Utilitarian & Chic #2 – the kitchen

When you move into a new house you have fantasies of your new life – you’ll cook more, you’ll keep things clean, you won’t leave apple cores in your freshly detailed car. Moving makes me want to buy everything new and fresh, which is why I’m continuing this series in the kitchen. I no longer have those left over ugly dish towels from college, nay, I’m starting fresh with some of these pretty girls:

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen 1

1. Knit pot holder I very rarely hold any pots but I want to own this pot holder just to hold this pot holder.

2. Oil & Vinegar Simple, chic and alphabetically correct.

3. Marble & wood cheeseboard For my Scandinavian cheese parties. Duh.

4. Salt & pepper cellar To warm up all my whites.

5. Grey bake-set Now to learn how to bake …

6. Enamel teapot Now to start drinking tea …

7. Olivewood Canister When canisters are this pretty I will decant my bow-tie pasta. Also how cute are bow-tie pasta and why do we insist on calling them a terrible word like farfalla?

8. Pestle and mortar I feel like rich women on the East coast, in Nora Ephron movies cook with such utensils… And I want to be such a woman.

9. Cookbook holder It holds cookbooks but more importantly it holds tablets with recipes. This I actually need badly because the other night when I made my FAMOUS (no it’s not) organic chicken (no-noodle) and vegetable soup, I had to reach for my phone for the recipe every 2 minutes.

Here’s what I’m loving, kitchen-wise;  black, white and pops of weird 90’s colors:

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

I love that we love ‘flesh’ now. The color, obviously, not the meaty under-skin portion of my body. Unless you are a zombie in which case ‘flesh’ has always been on trend for you.

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

Utilitarian & Chic Kitchen

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That floor is insane. These kitchens are dramatic and weird, like the girls in high school that refused to be friends with me because they thought I was too bubbly.

Perhaps its not really me … but for now I’m digging them…

  1. Taylor Norris

    Recently found your blog and I love it! Can’t say I love “flesh,” though, even as a color. But the rest of that stuff is gorgeous.

  2. Sarah

    You have no idea how I’ve been dreaming that you’d do some kitchen posts!!!
    Many thanks!!!

  3. Sarah

    I love the third images especially!
    Can’t wait ti hear your take on kitchen flooring, especially your thoughts on hardwood. I have 1950’s rancher with oak hardwood and original laminate (eww!). The kitchen opens up into a sunroom/playroom.
    I’m not sure feat to use and know I’m considering trying for reclaimed hardwood to match the rest of the house.
    See! We need you by appointment, so I can pay for your advice!
    Thanks for all you do!

  4. Victoria

    You’re too funny……reading your funny ‘bubbly’ blog with my morning coffee before work is one of the reasons I get out of the house and to work.
    Oh, I also check for new Charlie photos to get a dose of ‘adorable’!

  5. Sabrina

    When you use the term “flesh” whose flesh tone are we referring to? White people skin? It’s not really the best word to use when describing a color, since it encompasses a lot of different colors.

  6. AndreaU88

    I’m not into the all open shelving – especially considering the stuff shown in the last photo is not even worth displaying – BUT love your picks up at the top! :)

  7. Rosamond

    Farfalle is Italian for butterflies (which the pasta obviously bears a strong resemblance to), so if you think of it that way–and with an Italian accent–it’s pretty cute and not at all terrible.

  8. Melissa

    Oh my word…that board of goodies is like my love language. Not only have I already been eyeing two of the items, but it looks like you just added seven more to my list! :) That cheeseboard and those canisters…Can I get an Amen?!?!

  9. Katy

    Someone already filled you in on what farfalle means, so instead I’ll just comment on how much I love that cheeseboard, though I’m not sure I’d ever use it. When I moved last summer from the Midwest to California, I downsized majorly, so I feel like my kitchen only has functional things instead of pretty things… Maybe I’ll get inspired to upgrade to at least “functional pretty”.

  10. I clicked on that gorgeous cook book holder thinking this is gonna be expensive and I’m gonna regret this…

    HOLY TARGET! I’d like to offer you my sincere thanks!

  11. Megan

    I got the cookbook holder for Christmas – and I love it. It was my newyears resolution to cook more… right now the cookbook holder is holding a yet to be opened pretty new cookbook.

    So no cooking, but at least my kitchen looks pretty!

  12. Muoi

    I love the cookbook holder, too!

    Surprisingly, IKEA has a really beautiful mortar and pestle made of black marble. I use it constantly to make guacamole. There’s also a matching rolling pin, lazy Susan (I use mine to hold spices in a cupboard and it’s awesome, best find in the AS-IS section for $3) and salt and pepper grinders. They’re all very substantial in weight and so affordable.

  13. LOVE the black and white designs. Clean lines are beautiful. Would it be possible to keep a clean kitchen? ha!

  14. Sasha

    Oh goodness…. You just made me snort-laugh while standing in (the longest) line (ever) at the pharmacy, and I only made things worse when I tried to explain why I was chortling to the alarmed-looking elderly man standing in front of me. For some reason, me babbling about zombies didn’t calm his fears. The kitchen mood boards are fantastic. That floor in the last image – I had to fan myself. It’s too amazing! Good luck with your kitchen planning. I’m sure you’ll create an amazing space.

  15. melissa

    how are you so funny, as a new mom with a newborn? my babies just suck out my funny. i can still spot it when i see it though. ;)

  16. I love these picks! Especially the white and flesh combo… That’s a trend I’ve been all over recently. I also am digging kitchens with color, like the ones you featured! They’re awesome.

  17. Sarah

    Hey, where’s the Heath?
    That’s my flashback version of the Wendy’s 90s commercial saying: I’m surprised you didn’t include any Heath in your kitchen. I think you love it! I live in the Bay Area and am slowly but surely acquiring a full set of dishes (and future back splash tiles) from their seconds shed at the salsulito store. Emily, if you haven’t been, I think you’d love it!!

  18. Adrienne Kringen

    Emily, your choices are refined, fun and inspired as usual. I’m a huge fan. Your kitchen inspiration images remind me of some I pulled for our kitchen…white cabinetry + black paperstone counters + chalkboard paint wall + pops of color (pear green). We’ve been thrilled with the result, and it has seen a lot of use in the past 4 years. Bonus: the chalkboard paint wall is where my preschooler practices writing his numbers & letters! http://www.pinterest.com/pin/357965870354091503/

  19. Julia R

    Gotta go there, sorry. “The color known as Flesh was renamed Peach in 1962, partially in response to the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.” (Wikipedia: list of crayola crayon colors).

  20. Sarah W

    I was just watching Giada at Home and she used farfalle pasta, and when she says it in her Italian accent it sounds beautiful. Also, she said that in Italian, farfalle means butterfly, which i think is nice.

  21. jen

    so true! i have grand dreams of pretty new things & habits i’ll surely change in our soon to be new home. not sure how much will actually come true, but it’s definitely fun to think about! great picks for the kitchen =)

  22. I love your utilitarian and chic picks. That cookbook holder is coming home with me very soon. My parent’s are farmers and my Mum has that teapot – it will tickle her pink to find out that price for it (she always laughs at what ‘city folk’ are willing to pay for things even though that seems very cheap to me!). Hers is well used and chipped and going strong after many, many years.

  23. christelle harris

    this is i am trying to accomplish with my kitchen not too sure of flesh but natural wood maple mix with subway tile yes

  24. Lori

    You have to stop these posts. You are making me want to toss everything I own and buy new, clean, pretty things, and frankly, I can’t afford that. :-)

  25. Angela

    I’ve never met..know..read? about someone else being called bubbly before. I appreciate it more that you know. It was written on every single one of my reports cards growing up. I still wonder if it was a compliment or not.

    Your posts crack me up.

  26. Deb

    Emily, I predict you will singlehandedly bring back the white kitchen. Eureka! No more dark woods, ‘industrial stainless steel counters/appliances, cuz who cares, really, and this nonsense about looking like a restaurant is ridiculous, and that includes open shelving, great for the industry, but not for the in-home cook. (Plus ss shows fingerprints galore…) I can’t wait to see what you come up with, even tho you said you’re not a cook. Such potential in that space, tho!!! Maybe you oughta hire me…….to be your in-home chef and nanny….. :)

    • AndreaU88

      I don’t think white kitchens ever went out.

  27. i like very the kitchen with 3 suspensions, very original, nice colors, thanks for this post with nice and different kitchens.

  28. Katie

    Want everything!! Had considered that cheeseboard in the past, but how many cheese boards is too many? Three?

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