Trolling Craigslist … Atlanta

Trolling Craigslist Atlanta

Oh, you know I have a thing for the South. Everybody calls me ‘Miss Emily’ and people know how to party … although I was in Atlanta recently for Americasmart and I did eat way too many of these things called ‘grits’ that I think you might need to be raised on to truly appreciate. Anyway, Atlanta has a very active design scene, which might be why it was kinda difficult to find too much here on the old Craigslist. But of course, we found a few:

Vintage Sofas Free Couch! Well the price is right. This thing could be a super light weight piece of garbage OR it could be secretly a great find. I like the proportions of it — it’s modern without being too chunky and lends itself really well to be redone in a crazy fabric. Maybe pipe the edges and get rid of those bolsters. This might even be chunky enough to be converted into a pull out sofa. Either way, it’s a blank canvas that has good lines and she be FREE.

Vintage Loveseat: Oh hey, cutie. You belong at the foot of a full bed or in an entry way, no? I’d strip the wood so it’s more natural and recover it in a pretty Belgium linen. Don’t do the painted white with a graphic pattern thing — it’s old and pretty and wants to be updated, but not disguised.

Vintage Bamboo and Brass Table

Brass and Bamboo Dining Set:  I wish this set was cheaper, I do, because you still have to put in a bit of work. I like unfinished bamboo like that if it’s raw, but this is too shiny so it needs to get painted. Paint that sucker dark, not white, because white will add to the ‘Golden Girls’ vibe of it, which can be awesome but then you really have to embrace that look. If you paint it a charcoal, black, or dark green, it will modernize it a lot.

Green Metal Shelf: So cute in my nursery, styled up with adorable books and unnecessarily beautiful toys that he’ll never play with no matter how much I force him to.

Vintage Office Chair: It’s good. This should be around $200 to reupholster (not including fabric) and while yes, that is then a $300 chair, most great upholstered office chairs are far more. I love the masculine, modern shape very much and how that’s offset with all the tufting detail. I’d blog so hard in this chair.

Vintage Cane Rocking Chair

Blonde Cane Rocking Chair: You know I love anything Bentwood. I have dreams of having this in my nursery but then I KNOW that I’d regret it and that all I really should buy is a super overstuffed glider — which I will. But how pretty would this be in the corner, against some wallpaper with an adorable little pillow on it? So cute. That’s a good price, too, friends.

Vintage Club Chair: I feel like one of these is harder to use than two — these want to be in pairs. But in a corner with a pouf or an ottoman of some sort and you got a really cute little reading corner. I love this fabric, but its too old and dingy so redo that bad boy. Maybe in something similar, though. Don’t go too graphic and bold unless you are putting it in a kids/play area. I think that the ’80s nature of this chair is already silly so I’d keep the fabric in a solid or tonal pattern to elevate it.

Brass and Wood Lamp: This is expensive, I agree. But it’s good and would be like $450 in a store in LA. I’d try to get it for $175 – $200 and then yeah, it can make a room. Make sure the brass isn’t all chipped or aging in a bad way, and make sure that shade isn’t too yellow. That is a lot of ‘make sures,’ I know, but these guys can look really old and blah if they are too beat up and dingy. But if it’s in good shape then it can be totally awesome.

Where to next, folks? I think we counted five Atlanta requests so that’s why we chose Atlanta. Keep ‘em coming …

  1. Hillary

    I love these posts! St Louis next?

  2. Molly

    I’m obsessed with these Craigslist posts! I have no idea how you find these treasures, but I want to learn! The free wisdom that you add, like painting the bamboo and brass table and chairs dark, is icing on the cake. I recently moved to CT, an hour outside of NYC, and need lots of furniture to fill my space, but am kind of daunted by where to look for awesome, yet inexpensive. Wish you’d do a Craigslist post on the NYC and surrounds area, or offer up some of your favorite haunts in that vicinity. Keep all the good stuff comin’!

    • Kim

      Check out the elephant’s trunk flea market in New Milford. They have interesting stuff.

      • Molly

        Thanks Kim! I actually went to there last weekend. Any other suggestions?

  3. Sally

    My new favourite posts are your trolling Craigslist posts! So great to see which pieces you’d pick up, how you would treat them and why. I play this game all the time, only here in Australia it’s called Gumtree.

  4. Becky

    Philadelphia puhleaseeee. And given that it’s relatively rare to have a car…city limits maybe? pretty please?

  5. jimjam

    Why don’t you try New Zealand? We have a local equivalent of ebay called T

    The whole country probably has as many people as Atlanta. So it’s comparable!

  6. Matney

    Raleigh, NC!

  7. Danielle


  8. Karen

    What a fun post! I do not have an eye for vintage treasures so your advice is priceless.

  9. ren

    Washington, DC . . . please oh please. My guy’s house is empty and bland and in need of some inspiration. I never seem to find the inspiring pieces you do. . . help!?

    • I write a blog (inconsistently) about DC Craigslist finds. I can’t claim to have Emily’s amazing vision, but I’ve found some pretty darn awesome pieces. :)

  10. Sheila


  11. Eva

    Hello Emily!

    I just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! I am so lucky to have found this amazing post. I LOVE thrift finds and the additional tips you have given is the cherry on the cake! Love your taste and style!

    I’d give a leg and an arm for the love seat and wood lamp! Brilliant finds!
    Thank you for sharing and do keep them coming!

    Have a great day!


  12. Jenn

    Houston! We always need some more love.

  13. Jenny

    Boston! Would love to see what you find here!

  14. Jo

    I love these posts!!! It would be way more work (read: probably not worth it) but I wonder if you could include a link or two in your descriptions of inspiration pieces that the piece redone might look like. Links would be a little less work than posting another picture and would help some of us “imagination challenged” people better visualize what you are describing with the piece…

  15. bee

    DC, pretty please!

  16. Amber


  17. Those bentwood rocking chairs are about dime a dozen here in Grand Rapids–a quick CL search found at least 2 for only $20. I guess us Dutch people haven’t caught on to the how cool they are yet?

    • denise

      I live in Mississippi and trust me, they are scarce on the ground down here. But I did luck into a child-sized one in perfect mint condition at a real junk shop – $25. It’s the only kid sized one I’ve ever seen in my life and I love these things, I look for them all the time.It’s held up really well to, given both our kids think that sitting is simply letting your legs give way while standing near furninture.

  18. Bean

    Do South Carolina! I’ve found some great stuff and people here (especially in Columbia) don’t realize how great their items are–so usually they’re a steal!

  19. Megan


  20. Sarah

    Bay Area. Bay Area. Bay Area.
    This is so fun Eniky, thanks!

  21. fun! I grew up in Georgia (and love grits). I’ve come across two bentwood rockers like that one at thrift stores in the twin cities. Kicking myself for not buying :)

  22. Kara

    Please, please Raleigh, NC!!!!!
    You rock, BTW :)

  23. Kansas City!

    I love these posts because I often see the same things here and wonder what to do with them and your insight is genius! Keep it up.

  24. Liz

    Salt Lake City next please :)

  25. Julianne

    Love these posts. Please do NYC! I don’t know how you weed through all of the junk on Craigslist. I don’t have the patience. Are there are tips you can share (i.e. certain things you look for/avoid)?

  26. Jenna

    Dallas! :)

  27. Sandy

    Well, I’m the only NASHVILLE vote so far, but please consider!

    Hanging Chad

  28. Suganya

    I’ve seen a few for Raleigh so one more for hte Raleigh/Durham area! :)

  29. Bree

    Washington, DC!

  30. Megan

    Austin, TX pretty please!!

  31. Colleen

    Phoenix!! I never have any luck on CL here, would love to see what you come up with

  32. Sarah

    Austin, TX Please!!

  33. Christina

    Houston, TX pretty pretty please with a cherry on top! =]

  34. Julianne

    Nashville pretty please!

  35. Amy

    I love that bent wood rocker! I keep thinking the same thing – for nursery!! Or maybe just in the living room for an impromptu baby feeding when I won’t want to go upstairs and maybe close family is over.

  36. Brynn

    Denver-town! Denver-town! Specifically, a cool cheap little desk chair for our office/media room/playroom (how’s that for multifunction?).

    Does it count if I vote 27 times myself?

  37. Charlotte, NC please! I love these posts!! Do you have any tips for trolling craigslist, or do just scan through the furniture for sale?

  38. Kelly

    Columbus Ohio (please!) because its a state that people otherwise confuse as Iowa just because :)

  39. Elizabeth

    Milwaukee!!!! Love these posts, Emily!!!

  40. Laurel

    DC DC!

  41. Abigayle

    Washington DC/Northern VA!! I have the hardest time sifting through everything for a good find.

  42. Laurel

    Help! I got these chairs for $100 on CL–knew they were a good deal–Henredon, solid, REALLY comfortable. Love the color but it’s dingy. But I need color/fabric ideas for how to reupholster. Any ideas? They have cute little tapered wood legs under that skirt. navy velvet? teal linen? more pink?

  43. How about the Catskills, NY, or Albany NY? On second thought, can you just to a personal search and send your findings to me so no one has a chance to scoop stuff up before I can get to it?

  44. Hannah Rose

    I LOVE this series! I mostly appreciate the refinishing advice. DETROIT next, please!

  45. shelikestotravel

    Please choose Phoenix. The southwest style is so challenging. I’d love to see it through your eyes!

  46. I love this series, too, because I also troll Craigslist for a good time, too! I’d love to have you “drive” up I-75 and check out Chattanooga next!

  47. Paige W

    This is fun! I love your comments on the items.
    Up next : The D! (detroit)

  48. Carrie B

    I love when you do these posts! I think the next logical place is Portland, of course. Thank you ever so!

  49. Jennifer Werminski

    San Francisco Bay Area please!!!

    • Sarah

      Yes. Yes!

  50. Jess Hartnett

    New Orleans!

  51. Tasha

    Troll Minneapolis… Ill help :)

  52. Ola

    Toronto, Canada, please

  53. Muoi

    Sacramento, CA please!

  54. thea

    I too would jump on one of those bentwood rockers if they’re were more practical. I couldn’t bring myself to do the super overstuffed glider but managed to find a happy alternative in the wingback convertible rocker from PB kids. We have it in our nursery and its ultra comfy, and the wings are perfect for dozing in. plus it can convert to a regular chair later…

  55. Lizzy

    Love these post! Can you please consider Denver?

  56. Ashley

    San Antonio and Austin!

  57. Liz

    Kansas City vote #2. Love your ideas!

  58. Hannah Rogers

    Emily! These are quickly becoming my favorite posts. I just moved to Baltimore, MD and have been trolling Craigslist for a few items.. nightstands, a new dresser, etc. and I’ve been using your tips and trying to channel my inner Emily to strike gold. Would love if you could do one for Baltimore/DC. Thanks for the new feature!


  59. Ashley

    Kansas City!

  60. Daniel

    Minneapolis?? I live near there and have found some amazing stuff!

  61. Lisa

    San Francisco Bay Area please!

    • Sarah

      Oh yes!

  62. Sarah

    Love this feature! Can you do Kansas City?

  63. Alicia

    Minneapolis! We love us some good CL finds! You should see the treasures I’ve got on craigslist. Latest score was a set of Baumritter MCM chairs for $200! Alleluia! :)

  64. Amarilis

    Washington, DC!

  65. Tobey

    Kansas City, MO please!!

  66. Fort Worth, Texas! (NOT Dallas) ;)

  67. Jo

    Minneapolis. Nods head.

  68. Amanda

    Fort Worth, Texas, or
    Austin, Texas,
    or San Antonio, Texas!!!

  69. A U S T I N , T E X A S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  70. Kristin

    Milwaukee! (Shocked to see I’m not the first vote!). Love these posts.

  71. Donald

    Cheese grits, baked in the oven. Or even better, grits and a diced tomatoes and some jalapeño peppers and bacon baked in the oven. You’re missing out.

  72. Rachel

    I agree with the other ladies who said it before – DC, please! More selfishly, I would love to see Annapolis, MD (the capital of the state, a historic city with awesome vintage finds, and just outside of DC), but I would settle for DC, which is a short drive away. :) Love the posts!

  73. Cindy

    Houston, Texas!!

  74. Robyn

    Houston please!

  75. Susan

    Pittsburgh! And, btw, you can put a less comfortable chair in your nursery. I always nursed my two kids in bed anyway and our vintage eames rocker in the nursery is used more for decoration and reading.

  76. Linda

    You have to tell/share this with Victoria Elzabeth Barnes. She of the Craig’s List adventures. Put it on her blog comments. and if you haven’t read her blog, get ready to laugh if you have an ounce of crazy DNA in you. Half an ounce. My favorite thing to make me laugh.

  77. Michelle


    And I would love to see a list of what your favorite keywords for trolling Craigslust are…my searching needs some direction!

  78. Marlo

    Houston!! There’s bound to be some treasures here!

  79. Patti

    Nashville! Please and thank you!

  80. Heather

    Another vote for A U S T I N!

  81. Neil


  82. Morgan


  83. dana attlan

    i love love love these posts – so i have to through a vote to boston – even if i’m the only one :) and i have two adorable daughters and never had a glider – did all my nursing in my bed or in the family room in front of the tv – i didn’t move either baby into their room until they were sleeping through the night :) the would have been waaaay too much work for me :)

  84. Erica Herold

    Seriously love these posts. How about some trolling in the Twin Cities?

  85. Amna

    I love these posts!

    San Francisco Bay Area, puh-leese!!!

    • Sarah

      Another vote!

  86. Jessica

    Miami!!! I would love to see you weed out the treasures from all the wacky stuff people sell. Love this entry and look forward to reading more!

  87. Somewhere where less people really appreciate this kind of furniture can often mean great deals. Kansas City is one of those places!

  88. Tara

    Check out CHICAGO!!! Man there is some fugly stuff in this town but would love to see your eye’s take on some of the pieces.

  89. Meri

    I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and although they are lacking on the Craig’s List scene this is the land of “faded elegance” and the whole town is screaming for a makeover. When/if you ever decide to go international, this should be at the top of your list!

  90. Julie

    NYC please!!

  91. Craigslist Austin has an endless stream of delightful furniture finds. Perusing the listings has become a daily obsession for me. Recently, I found the red velvet sofa I’ve been looking forever for and snagged it for $60 bucks!

  92. Jill

    Emily, you won’t regret the bentwood rocker!
    I got the upholstered rocker/glider for my first child (as you do) but decided it wasn’t necessary when #2 came around. I picked up a $20 bentwood rocker for the nursery and have been nursing for 10 months now without regretting my decision. Just wanted to share!

  93. eileen marie

    Chicago! I have scored some great finds on the ol’ CL!

  94. Beth

    MIAMI! love these posts!!!

  95. Elizabeth

    This was great! Thanks for doing Atlanta. Too bad those awesome shelves are already gone otherwise they would have been mine.

    PS yep, grits can be pretty weird if you don’t grow up with them/don’t get them fancied up for you. But, done right, they are things of total comfort on a cold day, just like if God were rubbing your tummy.

    PPS if you come to the Mart again, I’m sure your Atlanta readers would be happy to tell you where to eat! There are so many wonderful options, my husbdamd and i sometimes hav

  96. Patti

    I make number 9 for DC! Lots of disposable income and transient lifestyles make for great CL finds. Help us find them! I have a lot of searches into my feedly account but would love to have more because how many rugs can I look at and not buy?

  97. Ashley

    Tampa Bay please! I can never seem to find anything good on Craigslist around here.

  98. Maud

    Reno, please!

  99. Allison

    Another vote for St. Louis!!

  100. christina


  101. Alyse

    DALLAS!!! Come on, you know we have some hidden gems!!

  102. Angela

    Durham, NC!

  103. Nikki

    I absolutely love these posts! HOUSTON please!!!

  104. Kate B


  105. Kelly

    Emily – re the unnecessarily beautiful toys your son will have that you’ll force him to play with: my experience is that, in those very early years, seems they are almost more in love with the box than the thing in the box. makes it easy to make it pretty!

  106. Nicole M.

    Another vote for CHICAGO!! Would love to see what you can find at a good price, everything is always too expensive!

  107. Julia B.


  108. sara


  109. Hannah W

    Denver! Please, please, please.

  110. Kari

    I put that bentwood rocker in my nursery, covered with sheepskins and a lumbar pillow. I loved it – but my husband HATED it. It was just too narrow for him to sit in comfortably. So we had to switch it out for a big old stuffed chair.

  111. Landrie


    any chance you’ll mistake that for (4) votes for Houston?

  112. I’d love to see what you can dig up in Detroit!

  113. Lauren C

    can i vote 2x for boston?!

  114. sunny

    I love seeing your finds hearing how you’d fix up those gems. Here’s a vote for Dallas next (or DFW as Craigslist would categorize us!). That’s two votes…do we have 3 more??

  115. sunny

    I love seeing your finds and hearing how you’d fix up those gems. Here’s another vote for Dallas (or DFW as Craigslist would categorize us!).

  116. EvelynB

    I’m curious about the brass and bamboo table and chairs you posted. I have chairs that are exactly that shape but rather than a bamboo back they are cushioned backs, but the brass is definitely the same.. I have no idea how to work them into a dining room without it being glaringly 80′s. In your plentiful spare time you should work up a style board with that dining set and post it on your blog. :)

  117. Jennie Esbenshade


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