can I just say thank you, thank you, thank you for posting where you shop and find all the fabulous stuff around LA?

    I've watched your show so many times and I always see that 2 second shot of the name of the shop you walk into, and instead of writing it down, I tell myself… "I'll remember this one!" <sigh> Of course I never remember! I tried searching the network's site, but totally didn't find what I wanted there. Then I found your blog. <happy clapping> Thank you.

    Currently loving Three Potato Four and 45 Three Modern Vintage. My husband and I are all into the "vintage glam" look, but no one would be able to tell by walking into our home. Everyone asks us, "are you into minimalism?", because it's so sparse and empty. <giggles> I simply tell them, "we're waiting for the right pieces to invest in." =) Now, must go and drag husband on an "Emily Henderson" tour around LA.

    Love the show!

  23. patty

    That yellow reminded me of a color I used in my kitchen. I really wanted to love it, but every time I walked into the kitchen I felt like it was screaming at me to CHEER UP, DAMMIT. I replaced it with a moody gray-green and was instantly relieved. Like I can choose my own mood and not have to hide it from my kitchen walls.

    My favorite part of look 2 was the green sofa with the blue walls. That's a darn nice family room. I hope the family loves it.

  24. Karen

    ahhhhh, but an un-fussy wedding planner isn't bad. And un-fussy brides …. those are my DREAM girls! I love clients like that. :)

  25. Erin

    Emily your blog continues to make me smile….as does your show of course :) I love that you don't hold back when writing it. Always insightful but funny. Accountants are so boring….definitely could never see you being one so probably best you hate it :)

    I loved that you used the ferris wheel from CB2. I saw it in their latest catalog and loved it and them boom you use it in an episode…so awesome!

    What color is the blue on the walls?? Love it!

  26. Joi

    Haha! I did wonder about that carpet price…I couldn't believe it! And, I love that ferris wheel…I feel like I need it now.

    Thanks for another great show, Emily!

  27. Emily

    This post made me literally laugh out loud. I love your commentary and of course your show!! Thank you for telling us where everything comes from in the room – I like knowing where I can pick up a certain item that I fall in love with!

  28. Lola

    I really need to know what color those blue walls are! It is exactly the color I have been obsessing over for my baby girl's nursery! Help, we are painting this weekend!!

    I love everything about your show,

  29. I know I'm a little late on this, but you crack me up! I happen to be a CPA who secretly dreams of being a designer. Or an event planner. Or a photographer. Or anything else a little more visually stimulating than what I currently do. The only problem is I'm actually good at accounting so perhaps we're a perfect match. Just let me know if you ever need some help. I'd be more than happy to assist. :)

    Also, I loved watching you on Design Star and love it even more that you're doing so great on your own show!

  30. mrs.columbus

    I would really LOVE to know where you got the tv stand and bookshelves!!! I have been searching and searching and have finally found exactly what I want – only I dont know where to get it!!! Thanks!

  31. Dear baby jesus I need to know what that blue color is called!!! I will send you boxes of girl scout cookies if you would let me in on that secret!

  32. Nicole

    Hi Emily, Love this makeover. Love the styling especially the blue wall and the choice of accessories. I want to know where you get the papasan cushion cover done. Pls share. Thanks!

  33. So Much in-love with the Shades of blues…Stunning Color Pops through-out…Refreshing spaces and relaxing….love the interiors indeed.thanks for sharing..love your Site :)

  34. Lauren

    where did you find the round wood table used in look 2?

  35. Sara

    Emily- LOVE your show! I am also loving the white storage cabinet with the baskets. Sadly, my kid does have STUFF, and that would be a great place to hide it all! Where can I get it?

  36. Lea

    Can I please get the name of the blue paint color? Would love to do an accent wall in that color in our living room, IT's beautiful

  37. Liz

    @Sara. The white storage cabinet looks like the 'Hemnes Sofa table' from ikea. They evn have the baskets. Hope that helps.

  38. Sara

    Yeah!! Perfect Liz- thanks!
    Now if you could find that shade of blue, you could be the hero of this blog… :)

  39. Dear Emily,

    I am addicted to your show and I live in Glendale so I seriously keep my eyes open hoping that the next house you do will be in my neighborhood, or be MINE. Eeek, I love you!

    I know this is a late comment but I just wanna say that EVERYONE thinks their kids won't have tons of stuff, and you know what? They will. It's inevitable. Sorry.

    My older kid is almost 3 and I told my mom I wanted him to move his toys into his bedroom and start playing with them in there, not in my living room. And she laughed at me. Sigh.

    Here's to your success!! I mean it.

  40. Azure

    Nice! Except I guarantee that the kids are going to knock over and break that lamp. Accidently of course. All lamps must be placed far from walkways and on stable surfaces!

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